Peru: Beta exported 75% more asparagus
In 2016, exports of frozen asparagus by the Beta Agroindustrial Complex amounted to 2,800 tons, i.e. 75% more than the 1,600 tons it shipped in 2015.This was pointed out by its CEO, Lionel Arce Orbegozo, who said that this amount (2,800 tons) accounted for a 35% share of the fresh asparagus market.He added…..

As a response to the national market’s low prices
Mexico: Producers from Sinaloa store 30,000 tons of potatoes
Producers from Sinaloa have been forced to store thirty thousand tons of potatoes, so far, in response to the low prices that prevail for the product at a national level.Filiberto Cadena Payan, the president of the Potato Special Section of the agricultural private sector, said that they would market the…

Digitising certification for quicker trade
While the number of certificates, standards and guidelines is only increasing for growers, the stack of papers on the desks of growers and traders is also growing. In world of continual digitisation, you’d expect these documents could also be filled out digitally, but nothing is further from the truth…

Greg Akins on the annual Fruit Ripening & Ethylene Management workshop
“Each time I attend, I learn something new”
On April 18 and 19, UC Davis will be organizing its annual workshop Fruit Ripening & Ethylene Management. “To achieve maximum sales for certain fruit varieties, it is crucial to offer it properly ripened to consumers,” says Greg Akins with Catalytic Generators and QA Supplies. “Attendees will gain greater..

Jan Rozema, Olympic Fruit:
“Grape market recovers somewhat after tough weeks”
In recent weeks, large volumes of grapes arrived in Europe. The market is still under pressure, but importer Jan Rozema from Olympic Fruit also sees some rays of hope. “For example, the market for blue seeded grapes and red seedless grapes is recovering by now. The spring weather and imminent Easter…

Matthijs Nijhoff, FruitConneqt:
«There is worldwide demand for Royal Gala apples»
At FruitConneqt in Deil (The Netherlands) the first Royal Gala apples have arrived from New Zealand. «We are the first with New Zealand Royal Gala apples this year,» says Matthijs Nijhoff. According to the importer the general New Zealand harvest is considerably larger than last year. «There is more volume due…

Review of week 13 at the Jiangnan Fruit Market in Guangzhou
China: Durian prices fall – Chilean kiwis popular on the market
With temperatures rising, the market volume of durians from Thailand is growing steadily and the prices have fallen accordingly – to 680 yuan per box, 15% lower than last week.With the production season of Gala and Red Rose apples approaching their end, the volumes are much lower now. In comparison, volumes of..

Edward Koemans, Davis Europe:
«If the relationship is good, the trade will follow»
With the takeover of half the shares of Davis Produce and Davis Worldwide by Edward Koemans, the main office of the originally British fruit and vegetable company has moved to Barendrecht. «As Davis Europe we are a real European trading company and the same goes for Davis Produce which supplies wholesalers and…

Juan Mellado Carrera, manager of Mer&Ca:
Spain: «We are shipping an average of 26,000 kilos per week to South Africa»
A total of five 40 feet containers, loaded with apples from the areas of Zaragoza and Lleida, will be shipped to a customer in the African continent. These apples are of the Golden variety and their calibre is a little smaller than those usually demanded in Europe. «Right now, we are selling them for 0.46 Euro..

Special South Africa
Cederberg Tree Nursery prepares biosecurity measures

Huanglongbing not in South Africa but present in Africa
The vector of Huanglongbing (HLB) or Asian greening disease, the Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri, has been detected as far south in Africa as Tanzania and south-eastern Kenya, while the disease has already manifested itself in Ethiopia as well as Mauritius and Réunion.“We are fairly worried about the…

Global Focus Greenhouse

CAN (ON): NatureFresh builds new DC, expands organic offering
Increased demand for premium greenhouse grown products across the NatureFresh Farms product line has prompted one of Canada’s largest independent growers to break ground on a new 106,000 sq.ft Distribution Center in Leamington, ON. Construction is to be completed by mid-summer.“The continued expansion of our..

