Peru: Mango and asparagus affected by weather conditions
Carlos Posada, the executive director of the Institute for Research and Development and Foreign trade (Idexcam) of the Chamber of commerce of Lima, said that the high temperatures, unusual rains, and mudslides were wreaking havoc on six…..

Due to increase in banana shipment tarrifs
Ecuador: Cargo from Bolivar to be sent to Guayaquil
The new concessionaire of the port of Puerto Bolivar, Yilport Ecu SA, plans to increase port service tariffs for the banana sector in Ecuador by more than 160%.One of the most questioned rates is the stowage of a box, which would rise from 13…..

Bolivia increased banana and plantain production and export
According to preliminary data from the National Institute of Statistics and the Ministry of Rural Development and Land, Bolivia devoted 60,298 hectares to the production of bananas and plantains for cooking in the 2015-2016 agricultural year……

Chile: Fruit fly plague due to fruit smuggling from Bolivia
The increase in the smuggling of Bolivian agricultural products in northern Chile has led to a proliferation of the fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) and has raised a red flag for the country’s health authorities, stated El Mercurio…..

$509 million dollars
Honduras: Banana exports increased value by 0.79% in 2016
According to Honduras’ Central Bank, in 2016, Honduras exported 509 million dollars in bananas, i.e. 0.79% more than in 2015, even though the export volume decreased.According to a report from the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH), banana sales…..

Peru: Pocsi, Arequipa, produces potatoes that weigh more than 1kg each
Thanks to a proper land treatment, the district of Pocsi in Arequipa has achieved an amazing crop of potatoes that are 50 to 60 centimeter long and weigh more than one kilogram.Adan Vilca Herrera, a farmer from Piaca presented his…..

Costa Rica’s veto on Mexican avocados violates the FTA
The directors of the Chamber of Industry and Trade, Costa Rica-Mexico (Cicomex) and of Costa Rican Consumers, assured today that the ban on Mexican Hass avocado imports violated the bilateral Free Trade Agreement.This ban on avocado imports…..

Carrefour Brazil wins Rama Prize for Fresh Produce Sustainability
Brazil’s supermarket association, Abras, has given Carrefour the Rama Prize for sustainability for the second year in a row.The Rama programme is designed to monitor and control the use of pesticides in fresh produce supply chains in Brazil,…..

Costa Rica: Banana exports reach record levels
The value of Costa Rican banana exports reached an all-time high of $986 million, with productivity rising from 2,339 to 2,800 boxes per hectare per year.Banana growing is centred on the cantons of Sarapiquí, Pococí Siquirres, Guácimo, Matina,…..

Peru ag products are traded in more than 80 countries
Peru’s agricultural products have gained space in international markets, as they are currently traded in more than 80 countries around the globe, the Association of Peruvian Farming Producers (AGAP) reported.»Nowadays, Peru is a major…..

Special Australia and New Zealand
888 Citrus & Mildura Fruit Company join forces
888 Citrus has announced the restructuring of the packing and marketing arm of their business. “We have decided to take control of our own destiny and bring our packing back on farm” says Craig Meyer, third generation citrus grower from…..

Global Focus Grapes
Italy to host the 8th International Table Grape Symposium
Between 1st and 7th October, Italy will host the8th International Table Grape Symposium, the leading scientific event for the sector.The University of Foggia has organised scientific sessions, tours and a round table on logistics and market…..

Rockit Global Limited positioned for significant international growth
Havelock North Fruit Company (HNFC), home of Rockit™ apple snacks, today announced exciting and significant company changes. Effective immediately, the Hawke’s Bay based company will begin trading as Rockit Global Limited. Two experienced…..

Positive outlook overall, except for early navels
South Africa: Citrus export estimates for 2017
The 2017 citrus export estimates aren’t that dissimilar to those of 2015, says the CEO of the Citrus Growers Association, Justin Chadwick. A total of 122,809,304 15kg-cartons are expected for export purposes, with some spectacular…..

Senegal: Export potential of organic mangoes to the EU
The Senegalese mango grower and exporter, Notto AI, has found a way to export its produce directly to European markets. In three years time, the company has managed to double their exports to countries like the Netherlands, Germany and the…..

Joint venture to promote Colombian avocados in the UK
There’s no sign of any slowdown in the explosive growth seen in avocado consumption in the UK. Growth rates of some 30% per year continue, with a similar trend seen in Europe and other global markets too. It’s the perfect time for industry…..

Quality of Washington cherry crop drives demand for Canadian cherries
“I am hopeful that we will have a normal cherry season this year,” says Andre Bailey with Global Fruit out of Creston, British Columbia. “We are in the business of late cherries, so we want the season to start late and this year is looking like…..

