Peru’s floods cause $1 million damage in pomegranate crops
Excess rain and flash flooding has led to a drop in pomegranate supply coming from Peru this season. “We’re seeing less than we’d primarily expected due to the weather in Peru,” says David Anthony of Firebaugh, Ca.’s Ruby Fresh Inc. “My grower,…..

Job Offers:
• T&G GLOBAL, Great marketing roles due to growth and expansion

There is a lack of connectivity and security
Peru: Rains hinder normal development of exports
The rains and mudslides in recent weeks that have affected infrastructure works, have hindered the country’s connectivity, preventing the normal development of the sector’s activities. In addition, there are security issues that concern…..
Lawyers hired to address situation of Chilean grapes in the US
This Thursday, lawyers specialised in international trade and US law will speak to producers and exporters in the area ofOvalle, who have been affected by the historically low prices paid in the United States as a result of oversupply. They…..

Truckers protest against Chiquita Panama
Articulated truck owners are on the march in the province of Bocas del Toro, protesting against Chiquita Panama.The truckers complain that the company wanted to take them out of business, as it was using its own transport, leaving them without…..

Comex to finance Costa Rica’s defence in avocado dispute
The Ministry of Foreign Trade (Comex) stated on Tuesday that it would pay Costa Rica’s legal costs in the litigation regarding the Hass avocado trade that Mexico installed against the country at the World Trade Organization (WTO).This portfolio…..

Chinese delegation visits the Chilean fruit industry
A public-private delegation of the People’s Republic of China met with the highest representatives of Chile’s Association of Fruit Exporters AG (ASOEX) to strengthen relations and further their knowledge of Chilean fruit exports.The meeting was…..

Argentina & the Netherlands sign fruit and hort agreements
As part of the visit of President Mauricio Macri to the Netherlands, Argentina’s Secretary of Agriculture, Ricardo Negri, participated in the signing of two agreements with different entities in that country.After visiting the University of…..

Argentina: Tucuman’s strawberry wants to reenter the US market
At the request of Tucuman’s Strawberry Chamber, the provincial government is working to assist the sector to open negotiations to recover the General System of Preferences (GSP) in the US. This is an initiative of governor Juan Manzur, who…..

Mexico sells more than $160 mln of ag food products at German trade fairs
Mexican producers achieved sales of over 160,149,000 dollars at two agricultural food trade fairs in Germany, stated the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA).The federal agency said that the…..

Costa Rican pineapple company shuts down
A landmark conciliation agreement was reached this week in the community of Las Brisas, Upala in northern Costa Rica, said Edgar Araya, Broad Front Party (Frente Amplio) Legislator.“After many years of struggle, resistance and denunciation, we…..
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FreshView Smart Station
Monitoring system the size of a shoebox
Pacific Data Systems has brought out the FreshView Smart Station, a more compact version of the EC-12 system. This more compact version still has many of the features of the original EC-12 system but is just the size of a shoe box.»This is a…..

Global Focus Grapes

South Korean grape cultivation shifts to Kyoho and Shine Muscat
South Korean grape growers and exporters are shifting their cultivation of Campbell grapes to Shine Muscat and Kyoho. “The Campbell was always the traditional South Korean variety of choice. However, the consumption of Campbell grapes has…..

Delayed arrivals from Peru may cause avocado prices to soar
Expectations were high before the El Ninio rains hit Peru, now there will certainly be a delay in the harvest as there is major damage to the infrastructure and when the devastation is of this level people will deal with the humanitarian…..

Joy-Wing Mau joins AIGN
The International Group of Nurseries (AIGN) based in Yakima, Washington State and with members in Europe, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, S. Korea and China, has announced that Joy-Wing Mau of China has become…..

Helena Ravitz, Gezer Shluhot:
“We try to sell our carrots to different markets”
There are only a few companies in Israel that grow, pack and export carrots, and Gezer Shluhot is the largest when it comes to hectares. “The quality of our carrots is very good, just like last year and the year before that.»»We grow our…..

100% recycled and bio degradable
Dutch company moves into fresh produce eco packing
Dutch company Modiform have been making products for the horticultural sector for almost four decades and work from 4 locations in the Netherlands. The company is now making a move into the fresh produce sector with their new brand…..

Apple prices may pick up as season approaches its finish
As apple storage starts coming to the end of the season, prices may see a slight pick up.“This year there were plenty of apples harvested—Red Delicious for example is up 18 percent over last year and pretty much all varieties are tracking at…..

Cort Brazelton. Fall Creek Farm & Nursery:
«An informed blueberry market is a more stable, healthier market»
Since 2005, there has been tremendous growth in the global blueberry industry and although the largest boom seems to have slowed down, growth continues around the world. During the recent Global Berry Congress in Rotterdam, industry leaders had…..

