North American consumer will see smaller sizes
Chile’s kiwifruit production 15% down
“We are heading into the 4th week of Chilean kiwifruit,” says Chris Kragie with Western Fresh Marketing. California’s kiwifruit season is finishing up and the start of the Chilean season is going good. Chile’s kiwifruit season runs from late March all the way through October. “Rumor has it that Chile’s…..

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• Avocados Australia, Avocado Industry Data Analyst – Australia
• Red Fox , Site Manager – UK
• Lutgo, Werken op een groene productie locatie in Afrika?

Francisco Quesada from The Valley Fruit: Export Company
«Expanding the export of our Mexican Hass avocados to new markets»
“As we focus on the United States at the moment, days like Cinco de Mayo and the Super Bowl (American Football Main Event) give a boost to our export numbers. As we normally export between 300 tons and a 350 tons (average), around these days we export up to 540 tons. The demand is sky high, so these happenings…..

Jorge Andres Ovalle Madrid
Chile: Almond production decreases due to the frosts and drought
Chile’s almond harvest has already ended and, according to producers, there was a widespread drop in production across the country. «We will have the exact figures by area and variety in the next three weeks, but according to estimates, the total volume of almonds has decreased by 15% to 25%, and the calibers…..

Mexico will not accept new tariffs in the FTA with the US
After more than 20 years of having a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on goods and services, the trade relationship between Mexico and the United States has no place for the imposition of new tariffs.»There will be no imposition of tariffs. Mexico has made important progress in all sectors in the 20 years that it…..

Bolivia: A resurgence of locusts threatens horticulture
The residents and authorities of the municipality of Cabezas in Santa Cruz are worried as the reappearance of millions of nymphs in the community of Tunalito are putting at risk around 20 hectares of vegetable crops. According to the Mayor of Cabezas, Rodolfo Vallejos, producers are alarmed because of the…..

Michoacan produces more than 60% of Mexico’s strawberries
The Secretary of Rural Development and Agri-Food (Sedrua) of the Government of Michoacan, Francisco Huergo Maurin, stated that Michoacan produced more than 60% of the country’s strawberries, as it contributes 253,537 tons of the national total, which adds up to more than 392 thousand tons.Huergo Maurin stated…..

Bolivia wants to supply tropical fruits to Russia
Bolivian agricultural producers are interested in supplying tropical fruits to Russia, as revealed by the website of the Rosselkhoznadzor, reporting on the results of talks with the Bolivian side held in Moscow on Monday.The parties discussed a wide range of issues concerning the prospects for cooperation and…..

Projections point at 69.7m boxes of mangoes for Mexico this season
The Mexican mango projections have been updated through week 40 with approximately 69.7 million boxes for the season. The Mexican crop is transitioning from the southern states of Chiapas and Oaxaca, to Michoacán.The next major region to start shipping mangoes is Nayarit which will begin with Honey mangoes and…..

Increased blueberry volumes from Naturipe
Ideal growing conditions are on the rise throughout the United States and Naturipe Farms has promotable blueberry volumes available which is meeting increased consumer consumption trends and offers promotion opportunities at retail.With earlier harvests this year, “We are now seeing optimal quality and…..

Complementing the supply break
China: Tiantian Orchards flies in first batch of Peruvian ‘Big Mac’ avocados
Avocados have been called the champion of the fruit world over the last few years. Because of their rich nutritional components and value in the kitchen, the demand for avocados is growing worldwide. The Chinese market is no exception of course. According to the official data of Tiantian Orchards, the yearly…..

Special South Africa

Plum consumption still much lower

Peaches and nectarines find favour with South African consumers
More than 50% of the peaches and nectarines produced in South Africa are destined for the local market and during summer these fruit are very popular among all market segments. In general, however, South Africans aren’t yet large fruit consumers: plum consumption per capita, for instance, is less than 20% of…..

Premieres in the Netherlands
Selective asparagus harvester on the market next year
Cerescon will introduce the first selective asparagus harvester to the market next year. «We are going to return this ‘white gold’ to the farmers», says Thérèse van Vinken, Cerescon CEO. «By automating the process, running costs are halved. Labour costs account for about 50% of the farmers’ expenses.» Cerescon…..

China: Farmers benefit from compound microbial fertilizer
«We launched our compound microbial fertilizer on the market in 2011, and after several years of promotion, a large number of fruit growers now have a better understanding of this new fertilizer.In order to meet the increasing market demand, many former manufacturers of compound and normal fertilizers have…..

