Argentina depends on imported apples for first time – FresPlaza – Friday, June 02, 2017

The European market is mainly getting its mango supply from Africa at this time of the season. Besides some irregularities in Ivory Coast, the African seasons are developing quietly. In the United States,…..

Good prices for avocados in the Caribbean
The scarcity of avocados in South America creates more distribution work. The United States is the best market for avocados and for many other products that arrive there by sea. There is also much demand from the Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, France, Spain, and the Netherlands, due to the shortage of product…..

Job Offers:
• Johnson & Johnson, Product and Sales Manager Postharvest – Belgium
• Philips Lighting, Key Account Manager Horticulture LED – Vegetables

Colombia: The Tommy mango is the most expensive mango variety in the country
«Prices obviously depend on the law of supply and demand, but we can say that the Tommy mango is currently the most expensive mango, as it costs about 3,000 to 3,200 Colombian pesos per kilo,» stated Fabio Usai, the general manager of the Cooltropy Company. This variety is followed by the Yulima and Azucar…..

New facility allows for shipping half a million cases
Central Mexico asparagus season starts this week
CarbAmericas, importer of fresh fruits and vegetables, transitions into asparagus from Central Mexico this week and will continue shipping from the region through early September.This season’s shipments will originate in the Irapuato-based CarGoldMex facility which opened in November 2016. CarGoldMex, a…..

Argentina depends on imported apples for first time
This year, for the first time in a decade, Argentina has had to import foreign apples during the harvesting season. The slump in the top fruit sector caused 37 per cent fewer apples and 15 per cent fewer pears to be exported during the first quarter of 2017. Export volumes are currently at the lowest level in…..

US company services Russian market
Tight mango volumes hailing from Brazil
Mango supplies coming out of Brazil are tight as the country transitions between growing regions.“Supplies have been tight,” says David Levy of Fresh Yagoda. The company is based in California, but also has offices in Costa Rica, Israel and the Netherlands. «All produce we source, services the Russian market,»…..

Tim Altham – Pickmee
NZ grower to change the way apples are packed in New Zealand
A difficult growing season saw the estimate of the New Zealand top fruit production being reduced by 10% this season. Tim Altham, General Manager.One grower however, remained almost unaffected by the difficult growing conditions. «Personally our crop estimates were accurate, only Pink Lady was not quite what…..

London Produce Show brings together the sharpest minds in fresh produce
The London Produce Show and Conference (LPS), presented by the Fresh Produce Consortium and Produce Business, brings together some of the most shrewd and respected minds from the global fresh produce industry and beyond to present a series of educational seminars and workshops that explore the topics and…..

AU: Avocado demand drives busiest start to a season
An Australian Avocado marketing company says it has been the busiest start to a season that it has ever seen, as the produce flies out the door. The Avolution says demand has been so strong from consumers, that when the Hass variety came onto the market later than expected, it created a gap in supply.»Usually…..

Launch of pilot packhouse in China
Dutch Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions to enter partnership with Chinese Ningbo Diamond Packaging
Dutch Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions (VPS) will enter a partnership with Chinese Ningbo Diamond Packaging Technology and Manter International to launch a pilot packhouse in China. The project will be lead by VPS and Diamond Packaging. VPS is a Dutch machine manufacture that specialises in the design and…..

Produce demand surges in Pakistan due to Ramadan
Pakistan is currently enjoying its month of Ramadan. According to Muhammad Riaz of the export company Al Rafique, Ramadan usually causes a surge in demand for fruits and vegetables and this year is no different. “The demand for potatoes is good. The potatoes are already put in storage. The last season had a…..

Special Greece

Greece: Organic pomegranate demand rising every year
Goustera SA 2010, one of the top producers of organic pomegranate in Kavala, Greece, has seen an increase in demand for both conventional and organic. According to its Executive Chairman Dmitris Loutsigkas, «Pomegranate is more popular now. Five to six years ago the fruit was considered exotic, found only in…..

Global Focus Soft/Stonefruit

Turkish export of stone fruit increases due to Russia
The Turkish season for stone fruit started on the 29th of April with apricots and later with nectarines and peaches. The harvest was early and was able to take advantage of a market that from the start already showed a lot of activity. According to Gorkem Sengel of Narpak, the production volume is better than…..

Luis Ochoa, Olympic Fruit:

«Spanish stone fruit farmers might destroy their crops
The stone fruit market is disastrous at the moment. «Spain is producing huge volumes. There are even reports that the growers are leaving fruit to rot on the trees or destroying them to push prices back up again», says Luis Ochoa of Olympic Fruit.The situation applies to all stone fruits; apricots, nectarines,…..

