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Agrosfera, a new agroindustrial park in Aguascalientes, Mexico
Agrosfera is a new agroindustrial park, focused on agribusiness, built in Aguascalientes, in central Mexico. «It will only be for companies in the food sector, such as producers, processors, packers, logistic suppliers, and even greenhouses. The lands are classified for different parts of the supply chain,»…..

Colombia: National avocado exports in the hands of large producers
Even though Hass avocados may become one of the most important agricultural exports of Antioquia in the coming years, that business model involves large investments to ensure producers obtain the volumes required for export.In fact, consolidating a 21-ton container requires the harvest of at least thirty small…..

March 2017
Mexican lime’s prices and trading margins
During the month of March, the prices paid to the producer of Mexican lime (sour) in producing areas; wholesale and consumer prices in several cities in Mexico, and the trading margins for this citrus fruits in three selected cities (Guadalajara, Jal., Monterrey, NL, and Tijuana, BC), stood as follows:Prices…..

María Cristina Couturier resigns as CFO of Camposol
The Board of Directors of Camposol Holding SA has released a statement reporting that María Cristina Couturier has resigned her position as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in order to seek new projects to fulfil her personal aspirations.Jorge Ramírez, CEO of Camposol Holding Ltd., will take over the role of CFO…..

China accounts for 82% of shipments
Chile ends its cherry campaign with positive results
Last week, Ronald Bown, the President of Asoex, presented the positive results of the promotion campaign carried out in the 2016-2017 season in the markets of Brazil, United States, South Korea, Japan, and China during a meeting the Asoex Cherry Committee.Bown presented the information, along with Cristian…..

Mexico: Avocados are Michoacan’s most exported food product
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), the commercialization of Michoacan products abroad continues with solid and firm progress.Avocados continue to be the number one product system in terms of export volume, as they accounts for 94 percent of…..

US demand for fresh blueberries continues to rise
Per capita use of blueberries has nearly tripled since 2006, largely attributable to growing demand based on the potential health benefits of berries in the diet. In recent years, farmers have expanded production to help meet this demand. As a result, net domestic production doubled and imports increased by…..

Mexico: Durango wants to plant 1 million fruit trees
The director of Rural Development of the City of Canatlan, Manuel Hernandez Jimenez, stated that the state of Durango plans to plant about one million trees in the coming years, as part of an ambitious project to give new impetus to fruit growing in the state, especially in the regions of Canatlan and Nuevo…..

Panama presents a contract to revive the banana zone
Yesterday, the Panamanian government presented to the National Assembly (AN-Parliament) a contract allowing the transnational De Monte company to invest more than 100 million dollars in the reactivation of the country’s banana area.The initiative, which will be presented by the Minister of the Presidency,…..

Patrick Stoffels (BUD): «Interest is growing in the Netherlands too»
Chilean quince season begins
The quince can certainly be described as a fairly unknown type of fruit. «In southern Europe, it is well-known. Here in the Netherlands too, interest in the exotic is increasing. At the moment there is zero demand for quinces. This is because there have been hardly any available in the last few weeks. The…..

Special South Africa

Capespan Group & Cool Fresh help youths in South Africa
The Dutch-based produce marketing company Cool Fresh International have teamed up with Capespan’s CSR division and a number of NGOs, in a youth development project in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. In the spectacular Sundays River Valley – the most prolific citrus production area of South Africa – the first…..

Non-traditional product exports doubles
Nicaragua exports almost 36% more oranges
Exports of non-traditional products between January and March 2017 increased by 101.56% over the same period of 2016. According to data from the Center for Exports (Cetrex), so far this year the country has had sales for US $ 21.6 million. In the same period last year they amounted to US $ 10.7…..

China: Shenzhen is first choice port of entry for Chilean cherries
The trading post in Shenzhen currently is the first choice as a port of entry for Chilean cherries. According to statistics from the customs in Shenzhen city (Guangdong province), from November 2016 to March 2017, domestic imports of Chilean cherries reached a new record of 75600 tons. This is 25% more than…..

Colombia: 3,000 additional hectares of mangoes for export
The Secretary for Economic Development of the Atlantico, Anatolio Santos Olaya, said during the second Mango Departmental Committee, which brings together producers, government, academia and the private sector, that the Department of Atlantico would have 3,000 new hectares of that fruit for export planted in…..

