Even as broccoli transitions from Yuma to Salinas and Santa Maria, production is “skippy” because of California’s recent torrents of rain in the last few months.

Broccoli is tight in California & Mexico
Even as broccoli transitions from Yuma to Salinas and Santa Maria, production is “skippy” because of California’s recent torrents of rain in the last few months. Product is also coming out of Mexico; shipments start slowing down as April becomes nearer. “The current supply of broccoli is fairly tight and…..

More shelf space for pears at US retailers
In the US, supermarkets have an average of four to five different pear varieties on their shelves. When in season, there can be up to eight different varieties. How did the US sector managed to get as much retail space? Kevin Moffitt, CEO of USA Pears, talks about the situation in the United States, where the…..
Southern European cultivators choose seedless grapes
The advance of seedless grape varieties is continuing apace. Despite the fact that there is still a market for seeded grapes from countries including Italy, the seedless grape is also gaining more and more ground in Southern Europe. It is therefore not surprising that breeding stations also entered this…..

Fears of economic junk status and unbridled state looting
«Midnight ministerial massacre» in South African politics
In what was called a “midnight ministerial massacre” Pres Jacob Zuma of South Africa announced a drastic cabinet reshuffle at midnight on Thursday night, accomplishing what was known to be his goal for more than a year since summarily removing a previous and accomplished finance minister.It was common…..

The Greenery ready for further growth of soft fruit and asparagus with Zachtfruit DC
In recent years, the soft fruit market has flourished. The Greenery also experienced a considerable increase with the Business Unit Soft Fruit. Although the activities of the sales organisation are becoming increasingly centralised, a new DC for soft fruit and asparagus arose in Breda. According to sourcing…..

Sichuan Yinuoshi agricultural science and Technology Co Ltd.
China: Kiwiberry industry still in its infancy
«The Kiwiberry, also known as the arguta kiwi, is a valuable and rare fruit that is not commonly to be seen on the table and which has a limited production worldwide. At present, the Dandong region of Liaoning province in China has the largest area under cultivation. The ripening of the kiwiberry varies,…..

Import of Washington Apples in India set to increase
India has had a good import season for apples from Washington, with good quality, competitive prices and a strong volume of shipments. “Last year, we had a large domestic production of apples and prices for Washington apples were rather high. The total import volume for 2016 was lower when compared to 2015……

Xiamen Xinweihong Enterprise
China: Shandong cherry production increases by about 15%
«Affected by the cold air and the late snowfall, this year a number of local cherries will have to postpone their harvests. The Yantai cherry that we are planting will start listing in early April, and the listing period will last two and half months, until the early July. Shandong is the main cherry…..

Brits don’t get attached to organic, French go for local
Shelf life of soft fruit less important for German consumers
The French like blueberries less than the British. Soft fruit outside the season has less flavour. Germans mainly eat the soft fruit at breakfast. The first statement is true. The second is what many consumers think. The third is false. This was shown in research conducted by Ipsos Mori. Pippa Bailey presented…..

China: Successful supplier convention for Pagoda
On March 30th 2017, Pagoda’s supplier convention, themed ‘Make business easier, make cooperation more simple’ was organized successfully in Shenzhen city (Guangdong province). At the convention, Pagoda’s managers from different areas made speeches. Moreover, several suppliers gathered in one hall, which…..

Bert van Tol, Groen Agro Control
“We are more than just a lab”
In the field of research and sampling, major changes have occurred in recent years. The Commodity Boards that financed much of the research have been discontinued and labs are consolidated. This requires a response.Growers and business houses bring in laboratories to find out how high certain values are. A lab…..

