Avocados conquer the world but Mexicans can’t afford them

Avocados have conquered consumers’ palates in 34 nations, but they are moving increasingly away from the tables of Mexicans. In Mexico, the world’s largest producer of the fruit, the daily minimum wage of 80 pesos barely exceeds the cost of one kilogram of the green gold, whose average price stood at 67 pesos…..

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• Brandkamp GmbH, eine/n Verkaufsleiter/in Europa

Greg Golden, founding partner of Amazon Produce Network
“Interesting Mexican mango season could see a short-term supply gap”
“The founding of our company 17 years ago was based on one Brazilian grower who needed to find a trustworthy distributor for his mangoes,” says Greg Golden, partner of Amazon Produce. “My friend Gilmar and I decided to write a business plan as a project in an MBA class, and as a result we started a company.”…..

Colombian Hass avocados gain Trump’s favour
Colombian Hass avocados have gained the favour of the government of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and successfully completed the process of entry into that market.During his visit to the United States, President Juan Manuel Santos announced that the Hass avocados produced in Colombia would…..

Pineapples under Cebon now as well
“Pineapple market slowly recovering”
The assortment under own brand Cebon marketed by Group A. de Witte is always expanding. “We select products of great quality for our Cebon brand, which we can offer to our customers year-round. In addition to avocados, mangoes, and a wide range of exotics, we will import sweet pineapples under the brand Cebon…..

Colombia: Chiquita accused of crimes against humanity
On behalf of the Colombian peace communities, a coalition of human rights organizations – composed by the International Human Rights Clinic at Harvard Law School, the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH), and the Jose Alvear Restrepo Lawyer’s Association (CAJAR) – has asked the Prosecutor of…..

Pears and apples
Argentina: More fruit imports and less exports in Rio Negro
Rio Negro exported a total of 140,668 tons of pears and apples in the first three months of the year, i.e. 16% less than in the same period of the previous year.According to a recent report by Senasa, apple exports fell by 37% and pear exports by 15% in the period under analysis.The data reflect the crisis…..

Peru: Oregano exports increase by 56% in value
In the first four months of the year, Peruvian exports of oregano amounted to US $ 5,701,959, i.e. 56% more than the US $ 3,655,127 it exported in the same period of 2016.This was indicated by AgrodataPeru, which pointed out that, in terms of volume, Peru had exported 1,552,235 kilos of oregano during…..

Costa Rica to review pineapple planting permits
On Friday, Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) ordered the review of environmental permits for pineapple planting approved during the last year, as part of a controversy over the viability of a company for the cultivation of pineapples setting up in an area with wetlands and archaeological…..

Good prices if they enter market before Chile
Argentina: Neuquen’s cherries to enter China without tariffs
Cherries from Neuquen that are exported to the Asian market will be able to enter the Chinese market directly without paying tariffs and without passing through Hong Kong once the technical organisations of both countries finish negotiating the entry protocol for this product.Gov. Omar Gutierrez said that they…..

Peru becomes the leading potato producer in Latin America
Peru has managed to consolidate itself as the first potato producer in Latin America and the second in the American continent, only behind the United States, the Andean country’s Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry (Minagri) reported on Monday.»Indicators tell us that we are already the first [potato producer]…..

Special Poland

Greek producers are great trading partners for Poland
Although their main business remains apple export and imports, Sarafruit also works with suppliers from Spain, Egypt and Greece, enabling them to supply a wide variety of fruits to the Polish market such as orange, mandarin, lemon, mango, pomegranates and watermelons.After reports of huge losses for Polish…..

Global Focus Melons / Pineapples

China: 2017 Xuwen Pineapple Culture Touring Festival
The 2017 Xuwen Pineapple Culture Touring Festival was held from 28 April to 30 April at the Haiou Agricultural field 17 in the Qujie village, Xuwen County, Guangdong. The items of the Touring Festival were extensive, but were mainly oriented towards showing travellers all about products like fresh pineapples,…..

Photos reveal Del Monte’s new pink pineapple
Del Monte’s new pink pineapple is making news online just in time for summer, when everyone is donning their summer colors. The pineapple was introduced back in 2005 but after receiving the Food and Drug Administration’s seal of approval, they can now be sold to consumers.With pictures going around online,…..

China collaborates with Cuba’s coconut industry
The Chinese Avic Intl Proyect Engineering Company is working in the municipality of Baracoa, in the eastern Cuban province of Guantanamo, installing the technology and set-up of a factory for the processing of the fiber and organic substrate of coconut, according to the Prensa Latina press agency (PL).The new…..

Philippines’ banana industry suffers from unrest
The Philippines are one of the major suppliers of bananas in the world market. However, due to quality issues and the social unrest in the country, foreign importers are turning to other supplier countries. Companies in the Philippines banana industry are worried and are calling for government aid. The…..

Mexico to participate in Azerbaijan food exhibition for first time
Mexico will participate in the 23th Exhibition of International Food Industry of Azerbaijan, which will take place in Baku on May 17-19, the Mexican Embassy said in a message. It is the first time that Mexico has taken part in the food industry exhibition in Baku.In order to present detailed information on…..

