Europe – The banana survey – week 15

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Tension ongoing and prices strengthening further on the European markets. The sales tempo in both Western and Eastern Europe has remained high because of the context remaining favourable for consumption (cool temperatures, few competing fruits, some banana promotions). In addition, the overall supply has remained moderate. On the one hand, […]



Temas INDICADORES ECONÓMICOS Resumen: INDICADORES ECONÓMICOS. macroeconomía PIB (proyección de crecimiento 2017) 1,42% Ingreso per cápita (2017) USD 5 996.2 Tasa de empleo adecuado (dic 2016) 41,2% Tasa de desempleo (dic 2016) 5.2% Inflación anual a marzo del 2017 0.96% Inflación mensual de marzo del 2017 0.14% Salario básico unificado […]