Peru: Wonderful pomegranate exports increased by 25%
The largest volume of Wonderful pomegranates in Peru comes from the region of Ica, in the south of the country. Despite of its great production volume, and the yearly increase in production, pomegranates are not very popular in the country. Peru exports up to 90% of its production to destinations like Russia,…..

Ecuador: Banana led exports in 2016
The banana sector is very satisfied with the signing of the multi-party agreement between Ecuador and the European Union. Eduardo Ledesma, the president of the Association of Exporters of Bananas of Ecuador (AEBE), said that the signing of this agreement generated many expectations for the banana sector.In….

Peru’s 2016 avocado shipments increased 29.7%
Peru’s avocado exports totaled US$369.9 million in 2016, up by 29.7% from the previous year, private-run Foreign Trade Society (ComexPeru) highlighted.The business association stressed farming-exports have had a good performance over recent years. In this sense, they experienced a 6.7% increase in 2016.Since…

Ups and downs of supply
156 weeks in the USA grape market
This article offers an analysis of the behavior of the grapes market in 156 weeks, considering the principal suppliers to the USA market, from USA valleys and foreign suppliers, this analysis shows very interesting patterns. The graph considers the weekly arrival to the USA markets, and the patterns of the…

Peru exported 18% more table grapes
According to AgrodataPeru, in the first quarter of this year, Peruvian table grape exports amounted to US $228,015,394, i.e. 18% more than the US $193,317,541 achieved in the first three months of 2016.AgrodataPeru also stated that between January and March 2017, Peru exported 111,205,281 kilos of table….

Greg Cassidy Export Manager – International Pipfruit at Freshmax
Piqa® Boo® goes ‘live’ in China
Last week Freshmax launched the red Piqa® Boo® pear on the Chinese market through two online channels, Alibaba and Tmall. Freshmax already maintains longstanding relationships with online and offline partners across multiple key export markets and, according to Greg Cassidy, Export Manager – International…

Peru: Lambayeque loses exports due to rains
According to Paola Corvacho, the manager of the Regional Exporters Association (AREX), exports of products from Lambayeque declined during the rainy season, and the capsicum (pepper and paprika) sector was the most affected.Corvacho said that capsicum exports fell by up to 80% during the months of February and…

Even Ramadan preparation doesn’t generate much heat
Saturated apple markets mean difficult year for South African exports
Apple supplies on world markets are high and South African exporters encounter full markets almost everywhere. “It’s difficult everywhere, especially in Africa, but in other places as well. There was an expectation that by this time the market would be better in the Middle East but there’s still a lot of…

China’s demand for Mexican avocados continues to grow
Chinese demand for avocados is growing and Mexican officials are taking notice of the potential for growth as the country looks at possible policy changes by the Trump administration that could affect avocado trade with the United States.»Exports of avocados from Mexico to China have substantially increased in..

Lindert Moerdijk, MSP Onions about football scenario on onion market:
“Recovery after unexpected demand from Brazil”
As if Arsenal is three-nil behind in the quarter finales of the Europa League, and only has ten players left, yet they make the winning goal in the extra time. That’s how unexpectedly Brazil entered the onion market last week. “This is why people always say: ‘they’re still onions,’ this is what we’re doing it….

Special South Africa

South African consumers warm to kiwifruit
It is almost kiwifruit season in South Africa and local producers will be ready to harvest from the beginning of May. Over the years kiwis have become increasingly popular, not only in the hospitality industry but for home use as well. This increased awareness of kiwifruit is due to promotions and marketing by…

Global Focus Greenhouse

Soilless technology takes root in blueberry cultivation
Blueberry production and consumption has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Greenhouses and mainly tunnels are being used to extend the growing season and harvesting period. Blueberries are traditionally grown in the ground. The soil should be well-drained, yet with sufficient moisture holding capacity….

Conrad Rijnhout, VerDi Import:
“South African grapefruit arrives on empty market”
The South African grapefruit season is about to start for VerDi Import. “We expect the first arrivals of Star Ruby next week. The grapefruit arrives on an empty market, because Spain and Turkey finish the season this week, and the Florida season also ends earlier,” says Conrad Rijnhout.VerDi receives the first….

Washington Red Raspberry Commission examines market protection options
The Washington Red Raspberry Commission (WRRC) has responded to several growers’ concerns over disruption in the raspberry markets from imported raspberries.” There is concern that raspberries may be coming into the US at prices that are below the costs to grow and pack (anti-dumping) or discounted due to…

Bacteriosis-tolerant Green Angel® kiwis now available in Emilia-Romagna
The new Psa-resistant selection, presented in Saluzzo during the meeting set up by nursery gardener and breeder Dario Miretti together with Matteo Monchiero (Ant-Net Srl) and marketing manager Amleto Venturi, is called Green Angel. The event was moderated by journalist Fiorenza Cravetto.Dario MirettiGreen….