Zespri collaborates with China’s largest online retailer to offer more kiwi, China’s largest online retailer, is launching a direct sales flagship store for imported Zespri kiwifruits following a blockbuster year for sales of the fruit on the site. To commemorate the new collaboration,’s 226.6 million customers will get early access to the first kiwifruit harvest of the…..

Ecuador: Yilport Holding imposes a tariff of $0.28 per box of exportable banana
One month after its operations began, Turkish concessionaire, Yilport Holding, imposed a 28 cents fee on each box of exportable fruit in the port of Bolivar for the direct transfer of bananas from the trucks to the vessels. Since then, the exporting firms, guilds, and banana producers have expressed their…..

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Mexico exports 63.1% more strawberries
In January, Mexico exported $88.7 million dollars in strawberries, i.e. 63.1% more than in the same month of the previous year, according to data from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico).According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), in 2016, strawberry shipments…..

Jan DeLyser with CAC on the avocado market
“I don’t expect to see heavily discounted promotions”
The California avocado season started with a light harvest right before Super Bowl. “Volumes have increased steadily in March and will continue to do so in April,” says Jan DeLyser with the California Avocado Commission. “Volumes will continue to pick up through June and start dropping in August, “she added……

Honduras makes 37.2% more from banana exports
The revenue generated from Honduran banana exports in January 2017 was 37.2% higher than that of the same month in 2016, totalling 46.5 million dollars, as reported by official sources.The value of banana sales increased by 12.5 million dollars (+37.2%), compared to the 33.9 million dollars exported in January…..

China: Sales of Dalian apples have increased this year
«So far this year, the market performance of apples is better than the same period last year, which is mainly driven by two forces. The first one is the growing export volume of small-sized apples. Secondly, big traders have kept purchasing quality apples in several major production areas, stocking up in order…..

Venezuela: The delay in seed imports complicates potato production
The potato production’s problems multiplied this season. The delay in seed imports was decisive. The sowing cycle began later than usual and 50% of the crop was lost at the start of the rainy season.In Carabobo alone, producers expected to obtain 5,250,000 kilos in 350 hectares. However, they had to take their…..

The Netherlands is the biggest buyer of Peruvian mangoes
Mangoes have consolidated as one of Peru’s main agricultural products for export, as shown by a recent AgrodataPerú report, which reveals that in the first three months of 2017 Peru exported a total of 111,997,498 kilos of the fruit with an FOB value of US $ 122,753,521. These figures exceed the 93,010,641…..

Demand for purple sweet potatoes is growing because of their medicinal qualities
The most outstanding nutrients of purple sweet potatoes are selenium and anthocyanin. «These components are used for the prevention and treatment of more than 100 diseases,» stated Ms. Meilin Jia, the Sales Manager of Qingdao Justop Industry and Trade Co. This product is grown in various regions of China, such…..

Italy: Hailstorms between Veneto and Marche regions
Not a very happy Easter for the fresh produce sector. After months of drought and temperatures above the seasonal average, a heavy storm damaged a wide area between the Veneto and the Marche regions.Damaged radicchio in Chioggia (source Gbp)Damage has been reported from Chioggia to Pesaro passing through…..

Paul Heger, Wipa:
“If Easter had been two weeks earlier, asparagus prices would’ve looked very differently”
The large supply of heated cultivation ensured dirt-cheap asparagus at the start of the season. “That had actually never happened before, and was disappointing. In recent years, the early cultivation had actually been very good,” asparagus grower Paul Heger from the company Wipa in Velden, the Netherlands,…..

Italy: OP Jolly Coop looks towards new markets
«We currently export 30% of our stone fruit, 30% of our apples and 40% of our kiwis (green Hayward and golden Soreli). These are interesting numbers, but we are looking for new markets, especially for peaches,» reports Giancarlo Bodrero, President of OP Jolly in Verzuolo (CN).The 2016 stone fruit commercial…..

Cristina Gutiérrez, of El Ciruelo:
«We are stepping into an empty market, hungry for stonefruit»
Last week was marked by the shipment of the first batches of nectarines, peaches and Paraguayo peaches from Murcia to the European markets, carried out by El Ciruelo, one of the few Spanish companies able to supply stonefruit grown in the open ground at this time.»Our plantations of early varieties in Cabo de…..