Gert Upton – Schoonbee Landgoed
South Africa: «Farming with grapes is a sprint, citrus is a marathon.»
Schoonbee Landgoed is a citrus and table grape farm in the Senwes region of South Africa, where lemons and navels are currently packed. Gert Upton, marketing manager, is excited about the prospects of the season and in particular about the colour development of their citrus.The farm has 300ha of table grapes,…..

NZ: Calls for a food security plan to protect industry growth
Horticulture New Zealand is calling on the government to introduce a national Food Security Plan to prevent the stunting of the sector’s long-term growth. The industry representative group says that only 5 per cent of land in New Zealand, or around 1.4 million hectares is suitable for horticulture, but it is…..

Hort Connections: Addressing the state of the industry
Even the slightest of increases to the intake of fresh produce from the Australian public could lead to around a quarter of a billion dollar boost to the sector, according to a leading industry expert.Darren Keating from Produce Marketing Association Australia and New Zealand, told a conference at last week’s…..

Fraudulently labeled «Japanese» melons found across Asia
Asian food manufacturers have been tapping into growing demand for Japanese products by mislabeling local goods to make them appear authentic.A survey of products sold in six Asian cities by Japan’s Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry found 927 items confirmed as being falsely labelled as being…..

Antonio Javier Luis Brito, manager of Europlátano:
«The PGI will strengthen our expansion project for Canary bananas in Europe»
Europlátano has become the first Organization of Banana Producers of the Canary Islands to obtain the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Plátano de Canarias certificate; a positive recognition of the human capital, the management of the crop and the unique characteristics that make the bananas of the…..

France: Tomato prices stable, decrease in volume
According to Agreste, tomato production in 2017 will be 4% below that recorded in 2016. Acreage is stable compared to last year, reaching 2,350 hectares. Over 80% of tomato crops are in greenhouses or covered, open air acreage sees a slight decrease.Prices were 37% above those recorded last year at the start…..

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Ocean Spray and Oppy collaborate and bring Ocean Spray® branded cherries
The stage is set to expand the 87-year-old Ocean Spray® brand — with many sweet things to come.In a natural extension of the relationship formed in 2003 to market Ocean Spray fresh cranberries, Oppy and its partner berry growers, are now shipping fresh strawberries and blueberries from California under an…..

Bangladesh issues ‘self-imposed ban’ on veg exports to EU
Bangladesh has imposed a ‘self-ban’ on vegetable exports to the European Union (EU) market, encouraging local growers to correct themselves following Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), reports UNB.The government has adopted the strategy to avert ‘any possible ban’ being imposed by the EU, from where Bangladesh…..

Australia: Exclusive strawberry licensing deal for Freshmax
Freshmax has announced an exclusive strawberry IP licensing deal with CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti), a renowned European research and breeding program based in Italy.The arrangement will see Freshmax and its growers given access to import, trial, commercialize and market a portfolio of new CIV…..

GLOBALG.A.P. develops new TR4 biosecurity add-on for bananas
TR4 is a plant disease of the roots of banana plants. It is a fungus but it cannot be controlled by fungicides or chemicals. This poses a serious threat to the worldwide banana production. The best way to fight the disease is to prevent its spread.Following the FAOs and GLOBALG.A.P. stakeholders’ urge to step…..

Turkey: Innovative antimicrobial MA-MH bag now available
Deka Plastic, a company that mainly produces modified atmosphere bags and retail bags for the fresh produce industry, has been in business for the last 25 years. The company is responsible for a ‘new generation of modified atmosphere – modified humidity (MA-MH) bags’ developed using several nanotech compounds……

International Nut Council issues increased global macadamia nut forecast
Green Farms Nut Company (GFNC) has announced key outcomes for the macadamia industry from the annual International Nut Council (INC) conference hosted 19 – 21 May 2017 in Chennai, India. Representation from South Africa included macadamia nuts, pecan nuts, peanuts and raisins. Alex Whyte, general manager GFNC,…..

US officially begins process to renegotiate NAFTA, Potato Council applauds
The United States has officially indicated its desire to renegotiate the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement, triggering a 90-day consultation window before formal talks begin.The clock was set ticking today in a letter from U.S. Trade Rep. Robert Lighthizer. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says he is…..

US ag groups send words of caution amid possible NAFTA renegotiations
As the Trump administration takes the initial steps toward renegotiating one of the country’s most influential and controversial trade deals, groups that represent farmers and ranchers are already waving a caution sign.Some of the country’s largest lobbying groups that represent farmers and ranchers are warily…..

Part-time vegetarian diet could reduce obesity risk by 43%
For those looking to lose a bit of weight may want to consider going partly vegetarian according to a new study. The study looked at 16,000 people and found that cutting back on meat and eating a part-time vegetarian diet on some days could cut the risk of obesity by 43%. In this latest study, the part-time…..

Depleting groundwater hurts pineapple crop in Pachamalai, India
For tribal farmers in Pachamalai, India who ventured into pineapple cultivation it has been a dismal season. The yield has been poor due to depleting groundwater and also due to failure of the north-east monsoon.The farmers had taken up pineapple cultivation for the first time under WADI, an integrated tribal…..

