Guatemala benefits from low mango supply in Mexico

Guatemalan mangoes were off to a good start due to the good quality and color of its mangoes. Mexico competes with Guatemala, due to its cheaper transportation costs, mainly in the US west coast and northern areas. However, Mexico has lower…..

Chile surpasses Thailand as a supplier of fruits for China
According to data released by the Chinese Customs, in 2016, Chile exported about $1,200 million dollars of fresh fruit to China, i.e. 22% more than in the previous year, replacing Thailand as the largest supplier of fresh fruit for…..

Peru: Fruit pulp exports decrease
The volumes of fruit pulp exports this year have been much lower than in 2016. According to Agrodata Peru, in January Peru exported 298,557 kilos of these products, far less than the 925,121 kilos that the country shipped in the same month last…..

Peru: ProCitrus won’t apply the seal of quality to export citrus
Peru’s Citrus Growers Association (ProCitrus) would not implement the seal of quality to the national citrus fruit that will be exported this season.The CEO of ProCitrus, Sergio del Castillo Valderrama, said that the union didn’t see it fit to…..

Argentina: Moño Azul continues working without its employees
Plant workers from the Moño Azul fruit packing company, which is located in General Roca, complained that the company continued to work the fruit through cooperatives and not with its employees.A delegate from the Packaging Guild, Jose Luis…..

Farm Frites proposes 70K ton capacity potato processing factory in Argentina
Earlier this month, Farm Frites proposed a plan to establish a potato processing facility in Mar del Plata, Argentina with an annual capacity of 70.000 tonnes of finished product.Most of the product is expected to be exported to Brazil through…..

Special Australia and New Zealand
Continued steady growth for Australian macadamia crop
The 2017 Australian macadamia crop is forecast to reach 54,000 tonnes in-shell at 10% moisture (50,500 tonnes at 3.5% moisture) – representing a fourth consecutive year of steady growth for the industry – announced the Australian Macadamia…..

Global Focus Grapes
Craig Stauffer, CEO of Vanguard International
“Peru is finishing up a challenging grape season”
“Uncharacteristic weather patterns have significantly effected Peru’s table grape season,” says Craig Stauffer, CEO of Vanguard International. The country recently declared an El Niño event, which means heavy rains, particularly in the North as…..

Abrie van Eeden, Goede Hoop Citrus
Western Cape’s largest citrus packhouse encourages expansion in new varieties
Goede Hoop Citrus grew out of the original Citrusdal citrus cooperative founded in 1926. Today it is one of the biggest citrus packhouses in South Africa, functioning in a sorting, packing and marketing capacity for more than 50 citrus growers……

Peru is bigger than it’s problems
«At the moment the focus is on the humanitarian problems»
El Nino is causing many problems in Peru. This is a humanitarian and infrastructure issue on a big scale and the situation is not over yet, as Piura had one of the worst days in terms of rain only 3 days ago and rain is forecast for the rest…..

Kees Rijswijk:
“I expect a run on good pears after Easter”
Wholesaler Kees Rijswijk has been active in the fresh produce trade for 53 years, and his emphasis has been on pears for the last 17 of those. He also takes care of the purchasing for Fruithandel Rijswijk & Van der Gulik, of which his…..

Labels, sorting and flavour: everything to sell more soft fruit
Photo report Global Berry Congress 2017
Flavour and quality were the key words of the Global Berry Congress, held in Rotterdam yesterday. During the various sessions, a remarkable amount of attention was paid to consumers and their changing behaviours. It wasn’t surprising that terms…..

Cheap imports cause difficulties for Slovenian growers
They are many still many challenges ahead for vegetable growers in Slovenia. The country’s market prices are traditionally low, making it difficult for producers to compete with the cheap vegetable imports coming from Italy, Spain, the…..