Han Lammers, PUURGroenten:
“Chefs choose vegetables increasingly often”
Radish leaves, miniature sprout leaves, miniature pepper leaves, sea verdolaga, and verdolaga leaves. These are the new products that are in the PUURGroenten greenhouses this year. Han and Saskia Lammers focus on the catering industry with…..

“Asparagus season more and more forced”
The asparagus season started a few weeks ago: “We have noticed that prices are currently decreasing. This is because cultivators focus more and more on the early season, and production therefore increases sooner. However, the consumer isn’t yet…..

Leo Vermeulen, Dutch Salads:
“We can easily sell our product on the British market”
After having worked for various vegetable exporters, Leo Vermeulen chose to be an independent entrepreneur in 2004. The horse stables behind his house were converted into an office space, where he and his sons Martijn and Stephan provide the…..

Tjerk Nagel (Konaxx Onions): “People currently don’t begrudge each other the loss”
Negative cloud over onion trade
“There’s a negative cloud over the onion trade,” Tjerk Nagel, of Frisian onion sorting and packing station, Konaxx Onions, says about the current market situation. “Cultivators are frustrated because they did not sell at the good prices in…..

Organic products gaining ground in Italy
«Every morning, we analyse the organic market; its prices, the volumes we have available, etc., to make sure that the growers get the best possible price for their products,» states Manuela Benedetti, CEO at Blife. In a market such as the…..

USDA issues $60m in grants for specialty crop indsutry
The U. S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is making more than $60 million in grants available to support farmers growing fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, and nursery crops, also known as specialty crops……

US (TX): Dallas Farmers Market blossoms with local produce
Last month, a reader wrote to Dallas News about the changes around the Dallas Farmers Market. He decried the fact that The Shed was only half-full on a February visit. He pined for the old days, when the market was teeming with produce vendors…..

Researcher looks to create ‘Only-in-Miami’ fruit
Alan Chambers moved last year to create Only-in-Miami food.He wants to offer sweeter papaya with an aroma that can be picked up from five feet away, mango with smoother flesh (not the kind with the stringy yellow stuff inside) and is also…..

Unpeeled fruit & vegetables are better for your health
When preparing vegetables like carrots and potatoes and even fruits like pears and apples many cut off the skin due to their flavor or just out of habit. Carolyn Brown, M.S., R.D., a nutritionist at Foodtrainers in New York City however,…..

Farm Foundation Forum examines future of NAFTA for the US
Calls to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) have drawn mixed reactions. Further affecting the long-term landscape for trade are the withdrawal from ongoing trade negotiations, and requests to revisit WTO rules.Some…..

Banana company reforests and educates for adaptation to climate change
According to IUCN, the World Conservation Union, “80% of original forest that covered the earth 8000 years ago has been cleared, fragmented, or degraded by modern society”. Over nine million hectares of forest lands are lost each year…..

Salad company celebrates grand opening of Center for Learning
Taylor Farms, producer of value-added produce and healthy fresh foods, and the Future Citizens Foundation (FCF), a California-based youth development non-profit organization, are proud to announce the grand opening of the Taylor Farms Center…..

US specialty crops hearing turns into immigration debate
A House Agriculture subcommittee hearing Thursday on the effectiveness of the government’s specialty crop programs took a turn toward the debate over immigration, an issue over which the House Agriculture Committee does not have direct…..

Festive opening new building Levarht
In 2015, Levarht started a new adventure. On Wednesday 19 August 2015, the first foundation stone was laid for the expansion of the building at the Mijnsherenweg in De Kwakel. With this expansion, 11 loading and unloading docks and 12 cooling…..

Now available from Landgard:
Pomegranates and sweet potatoes from South Africa and Israel
Strong partners Landgard and EDOM open the door to the German market for South African and Israeli productsWhile the first sweet potatoes of EDOM, a new Landgard member in Israel, are shipped to Germany, the freshly harvested pomegranates have…..

Italy: Stable consumption of fruit and vegetables
Fresh produce consumption is rather slow. After a decade of continuous drops, there was a 3% increase in 2015, but the growth was only 1.4% in 2016. If we go on like this, it will take a long time before we return to the levels before the…..

The beneficial properties of green and purple Napoletano basil
TheLamiaceaefamily is well known for being a rich source of polyphenol compounds – phenolic acids and flavonoids in particular. Among the 200 genera, basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) is definitely one of the most important, due to its considerable…..

Carlos Andre de Faria – Sun City
«Stable mango supply from Brazil»
The demand for mangoes traditionally increases in this period as a result of the low supply of European fruit. «I certainly expect the market to remain strong until the end of April, with prices starting from 7 Euro, and perhaps higher for the…..

