Colombia exports 73% of its bananas to the EU
The Association of Banana Growers of Colombia (Augura) stated that Colombia exports 73% of the bananas it produces to the European Union and that the EU had become the main market for this agricultural product, which is grown in the Northwest…..

Mexico: Chiapas exports plantain to the US and Guatemala
The plantain from Chiapas, which previously only covered the regional and domestic demand, has entered new international markets; hundreds of tons are shipped to the United States and Guatemala each week.The community of Suchiate is completely…..

South Korea to import Brazilian mangoes after over a decade of negotiations
After being negotiated for over a decade, South Korea will once again allow the import of Brazilian mangoes, according to an announcement made this week by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Food Supply (Mapa).The partnership…..

Special Australia and New Zealand
Australian melon producer going for year round production
It was a wet start to the melon season in Western Australia but, according to Dane Capogreco, Sales & Marketing Director at Capogreco Farms, based in Hamel, near Perth in Western Australia, it is much better now.»We are still in the first…..

Global Focus Grapes

HDG Services on working visit to Indian grape and pomegranate exporters
Grape harvest at its peak in Nashik
At the peak of the grape harvest in Nashik, India, Hans Troost from independent expertise agency, HDG Services, visited various exporters and packing stations to give the farmers some advice. Packing stations varying from 100 to 800 employees…..

Maersk resumes cargo bookings from Europe to Asia
After recent reports stated that Maersk had put a stop on booking containers from Europe to Asia and the Middle East, Marko Mihajic, responsible for Northern and Eastern Europe, has confirmed that they have resumed booking orders as of…..

And closes financial year 2016 with 8.9% revenue growth
Total Produce increasing share in Oppenheimer Group
Total Produce closed the 2016 financial year with an adjusted gross profit totalling 67.7 million Euro, 16.8 percent more than in the previous year. «We are pleased that Total Produce achieved strong growth in 2016,» stated Carl McCann…..

Sorting capacity of up to 36,000 cucumbers per hour
Finnish cooperative Närpes Grönsaker sorts, packs, trades and sells tomatoes and cucumbers for its members. With the two-tracked QSort, they can sort, seal and pack cucumbers. That is done with a speed of 36,000 cucumbers per hour.The total…..

Erik Kieftenburg, Fruit Noordholland:
“Lola apple could be the Dutch Pink Lady”
The Comice pear season is finished. “We are now selling the final small sizes. All in all, the season went relatively well. We had a fairly good, slightly bronzed pear at our disposal. Exports went well and demand was especially good from Italy…..

Thai Ginger export to western markets increasing
European and North American markets are increasingly absorbing ginger from Thailand. Thailand is currently exporting about 1,500 tons of ginger per year. The season starts in March and lasts until June. The export volumes are increasing each…..

China: Tailor-made fruit and veg packaging
«Following the increasing demand from consumers for fruits and vegetables, the quality of the packaging is growing in importance. Logical packing can reduce or even prevent the losses that occur during transport, storage and transfers. Good…..

CGC denies existence of problems in citrus shipments to China
Spanish citrus exports to China have tripled three campaigns in a row
The Citrus Management Committee (CGC), the association that brings together Spain’s largest private citrus exporters, has commented on reports about alleged problems in the supply to the Chinese market.The CGC has stressed that, since 2014,…..

«We will grow the best variety for each time and origin all year round»
Spain: Arrival of first Senegalese watermelons with new variety
It is already possible to buy the first Senegalese watermelons in the Spanish market; a seedless, sweet and crunchy striped watermelon variety sold under the new brand Diva.According to its distributor, the plan with this brand, which will soon…..

France is the largest market for Morocco, with 80% of its exports
«The potential for the development of melon exports is considerable,» affirms Noureddine Garoud, broker at Tagad Agri S.R.L. Many European countries make the work of Moroccan exporters easier because of their traditional presence in this market…..

Mark Tieleman, Cool Fresh International:
“Delayed boats and production hit pineapple supplies”
Pineapple sales continue to go smoothly. “Due to delayed boats from Costa Rica and scans at customs in the ports, there continues to be some scarcity,” says Mark Tieleman from Cool Fresh International. “A result of the delays is that demand…..

