South European markets still sagging, while North and East European markets still holding up.

The slowdown in yellow banana sales has intensified on South European markets (France, Italy, Spain) because of summery temperatures and the growing presence of increasingly competitive seasonal fruits.

In addition, the milder temperatures have started to reach Northern and Eastern Europe, though the yellow banana sales tempo has managed to hold up thanks to the limited competition from summer fruits. Furthermore, the overall supply has remained moderate, helping limit the impact of the slowdown. The Africa/French West Indies supply is back to above-average levels, especially because of deferred volumes from Cameroon (end of industrial action) and early cutting in the FWI ahead of the Ascension public holiday.

However dollar banana availability has been lower: while Ecuador has regained similar levels to 2016, the Costa Rican supply and above all Colombian shipments have been limited. Hence some stocks have been available on certain Southern markets (Italy, Spain), where prices have continued to drop. In addition, prices have started to dip on other markets. However, price levels have remained above average.

Finally, in Russia, the good dynamic has held up thanks to moderate incoming shipments and lively demand.