Global Focus Greenhouse
Peter Smets, RPfreshline:

«Direct export line from Morocco to Russia anticipates a need”
Last autumn Peter Smets and Rene Kraaijeveld started a direct export line from Agadir (Morocco) to Russia under the name Rpfreshline. “We consciously focused on the export of Moroccan tomatoes and peppers in all varieties this first season. The ambition is to further expand the assortment later. “It’s tempting…..
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Juye Jinshengyuan fruit and vegetable Co.
China: Heze dry peppers have their first exports
Heze pepper is famous all over the country for its brightness, good color and no skin. Today, the Heze dry pepper is not only popular in the domestic market but also in foreign markets. A few days ago, 31 tons of dry peppers from the Juye Jinshengyuan fruit and vegetable company, passed through the Shandong…..

10 cucumber facts you didn’t know you needed to know
The term “cool as a cucumber” is actually derived from the cucumber’s ability to cool the temperature of the blood. Also when applied topically, cucumber really does cool the blood and eases facial swelling, which is why cucumbers are so popular in facial regimens.Out on a date and realize that you forgot gum…..
«First two months of 2017 reasonable for chicory»
The months of January and February were okay in chicory. «It has been bad in those months for years, but this year was reasonable,» says Gijs van Dongen of Nature’s Gold. «In terms of price were were above costing price in the first two months of 2017 and that’s better than usual. It may have had to do with…..
Italy: Hard times for agretti
It’s a difficult moment for agretti as, on 30th March 2017, average prices did not exceed €1/kg at the Cesena market due to the abundant volumes available. Considering the labour required to complete the production cycle, €1/kg almost does not even cover costs.»Quality is good but supply exceeds demand. It’s a…..

Almeria’s tomatoes now competing against Polish produce
The tomatoes and cucumbers from Almeria, which in winter share the market almost exclusively with Moroccan or Turkish exports, are now competing also against Central European products, especially those from Poland or the Netherlands.The report of the Andalusian Prices and Markets Observatory for week 12 of the…..

Lorry strikes send vegetable prices skyrocketing in India
The fourth day of lorry strikes continued on Sunday and this has led prices for vegetables, which were already high due to the drought-like conditions, to keep on soaring in city markets.Several shops at the farmers markets, and also at the Central Market, remained unoccupied with traders attributing it to the…..

One of the fastest-growing vegetables in the fresh-cut segment
California company launches cauliflower rice product
With cauliflower popping up in many forms as a carbohydrate replacement, a new product has launched as Eat Smart Cauliflower Rice.Positioned as a low-carb and low-calorie ingredient replacement, the company behind it, Apio Inc., says it can be used in place of traditional carbs to make mashed potatoes or fried…..
Situation in Peru affects Spanish asparagus prices
Only 20% of the Spanish production of wild asparagus remains in the country, with domestic demand being often being covered by asparagus from other origins. «Spain ships this product mainly to Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Norway,» explains Manuel Jesús Abril, manager of Mediterranean Fruits &…..

Dominican banana plantations won’t recover until September
It will be at least September or October before banana plantations start truly recovering from the floods that battered the Dominican Republic’s key growing region of Palo Verde. For months farmers have been rebuilding the sector which was partially wiped out when heavy rains fell for around three weeks……
Potato plant explodes in India
One person was killed and four others were injured in a blast after a potato cold storage facility exploded in Sangrur district in Punjab.Shortly before the blast many farmers were in the building stocking their potato harvest which led to the death and injuries. It was reported that a gas leak started in the…..
Mexico: Fire destroys avocado plantations in Morelos
According to the census in Santa Maria Ahuacatitlan de El Cebadal and Buena Vista del Monte, the fire on March 21 affected one hundred percent of the avocado orchards.Thus, the City council of Cuernavaca, which is going to support the shareholders of common land (ejidatarios) with plant material, is working on…..

Costa Rica and Mexico agree on meetings to resolve avocado conflict
Costa Rica and Mexico agreed to hold bilateral technical and commercial meetings in a last ditch effort to resolve the Hass avocado conflict, outside of the World Trade Organization (WTO).The agreement between the parties was achieved after the XVI meeting of the leaders of the Tuxtla Gutierrez Dialogue and…..

Panama: Pineapples generate the largest export revenues
Panama’s pineapple exports in January 2017 amounted to $1.126 million dollars, a positive number in the statistics of the Comptroller General of the Republic, as it was the only fruit that recorded an increase when compared to the same period of 2016.Even though the income and export volume of this item has…..

