Mexico: «Jackfruit represents 30% of our total sales»
«Fortunately, even though it’s a relatively new exotic fruit in the US and Mexico, demand is increasing in these countries as the market gets to know the jackfruit’s properties,» said Gerardo Gutierrez, Business Developer at Cabello Group.This…..

Job Offers:
• GoodLeaf Farms, Farm Manager – Canada
• GoodLeaf Farms, Master Grower/ Horticulturalist – Canada

Argentina: Lower pear volume in Latin America will boost demand
This year, the pear harvest has kicked off earlier than usual, given the exceptional situation of the crops, which in recent weeks have suffered from frost to very high temperatures. The reduction in the volume of pears available due to the…..

Peru: 90% of preserved piquillo peppers exported to Spain in January
Peruvian piquillo pepper exports began the year well. According to information provided by AgrodataPerú, in January, the Andean country exported 2.3199 million kilos of piquillo peppers with an FOB value of US $4,490,092. The data is very…..

Peru: Pomegranate exports up more than 28% in value in 2016
According to AgrodataPeru, in 2016, Peruvian exports of pomegranate amounted to US $40,279,391, i.e. 28.3% more than the US $31,394,995 achieved in 2015. In terms of volume, the country exported 18,414,730 kilos of pomegranates in 2016, that is…..

Demand from Costa Rica, Canada, and Japan
Mexico: Irapuato gets ready to market its strawberries
According to Fidel Zavala Garcia, Secretary of the Strawberry Pro Market Association, strawberry producers from Irapuato could supply the demand for strawberries from Costa Rica, Canada and Japan. In addition, the producers have sent some…..

Peru: More than a million boxes of bananas a year from Sullana
The Association of Small Producers of Organic Bananas, Saman and Annexes, (Appbosa) in the province of Sullana, exports an average of one million 16 thousand boxes of organic bananas to the United States, Canada, and Belgium.This was announced…..

Cuba: Ciego de Avila’s tropical fruits confirm potential
During 2016, Ciego de Avila produced 55,856 tons of tropical fruit. That was 9% more than expected, which confirmed their productive potential.The volume harvested exceeded expectations by nearly six thousand tons, mainly of coconut, pineapple,…..

Exports of Chilean cherries to China rising steadily
It is expected that logistic efficiency is high and costs are low in Chile, because there is always a port nearby for export from the long and narrow country, which lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes. However, reality proves to be…..

Special Australia and New Zealand

AU: Initial results promising for new late avocado variety
We all know how popular avocados are around the world, some of us like the green while other prefer the black skins, and probably the most well known is the Hass variety. Well, there is a newcomer to the avocado family, the Gem avocado. It is…..

Global Focus Grapes

Leda elite
UK: Great feedback for new grape brand
Fresh produce provider, Jupiter Marketing is launching a new brand into the market. The Leda elite brand will initially be for grapes but later may also include apples.»This brand will be available through selected stockists. We only work with…..

Delassus is developing tomatoes and is a licensed ClemenGold supplier
Morocco: Research and development vital in increasing market share
The Moroccan company Delassus is currently working on the development of new tomato varieties in different colors which are tailored to its customers. For the last two years, Delassus’ R & D department has been researching over 300…..

USA: World of difference between Europe and US
As an international player with offices in the US, Asia, Europe and Oceania, Robinson Fresh has a good insight into the differences between the markets. Globally, there are large differences between the markets and the products that do well……

China: Guichang brand helps kiwifruit sales
«The Guichang is a typical Kiwifruit brand from Xiuwen County, which is listed from the end of September to early December each year. In the 2016 season the wholesale and market prices were 4-6 yuan per kg and 8-12 yuan per kg respectively. The…..

Guy Elitzur from Stockton
Israel: “REGEV™ is an original product that adds value to other products”
Timorex Gold is Stockton’s flagship product, and it has been around for approximately seven years. “It is the top biofungicide for bananas in Latin America and for a wide range of fruits and vegetables in over 30 countries worldwide,” states…..

Bart van der Heyden, Armando Papa’s:
“It is going to be less and less like a market”
Last week, sales were calm at Armando Papa’s. “This is mostly due to the spring half-term. Many people left for a holiday. But we cannot complain regarding trade. We have had Moroccan early potatoes in our assortment again as of a few weeks……

Organic coloured chard very popular this year
«We have just run out, demand is very high this year,» reports Michelangelo Loizzi when asked about the harvesting and sale of organic coloured chard.»The average price is €2.00/kg and volumes are not abundant due to the snow at the start of…..