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Volumes heading downwards for asparagus
As volumes of purple and green asparagus start going down, both prices and demand remain steady for the popular vegetable.“Relative to February and March, volumes are way down,” says Craig Rolandelli of San Ramon, Ca.-based JMB Produce. “Volume in April is about 1/3 what it was in the February-March timeframe……

China: First real-time tracking device for fruit and veg in commercial use
«To better meet our customers’ need for tracking devices used in green produce, we have recently developed a new app-based tracking device that can provide real-time monitoring of the transportation process of fruit and vegetables on an external terminal. Currently, the device is in its final commissioning…..

California avocado growers see smaller crop this year
Predictions of reduced avocado supplies in California made last fall seem to be coming to fruition according to some growers. «My crop is down quite a bit,» said Paul Van Leer, who grows avocados near Gaviota along the Santa Barbara County coast, citing the impact of multiple drought years that put his trees…..

China: Bright start to season for strawberries in Ganrao
«Strawberries from Shandong province’s Ganrao county, part of Dongying city, entered the market on November 10 last year. Prospects indicate that the market time will end some time around the 1st of June. In comparison to last season, the current state of affairs shows a relatively stable output of…..

Avocados From Mexico will celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Canada
Avocados from Mexico is pleased to announce their participation at the celebration of Canada 150th anniversary in collaboration with the Mexican embassy, which will take place in Ottawa, ON, on May 5th to 7th at the Horticulture building. The Mexican embassy, the Mexican Tourism Board and ProMexico are teaming…..

China: Blueberry production increases by nearly 30% a year
Chinese producers have focused on the cultivation of blueberries because of the increase in domestic consumption and the demand from other countries. As a result, they have gone from producing 800 tons, to about 1,200 tons in the last year. Some of their most outstanding varieties are the Northland, Bluecrop,…..

Indian mango startup aims to enter export market
The Indian company Ecplimpex is aiming to directly put its kesar mangoes on the world market. While Ecplimpex has made use of partnerships with export companies before, direct export is a first for the startup company. “We’ve got a lot of experience with the local market. We know how to meet all requirements…..

Vietnam: China remains an important market for dragonfruit
Vietnamese growers and exporters are able to provide a year-round supply of dragon fruit. “The demand on the Chinese market is still high, as are the prices,” says Ly Thanh Thao of the Vietnamese company Hoang Hau Dragon fruit Farm.The main export destination within China is Beijing. Since last year, the…..

Inauguration in July
Europe’s largest cold store will be in Spain
The Murcian company Fruveco, formerly known as Congelados Francisco Ramón, plans to open the largest cold store in Europe, with a capacity of 200,000 pallets. It has required an investment of 20 million Euro and is part of a larger project for the construction of new facilities in the Industrial Park of…..

Indian potato production estimated at near record levels
India’s total potato production has been estimated at around 47 million tonnes this year which puts the year a few million short of the largest crop ever, which was recorded back in 2014.The output stood at 43.4 million tonnes in the 2015-16 crop year (July-June), while the last record was 48 million tonnes…..

China: Jingdong opens Zespri Kiwi flagship store
In a new round of cooperation between Jingdong and Zespri, even more kiwis will be transported to the original birthplace of kiwis: China.Jingdong is the largest online retail sales platform in China and now promotes itself as the direct flagship store for Zespri Kiwis. To commemorate the new cooperation, the…..

Aldi remains the number one worldwide discount store
Aldi is currently in the lead against Lidl as best discount food store worldwide.This is the conclusion reached by the trade research company Planet Retail in a current forecast reported by the weekly journal Wirtschaftswoche.»In the coming years, Lidl will grow more strongly than Aldi Nord and Süd,» said…..

American grows «Frankenstein» pumpkins
There are a lot of odd things in this world. Recently, an American farmer harvested strange pumpkins which strikingly resembled Frankenstein. Farmer Tony Dighera from California in the USA grew pumpkins with a so-called «disgusting appearance». The shape of these pumpkins was extremely similar to the monster…..

Russia will not remove ban on Turkish tomato imports
Russia does not intend to open up its market for tomatoes to Turkish growers, despite losing up to $1.5 billion from a trade dispute with Ankara, Russian Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev said on Wednesday.Turkey has effectively put purchases of wheat, maize (corn) and sunflower from Russia on hold by…..

Idaho, US making progress in fight against potato nematodes
Idaho is making progress ridding the state of potato cyst nematodes which have been threatening Idaho’s $900 million potato industry the last decade, federal officials say.The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Friday released the first quarter report for 2017 on the Pale Cyst Nematode Eradication Program that…..