Bad prospects for Hebei snow pear market
2016 was a golden year for Hebei snow pears. Not only did the production volume increase. breaking all records, but the quality was also very good. So what about 2017? Some experts in the industry warn that the prospects aren’t very…..

First British grown produce sold at a premium in local markets
The British greenhouse growers are slowly starting to pick their first crops again. According to the latest data provided by market intelligence service ProduceView, the first British cucumbers are again on the shelves of several UK retailers……

“Mushrooms very suitable for year-round consumption”
Many consumers know mushrooms as a winter or autumn vegetable, but that perception is gradually changing. “We are doing everything we can to change people’s minds. Mushrooms are very suitable for year-round consumption. This vegetable can also…..

New data platform Antwerp shares data from logistical supply chain
“Making a digital, logistical success story with NxtPort”
The Antwerp port community introduced the digital platform NxtPort in late January. “This will function as a kind of ‘virtual storage’ of the data coming from the maritime supply chain. NxtPort is focused on improving the efficiency of…..

Christopher Gonzalez with WP Produce
«Not a lot of people in the Midwest and West Coast know Haitian mango»
Right now, it’s the beginning of the Haitian (Francis) mango season, which runs typically until July. “Haiti is harvesting right now. Supply is looking very good – double the volumes from last season,” said Christopher Gonzalez of WP Produce……

I Love Avocados campaign
Love for avocados is ripe
Promoting healthy eating while raising awareness of the wholesome goodness of avocados, I Love Avocados™ kicked off an ongoing promotional campaign with the Send Avocado Love #YouGotAvos event.For the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, I Love…..

National Mango Board elects new officers for 2017
The National Mango Board (NMB) elected new officers during their March board meeting in San Diego, CA. As dedicated members, the NMB officers will fulfill their duties and responsibilities by leading the board in accordance with the Commodity…..

Fyffes kicks off first social media campaign in North America
Fyffes today launched its Willy Wonka-inspired social media campaign, the Fyffes Golden Ticket Hunt, an online scavenger hunt that encourages consumers to “discover more” about Fyffes. The month-long social media scavenger hunt gives…..

Spice up produce sales for Cinco de Mayo
Consumers are demanding a wider selection of fresh chile pepper varieties as part of their grocery shopping experience, and there’s no better time to stock up produce departments than Cinco de Mayo. Retailers and wholesalers can look to…..

Tour of Los Angeles port operations for Ag students from Fresno
This past Saturday, March 25, J&K Fresh sponsored a tour of the Los Angeles-Long Beach Seaport for a group of students from California State University, Fresno. The students are majoring in agriculture with a desire to learn about all…..

March orchard update
Planting of Autumn Glory apple trees in Washington
After months of snow and freezing temperatures, Domex Superfresh Growers® is excited that spring is finally here. Now that that the ground has thawed, the orchard team is busy catching up from the long winter. The first project on the menu is…..

#AvoHappiness campaign
Avocados from Mexico return to South By Southwest
Avocados From Mexico (AFM) returned to South By Southwest (SXSW) with a happiness-fueled influencer campaign that drove widespread SXSW-related engagement.According to data from the social media monitoring company SimplyMeasured, AFM’s…..

Rick Mengers, ZON:
“Supply and demand for asparagus will increase considerably”
An early spring resulted in a large asparagus supply in recent weeks. “We therefore have to settle for low prices for the time of year. Last year, supply was slightly less, and we are now still before the Easter weekend. Then, prices were…..

Promatec exhibitor at Empack (stand G317)
New lift system for vegetable processor W. Heemskerk
The transport systems from Promatec are applied in a number of food industries, including the fresh produce sector. This week, a lift system will be delivered to vegetable processor W. Heemskerk from Rijnsburg, the Netherlands, which will be…..

High potential for greenhouse grown melons in Asian retail
Strong local economic growth is fueling the activities of Rijk Zwaan in Southeast Asia. According to area manager, Ahmet Tunali, the growing rich middle class and their demand for premium products are opening the doors for complete chain…..

Chantal van de Poll, RPC Bebo Food Packaging:
“Our trays can withstand temperatures of -50 to 121 ˚C”
RPC Bebo Food Packaging has been active as producer of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) trays for years. Sales were taken care of by distributors at first, but in 2013 the company started doing its own sales. “Traditionally, our focus is more…..

Het Fruithuis visits Spanish citrus shipping agent Aguado
“Be distinctive with brands in Belgium”
“In Belgium brands are more important than in the Netherlands. People aren’t looking for bananas here, but for Chiquita. It’s the same with oranges: customers don’t want oranges, they want Elefant,” says Rogier Coppens from Het Fruithuis……

Polish fresh produce export relies on apples
Poland looking for new sales markets after losing Russia
With an export of two million tonnes, valued at one billion euro, and an import of two million tonnes, valued at 1.5 billion euro, Poland is positioned between the global numbers 15 and 20 as a fruit and vegetable country. In 2016, exports…..