RubyFrost® apples complete season with strong sales
Crunch Time Apple Growers’ increasingly popular RubyFrost apples have successfully ended their season, with retail partners selling out of the last of the 2016 harvest. Mark Russell, RubyFrost grower and head of Crunch Time’s Marketing Committee noted that grower members are very pleased with retail…

José Caro, Chocoter
Chocolate coated cherries, a product made in Spain
The Spanish cherry season has just started, but not all fruits are intended for fresh consumption. In Zaragoza, a company called Chocoter uses local cherries and other fruits to produce a product with added value and available all year round: chocolate coated fruits.»We work with cherries, oranges, apples,…

Mogador apricots from Spain, well-received in France
This French apricot variety is characterised by a sourer flavour which, «until recently, was not very successful in Spain,» states Sergio Alonso, head of Iberaljusa. It is an early variety whose harvest will kick off in about 10 days in the Alicante area, although Murcia has already started its marketing this…

Gert Kolkman, Kolkman Verpakkingen:
“Packaging is the only opportunity to be distinctive with mushrooms”
Being distinctive on the mushroom market wasn’t easy in recent years. “White mushrooms didn’t change, and the blue punnet has also been the same for 30 years. That’s why packaging is the opportunity to be distinctive,” says Gert Kolkman from Kolkman Verpakkingen in Hedel, the Netherlands. “With the…

California vegetable grower diversifies program with more organic offerings
Baloian Farms, a year-round supplier of peppers and mixed vegetables, is introducing organic green beans, green peppers and soft squash to its California season. As their Nogales season comes to a close, Baloian Farms is beginning to shift focus to California, beginning with the Coachella Valley where they…

Italy: Wind turbines against frost
Just as forecast, frost hit central and northern Italy from Romagna to Piedmont and from Lombardy to Veneto. Temperatures dropped to zero degrees in many areas.A producer from Faenza, Daniele Peroni, reports his positive experience after using a wind turbine. «It covers 2.5 hectares. We monitored the…

North American company selling Spanish cherries to Asian countries
Sutherland S.A. Produce Inc. is a North American company working with Spanish producers since 2014. «It was Mike Lloyd, of Global Orchards UK, who got us in touch, and we have been working hard to build a solid business relationship ever since,» states Rick Chong, sales manager Of Sutherland SA Produce Inc. So..

Macfrut, Hall D3, Stand 027
Italy: MFT machinery to meet client demands
«Nowadays, clients need a complete service. They no longer want merely a machine. Especially in developing countries, they demand technological solutions equipped with all the tools necessary to make what they want,» explains Thea Giordano, marketing and export manager for Morrone Food Tech (MFT), a..

Slim to no volume on US cauliflower and broccoli
Volumes are looking tight right now on domestic cauliflower and broccoli. “There’s little to no volume on cauliflower and broccoli right now and it’s all weather-related,” says Kenny Pendergrass of Chattanooga, Tn-based Dixie Produce Inc. “It’s been coming on for the last four to six weeks—it’s not just the..

Qingdao strawberries up in price
«The Tianbao strawberries cultivated in the greenhouses of Qingdao, Shandong province, entered the market at the beginning of January. The supply season lasts until 30 May more or less. Compared to the production season last year, the production this year has been reduced by 5%. The sales price on the other…

Consumers demand better packaging for fruits and vegetables
«In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of the importance of packaging for fruits and vegetables among consumers, and thus their requirements for packaging have become stricter. Nowadays, when choosing packaged products, most consumers pay more attention to the quality, intensity,…

South African grower helps staff seed future self-sufficiency
According to recently awarded New Harvest apple and pear grower, Andre Cloete, he knows about the high cost of living and does everything he can to assist his staff to make ends meet. “I go to supermarkets quite often and know that three bags cost R300 or more so how can I still ask my staff to pay rent? We..

Morrisons issues recall after customers find needles in green beans
The supermarket chain Morrisons has issued a recall on certain packs of green beans after two customers reportedly found needles hidden inside the vegetables. The recall effects 170g packs of trimmed beans, with the display dates 22 April, 23 April and 24 April 2017.Morrisons issued the recall stating: «As a…

Romania: Cold weather takes a toll on fruit and veg production
The cold weather recorded in Romania will affect the already blooming fruit trees, and the fruit production will be much lower, according to researchers from the Research Station for Vegetable Growing Buzau, cited by At the same time, they argue that low harvests will lead to rising prices.Thus,..

Russia may introduce tax on orange imports
According to recent talks, Russia is proposing a 5 percent tax on orange imports. Although the normalization of Turkey-Russia relations, strained after the downing of a Russian aircraft on the Syrian border in November 2015, has started, the issue of lifting sanctions on imports of certain agricultural…

Bulgaria: Vegetable exports up 27.5% in January 2017
In the first month of 2017, Bulgaria’s fresh vegetable exports grew by 27.5% compared to the same month a year earlier, reaching 1.7 thousand tonnes, as revealed by data from the National Statistical Institute (NSI) processed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (MAF). Meanwhile, fresh fruit exports fell by…

Veggie Bags conquer Migros in Switzerland
In the Migros supermarket in Zurich, the reusable Veggie Bags for fruit and vegetables have successfully passed their trial phase. So from 18 April, Veggie Bags are sold in all Migros supermarkets in Switzerland.The transparent, reusable Veggie Bags are an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags,….