Scientists use mango leaves for bioimaging
Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay have found a way to produce more affordable probes to use in bioimaging, and for intracellular temperature sensing, by creating quantum dots using mango leaves.These quantum dots synthesised from mango leaves are biocompatible, have excellent…..

Study shows strawberries can inhibit spread of breast cancer
A new study has shown that strawberry extract can inhibit the spread of laboratory-grown breast cancer cells, even when they are inoculated in female mice to induce tumors. However, the scientists do point out that these results from animal testing cannot be extrapolated to humans.After five weeks on a…..

Certified organic operations in US market continues to grow
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced new data indicating the organic industry continues to grow domestically and globally, with 24,650 certified organic operations in the United States, and 37,032 around the world.The 2016 count of U.S. certified organic farms and businesses reflects a 13…..

Germany interested in fruit and veg imports from Kyrgyzstan
A meeting between Kyrgyz Ambassador Erinas Otorbaev and the leadership of the German company «Landgard Bio GmbH» was held in the city of Bornheim.Otorbaev and the head of «Landgard Bio GmbH», Albert Fuhs, discussed possibilities for cooperation to facilitate the supply of Kyrgyz agricultural products to…..

Queensland banana supply strong despite Debbie’s destruction
The Mackay Family, renowned Australia-wide for their fresh bananas, have suffered the first blow to their unbeatable banana supply, with at least 76% of the fruit from their Bundaberg crop impacted by recent tropical Cyclone Debbie.The Mackay Family banana farm, Bundaberg, March 2017, following ex-tropical…..

Latvia studying reduction of VAT on fresh produce
The Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia plans to submit an informative message to the government regarding a possible reduction of the value added tax (VAT) on fresh vegetables, fruits and berries from 21% to 5%.The report prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture summarises the conclusions of the working group on…..

Chinese exports to Russia via Dongning up 34% in first quarter of 2017
In the first quarter of this year, fruit and vegetable exports from China to Russia via the Dongnin check-point (Heilongjiang province) have amounted to 34,800 tonnes; an increase of 34% compared to the same period last year.Due to natural conditions, between 30 and 35% of the supply of fruits and vegetables…..

IAEA looks to increase Fiji’s fruit exports with irradiation
Fiji is seeking to increase the exports of its fruits and vegetables to international markets, and has presented a proposal for an IAEA technical cooperation (TC) project to support food irradiation for the 2018–2019 cycle. To support the preparation of this project, the IAEA carried out a pre-project…..

Heavy rain hurts supply of spinach and other greens in NZ
Wet weather which has been hammering parts of New Zealand has damaged green vegetable supply across the country which has seen prices increase.Spinach and other greens such as beans, broccoli, salads, silverbeet and lettuce are all in short supply, Foodstuffs spokesperson Antoinette Laird says.»Customers may…..

Aldi price cutting kills Tony Galati’s banana dreams in Western Australia
Tony Galati’s had a vision of giving Western Australia a self-sufficient, $50 million a year banana industry, but after aggressive price cuts by Aldi he has closed up shop.Mr Galati, who owns the Spudshed chain of supermarkets, accused the retail giant of taking a loss on some fruit and vegetables to attract…..

Map shows you where you can pick fallen fruits
Falling Fruit is a massive, collaborative map of the urban harvest. By uniting the efforts of foragers, freegans, and foresters everywhere, the map already points to over a half million food sources around the world (from plants and fungi to water wells and dumpsters). The rapidly growing user community is…..

Fair Trade label comes to U.S.
Located just north of the Mexican border, the family-owned Wholesum Harvest is the first farm in the United States to receive certification from Fair Trade USA, which means it has demonstrated compliance with a checklist of more than 300 standards detailing working conditions and environmental…..

Scottish food exports to Asia grow by £72 million
Figures show Scottish food and drink exports to Asia grew by £72 million in 2016, with exports to Asia hitting £1.055 billion, marking an increase in value by 7%.Latest statistics also show food exports grew by 41% to £160 million and dairy, eggs, fruit and vegetable exports improved by 71% and 28%…..

It’s official: Amazon to enter AU | DIA, Eroski establish JV for private labels
Marks & Spencer says it plans to close 6 UK stores
SA: Woolworths tops SA customer satisfaction indexThe latest South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) for supermarkets, reveals that customers remain highly satisfied with the country’s major shopping retailers. With a substantially higher score than the industry average of 76.2, Woolworths achieved…..

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