Though nobody is really sure, there is an expectation of a growth in consumption of blueberries. Especially in Europe, there are many opportunities. Also, within the American market, traders are looking for new…..

«Our goal is to have 5,000 hectares of citrus crops in 2020»
«Mexico’s production and export of citrus is on the rise,» stated the head of SiCar Farms, Daniel Gudiño, in an interview. Sicar is a Mexican company dedicated to the production and export of various fruits. One of its main products is limes and the company has 1,000 hectares of Mexican limes (with seeds),…..

FruitsfromChile and Port of Los Angeles see off season’s final Chilean summer fruit vessel
FruitsfromChile and SSA Marine Port of Los Angeles said goodbye the final Chilean Summer Fruit Season’s Breakbulk Vessel this week.The Baltic Prime Vessel, headed back to Chile early Friday morning, after the Port teams unloaded over 4,000 pallets of Chilean Grapes, close to 200 truckloads of grapes, headed to…..

Nikki Johnson – NZKGI
NZ: Kiwifruit production relatively unscathed by cyclone Cook
Kiwifruit growers in New Zealand appear to have escaped any serious damage from Cyclone Cook.The MetService had warned it could have been worst storm event in the country since 1968, issuing a state of emergency for parts of the North Island.The storm passed over the Bay of Plenty, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay on…..

Branding gives that personal connection
There are many different types of mixed salad bags on the market just now, but not many branded bags. One company took advantage of this back in 2010 and launched a new range.Steve’s Leaves, which is owned by Vitacress, launched into the market in 2010 with the aim of providing consumers with a range of high…..

Rutger Keurhorst, Eqraft:
“Not just optical sorting but complete work floor automation”
During the Fruit Logistica, MSP announced an investment in a 12-tracked optical onion sorting machine from Eqraft. “We are hoping that more processors join our participation project in the coming period. We need each other to advance. We have all the ingredients, from advice, design and assembly to complete…..

South African Macadamia partners with Chinese nut industry
Mr. Walter Giuricich, Chairman of the South African Macadamia Grower’s Association(SAMAC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Madam Weng Yangyang, the senior Vice President of the Specialized Committee for Nuts and Roasted Seeds of China National Industry Association (CSNC), aiming at enhance the…..

China: Guixiang mangoes – ripe mangoes can also have a shelf life
Right now is the time that Guifei mangos from Hainan are ripe. Contrary to the past, consumer demands regarding mango quality and taste keep getting higher. In the past few years, the demand for ripe mangoes has slowly been rising. «Even though the demand and retail price are relatively high, growing, picking,…..

Cydiance to launch new real-time data, temperature monitoring device
Chinese tech company Cydiance will soon launch its new line of data monitoring devices, which the company distributes worldwide. Tina Sun and Austin of CydianceReal time monitoring devices“We develop temperature monitoring devices, or temperature data loggers. These devices are used to accurately monitor and…..

China: No more durians on passenger flights
Many tourists arriving by air from Southeast Asia or Southern China have had to reluctantly abandon ther durians. Because their particular scent might make the flight crew and other passengers feel unwell, it is prohibited to carry durians onto a flight, or even to put them into the cabin baggage. Recently…..

Egyptian fruit export volumes to Germany rose by 13% in 2016
The trade exchange between Egypt and Germany increased in 2016, when German exports to Egypt registered an increase of 33%, recording €4.4bn.During the Egyptian-German Business Forum organised by German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC) on Tuesday, CEO Rainer Herret said that the Egyptian exports…..

Special South Africa

Capespan completes 6km long water pipeline for vineyard
Capespan Namibia and the Namibia Grape Company (NGC) have a long-standing partnership to build and maintain a world-class production facility in Aussenkehr, Namibia. The farming operation of 475ha of table grapes offers Capespan’s global fruit customers access to early and high quality grapes from Southern…..

Reed bed creates sustainable source of water for vegetables
If you buy organic carrots from a major retailer in the UK, they have likely been washed with water filtered through a reed bed at Produce World’s factory in Yaxley, near Peterborough. “As an organic site, we invested in a natural water treatment process – a reed bed, to clean our water instead of using…..

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Chinese exports of apples increase
New fruits from New Zealand entered the European market a little late, so old fruit is still being sold on the market. Polish apple growers have finally decided to start selling, but the competition from Jonagold apples on the market is extremely fierce. Due to the severe hail storms last year, the Belgian and…..