California pear crop looks to be a good one
It looks as if it’s going to be a healthy Bartlett pear crop coming out of California for 2017. “At the moment our Bartlett pear crop appears to be very good,” says David Thiessen of Finley, CA’s Scully Packing Co. LLC. “That said, we have a…..

Undersized fruit is perfect for the juice market
Florida grapefruit season will be short
Florida grapefruit supplies are dwindling down quickly, which could result in a pretty short season overall. “As an industry, production is down quite a bit this year and we attribute that to the greening disease and the hurricane that came…..

New consumer-friendly name
Ataulfo now known as “Honey” mango in U.S. markets
The National Mango Board (NMB) has launched a marketing campaign, renaming the Ataulfo mango variety to “Honey.” Over the years, the Ataulfo name has been repeatedly reported as hard to pronounce for U.S. consumers, retailers and the media,…..

Third consecutive year
Sunkist Growers issues billion-dollar member payments
Sunkist Growers held the cooperative’s 123rd annual meeting on February 22, seating the organization’s 28-member Board of Directors for the upcoming year and summarizing 2016 performance.“We were faced with the challenge of one of the largest…..

Green beans see a push in demand and supply
Things are looking healthy on the green bean front. “Supply of green beans is looking very good. The weather conditions are very good so supply is very good,” says Paul DeFranco of Los Angeles, Ca.-based DeFranco & Sons. “We’re getting…..

New sweet potato adult beverages developed in Europe
Sweet potato usage broadens with value add
Europeans are the lucky ones to have Scott Farms’ new sweet potato chip and line of adult beverages on the market – products the company exhibited at the recent Fruit Logistica show in Berlin. Jeff Thomas would like to have them available in…..

A depressed onion market
“The onion market is depressed at this time,” says Jerry Baker with Baker Packing out of Ontario, Oregon. “We have an excellent quality storage crop in Idaho and Oregon and storage volumes are adequate,” he added.Early Mexican imports…..

Looking back at a successful FPAA 2017 Spring Policy Summit
The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA) successfully completed the two-day Spring Policy Summit, where authorities and members of the fresh produce industry gathered to discuss the most relevant topics impacting the import…..

Major fresh produce players agree to joint venture in USA
T&G Global Limited (T&G Global) and Grandview Brokerage Limited (GBL), a 65 per cent owned subsidiary of Total Produce plc (Ireland), have agreed to a joint venture in two US produce businesses which will provide their…..

Florida researchers find chemical which can save avocado trees for less
The University of Florida may have found a new tool to help avocado growers protect their orchards for less. Researchers with the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, in a study published Feb. 18, found a repellent, made from methyl…..

Great expansion due to rise of subtropicals and Bio products
Spain: «More countries are consuming organic products»
According to Nicolás Oheix, of Alcoaxarquía Bio, the organic products segment has gone from being a trend to practically becoming the norm. «Today it is more common to sell organic fruits in the market than in the past, and there are more and…..

Fruit Vandepoel supplies asparagus under own brand
“Asparagus prices fell 3 euros since beginning of season”
The asparagus season will soon begin, but the domestic asparagus from greenhouses has been available for a while already. “We started selling asparagus under our own brand about three weeks ago. For now, we will just supply our own brand,” says…..

Italy: Borettana onion district is born
There is the will to improve and promote Borettana onions, but this will only be made possible by creating a production district. This is the idea presented on March 2nd 2017 by Matteo Freddy from FreddiSant’Iliario (Reggio Emilia) to leading…..

Italy: Starch films for blueberry packaging
Packaging sustainability is an important aspect for innovation in the food sector and can affect the decision to purchase fresh produce. Researchers from Disafa at the University of Turin assessed the qualitative performance and consumer…..

Italy: «Despite the artichoke shortage, average prices are lower»
The damage caused by bad weather has resulted in a shortage of some products which is still noticeable in the market. This is what has happened with Italian artichokes; not only is there scarcity, but the heads of these vegetables are also…..

REWE Group replaces plastic packaging on fruit and vegetables with laser logo
The abolition of plastic bags was only the beginning for REWE Group. The company has set itself the goal of completely eliminating unnecessary packaging from its shelves, without risking a faster spoilage or violating the legally required…..

Ukrainian hothouse growers look for success in EU
Although still facing some challenges, Ukrainian hothouse growers have been seeing a lot of success in the last few years. As many of the unprofitable hothouses using old technology are closing, they are being replaced with new and modern…..

Spain: Purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras is promoted in Costco
The Protected Geographical Indication, purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras, will conduct about a dozen promotions in the international hypermarket chain Costco Wholesale in Madrid and Seville in March, April, and May,.The Purple Garlic from Las…..