Experiencing, tasting and discovering in Den Bosch
Dutch open pop-up asparagus store
Sausage rolls, soup, wine, chips, ice cream, pies and smoothies are products that people tend not to associate with asparagus. Yet that is the case in Dé Aspergewinkel (The Asparagus Shop) in Den Bosch. “Asparagus is an extremely versatile vegetable, you can do anything with the white gold,” was the message…..

Freskon 2017 more “mature” than ever
This year’s Freskon, to be held from 27 to 29 April at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre, is a pole of attraction for the dynamically growing sector of fresh fruit and vegetables. Freskon, the International Trade Show for Fruit & Vegetables, being held for the 3rd time, is already the centre of…..

Bejo introduces its first True Potato Seed variety
Bejo has obtained breeder’s rights on its first True Potato Seed (TPS) variety. This new potato hybrid, Oliver F1, can be cultivated directly from botanical seeds and, after transplanting, produces table potatoes in one season. Oliver F1 is a slightly floury table potato with an oval shape and a smooth…..

Study shows potatoes can be part of a heart-healthy diet
According to a recent report from the Alliance for Potato Research & Education (APRE) recent research may change the recent stigma against potatoes in a healthy diet.The group reported that two studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition failed to find an association between potatoes…..

Fruitmasters’ partnership with GREEFA bears fruit
A significant increase in pear volume has resulted in Dutch-based FruitMasters investing in yet another GREEFA grading and packing solution. To meet demand, the company chose the 6-laned CombiSort, uniquely dedicated to grading pears which makes them the first in the Netherlands. The new machine results in a…..

Turkish citrus exports record 14% growth
Turkish citrus fruit exports grew by 14 percent between September 2016 and March 2017, as reported by the head of the Turkish National Citrus Council, Kemal Kaçmaz, who told the news agency Anatolia that the country’s citrus shipments are an important part of the country’s fruit and vegetable exports.Kaçmaz…..

Turkish deputy PM headed to Russia seeking to lift sanctions
A Turkish delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek travelled to Russia on April 18 to discuss the remaining sanctions on Turkish vegetables and a ban on employing Turkish workers. Moscow initiated the ban on Jan. 1, 2016, after Turkey downed a Russian war plane for violating its airspace. A…..

Spain: Anecoop expects to harvest 130,000 tonnes of watermelons
For the coming watermelon campaign, Anecoop estimates it will have a volume totalling between 120,000 and 130,000 tonnes, of which about 75% corresponds to the seedless watermelon Bouquet; a product that celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary this year. The remaining 25% will consist of black watermelons with…..

Bilateral food safety agreement between US/AUS to help exporters
The signing of a bilateral Food Safety Recognition Agreement between Australia and the US this month puts Australian exporters in a strong position as preferred suppliers, according to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.According to the Department’s head of exports, Greg Read, said the agreement…..

Trending purple yam
Ube or not Ube, that is the question
Prepare your produce teams to answer one of the trickiest questions in food trends: do you sell ube (pronounced “OO-beh”)? The internet is buzzing with images and stories of purple-tinted desserts made with the elusive purple yam, which is difficult to find fresh in the U.S., and, at the same time,…..

Both fresh and processed
US imports of vegetables make up increasing share of domestic consumption
Trade plays a vital part in both fresh and processed vegetable markets, one that has increased over time. The United States imports a larger amount of fresh and processed vegetables than it exports. This is in contrast with U.S. agricultural trade as a whole, which consistently runs a trade surplus (exports…..

Eating more fruit reduces risk of developing diabetes
While already known to be good for your health, a new study shows that fresh fruit and vegetables may also help reduce the risk of diabetes and even reduce the mortality of those who already have it.Huaidong Du, of the University of Oxford, and colleagues studied nearly 500,000 people participating in the…..

Solynta hybrid potato seed trials a success
Potato breeder Solynta began nearly 10 years ago developing and applying new breeding technologies to convert potatoes into a hybrid crop. Years of research went into the development of a hybrid potato.In 2015, the first experimental hybrids were successfully created: parental lines were crossed in such a way…..

World divided into three regions with equal populations

Watchdog accuses UK grocers of overcharging farmers
HelloFresh is Europe’s fastest-growing company
Australian Aldi beefs up product rangeAldi is beefing up its product range and investing hundreds of millions of dollars in refurbishing its ageing East Coast stores as it attempts to regain stalling momentum. An Aldi spokeswoman said the discounter had already added 100 new products in the past two years,…..

FreshPlaza funny
A dog’s best friend