Despite the initial concerns of producers, who had been alarmed by the earlier start of the harvest and the consequently low prices, the Chilean blueberry campaign finished with good results. It was the increase in demand that saved this campaign, which was boosted by the frequent promotional campaigns carried out by the South American country.

Faced with this productive growth and gradual increase in demand, there has also been a need for commercial and logistical support for producers. «We have seen that the potential exists, but many times, given their lack of knowledge, producers can lose business opportunities. So we thought: why not support them and work together to do business internationally,» affirmed Rashid Rustom, of Rustom Asociados.

Logistic and marketing issues can be a headache for producers, who in turn have many years of experience in field management. «While we have only been in the business for a couple of months, we have many years of experience that makes us certain we’ll be able to make it work. The demand for fresh products from the international market is clearly there and the possibilities that Chile can offer, thanks to its agreements with the wider world, should not be missed by any producer,» stressed Rustom.

In just 3 months, they have been able to enter the Asian and European market, shipping several containers of fresh and frozen blueberries. «The next destination is the Middle East, where we need to supply Halal certified fruit. This was not a hurdle at all, but an impulse. We already have producers that supply this fruit; now we only need to ship it. Soon we will start with the raspberries, so we are just starting. If there are any producers or importers interested, they are welcome,» concluded the spokesperson.