Shenzhen Tian Mu Agricultural Development Co. Ltd.
China: Domestic orange prices hit a new high.
Workers are loading navel oranges»At the present stage, all varieties of late maturing citrus are listed intensively; the 72-1 navel orange from Chongqing area and the late maturing oranges from the Hubei area are the two main varieties. In the…..

Turkey: «Expectations are high thanks to the good weather»
The current weather stability favors the preparation and flowering of the trees in the next season. «It will be a good season because everything is proceeding normally,» said Omer Elçiçek, of Elçiçek Agricultural & Natural Products.This…..

Murcia’s apricot harvest volume could double
Spain expects greater stonefruit harvest
Murcia’s stonefruit harvest will start in late April with the first apricots, peaches and nectarines. «It has rained when the rain was needed and we’ve had enough cold hours, so for now we expect a great quality harvest, with a well-shaped…..

Spain: «With fair competition, there is fruit for all of us to work»
This year, prospects for the stonefruit campaign are quite good. The cold this winter has allowed the trees to rest, unlike last year, when the bloom was irregular. «The production will be good if the weather stays good, so we expect a great…..

Italy and Spain cooperate to improve quality and sustainability of flat nectarines
An excellent and productive meeting was held on 22nd March 2017 in Lerida. «We agreed to combine the experience developed by Irta regarding the breeding of flat nectarines with CREA’s know-how concerning peach genetics, starting with the huge…..

US: Retail food prices declined for the first time in nearly 50 years
In 2016, US retail food prices decreased by 1.3 percent—the first time since 1967 that grocery store (food-at-home) prices were lower than those in the year before. Over the last 50 years, food-at-home prices have, on average, risen 4 percent…..

Study shows frozen produce holds the same nutritional value as fresh
According to a new study, frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables, that includes strawberries, blueberries, cauliflower, broccoli, green peas, green beans and spinach, may hold around the same nutritional value.The findings of the two-year study…..

Arable Mark enables forecasting of crop yields
Data-driven land management company raises $4.25mln to advance predictive farming
Arable, pioneer of data-driven land management, today announced it has closed a $4.25 million Series A round of funding led by Middleland Capital’s agriculture technology fund and S2G Ventures. The round includes participation from new…..

Italy: Rosa di Gorizia is the most expensive radicchio in the world
«Continuous research, a passion for the countryside and local tradition are combined in an ambitious project, which has grown year after year, and has created Azienda Agricola Lucia. To us, agriculture is not just a job, but a mission. We are…..

New portion packaging for nuts and dried fruit
Nuts are dried fruit are now seen by many consumers as part of a healthy diet. “They are still gaining popularity, and we naturally like to anticipate that. We‘ve noticed that demand for various products is increasing considerably, and see…..

Christiaan van Ravenswaaij: “Social certification becoming increasingly important”
Short but intense mango season about to start in Ivory Coast
For Van Ravenswaaij, the mango season from Ivory Coast is about to start again. “The first containers have been loaded and will arrive in the Netherlands before Easter. Because Peru had heavy weather, people there could load less than initially…..

Italy: CREA plans agriculture to meet consumer demands
Citrus fruit, and oranges in particular, are widely recognised by consumers as essential elements of a well-balanced diet, as they are primary sources of vitamin C and other antioxidant substances useful to our bodies.Among these, Tarocco, Moro…..

Italy: Good results for Cooperative Sant’Orsola
Thanks to the good weather, increasing demand and renewed commitment by its members, the 2016 turnover for Cooperative Sant’Orsola was rather respectable. The company obtained an operating result of over €999 thousand with a gross operating…..

Italy: Harvesting of spring Radicchio di Chioggia Igp to start soon
The»Chioggia capitale del radicchio» (Chioggia capital of radicchio) event held at theBrondolo wholesale market ended on 26th March 2017. Watch the interview with Giuseppe Boscolo PaloAs stressed byGiuseppe Boscolo Palo – market…..