New from Smeding:
Vegetable pasta from courgettes, beetroot, carrots and sweet potatoes
Fresh pasta made from 100% vegetables, that is in keeping with the healthy, nutritious and carbohydrate-free food trend. Smeding Groenten & Fruit will introduce these vegetable pastas under own brand FRSH Matters on the 8th of March. These…..

Hungary: 2,766 million tonnes of fruit and veg produced in 2016
The value of Hungary’s fruit and vegetable production in 2016 has provisionally been estimated at 280 billion HUF (approximately 906.07 million Euro) and is up by 5 to 7 percent compared to the previous year, as reported by the Hungarian Fruit…..

China: Price of imported oranges goes up
The average price for fruit on the import market has been rising since late February and sales have been encouraging.Last month, the majority of sellers sold out their complete stock of US oranges without any notable effect on the pricing. In…..

China: Virus found at Lianyungang port
Lianyungang port of Jiangsu province is an important port of entry and exit in China. In the last few years, dangerous pests have been intercepted here many times and Lianyungang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau personnel recently intercepted a…..

2.2m tons of vegetables to be produced in Iran by year-end
2.2 million tons of vegetables will be produced in Iran along with some 1.7 billion of cut flowers by the end of the current Iranian year (March 20, 2017), registering close to a 31% and 25.2% growth respectively compared with last year.This…..

Azerbaijan trade mission to visit Kazakhstan in April
An export mission of Azerbaijani entrepreneurs will visit Astana and Almaty, cities of Kazakhstan, on April 23-26, said the Azerbaijani Economy Ministry on March 4th.The mission will include entrepreneurs operating in fruit and vegetables,…..
Iran produces over 1.18m tons of nuts each year
Iran produces more than 1.18 million tons of different kinds of nuts every year, close to 800,000 tons of which are consumed domestically and the rest is exported, an official with the Ministry of Agriculture said.The official added that every…..

Regions hit Back at Minister’s crusade to quash GM free zones
The Environment Minister is continuing his crusade to strip regions of the ability to be GM Free – despite his ongoing struggles to get backing from Parliament.Today, the Local Government and Environment Select Committee reported back on the…..

New Zealand: Move over dairy, horticulture is advancing
Horticulture is expanding and growing through exports. Today, 60% of what is grown in New Zealand is exported. Data shows that horticulture exports increased by 40% from June 2014 to 2016; this rapid growth shows no signs of slowing down, and…..
Tomato potato psyllid discovered outside quarantine zone in Australia
In a significant blow to the vegetable industry in Western Australia the tomato potato psyllid has been found in three regional locations outside of the Perth quarantine zone.The Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA) chief plant…..

South Africa: R7.5 million in theft, fraud and corruption uncovered at Joburg Market
The Head of the City’s Anti – Corruption Unit, General Shadrack Sibiya, has submitted a report detailing theft, fraud and corruption amounting up to R7 535 686.43 at Joburg Market (market).The report details how 3 officials at the market,…..

Map of world air travel routes
This map, which includes only the arcs made in air travel routes, demonstrates the international connections that flight has enabled. source:
Another record year for organic agriculture worldwide
The latest global data on organic farming worldwide is presented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and IFOAM – Organics International in the statistical yearbook «The World of Organic Agriculture».The positive trend seen…..

Expert warns that HLB could kill citrus in just a few years
It is known as greening and is a lethal bacterium for citrus. It is transmitted by an insect whose presence has already been detected in Spain, in particular in Galicia, but also in Portugal. There is no solution or treatment once the tree has…..

Leda elite
UK: Great feedback for new grape brand
Fresh produce provider, Jupiter Marketing is launching a new brand into the market. The Leda elite brand will initially be for grapes but later may also include apples.»This brand will be available through selected stockists. We only work with…..
AU: Initial results promising for new late avocado variety
We all know how popular avocados are around the world, some of us like the green while other prefer the black skins, and probably the most well known is the Hass variety. Well, there is a newcomer to the avocado family, the Gem avocado. It is…..

Retail news

‘We’re the most British supermarket’ says Aldi boss, ‘70% of products are British’
Moody ‘s sees recovery in EU grocery | Sainsbury’s to cut jobs
India’s Paytm E-Commerce raises $200m from Alibaba, SAIF PartnersIndia’s Paytm E-Commerce Pvt Ltd has raised $200m from China’s Alibaba Group Holding and venture capital fund SAIF Partners to expand its online retail business in a market…..
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