Spain strengthens its position as an avocado producer
The consumption of avocados in Europe continues to grow at an annual rate of around 15 percent and this places Spain, the only European producer of this subtropical fruit, in a position of strength and «with plenty of opportunities» in this market.Eric Imbert, researcher of the Centre for International…..
California Avocado Marketing begins for 2017
Beginning in April and continuing into summer, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) will continue its “Made of California” campaign, blending traditional media with innovative media tactics. The campaign utilizes some of the “look” of last year’s program, with the addition of fresh materials. California…..

Avocados From Mexico and TABASCO® sauce put the flavor in Cinco de Mayo fiestas
Avocados From Mexico (AFM), the No. 1 selling avocado brand in the U.S. has collaborated with TABASCO® Sauce again for the return of the Fiesta del Fuego campaign. The promotion is designed to increase consumption during Cinco de Mayo by providing recipe recommendations for numerous delicious snacks that can…..

Indian mangoes to begin shipping to Japan/South Korea
India is to begin its shipments of various varieties of mangoes such as Kesar, Totapuri or Alphonso to Japan and South Korea this season. Although the nod for ‘market access’ for mango exports to these two economically developed Asian countries was received last year, India could not export mangoes as the…..
Germany: Ida & Frida: fresh, healthy and trendy
German catering company Stockheim will bring its new concept to Düsseldorf train station: Ida & Frida. The station is daily visited by approximately 250,000 commuters, travellers and visitors, and they now no longer have to search for trendy flavour experiences that come with health-conscious diets. The…..

Globus visiting Koppert
“German consumers know too little about sustainable growing in the Netherlands”
A group of nearly 50 fresh produce managers from German supermarket chain Globus visited the head office of Koppert Biological Systems on 29 March, and was thus introduced to the combination of quality, food safety and a sustainable cultivation.Globus might not be one the largest German supermarket chains, but…..
Frieda’s welcomes two new employees
Frieda’s has recently added two new hires to its business development and sales teams.Photo: Dustin Hahn and Jeremy BaaschDustin Hahn joined Frieda’s in March as business development repre-sentative, working with Frieda’s customers on the East Coast. Hahn was most recently with West Pak Avocado, focusing on…..

Village Farms reports double digit growth in net sales
Village Farms reported a net sales increase of 10% for the year ended December 2016. Net sales reached 155.5 million dollars. That is an increase of more than 13 million compared to 2015. Michael DeGiglio, Chief Executive Officer, stated “One of our core goals for 2016 was to initiate double digit growth in…..
Polymer Logistics celebrates Grand Opening of Dublin, GA Service Center
Polymer Logistics celebrated the Grand Opening of their Dublin, GA, Service Center on Thursday, March 30. Strategically located with easy access to Interstates 16 and 75, the service center will support the company’s rapidly growing customer base in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states.The facility will…..

China: Largest cold chain logistics center to be built in Ganzhou
The Ganzhou cold chain logistics center project has officially settled in the Zhanggong district in Ganzhou city. The total funding for the project is 1.3 billion RMB. The center will cover a surface of 15,4 hectares with 300,000 square metres of buildings. The total storage capacity will be 150,000 tons. In…..
Truckers protest against Chiquita Panama
The Minister of Labor and Social Development, Luis Ernesto Carles, began a mediation yesterday at noon in the conflict between the truckers that transport bananas for export and Brazilian Chiquita Panama in a conflict that could affect shipments to the US and European markets.The conflict arose when the…..

