Mexico’s pineapples compete well with Costa Rica

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The new apple harvest from New Zealand has been slightly delayed on the European market, although European traders are still selling stocks from the old harvest. In Poland, growers have finally decided to start…..

«Our goal is to have 5,000 hectares of citrus crops in 2020»
«Mexico’s production and export of citrus is on the rise,» stated the head of SiCar Farms, Daniel Gudiño, in an interview. Sicar is a Mexican company dedicated to the production and export of various fruits. One of its main products is limes and the company has 1,000 hectares of Mexican limes (with seeds),…..

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Mexico: San Rafael’s plantain marketing is in jeopardy without FTA
According to Sergio Eduardo Graillet Contreras, the president of the State Council, the possible cancellation of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) would threaten the commercialization of San Rafael’s plantain production. There would be an overproduction and it would be difficult to sell it all within the country……

Mexico’s pineapples compete well with Costa Rica
With production on Costa Rica’s pineapples dipping, demand for Mexico’s fruit is in high demand. “Right now we have volume at both our Texas and California distribution centers. From what I understand production in Costa Rica came off a little bit so that helps the Mexican pineapple,” said Darwin Dodd of Chula…..

Chinese blueberry market growing exponentially
China is bursting for more blueberries. The market is growing exponentially, according to Eric Li from Yiguo. Yulei Zhao from Haisheng confirms the rapid growth of the blueberry market in China.The Chinese area was 113,300 hectares of strawberries in 2014, spread out from the north to the south of the country……

Egyptian oranges will soon land in the local market of Guangzhou
China: The quality of Egyptian oranges is catching up
The large-scale sorting of oranges»Over the past two years, with the growing popularity of high quality oranges and a steady rise in the price of domestic citrus fruits, the volumes of imported oranges on the Chinese market have been going up. I expect the total import this year to increase by around 10%…..

Full stores and difficulties with marketing
Difficult times for Spanish Golden apples
The Spanish Golden apple campaign is going through difficult times due to the big volume in stock, with a predominance of medium and small sizes which, together with some quality issues, is making the fruit’s marketing very difficult.»The campaign started slowly after the harvest. In general, the sector was…..

Malaysian watermelons suffer from weak ringgit
The Malaysian economy is currently suffering from the weak position of its national currency, the ringgit. According to AC Koh of the Malaysian company Golden Aroma, the lower value of the currency has increased the costs of farming. The foreign laborers are asking for more salary. And the current trend was…..

Dragonfruit is one of the most seasonable exotics in the market
When it comes to exporting it around the world, pitahaya—fruit more commonly known in North America as dragonfruit—is currently seeing low supply. “This fruit is one of the most seasonable exotics you can find in the market. So supply right now is low,” says Santiago Mosquera of Las Vegas, NV-based Terra…..

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Wayne Mudge – Cape Five

«Middle East market down with a lack of demand»
The market for South African Williams and Packhams pears has been good and this is expected to remain so. This is true for most of the markets but not for the blush pears, where this season’s prices are not showing the same buoyancy as in previous years.»Pears are going okay, pretty much everything is…..

Global Focus Greenhouse

Ton van Dalen, Best of Four:

“For small greenhouse vegetable growers, soft fruit is interesting alternative”
The Dutch greenhouse vegetable season got underway again a short while ago for Best of Four. Although the association supplies a broad range of fruit, greenhouse and outdoor vegetables, the greenhouse vegetables still make up the largest share of sales. Manager Ton van Dalen sees an increasing demand from…..

Envy apple wins consumer competition in the US
American consumers have picked New Zealand-born Envy apple as their favourite in a consumer competition run by the U.S Apple Association.A total of 32 apple varieties vied for the top spot in the competition which ran throughout March and called on apple fans across the States to pick their favourite.A few…..

Carlos Cumbreras, manager of Grufesa:
«The strawberry oversupply is not due to clash with other origins»
Huelva’s current strawberry campaign has had a better start than that of 2015/2016, both in terms of price and quality, as there have been lower volumes available because of the cold temperatures and rains. From April, the market conditions have gradually become more complicated with the rise of temperatures…..

Optical oniongrading is not the future, but an everyday reality with JDC
JDC offers grading solutions for at many European onion producers and believe optical grading is a more efficient and accurate way to ensure quality in onions. The company programs in all the quality factors, in conjunction with the conditions; a brown spot on an onion, following a dry period, may indicate a…..

The Life+, Zero Residues project presents its final conclusions
Seipasa, a company specialized in the treatment of natural solutions for an agriculture without residues, has concluded its participation in the Life+, Zero Residues project for stone fruit, which was co-financed by the European Union. After 4 years of research led by Dr. Rosa Oria Almudi of the Food…..

National Mango Board appoints Valda Coryat as new Director of Marketing
The National Mango Board (NMB) has named Valda Coryat as the NMB’s new Director of Marketing. Valda will help strengthen the board’s marketing programs and drive mango consumption and awareness in the U.S. As director, Valda will oversee all NMB marketing and public relations initiatives for consumer,…..

Bumblebees boost blueberry yield
Bumblebees can boost blueberry yield by 70 percent, good news for Florida growers in the heart of their blueberry season, a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences study shows.The news also accentuates the need for blueberry pollinators, said Joshua Campbell, a post-doctoral…..