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Commission system empowers farmers in the marketing process
South Africa’s unique fresh produce market system
The South African fresh produce market system is unique in the world because it functions on a commission basis, as Attie Horn, president of the Institute of Market Agents of South Africa (IMASA) and Michael Cordes, general manager of IMASA, explain to FreshPlaza. This system is governed by legislation that…

“Oversupply of Dutch field crops in carrots and onions”
In previous years it was practically a given that a calmer period started on the carrot market around late May/early June. “Now, this calmer period has already started in March. Prices of Dutch field crop carrot already started going downhill from February, and are currently at a low. There’s talk of a…

California garlic is seeing tight supplies and high demand
Supplies of garlic out of California are currently looking tight. “In 2015, the California garlic crop yielded far poorer than anticipated,” says Ken Christopher of Gilroy, Ca.-based Christopher Ranch, who notes that that was likely a result of having a much warmer winter than average before the…

‘Forgotten’ Vlissingen
Onion exports putting Zeeland Seaports on map
Zeeland and onions are practically synonyms. Of every ten onions grown in the Netherlands, more than eight are processed in Zeeland. Yet many exporters traditionally chose export through major ports such the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Antwerp in recent years. The port of Vlissingen also appeared to be….

Warm weather & late Easter hurt citrus sales in Norway
A late Easter and warm weather have led to a decrease in citrus sales in Norway. «We have a long tradition in Norway of taking the oranges with you when you are out skiing during the Easter period, but with the combination of warm weather and a late Easter, this year has been different. There is no snow in the…

The rapid growth of Axia Vegetable Seeds
Axia Vegetable Seeds is moving fast. The company was founded in 2011 and brought their first commercial variety onto the market in 2013: Axiradius. Ten varieties have now been introduced. Their list of employees has also grown rapidly: from 5 to 155. They aren’t all in the office at Naaldwijk – on the..

Pre-clearance program workshop hosted at Miami Perishable meeting
Advance Customs Brokers in cooperation with Don Wrinkles of Port of Miami, Robert Balaam, National Operations Manager, USDA, APHIS, PPQ and Seaboard Marine, hosted a Pre-Clearance Workshop at the Port of Miami.Robert Balaam responded to Advance Customs Brokers interest in educating the industry in the..

Hamburg Süd: One of the most punctual shipping companies in the world
Three months in a row in first place in the SeaIntel Global Liner Performance Report – averaging second place throughout 2016In the «SeaIntel Global Liner Performance Report», Hamburg Süd is ranked first in the «Road Reliability» category for the third time in a row for February 2017. Already in December 2016…

China: Qingdao harbour first quarter export target exceeded by 200 million USD
In the first quarter of 2017, Qingdao harbour registered exports of 6000 batches of fruit, vegetables and other specialist products, totalling 160,000 tons, with a value of 200 million USD; an increase of 3%, 0.3% and 28%, respectively, compared to the same period last year.Apart from an increase of 25 to 30%…

Washington grower expects later cherry bloom this year
As spring unfurls in the Northwest, apricot trees have hit full bloom for Wenatchee, WA-based Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers.Sean Gilbert, manager of OSRG’s Gilbert Orchards in the Yakima Valley of Washington, said on April 6 that “bees are working 100 percent on a beautiful day in Wapato. Looks like we’ll have a…

AgroFresh announces agreements with Dow and Avenue Capital
AgroFresh Solutions announced revisions to various agreements arising from its separation from The Dow Chemical Company. Collectively, these revisions increase the company’s equity and reduce its interest expense and cash payments associated with certain ongoing obligations.Jordi Ferre, Chief Executive…

The Spanish Orchard
Spain: Joining forces to offer a better service
The export managers of five companies in Murcia have decided to join forces in order to offer their customers the best services and a wider range of products. They are doing this under the slogan «The Spanish Orchard».Exporting its products is the main objective of this consortium. «Depending on the fruit or…

Hailstorm damages around 30% of mango crop in Bijnor, India
A severe hailstorm on Thursday has damaged a large percentage of the mango plantations in the Bijnor district of India, with some estimates at 20-30%. While other growers were affected, mango growers claimed that they are worst-hit, and this year, harvests will dip, they lamented. Bijnor supplies mango to….

Biological nematicide BioAct™ Prime DC registered in Greece
Bayer expands its crop protection portfolio in Europe
Bayer’s biological nematicide BioAct™ Prime DC has been approved in Greece. The market launch in Greece is scheduled for 2017 and other European countries will follow soon. This will further strengthen the company’s crop protection portfolio in this important region.“To secure their harvests and increase food..

