Brazil is the least of Carrefour’s problems

It is necessary to solve Carrefour’s structural problems in its domestic market, as that continues to generate almost half of the operating profit.When asked about what hindered his work, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan replied: «Events, dear boy, events.» Carrefour would agree. Just as the French…..

Chile: Kiwi exporters denounce Zespri’s anticompetitive attitude
National kiwi exporters are to intensify their claims against New Zealand’s Zespri. The President of the Association of Fruit Exporters (Asoex), Ronald Bown, said that «Zespri’s monopolistic approach, endorsed by the Government of New Zealand, has created a commercial dependency that has led to an increase of…..

Chile: High productive efficiency systems in cherries and plums
The agricultural workforce required by cherry and plum crops is a concern in our country. This is due to a low availability of workers, little training, as well as a lack of productive systems focused on improving their efficiency. This item alone represents 60% of the total costs of production in…..

Nicaragua: Guacamole and virgin avocado oil for the United States
Nearly 36 medium-sized and small avocado producers in the Carazo department are about to launch an agricultural enterprise that manufactures and exports guacamole and virgin avocado oil to the United States.Due to the decay of coffee production in Carazo, many of the producers who were previously engaged in…..

Mexico: Producers want to domesticate the piquin chili
The piquin chili seeds need to pass through the digestive system of a bird to grow.This characteristic hinders the cultivation of this variety of chili on a regular basis during the year, as producers still can’t produce a substantial crop. However, they have obtained some results in live specimens grown at…..

«The asparagus business isn’t over»
Peru: «Piura has become famous for the quality of its produce»
Fernando Cilloniz, the regional governor of Ica, arrived in Piura yesterday to close the International Agro Symposium (Siagro Norte) that took place in the city from May 23 to 25. He said that being there, he realized how different these lands were compared to how the news depicted them, as they seem to be…..

Argentina: Orange production will fall by at least 10%
The entry of Argentinian lemons to the United States market, which took effect last Friday, and the opening of Brazil for Argentine oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and lemons, can’t counter a situation that now seems irreversible.This situation is related to the serious damage caused by the constant rains…..

Argentina: Walnuts and hazelnuts in the lower Valley of Rio Negro
Walnut and hazelnut crops have become the most important activities in the lower Valley of Rio Negro.So much so that this region is the main producer of hazelnuts in the country and the biggest producer of walnuts in Northern Patagonia.The main walnut varieties grown are the Chandler and Franquette varieties,…..

Export of Ecuador’s mangoes to China only in starting phase
«The production season of Ecuador’s mangoes starts annually in October and ends around January. Even though Ecuadorian mangoes were already admitted to China on 28 January 2016, the first batch was only exported in October 2016. Now they are still in the market exploration stage,» according to Cui Wenjie, CEO…..

Peruvian Superfoods sees $31m in sales commitments at APAS Show in Brazil
Peru’s participation in the 2017 APAS Show generated US$31 million in sale commitments involving Superfoods, the Andean country’s Trade Office in Sao Paulo (OCEX Sao Paulo) revealed last Sunday.Held in the Brazilian city on May 2-5, APAS Show is the largest trade fair for the supermarket industry. At the site,…..

Special Poland

Wet weather didn’t hurt mushroom quality or prices in Poland
The cold and wet weather in April and the beginning of May has not negatively affected the quality or the prices of Polish mushrooms, reports Joanna Chwalisz from Woga.The company has been actively exporting mushrooms for the last few years, with Germany being its main market from the very start, although they…..

Global Focus Melons / Pineapples

Portugal: Fresh pineapples from the Azores are mainly for local consumption
Nearly 100 years ago (in 1919) Augusto Arruda decided to grow pineapples in the beautiful lands of Fajã de Baixo (San Miguel Island), right next to his impressive family house. According to local people, the disappearance of the orange crops and the island’s relationship with Brazil prompted the production of…..

Mexico’s melon production Increases
The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) stated that Mexico’s melon production increased from 543,000 to 564,000 tons between 2015 and 2016, which means the country had a higher supply of this product for domestic consumption and exports.The main producing states…..

Hort Connections: ‘Smart Packaging’ is the way of the future
Packaging is quickly becoming more than just a layer of physical protection, or wrapping for a product, according to one of the world’s leading packing companies. In a seminar at Hort Connections in Adelaide, Visy Industries explained the importance of how ‘smart packaging’ can help retailers to win the trust…..

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Counterfeit alert from microgreens 2Bfresh
In order to combat recent microgreen counterfeits found in Russian markets, 2BFresh has released advice to help consumers spot fraudulent products which they see as a threat to the company’s reputation.»We take pride in our product and do our utmost so that you enjoy the freshness and quality that is second to…..

Naturally grown lychees
China: Supplies of Hainan Wang Pin lychees can’t meet demand
«The supply period of this season’s Hainan Wang Pin lychees started on 19 May. It is estimated that it will continue until around 9 June. Last year’s warm winter has created a small drop in the production of Wang Pin lychees. The market price is stable compared to last year,» according to a sales person from…..

China: Production of Hainan sweet potatoes is booming
«This year, the production season of Hainan sweet potatoes started in April, and will continue until the end of September. After that, the production season of Shandong sweet potatoes will start in October, and will continue until March next year. This year’s production volume of Hainan sweet potatoes has…..

