FreshPlaza Newsletter | Friday 9 June – OVERVIEW GLOBAL BANANA MARKET

Rainfall in Ecuador has pushed prices up. According to an exporter, US companies are not willing to pay those prices and are switching to imports from other Latin American countries. In Colombia and Honduras,…..

Chile: Asoex sues for computer espionage
Asoex denounced the transfer of sensitive information to companies that are not part of this guild. The group described this as a very serious offense. They also pointed to an official from an agricultural products company.The new case of alleged espionage must be investigated by the East Prosecutor’s Office……

Job Offers:
• Agriterra China, Business Advisor – China

Mastronardi Produce acquires Backyard Farms
Mastronardi Produce announced that it has acquired Backyard Farms, the large grower of year-round greenhouse-grown tomatoes in New England. The Backyard Farms brand name will be retained and continue to represent high-quality locally grown produce, and greenhouse operations in Madison, Maine will continue…..

500 hectares
Mexico: A company from Sonora will produce table grapes in Jalisco
Grupo Molina, a company from Sonora, will invest 25 million dollars to establish 500 hectares of table grape plantations, in the municipality of Tuxcacuesco.The establishment of vineyards in Jalisco «marks a new stage in the diversification of Jalisco’s agricultural sector,» said the head of the Secretariat of…..

PrimePro now being expanded to be more cost-effective and sustainable
In 2015, PrimePro Core won the Best New Food Packaging Award for Best New Packaging in Barcelona, Spain. Chantler Packaging, the company that developed PrimePro technology, has now expanded its product range. “We’re using PrimePro technology and ethylene-absorbing abilities, as well as quality-improving and…..

Mexico: Tamaulipas will export more than 30,000 tons of lemons to the US and Europe
The Italian lemon harvest in Tamaulipas starts in 30 days. Tamaulipas is expected to export more than 30 thousand tons of this fruit to different markets, such as the United States and Europe.Humberto Vazquez Ramirez, the head of the Phytozoosanitary, safety, agricultural and aquaculture offices of SENASICA in…..

OTC-Holland project brings year-round supply of organic limes from Columbia
Organic distributor OTC-Holland has expanded its assortment with year-round organic limes from Colombia. After an intense period of preparation, analysis and exploration, OTC and a Colombian growers cooperative have combined their knowledge and strengths for the development of an organic limes project. Organic…..

Dominican Republic increases its mango production more and more
According to data, the production and marketing of Dominican mangoes is increasingly growing more and more. In 2004, the country exported a little more than one million kilos. Currently, the country exports a total of 17 million kilos. The information was offered yesterday in a joint activity between the…..

Glenn Pool – Freshco
NZ: IP varieties are good for the sector
As with most apple growers and exporters, New Zealand company Freshco have a few new apples varieties on the market just now and most are aimed at the Asian consumers.»We have made quite a bit of investment into apples and its a big part of our growth,» explains Glenn Pool, General Manager at the company……

Recent installation of 6-lane sizer, 7 new projects in pipeline
Reemoon pushes forward successfully in South Africa
Reemoon’s sales in South Africa are picking up nicely. Since the company has landed it’s first contract last year, it has currently signed 7 new sorting lines which will be installed before end 2017.“We have installed a 2-line machine at the Bufland in Naboomspruit. They farm is currently packing lemons. The…..

The revolutionary Australian avocado pulp taking on the world
It is a product that has only been on the market for two months, but Queensland-based Sunfresh is already planning to double production of its non-browning Avocado pulp. The company says its world-first product has already hit several countries, where interest has been «very strong».»It’s already in Hong Kong,…..

Special Greece

Greek cherry volume hit by bad weather
The Greek cherry sector has been hit hard with heavy rains in the last couple of weeks. At the end of April, Greek cherry growers also had to deal with low temperatures. According to George Kallitsis of Protofanousi Fruits SA, this has led to severe drops in volume. “A lot of fruit has been destroyed. Most…..