Pomegranates from Peru beginning with Wonderful variety
Pomegranate supplies from Peru are currently in good supply. “It’s just getting going in terms of the Wonderful (variety),” said Larry Davidson with North American Produce Buyers Ltd. Fruit is distributed whole for regular retail within…..

Plentiful spring raspberry crop coming for Easter
Raspberries are currently in transition, due to the recent rains in Southern California and timing is in between winter and spring crops. Well•Pictis looking forward to a plentiful spring crop around the end of March to early April, just in…..

All “okay” with the imported mango market
Things are looking okay for the imported mango market currently. “The supplies are a little bit slow at the moment and I’m hearing about people having issues around staining and scarring on the skin,” says Carlos Villa of Rio Rico, Ariz.-based…..

For creative foodies
Sour oranges in season with limited supply
«The Bergamot Sour Orange and Seville Orange are two citrus varieties that should be in every foodie’s pantry,» says Phoebe Tu with VegiWorks. They’re currently available from California, but they’re only from a handful of growers. Both are…..

South Korea could be lucrative market for Florida grapefruit growers
How about grapefruit as a dessert or snack? That is how many South Koreans, especially younger ones, view the fruit. Therefore, Florida grapefruit growers may want to expand their shipments to that Asian nation, University of Florida Institute…..

Sean McCauley joins Ippolito Fruit & Produce Ltd.
Ippolito Fruit & Produce Ltd. is pleased to announce the hiring of Sean McCauley in the newly created role of Director of Sales. In this new role, McCauley will be responsible for maintaining and growing Ippolito Fruit & Produce sales…..

Social media to drive Hass avocado sales
Shoppers like to feel connected and informed as they toggle their attention across different social media channels throughout the day, including apps, email and internet searches. Digital content, especially content shared on social media, is…..

California avocado grower-shipper launches new brand
Before Hass avocados took the world by storm, Eco Farms started growing California avocados way back in the early 1970s. From their first home in San Diego County’s tiny village of Rainbow, to the Temecula packinghouse where they reside today,…..

Opal® apples part of Hollywood’s biggest night
Opal® were ready for their close-up on Hollywood’s biggest night. The distinctive yellow apples with a sweet, tangy crunch and natural non-browning superpower are a part of this year’s “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bags, given to Oscar® nominees…..

Italy: The Hungarian market is good, but competition is tough
Kaiser pears, harvested in the region of Ferrara, Italy, are especially popular and appreciated in the Hungarian market. At present, companies like Maini Frutta S.R.L. have established themselves as the main suppliers in this market, and this…..

Spain: «Knowing the origin, you can guarantee the product’s freshness and proximity»
Guzman Gastronomía has several lines of business open for the development of its daily activities, but these wouldn’t succeed if it wasn’t for the firm’s strict demands and the qualifications of its employees. «Our salespeople have to study…..

Excesses of fluopyram by lettuce cultivator
Recall of Lollo Rossa in Belgium
On Friday 24 February, there was a recall of the lettuce strain Lollo Rossa in Belgium. This recall was reported by the RASFF portal of the European Commission, and has been determined at the REO Veiling as part of its automatic inspection…..

Italy: Organic sector to continue growing over the next six years
«The sector will grow for another 5-6 years,» reported Tom Fusato, sales manager for Brio Spa, during the «Agricoltura biologica, un’opportunità per il territorio» convention held on 28th February 2017 in Zevio (Verona).Tom Fusato, sales…..

Italy: Artichokes from Puglia will only be available in April
«The season of artichokes from Battipaglia is about to start. Volumes are still limited, but larger quantities are expected from Sicily. It is still early for produce from Puglia, and last week’s frost didn’t help. Artichokes from Puglia will…..

Italy: Onion market not responding as expected
Onions are not doing well as the market seems to be rather unresponsive this year. Quantities are abundant, but consumption is slow.»There was no planning and now there is too much produce available, so prices are low. There are many producers…..