Turkish tomatoes entering Russia with Moroccan labels
Turkish tomatoes, banned for import into Russia, are allegedly reaching stores in the country under the guise of Moroccan shipments, as reported by Kommersant. The publication suggests that about half of the illegal imports of this vegetable come from Turkey.Wholesalers order their supplies via a Russian…

Jordan Ag Ministry investigating reported UAE vegetable ban
The Ministry of Agriculture is contacting its Emirati counterpart to verify reports claiming the latter had banned the import of several types of vegetables from Jordan, a government official said on Sunday.News reports indicated that the ministry of climate change and environment in the UAE had announced a..

Greece: 50% increase of potato prices this year
Despite the cheap imports arriving from Egypt, producer prices for open ground potatoes remained high in Greece after Easter. The next few weeks will, in fact, bring a full production and demand for a quality Greek product.The current high price is the result of various factors, not just because the imports…

Irish potato farmers saw a boost in trade over Easter
The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) says that Easter has given a welcome boost to the potato trade and with the weather remaining on the cool side, consumption will remain robust over the coming weeks.Prices have strengthened again in the wholesale market as the number of sellers in the market and general…

NSure launches new FreshNSure pear test
NSure have extended their range of tests by introducing the FreshNSure Pear test. This test provides a practical and reliable tool to determine whether a batch of pears that has been treated with 1-MCP. 1-MCP leaves no residue after treatment. The FreshNSure test clearly demonstrates whether or not 1-MCP has..

South Korean fruit hits record levels in 2016
The Korea Customs Service said 863,660 tons of fruit were imported last year, up more than four percent from 2015.Fruit imports have steadily risen over the years from under 350,000 tons in 2000 to some 840,000 in 2012.Avocados posted the steepest growth of 92 percent. More than 2,900 tons were imported last..

Fermac launch fruit freighter between Africa and Europe
Fermac Cargo España and Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, have started the great mango airlift out of Africa to Europe. The first Boeing 777-300 freighter has already transported 105 tons of Kent variety mango from the city of Abidjan in the Ivory Coast to Madrid, Spain.A spokesperson for Fermac said: “Without..

Egypt’s ag exports fall despite pound flotation
The monthly report issued by the Agriculture Export Council (AEC) showed Egypt’s exports had declined by 3% within six months.Egypt’s agricultural exports reached $1.03bn during the period extending from September 2016 to February 2017, compared to $1.07bn during the same period the year before.According to…

LBP Rotterdam chooses solar energy
By placing 1,400 solar panels on the roof of their buildings in Maasdijk, LBP Rotterdam has recently taken further steps in choosing a cleaner environment. “Sustainability has become important because energy sources are depleted or becoming less suitable for use. The use of the sun is a much chosen way to…

Cassava viruses cause Tanzania $50m in yearly losses
The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) said on Friday that Tanzania was losing 50 million U.S. dollars annually from viruses in cassava crops.James Left, a principal scientist with IITA, an international research organization working across Africa to tackle hunger, poverty and malnutrition….

Gambia lifts potato import ban
The Gambian regime of President Adam Barrow has lifted a ban on the import of onions and potatoes into the country.The ban was imposed a few years ago by the previous regime of Yahya Jammeh “to encourage Gambians to take up farming and grow what they eat and eat what they grow.”However, instead of revitalising…

New asparagus packaging for German market
The Greenery has developed a new cardboard packaging for its asparagus. The refreshed design makes it possible to present the product better. The box is used in Germany as of now.The new asparagus box of 30x40cm is innovative because it has been provided with an integrated padding. Because of this, the..

Italy: Food Contact Tape by Irplast
Irplast Food Contact Tape is a BRC-certified tape, suitable for labelling fruit and vegetables, that respects the organoleptic properties of the products. The tape is suitable for contact with food and can adhere to various types of fruit and vegetables without leaving residues.Leading ink (INX and…

92% of the fruits and vegetables exported to Canada won’t pay tariffs
92 percent of the fruits and vegetables that Spain and the rest of the European Union (EU) export to Canada won’t have to pay tariffs once Canada and the EU sign a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).Canada, which has more than 36 million inhabitants and a 43,594 dollars per capita GDP, has…

Delay of durian season in Thailand but output increase expected
«Due to more rainfall this year in Thailand, the ripening of durian has been delayed for one month, but the yields of durian are expected to increase. Last year, due to the drought in east Thailand, the output decreased by 20% to 30%. However, the trees had good rest and therefore the fruit set percentage will..

Scientists investigate fluctuating apple yields
The yields of fruit trees often fluctuate in a two-year rhythm: first a year with a strong yield followed by one with a low yield. Scientists from the University of Hohenheim want to investigate the cause of this phenomenon by looking at the apple harvest.According to the university, the so-called alternation..

Jerónimo Martins sales grow | Biedronka to open 100 new stores
Wal-Mart to allocate more capital to India and China
UK: Online grocery platform Farmdrop raises £7M Farmdrop, a farmer-friendly online grocery platform based in the U.K., has raised £7m in Series A funding. Leading the round is Atomico, a London VC fund. Originally launched in 2014 as a ‘click and collect’ service that let customers order groceries online..

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