Spain expects quality stone fruit in this campaign
The production of stone fruits (apricot, cherry, plum, peach, and nectarine) which has just begun in Huelva, and that will continue in a large number of autonomous communities in the coming months, will have a high-quality and a little less volume than in 2016, when there was overproduction.This has been…..

Billa Bulgaria achieved over 15% turnover growth in 2016
BILLA Bulgaria has reported excellent financial results for 2016. The turnover of the retail chain increased by 15.05%, with gross sales revenue amounting to over 785 million Lev (about 402.05 million Euro). BILLA also opened 12 new stores last year, so the retail chain now has 110 stores in 37 cities. Over…..

India invests in cold chain and processing to cut ag waste
About 40% of India’s agricultural production goes to waste each year estimated at $14.2bn due to inadequate infrastructure. The loss of so much food is particularly galling when nearly 300 million Indians live in extreme poverty and face constant hunger and malnutrition.On Tuesday, the government unveiled…..

18 states join the National Agriculture Market in India
Eighteen states have joined the eNAM (National Agriculture Market) and 13 of them have made the necessary amendments to rules under their respective APMC Acts within a year of its launch, the government said on Wednesday.The eNAM is a pan-India electronic trading portal, which networks APMC (agricultural…..

Agtech startup raises $2m to market wonky fruit & veg
Agtech startup Full Harvest wants to cut down on food waste with a software platform that creates a market for produce deemed unworthy for store display. The San Francisco company has raised $2 million in funding to support its efforts. Wireframe Ventures led the seed investment round, which included…..

California rain drives up prices in Canada
If you’ve been roaming the fresh produce aisle recently, you may have noticed that some of the healthy foods in your cart are taking an unusually large bite out of your grocery budget. The price of lettuce, in particular, has jumped as much as 20 per cent to 25 per cent in recent weeks.Celery has also…..

International pear conference coming to the USA for the first time.
The Pacific Northwest will welcome pear industry researchers, experts, growers and marketers from around the world to the 2017 Interpera Congress in Wenatchee, Washington on June 15 -16, 2017. This is the 10th meeting of this world-wide pear conference and the first to be held in the United States.“It is an…..

UAE looks to expand trade with Azerbaijan
«The UAE is one of the most important partners of Azerbaijan in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East region,» said Azerbaijani Ambassador to the UAE, Dashgin Shikarov. The two nations see rapidly increasing economic cooperation and are keen to promote tourism and trade.The overall trade turnover between…..

Indian mango growers worry as 20% of production drops amid heat wave
The unusually high temperatures and heat wave-like conditions in various parts of the state have started taking their toll on the mango season, with traders expressing apprehensions about the possibility of a shorter season.The searing heat between 33-40 degrees Celsius and lack of water in multiple growing…..

10 ways young farmers are revolutionizing farming in Africa
Around seventy percent of young people in Africa live in rural areas. Rather than migrate, more and more are getting involved in agriculture. Young people are changing how the world sees the sector.Here are ten ways African youth are contributing to reinventing and redefining agriculture.HydroponicsYoung…..

CEO of Sunkist, Russell Hanlin dies at 84
After serving as president and CEO at Sunkist for two decades, Russell Hanlin has passed away at the age of 84.The marketing cooperative says Hanlin passed on Tuesday. It didn’t indicate where he died but says he’s survived by his wife in Pasadena, California.Sunkist has 6,000 members who grow citrus fruits in…..

CREA Acireale researchers obtain new tangerine & grapefruit hybrids
CREA Acireale researchers have obtained new tangerine-like and grapefruit hybrids, for which plant variety rights have been required, as well as new clone selections of pigmented oranges which may contribute to extending the varietal selection and favour product innovation.The findings were discussed during a…..

Taylor farms buys minority stake in Crunch Pak sliced apples
Taylor Farms and Crunch Pak Holding Company entered an agreement for Taylor Farms to buy a minority stake in Crunch Pak sliced apples.The Taylor Farms investment will give Crunch Pak regional distribution to retail and foodservice customers nationwide. In return, the partnership provides Taylor Farms with…..

Sweden: Netto opens stores with an emphasis on fresh
Weather boosts veg sales at Waitrose | Spar expands in Spain
Perishables boosts growth of Portuguese retail sectorThe Portuguese retail sector (food and non-food) grew by 3% in 2016 over the previous year, reaching €19.52bn in sales volume. According to the sales report of the Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies (APED), the biggest contribution to this…..

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