Spain: Agreement to test a system for absorption of CO2 from biomass
The University of Almería (UAL), Cajamar and the company Rijk Zwaan have signed an agreement for the installation of a system for the adsorption of carbon dioxide from biomass.The signing has taken place after a visit to the company’s…..

UK: Angus farmers featured in new book «300 Farmers of Scotland»
With 16,000 farmers the length and breadth of Scotland, there’s a rich seam of talent in the country. Eilidh MacPherson took on the difficult task of finding and recognizing 300 major farmers in Scotland and put them in her new book «300…..

EU product labels misleading consumers on fruit content
The image and name of fresh fruit is still often being misused by other food sectors, according to the new edition of Freshfel’s ‘Where is the Fruit?’ study. There are still too many products that are displaying fruits prominently on their…..

Spain: Strawberry wholesale prices below those of 2015 and 2016
In early March, the average price of strawberries at Mercasa’s wholesale market network stood above that reached in the same period of 2015 and 2016, but its gradual decline as the campaign develops has led to it now falling below the level…..

Looking back on week 12 at the import market in Shanghai
China: Market price rises for avocados and grapefruit
Last week, it rained constantly in the Shanghai region. In general, all imported products are selling at a slower rate, but avocados from Mexico and Chile, and Israeli grapefruit have filled a gap in the supply. Their market prices are rising…..

Carrots from Xiang’an facing a weak export market
According to the statistics from the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Xiamen Tongan, from January to February 2017, a total of 681 batches of carrots from Xiang’an were exported, with the quantity reaching 24,000 tons and the market value…..

China: Market value for bananas keeps going up
Since mid-February, the market value of bananas has been rising. In specific regions it has even doubled. During the past half year, the price of bananas produced in manufacturing locations has been rather low, so, based on the price in the…..

Eco-Fresh Box offers cheap cooling solution for Cambodian farmers
In August 2016, Moung Vandy and his three business partners started Eco-Fresh Box, a project focused on improving the storage of fruits and vegetables. While there are many solutions available, many farmers cannot afford refrigerated coolers,…..

High demand for Vietnamese pomelos in China
China’s demand for green peel pomelos from the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre and neighboring provinces has strongly increased, with unlimited import volumes recently.The information was revealed yesterday afternoon by Mr. Dam Van Hung, owner…..

Bumper kiwi crop helped EastPack post $8.2m in after-tax profit
A bumper 2016 kiwifruit crop has resulted in New Zealand’s largest grower-owned kiwifruit packhouse, EastPack, posting an after-tax profit of $8.2 million in 2016 compared with $5.8m in 2015, a 39 per cent increase.Chairman John Loughlin said…..

Australian government announces loans for cyclone-affected farmers
Wet weather continued to plague parts of cyclone-affected north Queensland overnight, hampering farmers’ efforts to survey damage to their properties.Queensland Agriculture Minister and Minister for Rural Economic Development, Bill Byrne, said…..

Refrigerated containers made up 19% of SA exports in 2016
The reefer trade (refrigerated cargo solutions) sector contributes positively to the South African economy by creating employment and stimulating economic growth, according to Matthew Conroy, Trade Manager of Maersk Line Southern Africa, a…..

Cros Agro Allied invests $65m into Nigeria’s potato sector
Cros Agro Allied Ltd, a Nigerian agribusiness company, has announced plans to invest $65 million in Nigeria’s potato sector. In the long term, this should help create over 30,000 jobs in the potato value chain, generate up to $300 million in…..

FreshView Smart Station
Monitoring system the size of a shoebox
Pacific Data Systems has brought out the FreshView Smart Station, a more compact version of the EC-12 system. This more compact version still has many of the features of the original EC-12 system but is just the size of a shoe box.»This is a…..

South Korean grape cultivation shifts to Kyoho and Shine Muscat
South Korean grape growers and exporters are shifting their cultivation of Campbell grapes to Shine Muscat and Kyoho. “The Campbell was always the traditional South Korean variety of choice. However, the consumption of Campbell grapes has…..

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India to ease rules for Walmart & Tesco | Rewe reports solid FY
Tesco’s Booker sales grow | ‘Whole Foods losing shoppers’
Amazon’s Quidsi to switch focus to grocery plans to cut 263 jobs at its money-losing parenting products unit Quidsi this summer as part of a business restructuring, it said in a notice filed with New Jersey on Wednesday. Quidsi’s…..

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