This week’s highlights

South Africa: «Farming with grapes is a sprint, citrus is a marathon.»
Schoonbee Landgoed is a citrus and table grape farm in the Senwes region of South Africa, where…..

«Greenhouses involve a great investment, but yield good results»
The cultivation of greenhouse vegetables in Ecuador is increasing exponentially, as climate…..

Australian cafe offers avocado coffee
While avocados make the news constantly as they continue their reputation as a trendy food, this…..

Italy: SmartFresh for fruit storage
The evolution of SmartFresh for fruit storage is now ready. It’s calledSmartFresh ProTabsand was…..

NZ: Calls for a food security plan to protect industry growth
Horticulture New Zealand is calling on the government to introduce a national Food Security Plan…..

AU: Spreading the Slow Food message into North Queensland
If you have never heard of Slow Food, just think of fast food and it is the complete opposite,…..

AU: Plant biosecurity gets a $21million injection
Australia is on track to adopt some of the most sophisticated plant pest surveillance…..

Consumer education is biggest challenge within the dried fig category
At one time figs seemed relegated to bar cookies and Figgy pudding, but today they’re branching…..

Koeltehof Packers, South Africa, opens state-of-the-art avocado packhouse
Koeltehof Packers has more than doubled its previous capacity through its second packhouse,…..

Photo report Hort Connections 2017
Last week the very first Hort Connections took place in Adelaide Australia. On Monday a huge…..

Photos reveal Del Monte’s new pink pineapple
Del Monte’s new pink pineapple is making news online just in time for summer, when everyone is…..

24% growth of Moldovan agricultural exports in first quarter of 2017
The export volume of Moldovan agro-food products increased in the first three months of 2017……

Overview of novelties from CPMA tradeshow
FreshPlaza made a photo report from the novelties that were presented at the CPMA tradeshow in…..

Argentina: Neuquen’s cherries to enter China without tariffs
Cherries from Neuquen that are exported to the Asian market will be able to enter the Chinese…..

Tesla and Limoneira partner to add batteries to solar installations
Tesla has made a new important partnership with Limoneira, one of the leading producers of…..

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