«They are as good as the reference varieties in the sector»
Chilean raspberry varieties grown in Spanish territories
Chilean raspberry varieties have proved to be a success for Spanish producers and exporters.Currently, Masiá Ciscar SA is the licensee for Spain and Portugal. The varieties were developed by the Genetic Improvement Program in Chile’s Fruit…..

1.2 million kilos won’t enter the market
The Canaries to destroy 600,000 kilos of bananas
Last week, a few months later than last year, producers of bananas from the Canary Islands received bad news.On week 13 of 2017 Asprocan ordered the first pica, or withdrawal of fruit of the year, which means that 1.2 million kilos of the…..

EU nations vote against GM crops
A majority of EU nations voted against genetically modified corn during a meeting of the EU appeals committee. However, that was not enough to stop GM cultivation. The decision now rests with the Commission.A majority of EU countries voted on…..

LEAF calls on industry to collaborate and seize growth opportunity
Working together and recognising the value of certification schemes in a post-Brexit world: that was Linking Environment And Farming’s (LEAF) message to the food and farming industry at the second annual LEAF Marque summit last week. The 2017…..

Jordan: «Packaging vegetables has always been a great challenge»
Their limited specialization in the packaging of perishable goods is a problem that Jordanian exporting companies must deal with on a day-to-day basis; however, they know that they must live up to the expectations of their European customers in…..

Interpoma Congress & Exhibition to focus on the future of China’s apple sector
The international congress on the current situation and future prospects of the apple sector in China will take place from 28 to 30 June 2017 during the first Interpoma China Congress & Exhibition at the Weihai International Exhibition…..

New drought measurement index launched in NZ
Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy has welcomed the launch of a new tool to monitor drought in New Zealand’s regions.Developed by NIWA with the support of the Ministry for Primary Industries, the New Zealand Drought Index uses the best…..

Hort Innovation Australia joins forces with the Churchill Trust
Hort Innovation’s Leadership Fund is part of Horticulture Innovation Australia’s (HIA) new strategic co-investment initiative, which aims to create more leading figures in Australian Horticulture with a variety of scholarships and education…..

Zespri opens new Middle East office to support growth
Zespri officially opened its Middle East office in Dubai earlier this week to manage its growing sales and marketing programmes in this region and other developing markets. Zespri Chief Executive Lain Jager said at the event that Zespri was…..

Fruit and veg prices skyrocket in Algeria
Algeria’s markets are witnessing an unprecedented rise in the prices of vegetables and fruits, which has prompted the authorities to launch surprise inspections aimed at rebalancing the market.The Anatolia news agency quoted experts as saying…..

Scientists discover new ginger species in the Congo
Scientists have identified a new species of ginger in the Kabobo Massif in Congo which marks the eighth species found in the area. The scientists hope the new discovery will reinvigorate the importance of preserving the site, which is one of…..

Reddest, smoothest and roundest tomatoes, the most effective against colon cancer
Researchers at the University of Almeria have observed the effect of different types of tomatoes in colon cancer cell cultures. According to the scientists, any tomato variety prevents the proliferation of colorectal cancer cells at very low…..

Continued steady growth for Australian macadamia crop
The 2017 Australian macadamia crop is forecast to reach 54,000 tonnes in-shell at 10% moisture (50,500 tonnes at 3.5% moisture) – representing a fourth consecutive year of steady growth for the industry – announced the Australian Macadamia…..

Craig Stauffer, CEO of Vanguard International
“Peru is finishing up a challenging grape season”
“Uncharacteristic weather patterns have significantly effected Peru’s table grape season,” says Craig Stauffer, CEO of Vanguard International. The country recently declared an El Niño event, which means heavy rains, particularly in the North as…..

Retail news
AmazonFresh to operate in Australia in 2018 | Woolworths seeks cheap organics
HelloFresh now available at supermarkets
Korean egrocer to sell fruit straight from farms – Gmarket launched a service on Monday called Gtable that provides seasonal fresh food from farms around Korea. The online retailer will oversee the entire process, including selection of…..

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