Costa Rican pineapple volumes back to normal following shortage during first quarter

The majority of pineapples imported onto the European market come from Costa Rica. A decrease in volume was expected this year due to bad weather conditions at the end of 2015, beginning of 2016. Philippe Pons, CEO of AZ France, says that this did disrupt plantations which were meant to be harvested early…..

Chile is one of the main fruit suppliers in Turkey
«Chile is one of Turkey’s main suppliers of many fresh fruits,» said Özge Tüysüzoglu, Chile’s commercial attaché in Turkey, during a conversation with SimFRUIT.According to her, the Turkish market imports a lot of fruits, such as apples, pears, kiwis, blueberries, and avocados. «Turkey imports these five…..

Discrepancies in the signing of the contract law with Banapina Panama
On Thursday, the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, will sign the contract law with Banapiña Panama – a subsidiary of the multinational Del Monte- to revive the banana sector in Baru, Chiriqui. The group of owners of the lands that will be used for the project, which envisages an investment of $100…..

Total Produce shareholder dividends increase by 10%
Total Produce, a fresh produce provider, has said that it will pay a final dividend to shareholders of 2.2297 cent per share, an increase of 10 per cent on last year’s dividend. The Dublin headquartered company said it will pay the dividend on May 26th.In a trading update issued on Thursday, the group said…..

45,000 tons for the United States
Mexico: Sinaloa will start harvesting its mangoes in June
Mango producers of the Northern area will begin harvesting and packaging in June. Producers have very good expectations for the 2017 mango harvest, and expect to export 45 thousand tons of mango to the United States.Daniel Ibarra Lugo, the President of the Association of Producers and Exporters of Mango in the…..

Costa Rica: The importance of certifications to sell bananas and pineapples in Europe
The Syndicate of Agricultural Plantation Workers (Sitrap), a member of the Patria Justa Trade Union Collective, spoke about the negative repercussions that the Costa Rican producers of banana and pineapple that ignore the most elementary environmental standards, or that don’t comply with the most fundamental…..

Chilean Customs begin an indefinite strike today
The National Association of Customs Officers of Chile (Anfach), convened its bases to a national strike starting at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, May 24, 2017.According to a statement published on their website, the measure is justified because the Government, represented by the Undersecretary of Finance, has…..

Zespri sees record sales by volume and value in 2016/2017
A remarkable season of increased yields and the largest-ever New Zealand crop helped lift total Zespri sales volume from New Zealand to a record 137.7 million trays, 18 percent up on the previous year. Sales of kiwifruit from Zespri’s Northern Hemisphere supplying locations also grew by 14 percent to 16.6…..

Argentina still depends on Chilean avocados to meet the demand
Argentina has increased avocado exports by 50 percent in the last two years, but continues to depend on Chilean avocado imports to meet its local demand.According to the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec), in 2015, Argentina exported 84.2 tons of avocado to its three main destinations: the…..

Hort Connections: The global trends influencing the industry
The ways in which consumers are shopping across the globe are having a profound impact on how the whole production supply chain operates. That was the message from three leading international market companies, speaking a presentation at last week’s Hort Connections in Adelaide.Michael Franks from New Zealand…..

Special Poland

Lidl Poland promotes fruit & veg with Smurfs
Lidl has unveiled another promotion that will feature Stikeez figures, this time with smurfs. This is supported by an advertising campaign with Darla Ładochy. As part of the promotion, which starts on May 8th, the Stikeez figurine will be given to customers for a one-time purchase of at least PLN 50 and…..

Global Focus Melons / Pineapples

Global juice prices «disastrously low», leading to oversupply on local market

South African plant stops pineapple concentrate production
A fruit juice processing plant in KwaZulu-Natal has ceased pineapple juice concentrate production since the beginning of March due to the collapse of global pineapple juice concentrate (PJC) prices. Pineapples that would’ve been sent for processing are now sent to the markets, leading to saturation and low…..

Office fruit delivery
Fruit subscription service highlights seasonal fruit for consumers
Whether it’s beauty or pet products, subscription box services are popular with consumers…and it turns out, produce boxes are just as popular. So discovered Branch to Box’s founder Chiles Wilson Jr. who founded an office fruit delivery subscription service in October of 2016.And it turns out, Wilson Jr. is no…..

Cored bell peppers tap into consumers need for healthy and convenient foods
Church Brothers Farms LLC of Salinas, Ca. hopes to tap into the market for convenient food solutions with its Chef Ready Green Bell Peppers. The peppers, green and red bell peppers with stems and seeds removed via automation, are ready for cooking. “Coring peppers by hand is labor intensive. With labor getting…..