Third group of free trade zones opened in China
A third group of free trade zones (FTZ), including seven Chinese provinces and municipalities, will start operation on April 1, local authorities said.The State Council has approved the seven new zones in the provinces of Liaoning, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan and Shaanxi as well as Chongqing Municipality,…..
Raytec celebrates 1000 installations worldwide
On 29 March 2017 the company Raytec Vision celebrated 1000 installations worldwide; an event of great relevance for the company which, over the last two years, has been growing exponentially.Raytec achieved their goal and celebrated it in the Netherlands with its Dutch customer Van Dijck Groenteproducties, a…..
Tajin Seasonings is targeting a record number of demos in North America this year
Tajin Seasonings announced at their annual national sales and marketing meeting on February 28th that they are targeting over 1,300 demos across North America in 2017. The demos are available in local, national and regional chains as well as club stores. Tajin will partner with multiple commodities for these…..
Fruit & veg farmers only received .5% of all USDA subsidies
American dietary guidelines state that we should fill half our plates with fruits and vegetables. The other half should be occupied by protein and grains. Interestingly, however, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which created the dietary guidelines, does not reflect those priorities in the…..
Del Monte Fresh Produce launches new Smoothie Kit line
Del Monte Fresh Produce is pleased to announce the recent launch of its new Del Monte® Smoothie Kit product line. The smoothies are now available in a variety of sizes, at select locations across North America in four healthy mixtures, including Antioxidant, Super Fruit, Energizer, and “C” Your Vitamins.“We…..

International congress on fruit and vegetable quality control
From March 13 to March 15, 2017, inspectors and traders met for the 31st international congress for fruit and vegetables in Bonn. The topics that were discussed varied from the quality cultivation of apples, onions, leeks and garlic to the checking of origin and traceability. The current problems in checking…..

Being proactive better than responding
Image damage of modern slavery affects entire sector
Although slavery is banned across the world, the exploitation of people, or modern slavery, is still a problem. In fruit cultivation, which often uses seasonal labour and immigrant labourers, the risk of modern slavery is high. Marion Durose of Safe Space warns of these issues. and says their consequences…..

Azerbaijani fruit and vegetable companies to go to Germany
The Azerbaijani Export Promotion & Investment Foundation (Azpromo) has reported on a new mission of representatives of Azerbaijan fruit and vegetable companies abroad.Azpromo stated that on 24-28 April the companies’ reps will go to Bavaria, Germany, where they will meet with producers of equipment for the…..

Pound devaluation hurting Pakistan’s mango exporters
Fruit exporters, particularly mango traders, faces tough challenges due to the devaluation of the pound sterling and the Euro, an abnormal increase in airfreight, and the high cost of hot water treatments (HWT), said Waheed Ahmed, Chairman of the FPCCI Standing Committee on Fruits & Vegetables Exports…..

Program boosts fruits and veg in Michigan schools
In fiscal year 2017, Michigan’s legislature appropriated $250,000 to pilot a 10 Cents a Meal program. Michigan is one of four states (including Washington D.C.) in the nation to enact this legislation. The pilot program was implemented in Prosperity Regions 2 and 4 on the west side of the state.The 10 Cents a…..

Free trade agreements are essential for agro-food in the EU
TTIP, CETA or TTP are acronyms that involve many hours of negotiations, sometimes failed or interrupted, in order to close international trade agreements that facilitate the flow of large volumes of products, including food and agricultural ones, at zero or reduced tariffs.Today, there is no political and…..

Argentina: Blueberry producers request advancing the Mercosur-EU agreements
The Argentinian Blueberry Committee (ABC) accompanied President Mauricio Macri on his official visit to the Netherlands and said it was essential «to strengthen international relations, advance the economic agreements between Mercosur and the European Union, and achieve free trade agreements.»»It is essential…..

A red beetle threatens the global production of dates and coconuts
A little red beetle that devastates palm is rapidly spreading around the world and threatens the production of dates and coconuts, unless we manage to stop its advance.Scientists, experts in pest control, agricultural ministers and representatives of farmers participating in a three-day meeting that began…..
Pound Sterling climbs further ahead of the New Zealand Dollar
The Pound Sterling is currently exchanging higher compared to the New Zealand Dollar at 1.7941 ensuring the GBP/NZD is now 2.57% higher than where it was one month ago.Poundsterlinglive.com predicts that it will continue to rise towards a target of 1.8300. Recent data has shown a narrowing of the trade deficit…..
North Queensland could see increased insurance premiums after Debbie
Northern Queenslanders may have more to worry about than the state of their crops after Cyclone Debbie swept the area. Those who live in the area have been warned of substantial rises for insurance premiums which are likely following the devastation of Debbie which is already expected to increase prices of…..

