Chile: Nut harvest to increase by 20%
The 2017 nut harvest began this week, two weeks ahead of schedule, with the Serr variety. The weather conditions were favourable in spring, except for frosts in some areas, which allowed the walnuts to develop normally. The country expects the…..

Job Offers:
• HendersonBrowm, European Sales Manager – Based London or Europe

Flooding of the Penonome river
Panama: Over $90,000 dollars in watermelon and onion losses
Producers of watermelons and onions in Rio Grande and Cerro Zuela in Penonome, said they had suffered losses of more than 90 thousand dollars after the Penonome river overflowed and flooded their crops.The watermelon category had the biggest…..

Mexico: Complex scenario for Veracruz plantain
The situation faced by plantain producers is complex. The high temperatures in recent weeks have forced them to water their crops, which undermines their economy, said Sergio Eduardo Graillet Contreras, president of the Plantain Product System…..

Mexico: Parts of Michoacan and Jalisco free from avocado pests
The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) declared a municipality in Jalisco and three municipalities of Michoacan as free of various pests that affect avocado, giving producers the opportunity…..

Dominican Republic: Plantain contribution vital to the GDP
The Dominican Republic’s plantain sector contributes more than RD $14.000 million per year to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and it is one of the products that promotes the economy’s development the most, stated the chief executive…..

Mainly of strawberry
Mexico produced 83,721 tons of berries in 2016
During 2016, the coastal area of Baja California produced 83,721 tons of berries (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry) in 2,576 hectares, stated the state’s Delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development,…..

Mexico: Boosting Colima’s mango production and exports is imperative
National productionAccording to official data of the Agricultural Food and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP), between 2010 and 2015 the national mango production increased by 1.7%, going from 1,632,000 tons in 2010 to 1,775,000 tons in…..

Jamaican farmers in St Elizabeth quadruple cultivation of Irish potatoes
According to a statement from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries’, minister without portfolio, JC Hutchinson, the cultivation of Irish potatoes has quadrupled, with some 60 hectares planted in the December 2016 to…..

Special Australia and New Zealand

C The Market
A tour of Melbourne Wholesale market
The city of Melbourne has always had a wholesale market. The first official fruit and vegetable market was the Western Market – established in December 1841 – and the wholesale market has always been in the centre of the city. That was until…..

Global Focus Grapes

Table grapes leading Australian horticulture exports
Table grapes have been the star performer on the export stage, taking the title for highest value fruit export in 2015-16.The figure comes out of the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES)’ agricultural…..

Jaffa Orri eyes China’s fresh produce market
Following the substantial harvest growth of Jaffa Orri, Israel’s Plant Production and Marketing Board identified the China market as the next target to grow its export in 2017.China is number one grower of citrus worldwide with 20 million tons…..

Large expansion of late mandarin plantings causes concern
Satisfactory start to South African soft citrus season
The first satsumas were picked last week in South Africa and the harvest will run for the next five or six weeks. Much of the South African satsuma harvest goes to the UK, which has a liking for the fruit, as well as to Russia and the EU.At…..

Squeezing oranges in protest
Turkish sanctions against the Netherlands?
The sanctions announced by Turkish President Erdoğan against the Netherlands in response to the events of the past weekend, when The Netherlands denied entry to two Turkish Ministers who wanted to campaign on behalf of President…..

Good market in Europe for Kenyan herbs
The weather has been dryer than usual in Kenya this season, which has meant that many producers have had to limit the water usage. However, herb producer Mintos Fresh is at an advantage because of where their growing area is located. Located…..

Turkish citrus season slowed down by market trends and heavy rain
The Turkish citrus season is currently taking on a slow pace due to adverse weather effects and the current market trends. Major growing regions like Adana and Mersin were hit by heavy rainfall for three weeks straight, which led to floods,…..

Chilean kiwi season harvesting early
As the imported Chilean kiwi season is getting ready to kick off, importers can see already that the season is ahead of schedule. “They’re starting to harvest kiwi this week in Chile. It’s a bit ahead of when the season starts by about two…..