Global Focus Soft/Stonefruit

Driscoll’s CEO discusses challenges in California
Kevin Murphy, the CEO of Driscoll’s was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post and asked about his career, what he has learned and his outlook on the future of the industry, along with the problems he predicts being the most troublesome for the industry in the near future.What keeps you up at night?“We’ve…..

Kenya needs to produce more mangoes for Europe
Keitt, a Kenyan company, well-known for producing and exporting various types of mangoes, to the Middle East, specifically in the United Arab Emirates, shared how it does business and its views on the current industry landscape. Asif Amin, Managing Director of Keitt shared, “We own a few farms, but we also…..

SUNSET® tomatoes and peppers win international flavor awards
SUNSET, a large greenhouse grower based in Canada has won two flavor awards from The International Taste and Quality Institute in Belgium for their peppers and tomatoes. This is the 8th consecutive year the greenhouse company has been recognized for its flavor. Taking top honors this year was SUNSET’s newest…..

Limoneira revenue increases 35% to $37m in quarter 2
Limoneira, a global agribusiness with agricultural land and operations and water rights in California, Arizona and Chile, today reported financial results for the second quarter ended April 30, 2017.For the second quarter of fiscal year 2017, total net revenue increased 35% to $36.9 million, compared to total…..

China: Increasing export volume of Xianju bayberries
«The supply of Xianju bayberries of this season started on 3rd June and will last till the beginning of July. The first variety available are Biqi bayberries, followed by Dongkui, which will enter the market on around 10th June. Compared to the previous years, the yields of this season are about 10% higher…..

Study shows red onions are effective at killing cancer cells
A new study by U of G researchers shows that Ontario-grown onions may help kill cancer cells, but not all onions are created equal. Engineering professor Suresh Neethirajan and PhD student Abdulmonem Murayyan tested five onion types grown in Ontario and discovered the Ruby Ring onion variety came out on…..

Grafted cucumbers provide resistance to deteriorating water quality in South Africa
Rijk Zwaan dominates the commercial cucumber seed market in South Africa, in part because of a strong relationship with producers like Stewart Colling of Somerset Farms who trials RZ varieties on an ongoing basis alongside his commercial cucumber production.“We don’t necessarily strive to be the largest seed…..

Spain: Valencia to produce fewer Clemenules next season
The next orange campaign will be less productive, especially when it comes to the Clemenules, as pointed out by the president of the Citrus Board of the Lonja of Valencia, Jenaro Aviñó, who said that this is due to the large amount of fruit that has been left in the trees this year, «between 600,000 and…..

China: Noticeable increase in garlic exports
«This year, there was a 20 to 30% rise in garlic production. Market prices are gradually going back to normal,» says Liu Yu Gang from Jinxiang Lianyi Trading.Workers sorting out garlicPacked garlic»Garlic prices stayed high in the last few years. While under the same conditions, revenue from 1 mu (0,07 ha) of…..

Yellow potatoes continue gaining market share in NA
Yellow potatoes continue to gain market share and the gain is mostly at the expense of russets and whites, according to Ted Kreis, Northern Plains Potato Growers Association (NPPGA) marketing and communications director.Red RiverValley is growing more yellows in recent years. In 2010, the valley produced just…..

China: 9th Global Cold Chain Logistics Summit to be held in Dalian
From the 12th to 13th of July, the 9th Global Cold Chain Logistics Summit and U.S.-China Cold Chain Logistics Conference will be held in Dalian, China. The co-organizers are the municipality of Dalian and China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP). The sponsors include the Dalian Municipal Port…..

Qatar’s credit rating drops as currency hits 11 year low
Standard & Poor’s downgraded Qatar’s debt on Wednesday as the riyal currency fell to an 11-year low amid signs that portfolio investment funds were flowing out of the country because of Doha’s diplomatic rift with other Arab states.S&P cut its long-term rating of Qatar by one notch to AA- from AA and…..

«It is important that we don’t fall for scaremongering»
Pound’s response to election nothing compared to Brexit
After the UK election last night, the pound tumbled once more, leaving the question of what kind of further impact this could have on UK exporters and producers.When contacted, many were cautious in speaking about political issues, but the main sentiment was that it is important not to react to quickly to the…..