Test fresh produce’s nitrate content and Geiger radiation at home
A new step in food safety. Chinese website Alibaba offers food counters that immediately measure the amount of nitrate in your fresh produce, and knows whether your food has been exposed to radioactive radiation. For approximately 100 dollar, you can own Greentest, the Portable High Quality Accuracy Food…..

“Seventy percent of our veg production is tomatoes»
«We started exporting in 2009 when we invested in a packaging facility. At the time, export volume was 8,500 tonnes, and by 2016 it was 45,000 tonnes. Our products are marketed under various brands in France, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Lithuania, Canada and the US. We are currently approaching European…..

AU: Western Australian citrus industry targeting another good export year
The Western Australian citrus industry is hoping to build on last year’s successful export figures, where it tripled in volume. The state began its citrus season earlier this month, and despite being slightly behind schedule, it is looking like being a strong year.»The late start to the season has meant…..

First batches of white spring garlic cost the same as last season
Spain: «The quality of early onions has been improving in recent years»
The new Spanish onion season has kicked off with the first spring onions produced in Seville and Cordoba, which have already started to be marketed by companies such as Cebollas Cifuentes, of Almansa, in Albacete; a later onion producing area.»We market both our own production from Albacete and onions from…..

Joost Duwel: «We can deliver up to 2 500 kg cut strawberries per day»
New strawberry stem removing machine
In a first for the Netherlands, Duwel Fruit, based in Udenhout, invested in a strawberry stem removing, and cutting machine last year. After a year’s trial run, Joost Duwel now wants to pick the fruits of their labour. «With various cutting methods we can deliver up to 2 500 kg of strawberries per day. These…..

Spain: Breba campaign kicks off with 40% lower production
Last week, the first brebas started to be harvested in Elche, one of Spain’s (and Europe’s) most important production areas. The volumes are becoming increasingly significant as the days pass, although the production will be more limited this year, about 35 to 40% lower.According to Susi Bonet, of the sales…..

Spain: New lemon variety to give the sector a touch of colour
Pink lemons, originally from California, will start entering the European market in about two years. Belsan Lemons has planted 3,000 trees and expects to grow about 200,000 kilos in about 5 or 6 years. «We have bet on the crop in one of our farms, to see if it works,» states Francisco V. Gea. «We are…..

Room for Dutch asparagus on German market
The asparagus season started early this year. Despite the spring weather, it wasn’t just the greenhouse asparagus that was early, but supply from miniature tunnels also increased. Although this disrupted the market according to some traders, Sjraar Hulsman from The Greenery nuances this image. The market…..

Zest Labs tech makes more accurate best-by dates for produce
Best-by dates that give us blind confidence in the shelf life of our produce are nothing more than “a soft assurance,” says Peter Mehring, CEO of Zest Labs, a Silicon Valley-based tech company dedicated to preserving produce and grocery product quality along the supply chain. And in addition to frustrating…..

New technology could help predict & prepare for droughts in Africa
A new technology launched by the Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), called Nutrition Early Warning System (NEWS), will help governments, aid groups, and farmers in early detection of famines, droughts, and floods, among other calamities, and help lessen their effects, especially those that lead to food…..

Top Seeds International formed after takeover by Mitsui
Top Seeds 2010 has been acquired by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. effective 1st May 2017. As of this date, Top Seeds 2010 is officially conducting its business as Top Seeds International.Top Seeds began its activities in 2003 as a dynamic seed company that specializes in research, production and the marketing of…..

2016-2017 French cauliflower season effected by weather
National cauliflower production over the 2016-2017 season is stable compared to the year before. Planted acreage has decreased by 2% over the year and 7% compared to the five year average. According to Agreste, cauliflowers suffered from bad weather conditions in June 2016. This was followed by a lack of water…..

Photo Frits Popma
Presenting bananas in an exclusive manner in Russia
During his trip through Russia, ‘banana professor’ Frits Popma noticed this exclusive way of presenting bananas. The bananas were served during breakfast. In a different hotel, quarters of oranges were presented. His conclusion: you’re not likely to put this in your handbag. Normal 0 21 false…..

68,806 tonnes in March
Record-breaking supply of bananas in Spain in one month
In March 2017, banana shipments from the Canary Islands and imports from Africa and Latin America reached new record highs. While the former rose to 43,467 tonnes, the latter amounted to 32,136 tonnes, and since re-exports stood at 6,797 tonnes, Spanish consumers had access to some 68,806 tonnes of bananas……

IG international considers joint venture with AU for exotic fruit
IG international, one of the largest fresh fruit companies in India, is in talks with an Australian company for a possible joint venture to produce high value exotic fruits like avocados, blueberries and dragon fruits in India. This was disclosed by Tarun Arora, director of the company in an interaction with…..

Team led by Spanish scientists researches plant cultivation on Mars
Plant cultivation is a fundamental part of the human exploration of space and of research for future missions and visits to Mars. Now, a team led by Spanish scientists will seek the keys to adapting plants to the absence of gravity.The experiment, called Seedling Growth-3, is part of the International Space…..

New boss of Carrefour ‘likely to be Fnac Darty CEO ‘: reports
Ahold Delhaize is to consider main office in the US
Costco Iceland lowers pricesNumerous Icelandic stores and supermarkets seem to be lowering their prices to be able to compete with Costco. Despite opening less than a week ago, Costco, located in Garðabær, a municipality of Reykjavik, has already lowered prices of some of its products. The Managing director of…..

FreshPlaza funny
The gummy man