France: «I like change; it increases the value of my products and it’s stimulating»
Achieving differentiation; making the product attractive, and even eye-catching; these are the reasons why companies like EARL FERAUD F. insist on presenting their strawberries to the customer in new containers. «The colour of the label…..

Spain: «We export 95% of our Paraguayo peaches to Europe»
Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Switzerland are some of the countries importing most of the Paraguayo peaches produced and marketed by companies like Samafru. «The Spanish market cannot pay the prices that are paid abroad…..

Fred Rennen: “Mild spring weather supports good demand”
Costa Rican melon season off to a good start
The Costa Rican melon season is off to a good start at Exsa Europe. “Watermelons especially enjoy a good demand, because of the limited availability on the market. Demand for yellow melons is also good. The mild spring weather supports the good…..

Juan de Dios Pérez, of Pérez Zara Agrícola:
«We are one of the main Spanish avocado exporters to China»
Spanish avocados are becoming popular in China through the Hong Kong market, where, according to Juan de Dios Pérez, manager of Pérez Zara Agrícola, «we are one of the main Spanish exporters. In China, there is currently a huge interest in…..

Limoneira first quarter lemon sales increase 19% to $26 Million
The Limoneira Company (the «Company» or «Limoneira») (NASDAQ: LMNR), a leading global agribusiness with prime agricultural land and operations, real estate and water rights in California, Arizona and Chile, today reported financial results…..

Berries and leafy veg: top heart health foods
Nutrition researcher Neal Barnard, M.D., F.A.C.C., president and founder of the nonprofit Physicians Committee, is one of 12 authors of “Trending Cardiovascular Nutrition Controversies” in the March 7, 2017 issue of the Journal of the American…..

Local Roots showcases traveling indoor farm
Local Roots Farms will debut the world’s first traveling indoor farm at SXSW, March 11-15, 2017. Built inside a 40’ shipping container, the mobile farm uses a proprietary form of hydroponic technology to grow leafy greens equal to five acres of…..

More fruit & veg could save 400,000 lives a year in the US
Unhealthy eating habits have been blamed for more than 400,000 US deaths a year due to heart disease and related illnesses according to a new study.The problem is twofold: Americans are eating too much salty, fatty and sugary fare, and not…..

EU Commission recognizes Premium European kiwi campaign as a suceess story
The campaign, Premium European Kiwi (PEW), targeted at the Canadian, UAE and Chinese markets, has concluded its first 16 months and is already harvesting the results of a successful implementation. The increased exports and positive feedback…..

«This year we are happier, but the production volume is small»
The market demand has improved this year; however, the production volume is failing to meet the needs of the market due to the bad weather recorded in December and the losses caused in the harvests.»Many markets are interested in Datterini…..

Hoogstraten’s plans for 2017
“Growth in various vegetables and soft fruit”
Coöperatie Hoogstraten once again grew in the illuminated cultivation of tomatoes. Three years ago, they started with 20 hectares. The year after that, it doubled, and another 20 hectares was added in 2016. “At first, we were fairly sceptical…..

“Automation of processes is becoming important in our business”
Euro Gijbels expands by 4,000 m2
Euro Gijbels is currently working on the construction of a new warehouse of 12 metres high. It will be a conditioned space of 1,000 square metre, and it will have four floors. “Because of increasing company activities, it became necessary to…..

Orsini&Damiani Mangiatutto vegetable spaghetti
Orsini&Damiani is currently introducing new products as part of the Mangiatutto range, created in 2012. FreshPlaza met with sisters Laura and Alessandra Damiani at the FiorFood Coop in Galleria San Federico in Turin.Left to right: Laura and…..

NZ: Local tomatoes under the Romagna brand
One of our readers, who works for a large company in the fruit sector, was recently in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. He visited a local supermarket, part of the Woolworths chain, and noticed something really peculiar – a packet of tomatoes with…..

What Italians bought in 2016
Special attention was paid to fresh products, household goods and personal care. Followed by drinks, fresh produce and frozen products/ice-cream, without forgetting something for the pets. According to the Italiani.Coop processing of Nielsen…..