Fresh produce traders get insight into German, Dutch and Belgian retail
Figures, figures and more figures, images to drool over, and finally a short quiz to test how much of the acquired knowledge had been remembered. These were the ingredients for a successful GroentenFruit Huis members meeting ‘Consumer & Retail,’ last week in Hal4 aan de Maas in Rotterdam.“Insight into hits…

Canary avocado acreage up 58% in eight years
Avocado cultivation in the Canary Islands is expanding. In 2007, 815 hectares were devoted to the crop, and in 2015 this figure already stood at 1,287 hectares; a 58% growth that is testament to the boom experienced by this subsector in eight years and its potential for growth, especially as far as sales to…

70,000 hectares of citrus orchards affected by heat-wave in India
As the sun beats down relentlessly, citrus fruits, santra (orange) and mousambi (sweet lime) in the farms of Maharashtra’s Vidarbha and Marathwada regions of India are wilting.The heat-wave has damaged the crops extensively, with premature fruit-drops increasing dramatically since the last week of March…

Hans van der Kooij, Joko Impex:
«Cooking shows stimulate coconut sales
At the moment the import of coconuts at Joko Impex is limited to supply from the Ivory Coast. «Sri Lanka has too high an import tax for the European market. We are working with other countries of origin but so far haven’t managed to find the right quality there,» says Hans van der Kooij.»We receive weekly….

Petition against organic equivalence regime for EU banana imports
Producers are questioning the organic certification of agricultural produce imported onto the European market as the requirements are not the same. UGPBAN (The Union of Banana Producers of Guadeloupe and Martinique) is speaking out against so called organic bananas imported from South America or Africa. These…

Qatar/Saudi Arabia to sign ag trade deals with Kenya this week
The Qatar leader and a Saudi Arabian prince are expected to make multiple business deals this week as President Uhuru Kenyatta hosts top Middle East officials.Kenya is seeking to bolster trade relations with resource-rich Middle East countries, exemplified by last year’s lifting of a ban on the exportation of..

Del Monte increases pineapple production by 20%
Del Monte Pacific has announced a significant growth in pineapple production. The fruit grower and canner reported a 20-percent increase in pineapple production volume to 750,000 metric tons for its fiscal year ending April this year.Del Monte Pacific chief operating office, Luis Alejandro, told reporters at…..

Experts observe banana import impact on prices in the EU
On 29th March, the first working meeting of the Community Banana and Banana Price Observatory, held in the framework of the 4th Forum of the Outermost Regions (RUP), was held in Brussels. The objective of this meeting was to measure the specific impact of banana imports from third countries on the markets of…..
EU regulators to approve Maersk’s acquisition of Hamburg Sud
The world’s No. 1 shipping company, Maersk Line, is set to win EU antitrust approval for its acquisition of Hamburg Sud after agreeing to pull the German company out from some trade routes, a person familiar with the matter said on Friday.Maersk, part of A.P. Moller-Maersk, announced the bid last December, as…..

Researchers expect medical breakthrough using apple waste
A team of Spanish researchers recently produced a biocompatible material made from the apple waste produced during juice production which could be used as 3D matrices for the regeneration of bone and cartilage tissue.The collaborative effort is headed by the Centre for Biomedical Technology at Universidad…..

TeraFOOD project
New technology detects irregularities in fresh produce
Researchers of the UPNA (Open University of Navarra) and the Anteral company, can detect irregularities in food in time, thanks to applying terahertz technology in their TeraFOOD project by means of innovative sensors. These innovative sensors are used for both fruit and vegetables and for sliced meat…..

EU & Norway agree on ag trade deal
The European Union and Norway came to an agreement which will facilitate bilateral trade in agricultural products, allowing EU exporters to reinforce their position on their 8th largest export market for agricultural products.Commissioner for agriculture, Phil Hogan, today said: «I welcome this agreement,…..

Flipkart to re-enter grocery business | ‘Tesco to report a return to financial health’
‘Ocado to be hit hard’ | ‘Walmarts grocery policy pays off’
Ireland: Independent grocers unite to fight Aldi/LidlA Fora analysis of An Bord Pleanála documents has found that the Retail Grocery Dairy & Allied Trades Association (RGDATA) has tried to block the construction of 22 Aldi or Lidl supermarkets, as well as five unbranded ‘discount stores’, in the past…..

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