Europe – The banana survey – Week 23

Ongoing slowdown on the European markets: North continuing to hold up, while fall intensifying in the South and East.

However, the overall supply has subsided. The combined Africa/French West Indies supply has regained levels nearer average (+8%), and dollar banana availability has remained restrained because of the seasonal fall from Colombia.
Hence the North European markets (France, Germany), where consumption has slowed down moderately, have maintained some degree of balance, registering only a limited price fall. However, the situation has continued to become more complicated on the South European markets (Italy, Spain) where the sales tempo is reduced because of the increase in temperatures, the increased presence of competing fruits and the run-up to the school holidays.
Similarly, on the East European markets, sales have registered a more marked slowdown because of the availability of competing fruits (strawberries at low prices) and the milder temperatures. Hence prices have dipped and there are stocks available on these markets. Finally, the Russian market has maintained a good dynamic because of demand remaining lively.