Banana company helps families affected by recent floods in Peru
Extreme weather has battered many parts of the world this year, but few countries have suffered more in lives, homes and crops lost than Peru, where torrential rains and massive flooding for much of this year has affected over 90,000 people. Heavy rain began to fall on January 30th in the northern region of…..

«Retractable cooling house perfect fit for high temperature horticulture»
Greenhouses and other controlled-environment, agriculture practices are often advertised as the solution to grow year round in any climate and in any location. Richard Vollebregt of Cravo however, believes that his retractable cooling houses are a better solution for growers in hot climate countries. «A…..

Spain: Andalusia supports expansion of blueberries with integral research
The Andalusian Government strongly supports the diversification of the berry sector and, within it, the expansion of blueberries in the province of Huelva, with a «firm commitment» to integral research on the crop at five centres of the Agricultural Research and Training Institute of Andalusia (Ifapa).As…..

Future of Britain’s ag trade deals uncertain after Brexit
Brexit has created an administrative and diplomatic minefield for Britain by triggering a reworking of its relations in the most contentious area of international trade — agriculture.To stand on its own after it leaves the European Union, Britain needs a document setting out its own commitments at the World…..

Indian onion exports expected to increase
The three-month extension to the 5% export duty benefit on onions, under the Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS), will boost exports, hope farmers and exporters.After demands from exporters and the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee, the Centre has again extended the scheme’s benefits till June…..

New Zealand Breeze™ apples in short supply this season
On March 23, 2017, the first container of Breeze Apples arrived in Guangzhou, China but supply in stores did not last.The production of Breeze Apples dropped by 40-50% this season due to damaging hail storms in New Zealand. Moreover, Breeze Apples are grown seasonally, so their supply will be very limited this…..

NZ Onion director: «We dodged the world onion bullet»
Michael Blake, managing director of New Zealand Onion Co. Ltd exporters, Seagrove Farms Ltd. growers and Tasman Seed Ltd. onion seed breeders, all based in New Zealand, recently told that Southern Hemisphere company appears to have “dodged the world onion bullet” thus far in 2017.Mike told us…..

Conference remains popular among growers
2016: A record year for Dutch pear cultivation
In 2016 a record volume of pears was harvested. In total 374 million kg was grown, around 7 percent more than the year before. The Conference is particularly popular among growers. The area used for pear cultivation also grew. The number of companies taking part in the cultivation of pears, however, has been…..

South African Avocado Growers’ Association celebrates 50th anniversary
On Wednesday 4 April 2017, the South African Avocado Growers’ Association celebrated its fiftieth anniversary at a lunch to celebrate avocados, its growers and its consumers.Bonnie Buthelezi, market development manager at Subtrop, with Jane Badham, dietitianDietitian Jane Badham regards avocados as a…..

Kiwa Bio-Tech sells 16k tonnes of fertilizer in Q12017
Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corporation, a company which produces eco-friendly bio-based fertilizers has announced that during the quarter which ended March 31, 2017, Kiwa sold 16,820 tons of fertilizer products.The company sales included 15,300 tons of bio-organic fertilizer and 1,520 tons of compound…..

Spain: «We rescue tomato varieties that were almost lost»
The new market trends, with a greater demand from supermarket chains, etc., are affecting the way tomatoes are grown. There is a search for very resistant varieties but, above all, for the greatest production in the smallest possible space. However, «people complain that they have no flavour,» states Manolo…..

Spain: New packaging solution to sell the entire production
«With the launch of this packaging format, we have managed to market the product to other audiences,» states Arturo Fernández, of Cortijo las Palomas. This is a way to prevent the waste of lemons that fail to meet the calibre standards demanded by stores. «We talked with traders in the Nordic countries, our…..

Australia: ‘Shark’ to help control weeds in strawberries
The Extension of Authorisation of Minor Use (EAMU) for ‘Shark’ acts as an effective herbicide control against a variety of weeds that reside in the planting holes of strawberry crops.Controlling nuisance weeds that grow within the planting holes of strawberry crops has long presented a significant challenge to…..

Population density of the United States
The population of the United States is not distributed evenly, but is instead, filled with sparsely populated land in between heavily populated areas. Most Americans live near cities and today 53% of the over 300 million citizens live in the 20 largest cities in the country. To see a larger version of the map…..

Swiss retail trade
Apples and Tomatoes the most popular fruits and vegetables in 2016
Apples and bananas are the fruits that were most widely distributed in Swiss retail in 2016. When it comes to vegetables, consumers paid the most for tomatoes. Following tomatoes at a great distance were carrots and close behind were bell peppers.Avocado-sales rapidly increasedWith the ten highest-selling…..

Kroger wins price war on produce | First M&S food-only in Dubai
Co-op posts strong FY | Auchan Russia invests $356m
Irish court rules in favour of Aldi over trademark infringementIreland’s Court of Appeals has ruled in favour of Aldi, in a case relating to a marketing campaign by rival chain Dunnes Stores, which the discounter said infringed its trademark. The Court upheld the original High court decision that advertising…..

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