Victoria Red grapes named Texas Superstar plant
Victoria Red grapes have been named a 2017 Texas Superstar plant by Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service horticulturalists, after years of field trials around the state.According to AgriLife Extension horticulturists, to be designated a Texas Superstar, a plant must not…..

The unpredictable market trend of Fuji apples in China
After a slump in 2016 the apple market is showing signs of a recovery. Since late February, prices have been rising by 0.4 to 0.8 yuan per kilo, an increase of 10% compared to earlier prices. The reason seem to be shortages of supply caused by such stocks as there are being snapped up by exporters. Farmers…..

Washington Apple growers expect to bounce back from bad year in India
Washington Apples, which had a poor year of exports to India last year, is hopeful of making a comeback this year. A brand known worldwide for its variety and origin, Washington Apples has a share of 60 per cent in US apple production. “The Washington Apple growers exported 5 million cartons in 2014-15. But…..
April and May strongest months for US Jazz apple sales
Jazz apples are growing steadily in the U.S. and they are now the 10th best-selling variety overall in U.S. supermarkets. A key part of this success, according to CMI orchards, is the sales boost they see for apples in the months of April and May.According to Steve Lutz, Senior Strategist for CMI Orchards,…..

Oregon Blueberry Farms to develop varieties internationally
Oregon Blueberry Farms and Nursery has appointed Global Plant Genetics to manage its blueberry genetics internationally. The company has been breeding blueberries for 16 years. Two high chill varieties, Megasblue and Titanium, will be the first to be developed internationally.Rupert Hargreaves of Global Plant…..

Arkansas/South Carolina lost 90% of total peach crop due to March freeze
A devastating March freeze dealt a severe blow to South Carolina and Arkansas’ peach crop. Both states saw a nearly 90% loss in their peach crops. The South Carolina Department of Agriculture reported the state will have just 10 to 15 percent of its normal peach production this year.An overnight freeze on…..

Low chill hours to hurt peach yields in Georgia, US
Georgia’s peach crop may suffer this year due to insufficient chill hours, which are essential to peach production, according to Jeff Cook, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources agent in Taylor and Peach counties.Depending on the variety, peaches need a minimum of 500 to…..

Florida blueberry growers expect good season
This year, Florida is expected to benefit from Georgia’s misfortune. Growers there lost up to 80 percent of their berries in freezing temperatures last month.Florida’s 2017 crop already was expected to exceed last year’s. An unusually warm November and December 2015 prevented the bushes from getting the cold…..
Over 200 exporters to participate in the 2017 Agroalimentaria Fair
According to the Dominican Agribusiness Board (JAD) and the Center for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), 200 Dominican companies will exhibit their products at the 2017 Agroalimentaria Fair.The activity will take place from May 18 to the 20 at the Hotel Jaragua, and expectations are…..

Study shows lemons can reduce salt in diet
International demand has seen Australian lemon sales increase from just under $1 million in 2012 to $8.5 million in 2016. Greatest demand has come from Indonesia (68% of all lemon exports) followed by Singapore (11%) and The Philippines (6%).More lemons are being utilised to enhance flavour and minimise the…..

Specialty citrus is gaining popularity
California’s blood orange supply has already been consumed
If you still spot Central Valley California blood oranges in the store, they’re probably one of the only few left. Kings River Packing, a grower, packer, shipper of citrus that includes blood oranges, started their season around the end of December and harvested until February on its moro variety. In March,…..