China: Opening of Hainan seedless lychee season
«With the influence of the weather, the production season of the seedless lychees from Hainan is one week earlier than in previous years. The sales period is already starting now. In general, the quality of the lychees in this production season is better than that of last year. The production volume has also…..

China: Retail price of Shandong watermelons lower than previous years
«Shandong is one of the major production areas of watermelons in China. The new harvest season of the melons started two weeks ago and will last till the middle of July. At the beginning of the season the retail price per kilo decreased by 0.2 yuan, 20% lower than last year. Currently, the price is stable, «…..

China: Creating an ecological agriculture system based on natural farming
«Natural farming, as the name implies, means following the laws of nature in the production process. We do not use any chemical fertilizer, pesticides, other products to regulate production, or production methods that will damage the soil. Grapes that are produced through natural farming are organic. This…..

NZ Budget delivers a major biosecurity boost
The New Zealand Government will spend $18.4million over the next four years to strengthen the nation’s biosecurity system. It handed down the annual budget on Thursday afternoon, announcing a bigger-than-expected surplus, allowing it to invest heavily in infrastructure, with several key projects in the Primary…..

Project to process and commercialise mangoes in Africa
An Italian project to organise and promote mangoes from the large plantations in all tropical African countries (Ivory Coast, Senegal, Camerun, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso and Guinea Conakry) – the Gaia project for mangoes was presented at the latest edition of Macfrut.Left to right…..

Western Cape drought has already caused a $38m loss in grapes
The Provincial disaster declaration will be used as a further motivation to request drought relief funding from the National Government.In March, the Western Cape Department of Agriculture estimated that R96 million was needed to support farmers in drought affected areas for five months.Alan Winde, Minister of…..

Walmart stores to test skinny potatoes
Wal-Mart Stores, the largest retailer in the U.S. is expected to begin testing the Skinny Potato this month, says Scott McDulin, vice president of Schmieding Produce Co. in Springdale, Ark.“I talked to [Walmart’s] category manager two weeks ago, and he loved the idea,” says McDulin, who added that the test…..

Award for Swiss pomologist Klaus Gersbach
The pomological researcher Klaus Gersbach received the Dr. Rudolf Maag Prize, and a sum of 15,000 Swiss francs (about 15,400 USD), for his achievements in fruticulture.For years Klaus Gersbach has been committed to the Swiss fruit cultivation. (lid/zvg)Klaus Gersbach, an experienced and internationally…..

China: Price of fresh garlic continues to fall
Now is the time of the year when fresh garlic enters the market in large volumes. Compared to the high prices last year, this year the prices of new garlic have been dropping. Some sellers were forced to lower the prices further because of the big stock. According to the statistics in the market in Northern…..

Acadian Plant Health™ launches in India
Acadian Plant Health™ (APH™), a division of Acadian Seaplants Limited (ASL), announces new partnerships and the launch of its biostimulants and Acadian BioSwitch™ technology in the Indian market. This launch will further the company’s commitment to providing solutions to growers within the agricultural…..

Simplot cancels plans to grow commercial GMO potatoes in Canada this year
There will be no commercially grown GMO potatoes on Prince Edward Island this year, according to Simplot Plant Sciences, the company that developed the Innate potato.Innate potatoes bruise less and have less black spots than conventional potatoes.Doug Cole, director of marketing and communications, said the…..

Cauliflower rice sparks controversy in the US rice industry
The arrival of and popularity of «cauliflower rice» is bringing about some controversy among major rice industry players in the United States who have spoken out against the marketing as false advertising and confusing for consumers. “Only rice is rice, and calling ‘riced vegetables’ ‘rice,’ is misleading and…..

Researchers use computer game to help children choose healthier snacks
A simple brain-training game could help children choose healthy snacks like fruit and vegetables instead of chocolate and sweets, according to a new study. Children who played a seven-minute game devised by University of Exeter psychologists made healthier choices when asked to pick foods afterwards. The game…..

China: Qingdao Cooguo bringing Cypriot citrus to the consumers
In the last few days, Shanghai’s subsidiary of the Qingdao Cooguo enterprise has launched a series of promotional events for fruit from Cyprus in Shanghai. This happened in collaboration with the European Union, the republic of Cyprus and the company Cypofresh Citrus Sedigep (PO) Ltd. After evaluations by…..

National Mango Board announces its Share. Mango. Love. Recipe contest
The National Mango Board (NMB) invites professional chefs, dietitians, onsite managers and directors working in commercial and non-commercial foodservice operations to enter its Share. Mango. Love. Foodservice Recipe Contest.Designed to showcase the versatility of fresh mango in savory applications, the Share……

From the Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance
Statement on the President’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Submission to Congress
“We are very disappointed to see the President’s budget, released yesterday, call for draconian cuts, or even total elimination of programs that are important to the specialty crop sector. Eliminating programs that are critical to developing domestic and international markets for specialty crops, such as the…..