Market report by Mark Greenberg, CEO Capespan North America
US demand for citrus from South Africa and Chile outstrips supply
Imported Citrus – Easy Peelers:Chile continues to dominate easy peeler shipments to the US. Through Week 21, Chile has shipped over 8,000 metric tons of clementines to the US East Coast (USEC) representing a 50 percent increase in tonnage shipped over the same period last year. Loadings to the US West Coast…..

Florida’s citrus packing houses struggling to stay afloat amid citrus greening
Stories of the fatal bacterial disease citrus greening often focus on growers, who have seen their annual harvest decline by more than 70 percent because of greening.Just as severely affected, however, have been Florida’s fresh citrus packing houses, which buy a large portion of Florida’s annual orange,…..

Rainforest Alliance denounces Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement
One of the leading bodies in conservation and sustainable agriculture, the Rainforest Alliance has condemned the Trump Administration for indicating it will pull out of the Paris Agreement. This threatens Americans’ health and livelihoods, and will profoundly and negatively affect people around the world, they…..

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center predicts 2 to 4 major hurricanes this year
According to forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, the Atlantic could experience another above-normal hurricane season this year.Not too far in the rear view is the 2016 storm season campaign, which produced 15 named storms, 7 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes. Most notable was Hurricane Matthew, a…..

British Columbia: Tree fruit industry revenue has increased by 51%
Things are looking up for British Columbia’s fruit industry, according to census figures released by Statistics Canada.“There’s a wave of optimism,” said Fred Steele, president of the B.C. Fruit Growers Association.The StatsCan census figures show a six per cent increase in acreage used for growing tree fruits…..

Shanghai import market
China: Spanish & US oranges enter market; cherries see fast sales
This week, citrus fruits are the stars in the market of imported fruits, and the varieties have increased with the arrival of Valencia oranges from Spain and the U.S., providing consumers with more options. Such a change has also resulted in fluctuations in the market performance of citrus products. Similar…..

A plug and play solution for testing how to extend the freshness of fresh produce
PerfoTec introduces the Roadrunner at United Fresh
PerfoTec introduces the Roadrunner in the US at the United Fresh show in Chicago from June 13-15. A Plug and Play top seal packaging machine integrated with the PerfoTec Laser Perforation System. Developed by Proseal and PerfoTec for companies that want to test, in a quick and simple way, how the PerfoTec…..

Retailers set record with $50 million in Big Game retail avocado sales
As friends and family gathered around the television to witness one of the greatest comebacks in football history, sports fans and other party goers devoured a record number of avocados. Hass Avocado Board’s new quarterly Holiday and Events report shows impressive retail avocado sales of $50 million during…..

Spain: Four month jail sentence for unauthorised reproduction of Snowchaser blueberry
A grower in the Spanish town of Lepe has been convicted of a crime against industrial property because of the unlawful reproduction of 800 copies of the protected blueberry variety Snowchaser. The producer did this with the knowledge that he lacked the necessary authorization from Rústicas del Guadalquivir…..

Ghana looks to stop onion imports from the Netherlands
The Netherlands Embassy in Ghana has described as unacceptable Ghana’s importation of onions and other vegetables from Holland when they could be grown locally.The embassy has therefore offered to provide support to producers of vegetables in Ghana to meet domestic consumption as well as increase exports to…..

The EU is the main destination for Colombian avocados
Colombian avocados have started gaining a foothold in the international market, particularly in the United States, where the opportunities opened up after the recent visit of President Juan Manuel Santos to the White House.According to ProColombia, a promotion agency attached to the Ministry of Foreign Trade,…..

Chinese yuan rises to highest level since US election
The Chinese yuan has jumped to its highest level against the US dollar since the aftermath of the US presidential election. The yuan jumped as much as 0.5% against the greenback on Thursday, bringing its gains in the past four trading sessions to 1.2%.A stronger yuan is likely to please Trump, who frequently…..

Northwest US pear growers predict 2% drop in crop size
Northwest pear growers are estimating a fresh crop of about 17.6 million boxes for the 2017 season, down 2 percent from last year and down 10 percent from the five-year average.Growers in Oregon’s Mid-Columbia region say they expect to rebound slightly from a short crop last year, but growers overall in the…..

Younger shoppers favour food-to-go market: IGD
Tesco delivering groceries by robot in London
Tesco faces CMA investigation into Booker takeoverUK retailer Tesco is facing an investigation into its proposed acquisition of Booker by the Competition and Markets Authority. The first phase of the investigation runs until 25 July, and will asses ‘whether the deal could reduce competition and choice for…..

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