Spanish lemons relatively alone in Europe at the moment
Spain: «This year we’ll harvest twice as many kilos of Verna lemons»
The Primofiori lemon campaign is coming to an end and will soon be followed by the Verna, which this year comes with twice the volume compared to the previous season.“We expect to make our first Verna sales by late April, because then the quality of the fruit will be optimal,» explains Enrique Fuentes. “This…..

Arturo Fernández, manager at Cortijo Las Palomas:
Spain: «Increase in the demand for organic production in recent years»
Until now, the organic production had always been exported entirely to countries such as France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, the UK, etc. However «we have been observing an increase in the demand from the Spanish market for several years. It is a bit risky to give figures, because it depends on the…..

New budget cuts millions to Florida’s citrus marketing & water projects
As previously reported Florida agriculture is facing some big budget cuts with the new proposed budget which will cut funds to the USDA. The cuts will cut funding to already reported programs like Fresh From Florida, but many more as well. The House’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations…..

LD Family Investments wins Northland Farm Enviroment Awards
Alan and Helen Thompson, who grow kiwifruit, lemons, melons and grapes on 70ha at Kerikeri, have won the 2017 Northland Ballance Farm Environment Awards.LD Family Investments Ltd was established in 2008 when Alan and Helen sold their previous part-owned business, Kerifresh, to Turner and…..

Zespri calls in police to investigate illegal kiwi transfer into China
Zespri International has announced that it has brought police in to investigate the transfer of Gold3 and Gold9 kiwifruit varieties into China that may have been made illegally.Last year the Mount Maunganui-based international fruit marketer started investigating reports that a kiwifruit licence had been sold…..
Italy: La Boutique del Biologico delivers its certified products home
Companies like La Boutique del Biologico can help solve the issues caused by the lack of time associated with modern lifestyles. This store, owned by the Blife group, and whose products are 100% organic and certified, has a service that allows its customers to place orders and receive the products at home with…..
Fifty per cent less bruising in fruit thanks to box with pocket base
Specially designed for the transport of food products, such as fruit and vegetables, a unique pocket base for big boxes was developed by Schoeller Allibert. Thanks to its unique base design with pockets, or notches, food such as apples or pears don’t start rolling around during transport. The result is…..
Italy: Pure Stagioni preserves for the luxury food segment
A true explosion of flavour that can exalt excellent products as part of the luxury food segment. Pure Stagioni products are preserves with no added sugar. The company was established in 2014 and processes selected fruit to make high-quality products. Each label reports the year the fruit was harvested, just…..

Trading post in Fujian finds bacteria in citrus fruits for the first time
In the past few days, the Inspection and Quarantine Office in Quanzhou city (Fujian province), while investigating passengers headed for Hong Kong or Taiwan through the transit post in Shejing, discovered that 20 lemon saplings, carried by a Taiwanese passenger, had ulcers on their leafs and branches. After…..
Italy: Cicioni fermented nut cheese
A brand new product that raised the interest of visitors at Biofach in Nuremberg. A cheese with no milk, obtained by fermenting nuts and presented by Eurocompany in Russi (Ravenna).»Cicioni» is a vegan cheese made with almonds and cashew nuts. It has fewer ingredients than any other product in this segment. It…..
‘Die Maus’ Landgard’s latest concept
Fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts – all of these agricultural products can end up in German supermarkets in packaging featuring Die Maus. Grower’s cooperative Landgard has developed various product ideas for this. The subject ‘sustainability’ is central in the cooperation between Landgard and WDR Mediagroup…..

Fresh groceries 38% of total growth of EU FMCG Market
Publix to expand GreenWise banner | Tops’ sales increase
UK: Tesco merger sparks pressure to offload convenience stores – Tesco could be forced to sell hundreds of small high-street stores amid rising concern from rivals that its £3.7bn merger with Booker will give it a stranglehold on the grocery industry. Senior industry sources have said that the deal will hand…..
First South African Tango exports
The lemon harvest started early this season for South African company FruitOne, but the picking was then delayed in March due to rains.»Sizing generally seems to be larger and quality is looking good,» according to Cobus van Graan from the company. «The benefit of the earlier start is that the South African…..

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