The province relies on a single variety
Spain: Malaga committed to extending medlar campaign
Malaga is the second largest medlar producer in Andalusia, only behind Granada. However, the crop is losing ground in favour of other subtropical fruits, like mangoes and avocados. As has been the case with other crops, producers have almost…..

Simpler rules and more support for fruit and veg producers in Europe
Concluding a two-year review as part of the Juncker Commission’s ongoing Better Regulation initiative, the updated and simplified delegated regulation of the European fruit and vegetable sector will further strengthen the role of Producer…..

Bad weather causes French cauliflower prices to plummet by 38%
Conditions for the 2016-2017 cauliflower season have been bad due to heavy rain in the spring, lack of water over the summer and frost in the winter. As a consequence, the harvest has decreased. The 2016-2017 season started last June and it is…..

Philippines & Mexico discuss possible fruit & veg trade agreement
Agriculture Undersecretary for Operations, Ariel T. Cayanan, communicated to the Ambassador to the Philippines, H.E. Julio Camarena Villaseñor, the intention of the Department of Agriculture (DA) to export Philippine abaca and coconuts to…..

China to buy $1.5m of Philippine goods, including bananas
Manila and Beijing will sign an agreement involving China’s purchase of $1.5 billion worth of Philippine goods, including agricultural products, on Wednesday, according to the Philippine Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce.Dr. Francis…..

Iran seeks export deal for fruit and veg with Russia
Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mahmoud Vaezi, said in February after a meeting with Russian First Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Shuvalov, that Tehran hoped to sign a number of agreements with Moscow as part of…..

Food price index in Armenia decreases by 1.2%
The food price index in Armenia decreased by 1.2% in February, 2017 compared to January, according to data published by the National Statistical Service, reports “Armenpress”.The decline of food prices is mainly linked with the decrease of…..

Indian packaging sector to grow to $30b by 2020
The Director of the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), Kolkata, NC Saha, on Friday said there is a need to develop alternative packaging systems for food materials which is easily acceptable to the market. Saha was speaking at a one-day…..

Dr David Steven awarded Hayward Medal for environmental contribution
The Fresh Carriers Hayward Medal was awarded tonight to Dr David Steven, recognising his work to fundamentally shift how the kiwifruit industry manages pests and disease, improving environmental outcomes and underscoring market confidence in…..

NZ: «We are looking forward to more good volumes of kiwifruit»
There is increasing activity in New Zealand’s kiwifruit orchards as the picking and packing of kiwifruit gets underway. Small volumes have just started to be harvested in Northland and Poverty Bay and will extend throughout the North Island and…..

Tasmania: Apple yields down due to low pollination and bad weather
The apple harvest is underway in Tasmania where orchardists say challenging seasonal conditions have reduced yields but the fruit quality is excellent. Lazy bees and an extended, wet spring were the key features of the growing season.Brett…..

Zambian exports to India reach $475m, aided by fruits & nuts
India’s global imports stood at over US$300 billion between 2015 and 2016, with Zambia contributing US$ 475.4 million.Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, said Zambia contributed $ 475.4 million to India’s…..

Tanzanian government promises farmers a more reliable market
The Tanzanian government has assured farmers of reliable markets for their produce as it prepares to invest heavily in industry towards transforming the economy.Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Dr Charles Tizeba, told farmers…..

Table grapes leading Australian horticulture exports
Table grapes have been the star performer on the export stage, taking the title for highest value fruit export in 2015-16.The figure comes out of the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES)’ agricultural…..

C The Market
A tour of Melbourne Wholesale market
The city of Melbourne has always had a wholesale market. The first official fruit and vegetable market was the Western Market – established in December 1841 – and the wholesale market has always been in the centre of the city. That was until…..

Retail news
AU greengrocers incorrectly charge shoppers | Walmart invests in Brazil
Ocado sales rise | Veg most sought after supermarket item
Kantar: Dunnes Stores maintains top supermarket spot – Dunnes Stores has managed to hold the top supermarket spot in Ireland for two consecutive months, a first for the retailer, according to Kantar Worldpanel Ireland figures. For the…..

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