Angola to ship 200 tons of bananas to Portugal
More than 200 tons of bananas produced in the Caxito irrigated perimeter will be exported to Portugal following an initial shipment of 27 tons, the head of Caxito Rega announced, cited by the newspaper Jornal de Angola.João Mpilamosi…..

Ukrainian apple exports: progress in trade balance
According to the results from the first half of the season, Ukraine is still a net exporter of apples. The source of the statistic information says that, in the first half of the season, Ukraine exported more apples than it imported. As…..

Spain: Companies seek international ports to avoid stevedore strikes
The stevedoring conflict not only affects workers and the port sector; there are many companies that depend on this traffic and have already started to prepare themselves before the stevedore strikes, called for 6 March to 26 March, because of…..

Spain: El Corte Inglés opens first organic food department
El Corte Inglés has opened La Biosfera (The Biosphere), its first organic food department, at one of its stores in the city of Valencia, where it will offer over 1,500 products. The initiative will be expanded to 19 other supermarkets before…..

Stockton enters biofungicide distribution agreement in China
Stockton STK specializes in the development and marketing of botanical based pesticides, have signed a long-term non-exclusive distribution agreement with Timorex Gold biofungicide with Chongqing Shurong Crop Science Ltd. in the field of…..

Canada to aid Vietnam in food hygiene with $11.3m
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nguyen Xuan Cuong, met with Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay to discuss Canada’s “Safe food for growth” project in Vietnam on February 27 which looks to improve food…..

Taiwan: Pineapple exports set to grow
The pineapple production season has begun and exports from Pingtung County grew again this year. According to the Pineapple Green Cooperative, estimated annual exports will reach 2 thousand tons, mainly to mainland China and Japan. In order to…..

China: Beijing detects 47 batches of mangoes with insect pests
The Qianlong-Fawan United Daily News reported that on January 2017 the border Inspection and Quarantine Office in Beijing detected, when inspecting carriages arriving from 20 different countries and regions, a total of 47 batches of mangoes…..

South Korea looks to import 35m boxes of bananas from the Philippines
South Korea will import more Cavendish bananas from the Philippines this year to satisfy the increasing demand of Korean consumers, according to Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol.Piñol said South Korea needs about 35 million boxes more of…..

Cucumber virus confirmed in Australian greenhouse
Biosecurity Queensland has confirmed a case of the cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV) in a commercially-grown greenhouse cucumber crop in Bundaberg.Queensland Chief Plant Health Manager Mike Ashton said Biosecurity Queensland had…..

Group secures $260,000 to fight fruit flies in Australia
The Goulburn Murray Region Fruit Fly Action Group has secured $261,000 towards a two-year fruit fly trapping program, and secured a fruit fly co-ordinator until 2019 in the continuing fight against the pest.‘‘Although the fruit fly co-ordinator…..

New Zealand group looks to expand local production of tropical fruit
New Zealand imports about 72,000 tonnes of bananas annually, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation. Each New Zealander eats around 18kg of bananas a year – at an estimated cost of about $88 per household, or more than $142 million…..

But dams fill up and drought in the north appears over
Heavy rains in north of South Africa disrupt vegetable production
Heavy and sustained rains in the northern parts of South Africa over the last few weeks have filled up dams and some meteorologists have concluded that the drought over this part of South Africa, as well as Southern Africa, has ended – though…..

Australian melon producer going for year round production
It was a wet start to the melon season in Western Australia but, according to Dane Capogreco, Sales & Marketing Director at Capogreco Farms, based in Hamel, near Perth in Western Australia, it is much better now.»We are still in the first…..

HDG Services on working visit to Indian grape and pomegranate exporters
Grape harvest at its peak in Nashik
At the peak of the grape harvest in Nashik, India, Hans Troost from independent expertise agency, HDG Services, visited various exporters and packing stations to give the farmers some advice. Packing stations varying from 100 to 800 employees…..

Retail news

El Corte Inglés goes organic | Publix turns in solid quarter
X5 Retail Group asks suppliers to reduce prices
Retailers cut UK advertising instead of lowering prices – British retailers, food producers and consumer goods makers are cutting back on advertising to direct their firepower instead at lowering prices in the face of rising inflation,…..

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