Mexican lime’s prices and trading margins

In May, the price paid to producers of Mexican lime at origin in the producing areas of Colima, Guerrero, Michoacan and Oaxaca; the wholesale and consumer prices of citrus in select cities in Mexico, and the trading margins of the fruit of Colima origin in selected cities were as follows:Prices paid to…..

Costa Rica: Big banana producers sell their product to multinationals
Small bananaand producers from Costa Rica were left out of contract negotiations have few opportunities to sell their products. Meanwhile, the producers with large volumes sold their fruit to large multinational companies that will help them sell on to the rest of the world.In order to regulate prices and…..

Northwest US pear estimate 2% lower than 2016 harvest
At the June 1st annual Pear Bureau Northwest meeting, Northwest pear growers compiled the first official 2017-18 fresh pear crop estimate for Washington and Oregon. Pear growers and producers from Washington’s Wenatchee and Yakima districts and Oregon’s Mid-Columbia and Medford districts estimated the fresh…..

Camposol focuses on lucrative products
Blueberries and avocados take over from asparagus
Camposol is one of the largest companies in Peru and, globally, Camposol has grown to be a famous name within the sector. The company calls itself the “largest avocado producer in the world, and the largest blueberry producer soon.” The books were concluded with a nice gross profit of more than 88.5 million…..

Citrus greening detected in Trinidad & Tobago
A citrus disease known as Huan¬glongbing (Yellow Dragon Dis-ease), HLB or Citrus Greening that has killed and destroyed more than 100 million trees worldwide and cost grow¬ers billions of dollars, has been detected in Trinidad & Tobago.Huanglongbing has been identi-fied in more than 40 countries in-cluding…..

Mexico: Avocado producers from the west want to sell more in China
Elena Roman rejoices when she imagines that the hundreds of avocados that she packs with her hands in a plant of the municipality of Uruapan, in the mountain of the state of Michoacan (west), are now arriving at the stores and tables of China.»It’s nice when you think they’re going to travel all the way there……

Dominican avocado and mango exports increased last year
The Dominican Republic consumes a lot of mango and avocado. But the Dominicans are not the only ones who prefer these fruits. The taste and nutritious properties of the Dominican mango and avocado have won over different markets, such as the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, France,…..

Mexico: Jalisco’s working to get its avocado back into the US
The Association of Avocado Exporting Producers from Jalisco (APEAJAL) continues to work so that their avocados can enter the United States, after their entry was overturned days before Donald Trump assumed the presidency, stated Miguel Luis Juan, the man in charge of Commercial Promotion at Apeajal.APEAJAL was…..

First national platform for the export of certified premium fruits
Chinese fruit exporters unite in PPFC
Shenzhen Kingship is a stock exchange registered import and export company from Shenzhen in Southern China. At the end of 2016, Shenzhen Kingship was ranked within the top 900 companies, among 11 thousand companies listed on the NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations), the second most important stock…..

Photo report European Tomato Forum
Global interest in London Produce Show
Last week, the London Produce Show took place for the fourth time. There was more diversity in the number of exhibitors, who came from more different countries than the previous editions. Exhibitors and visitors expressed their satisfaction about the fair. Seven hundred and fifty people from all over the world…..

Global Focus Soft/Stonefruit

Cristina Terán, of Frutas Campo de Blanca:

«Our stonefruit production in 5 weeks has been the same as last year’s in 10»
The stonefruit campaign is almost finished for the Murcia-based company Campo de Blanca, which is eagerly awaiting the start of its table grape campaign, whose harvest will begin in early July.»The stonefruit campaign has been marked by abundant supply and low demand, which has resulted in disastrously low…..

Price report for Egyptian produce
The changing dollar exchange rate and increasing import costs have had an impact on vegetable and fruit prices in Egypt. A kilo of potatoes now costs EGP£3.5, while a kilo of plums rose, now at EGP£14. The prices of a kilo of each variety of eggplant are as follows: romy eggplant EGP£5, bride eggplant EGP£6…..

Quality Control challenges for blueberry exporters and retailers
The global blueberry market has grown 40% since 2012, and is projected to surpass 1.4 billion pounds in 2017. Today, blueberries are grown in both hemispheres to satisfy the year-round demand of top consumer markets for this fruit, including the US, the UK, mainland Western Europe, and China. As newer…..

Peru ag exports increase by 5% to $1.59bn
Peruvian agro-exports amounted to US$1.59 billion between January and April this year, a rise of 5% over the same period in 2016, Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry (Minagri) reported.Peruvian agro-exports reached 129 countries, with the United States (26%) being the largest importer, followed by the…..

33% sales increase compared to last year
Premium bananas from Mexico drive growth in sales
A market report dated June 2 from US Foods noted that banana availability is good and quality is good. Organic bananas remain a challenge, though the summer months ameliorate the issue. Le Best Banana Supply has been a “small big company” in the conventional banana business for 50 years, bringing in their own…..