Delhaize will also offer regional produce
“Our customers want to pay for Belgian products”
“We at Delhaize think it’s important to offer fruit and vegetables from Belgium as much as possible. Besides, we follow the seasons as much as possible. We have noticed that our customers appreciate this. For example, we offer Spanish…..

Interview with an operator
Italy: Logistics and transport must be reorganised
«It was us Italians who invented refrigerated transport but the entire world seems to be doing better than us now. While Holland is teaching logistics to its younger generations, we are organising demonstrations and strikes, but against…..

Italy: Good moment for asparagus and citrus fruit
«It’s a good moment for asparagus and citrus fruit at Caab Bologna,»reports Roberto Piazza, director of the Bologna market wholesaler association. «The asparagus season is livening up, even if most produce will only become available in April……

Sales of savoy cabbage marginalising
“It’s rarely possible to make any permanent agreements for the sales of savoy cabbage,” says Peter Stafleu from Best of Four. “The trade therefore has to go on the free (day) market, and that has not yet turned out to be profitable. The fact…..

Tecnova signs R&D&I agreement with Vélez-Málaga
Mr Ángel Barranco, president of the Tecnova Foundation, and Mr Antonio Moreno Ferrer, mayor of Vélez-Málaga, have signed a collaboration agreement with the goal of planning business R&D&I activities, the provision of advice and the…..

Review of the market situation in Jiangnan city (Guangdong province) during its 10th week
China: Durian and avocados increase in price
On the 8th of March, the price for Thai durian suddenly increased. 17kg (approximately 5-6 pieces) now costs 111EUR (820 RMB), up 14% on a week ago. Only a few shipments have recently arrived and the quality is questionable but, despite this,…..

The Chinese raspberry industry is getting ready
«The Chinese raspberry industry is still in its infancy. There are only a few manufacturing locations, of which most are concentrated in the provinces Yunnan, Hebei and the North-East. The harvesting period varies yearly between April-June,…..

China: First Strawberry Cultural Tourism Festival opens in Qingqu
The first strawberry cultural tourism festival was held in Qingqu on March 8th. It attracted thousands of tourists who came to pick strawberries. In recent years, Qingqu has vigorously developed the strawberry industry, which is now its mainstay,…..

Taiwan: Stable pineapple sales to mainland China
«The pineapple production areas in Taiwan are located in the central and southern regions and have been expanding in recent years. Because of the typhoon last year, yields are expected to be down 10%, especially for top quality pineapples, but…..

Vietnamese fruits face difficulty breaking into local market
In January 2017, Vietnam imported $110 million worth of fruit, a sharp increase of 55 percent over the same period last year. In 2016, Vietnamese spent $700 million on imported fruits which came mostly from Chile, New Zealand and…..

Registration open for Australian Banana Industry Congress 2017
An inspirational cast of speakers will join the program for the Australian Banana Industry Congress (ABIC) in Sydney this June.Registration opened last week, and the biennial event is again shaping up to be a strong drawcard for growers and…..

Costa Group invests $1m in generators to protect Australian mushrooms
One of Australia’s largest horticulture producers has spent more than $1 million to guard against power outages it fears could result from the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station at the end of the month.Costa Group recently installed five…..

Carrot prices hit all time high in New Zealand
Prices for fruit and vegetables have soared in the past year with vegetable prices increasing and carrots hitting record high prices. Food prices increased 2.2 per cent in total in the year to February 2017, Statistics NZ says. Fruit and…..

South African chain stores protest ban on fruit & veg imports
Shoprite Zambia and Food Lovers Market, the South African chain stores, have protested the move taken by the Government banning the importation of some fruits and vegetables and are seeking a lifting of the ban.Food Lovers Market has cited…..

23,000 potato farmers contracted to meet consumer demand in Kenya
Some 23,000 farmers in 13 potato-producing counties have signed contracts with various processors in Kenya to buy the produce to supply enough food to consumers.Grow Africa’s Leah Kasera said, “Potato processors have committed to purchase 2,650…..

888 Citrus & Mildura Fruit Company join forces
888 Citrus has announced the restructuring of the packing and marketing arm of their business. “We have decided to take control of our own destiny and bring our packing back on farm” says Craig Meyer, third generation citrus grower from…..

Italy to host the 8th International Table Grape Symposium
Between 1st and 7th October, Italy will host the8th International Table Grape Symposium, the leading scientific event for the sector.The University of Foggia has organised scientific sessions, tours and a round table on logistics and market…..

Retail news

UK grocers using ‘shocking tactics’ on suppliers | Tesco’s fears boycott
German grocer Kaufland to enter Australia
Swiss buying group EMD goes down under with Woolworths deal -Switzerland-based buying group European Marketing Distribution AG (EMD) has announced a partnership with Australian retailer Woolworths, taking the group Down Under for the…..

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