Post Brexit labour policies threaten UK food security
David Kay is the managing director of the Hall Hunter Partnership, a business that grows 10% of the UK’s strawberries, 19% of its raspberries and a whacking 42% of its blueberries across thousands of acres, of both glasshouses and polytunnels. For such a large company, Kay employs around 3,000 seasonal pickers…..

BrimaPack planting/harvesting rig nominated for United Fresh Innovation Award
BrimaPack BV announced today that they have been nominated in the category ‘Best New Packing/Processing Equipment’ for the United Fresh 2017 Produce Innovation Awards. The United Fresh 2017 Produce Innovation Awards honor the results of years of R&D and the foresight of companies bringing innovation to the…..

Italian citrus granted permission to be exported to China
Policy departments of the ministry for agriculture, food and forestry, have announced that the Chinese market debate on whether the Chinese market should or should not be open for Italian fruit has finally come to an end. The first batch of goods will be exported next season.The contract that the Italian side…..

Chris Glynn joins Tanimura & Antle as Director of Organics
Tanimura & Antle has hired Chris Glynn as Director of Organics, as the company continues to build its team with leading organic veterans and lay the groundwork for a rollout of organic products. From 2005 until he joined Tanimura & Antle, Glynn was at Earthbound Farm, most recently as Vice President of…..

Japan imported 131k tons of vegetables from China in April
Japan imported commodities worth 1.43 trillion yen from China in April, with medical products, telephone handsets and vegetables among the largest categories of imports, according to the ministry. They reported that Japan had imported 131,697 tons of vegetables from China. Total Japanese exports to China…..

WannaCry ransomware worm infected over 200k computers worldwide
Earlier this month WannaCry, a ransomware worm infected thousands of computer across the world, hurting businesses worldwide and even affecting some hospitals. While information was scarce at first, more has come to light over the past weeks about the severity of the damage. The majority of machines hit by the…..

24% growth of Moldovan agricultural exports in first quarter of 2017
The export volume of Moldovan agro-food products increased in the first three months of 2017. According to data published by the National Bureau of Statistics, Moldovan companies shipped fruits and vegetables to foreign destinations worth 58.996 million USD, recording an increase of 24.4% over the same period…..

Tesla and Limoneira partner to add batteries to solar installations
Tesla has made a new important partnership with Limoneira, one of the leading producers of lemons, avocados, oranges, specialty citrus and other crops, in order to ramp up its energy storage business. The two companies will test Tesla’s battery systems at their solar installations.Mark Palamountain, Limoneira…..

Zespri applauds NZ decision to move ahead with TPP
Major New Zealand exporters are beyond happy with the news that the government is to continue working with remaining members on the TPP deal. Kiwifruit exporter Zespri has long supported the trade deal. Spokesperson Oliver Broad said it was encouraged by efforts to keep the agreement in play.»The elimination…..

Origine Group sees interest for Sweeki in Far East markets at Macfrut
General Manager Alessio Orlandi and Managing Director Alberto Garbuglia commented on the three-day Rimini trade fair and the positive contacts made for the Sweeki kiwi:“Good business contacts at international level and new manifestations of interest by leading Italian companies towards the Origine Group…..

Airline freight charge cuts could lift Rwandan hort exports
Rwanda has over the last few years intensified efforts geared at increasing exports, particularly for non-traditional trade products like flowers, vegetables and fruits. These efforts have, however, been met with various challenges including high fees for transporting cargo charged by airlines and other…..

South African citrus growers could take $45m hit after weather damage
Citrus farmers in the Sundays River Valley, Eastern Cape, are set to lose up to $45,326,526, as half of their navel production has been lost due to abnormal weather patterns.Initial reports from farmers indicated that 40 percent of the navels were dropping from trees with the skin split, making it impossible…..

Indian potato seed company receieves $4.6m investment
Bengaluru-based potato seeds firm Utkal Tubers India Pvt. Ltd has raised around USD $4.6 million from Zephyr Peacock India Fund and CapAleph Indian Millennium SME Fund, according to a media report.“We have taken a controlling interest with this investment. We aim to create a good franchise for potato seeds as…..

Verification of temperature conditions
Cold chain traceability at the pallet level
“We are happy to introduce the WIT Tag, into our family of IoT solutions that integrates GPS, RFID, Sensors with low energy wireless technologies to expand the capabilities of asset tracking” says Ramses Maldonado, EVP of Wireless & IP Technologies (WIT). “This technology will provide producers,…..

Oman now requires certificate for food imports
Vegetables and fruit importers will have to submit a certificate indicating the maximum allowed percentage of pesticide content in all the consignments that enter Oman starting from May 21, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.The rule was issued by Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in a…..

JC.com tests heavy-duty drones for farm produce
Fruit German Amazon much cheaper | Co-op to sell ‘fair bananas’
UK: Extra large avocado most popular at Waitrose 1British supermarket chain Waitrose is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its premium private label range, Waitrose 1. The range was originally launched with over 500 products, but now features over 700 as seasonal products were added throughout the year……

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