California invests additional $9.6m toward the fight against citrus greening
California will spend an additional $9.6 million this year in the fight against a deadly tree disease that has already decimated the citrus industries in Florida and Texas.The money was authorized on May 26 when Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 243, which increases the annual budget for the California Department of…..

Elisam installs second optical onion grader in Australia
In May 2016 the first Elisam Optical Onion Grader was installed at LJM Produce in WA. The 2-Lane machine, which is able to detect both internal as external defects, has been running to the satisfaction of the owners of the ambitious company. “The machine has been performing from the moment it was installed”,…..

Possibility of a bumper pickle crop in Ontario
Mother Nature may have made things a little easier on pickle crops in Ontario, Canada after dolling out some less than desirable spring and early summer weather conditions. “Our Ontario (pickle) crop is scheduled to start July 15. That will take us to about September 15. July 15 is a little bit late for us,”…..

Customers shouldn’t feel intimidated by multi-use fruit variety
Jackfruit year-round supply from Mexico
Last fall the Wall Street Journal dubbed Jackfruit as one of “The Next Hot Trends in Food,” because it lends itself so well as a meat substitute, which appeals to vegetarians. It’s definitely a ‘wow’ item in the stores for some customers, but it has others wondering just what to do with it. Karen Caplan,…..

SanLucar’s Tunisian farms receive GRASP certification
SanLucar’s Tunisian farms, La Cinquième Saison and Flor’Alia, have obtained the assessment certificate GRASP, which recognizes good social practices in the agricultural sector. The multinational company producing and commercializing fruits and vegetables, has become the first company in Tunisia to pass this…..

Surging demand for organic produce widens US supply gap
Produce processors and retailers are finding it increasingly difficult to secure sufficient supplies of organic produce, as domestic demand continues to rise at a pace that exceeds production, according to a new report from CoBank.The dollar value of U.S. organic produce sales doubled from 2011 to 2015 and…..

Implementation of Warehouse Management System
Hawaiian produce wholesaler improves efficiency, accuracy and profitability
Produce Pro Software is pleased to announce that a new case study featuring one of its customers has been published at Produce Pro Software and Armstrong Produce worked together to develop the case study which describes how implementation of Produce Pro’s Warehouse…..

US producers voice support for renegotiating NAFTA
Agricultural producers’ sentiment was unchanged in May from a month earlier. The latest reading of the Purdue/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer – which is based on a monthly survey of 400 agricultural producers from across the country – was 130 (Figure 1). The producer sentiment index has hovered near 130 for…..

France : Increase in cucumber production
According to the Minister of Agriculture, there has been an increase in heated greenhouse acreage thanks to producers switching from other products to cucumbers (395 hectares, +1%/2015).Increase is remarked in the Centre-West (177 hectares of heated greenhouses, +2%/2016) thanks to many greenhouses converting…..

Indian farmers seek compensation after Cuddalore cashew production drops 75%
As a result of a poor monsoon and an increase in temperatures, Cuddalore district in India has produced approximately 75 per cent less cashew yield this season. After the huge loss, farmers are demanding compensation.Unlike paddy farmers, cashew farmers faced the heat only in March, when the flowers on trees…..

Organcure claims their All-inOne preserves fresh-cut with less preservatives
Orgacure, an agriculture and food science technology company has succeeded in a scientifically conducted benchmark trial in the US on sliced apples with its patented antimicrobial + antibrowning (All-inOne) solution Orgacure, against other edible-coatings for fresh-cut fruit. The company claims that in an…..

Ocado trialing driverless vans | Dansk Supermarket to acquire 80 stores
Indian online grocer restricted fruit and veg delivery
Dansk Supermarked to take over 81 former Kiwi storesDanish retailer Dansk Supermarket is set to acquire the leases of 81 former Kiwi stores from rival Dagrofa, of which approximately half are going to be converted to Netto outlets. According to a statement on Dagrofa’s website, Dansk Supermarked plans to…..

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