Top ten facts about tomatoes
1. Until the 17th century, tomatoes were called love-apples for their supposed aphrodisiac effects.2. The Italian for tomato is “pomodoro” which means “golden apple”. 3. In the 18th century, tomatoes were widely thought to be poisonous as they come from the same family as deadly nightshade. 4. In 1887, the US…..

Key Technology Introduces New VERYX® B140 Digital Sorter
Key Technology has expanded its VERYX family of digital sorters with the introduction of the VERYX B140, a medium-capacity belt-fed sorter. The new B140 features a 1400-mm wide inspection zone, which is 15 percent wider than comparatively sized sorters to achieve a higher throughput within a similar footprint…..

Plaintiffs’ lawyer in Chiquita case goes rogue
The real story of the long-running human rights litigation against Chiquita is that it has gotten as far as it has. Thousands of Colombians are plaintiffs in the case, which is consolidated in a federal court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They claim that Chiquita aided an array of Colombian terror groups in…..

Potatoes cheaper in Poland than in Ukraine
«If we look at prices in all European countries, potatoes are sold for the cheapest price in Poland,» stated Oleksy Dorosenko, president of the Retail Chain Association of Ukraine. He noted that, in Poland, vegetables are actually cheaper than in Ukraine.»We compared the prices of potatoes in some of the…..

French cucumber crisis
The Market News Network (RMN) has declared cucumbers to be in crisis. Prices in January and February were a lot higher than the average but began to decrease in March. The Minister of Agriculture explains that “In April, the prices continued to decrease with the increase in all production basins as well as…..

France: Decrease in apple and pear stocks
According to Agreste, apple stocks in April were 14% below those recorded at the same time in 2016. The decrease is partly due to a 7% decrease in harvest over the year. Prices in September 2016 were 2% above the 2011-2015 average (and 14% above for Gala apples). Exports in October were more dynamic for Galas…..

IPL acquires US-based Macro Plastics for $150M
IPL has announced that it will be acquiring Macro Plastics Inc., a US manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging, for US$150 million.IPL describes Macro, based in Fairfield, California, as one of the largest manufacturer of rigid plastic bulk bins worldwide. The Montreal-based manufacturer of plastic injection…..

Scientists claim plants can hear water
Scientists are studying and confirming that plants may actually have the ability to sense sounds, like flowing water in a pipe ― or even buzzing insects.Researchers at the University of Western Australia have conducted experiments which point to the possibility that some plants may actually detect sound…..

Turkey plans to increase agricultural exports to Russia
Producers and exporters of agricultural products in Turkey intend to significantly increase the supply of fruits to Russia, as stated by the head of the Union of Fruit and Vegetable Exporters of the Mediterranean Region of Turkey, Ali Kawak.Moscow and Ankara have only just signed a joint statement on the…..

Growing market for organic berries in Ukraine
In Ukraine, organic berries are gaining popularity every year, with the fastest growth being recorded in the segment of small farms (up to 10 hectares). This was revealed in a speech by Elena Daineko, director of Organic Business School, in the framework of the eighth international conference «Berries of…..

International Sweet potato Centre training Ghana farmers on production
The production of sweet potatoes in Ghana is less than 20 percent of targeted production levels, mainly hindered by perceptions that the crop is food for poor people.But the role of sweet potato is becoming more important and substantial in fostering household food and nutrition diversification.Interest groups…..

Melons 60% cheaper and watermelon prices down 10% compared to 2016
Spain: Oversupply ruins start of melon and watermelon campaign
With the spring harvest in full swing, melon and watermelon prices are well below normal for these dates. Sources of Coexphal have reported the possible causes for this situation and drawn some conclusions.In the case of melons, the average price to date is 60% lower than in the previous year and barely…..

Researchers develop packaging to preserve lychees for over a month
Dr. Pham Thi Thu Ha from the Institute of Chemistry under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and her colleagues have developed a process for preserving litchis for over one month with MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) technology.The MAP technology was developed by the Institute of Chemistry…..

Ghana Export Authority targets $4bn in non-traditional exports
The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) is targeting $4 billion in non-traditional export (NTEs) earnings for 2017. Speaking at the launch of the 2016 export performance report, Ms Gifty Klenan, the Chief Executive Officer GEPA, said the achievement of the target calls for an aggressive implementation of…..

Spar China continues ‘strong growth’ in 2017
Online shoppers still mostly avoid fruit & veg – Nielsen
Ireland: Lidl DC plans lodged againLidl has resubmitted its plans for a regional distribution centre at a 31 acre site at the Newbridge townlands of Greatconnell, Littleconnell and Oldconnell. The company had initially submitted the application in April last year, but withdrew it on May 2 2017. If approved,…..

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