Abundant volume on spring onions for 2017 in North America
While volumes look greater than 2016 for spring onions, prices are staying steady and on the low end. “There’s a lot of supply right now. Volumes seem to be more this year—it seems as if there’s at least 20 per cent more on the market than last year,” says Manuel Arellano of San Diego, Ca.-based Altar Produce……

European standards for production in the Caucasus
New export markets in the Middle East and Asia for Azerbaijan
Due to the devaluation of the Azerbaijani manat and the hefty incentives from the government, the country’s exports to Europe, the Middle East and Asia have increased. More and more companies are focusing on the international market, where European standards are applied. Double digit growth figures are no…..

Are pre-packaged or fresh vegetables better?
As consumers seek more convenience when buying their produce, the popularity of pre-packed vegetables has grown. This growth has sparked the debate on which one is better, fresh or pre-packed.The main reason consumers buy pre-packed is to save time. Chopping chunks of cabbage and grating carrot can take 10…..

California grape producers see flooded market
A delayed start to the Mexican and the Coachella, Calif. season has put a heavy supply of table grapes on the market.“The Mexico season and the Coachella season were late starting and now Mexico is harvesting at a very very rapid rate,” says Ron Wikum of Reedley, Ca.-based Bravante Produce who notes that some…..

Multiple market factors lead to increased blueberry production
«Every year, the blueberry season starts halfway through March all over the country, and it ends half way through August. In comparison to last season, the output of blueberries has increased by approximately 35%. The price is also somewhat higher than last year», explains mister Gao Lei from Rich Lands Farms…..

The ripening of tropical fruit is increasingly more accurate
The ripening systems of VDH Products are sold all over the world. These systems are not just used for bananas anymore. More and more tropical fruits are offered ripe, for which increasingly more specific ripening programmes can be made.Perfectly ripened fruit, does it even exist? “Not yet, but we are getting…..

China: Visualization management on upstream operations
«For the past few years, the living standards of people have been continuously improving. Consumers have also increasingly attached importance to safety issues concerning the growing environment of natural food materials, the use of agricultural pesticides and the process of food transportation. Under these…..

«Ethiopia is an attractive country for investors»
EHPEA, the Ethiopian association for growers and exporters, has 140 members who produce and export fruit, vegetables and flowers. Yemishrach Berhanu, responsible for the promotion of the association, indicates they are present at various fresh produce fairs to promote their members’ products. They also…..

Increasing demand for Medjoul dates during Ramadan
During Ramadan, Field Produce Marketing sees its demand for Medjoul dates increasing. “Demand increases on the local market by more than 100 per cent, demand on the local market is absolutely crazy. The increase for export is smaller, about 10 to 15 per cent,” says Avi Dagul. “Our largest export markets are…..

AU: Increased exposure for the Australian Blood lime
The major grower of the Australian Blood lime says the demand for the fruit is starting to significantly increase, as it gains more exposure to world markets.Gondwana Native Limes is one of only a handful of growers across the country, with its crop of 1400 trees split almost equally between the Blood and…..

Village Farms selected as finalists for United Fresh Product Innovation Award
Village Farms Heavenly Villagio Marzano 5 oz. ready-to-eat snack bag has been chosen as a finalist in the packaging category for the Product Innovation Awards at United Fresh 2017. The mini San Marzano tomato, exclusive to Village Farms, is washed and ready to eat, and is currently featured in several parks at…..

Village Farms releases fruit & veg ice-pop recipes for summer
Village Farms has released some summer themed ice pop recipes to help their customers keep cool during the summer months. Recipes include Cherry No. 9 Fall in Love Again, Cabernet Estate Reserve, and Lorabella Blossom tomatoes as well as Scrumptious Mini cucumbers.“While everyone else has turned their focus to…..

SAFE sees sizeable citrus volumes in SA despite outbreaks & persistent drought
Three months into 2017’s citrus harvesting season, the Cape Town-based producer and exporter SAFE (South African Fruit Exporters) is reporting healthy volumes and decent pack-outs – thanks to promising new orchards that have come into production. SAFE says it is well on its way to achieving its 2017 harvest…..

Warning against artificially high and unsustainable price levels
Far East «screaming» for navels from South Africa
While there is acute interest in South African navels, particularly from the Far East, some exporters warn against pushing prices to artificial levels that cannot be maintained.In areas unaffected by navel splitting, like Mpumalanga and Limpopo, exporters tell FreshPlaza that their phones have been ringing off…..

Al-Jamila Vegetables and Fruits
Diplomatic crisis in Qatar no concern for fruit import
800×600 Diplomatic ties between Qatar and its neighboring countries have been severed due to terrorism related controversies. According to certain news reports, Qatar consumers were standing in line at supermarkets to hoard supplies, such as fruits and vegetables. However, according to Shafeeque Siyad of the…..

France: Firmness measuring machine that will revolutionise the market
So far, only a US-based company offered the possibility of measuring the firmness of fruits. However, «customers were not entirely satisfied, since it is a machine that was designed 20 years ago and which had not been updated, and to this you had to add a poor after-sales service,» explains Klotz, CEO of the…..

Tony Fissette, Enzafruit:
“Regional apples are the future”
The New Zealand apple season has started, and estimates are positive. A larger export volume is expected for many varieties, and this season, more will be sent to Europe. Tony Fissette from Enzafruit: “We are carefully optimistic about the season. It might be a bit early, but our feelings are mixed. On the one…..

M&S gives their insight on what consumers seek in their strawberries
UK retailer M&S gave their insight on the characteristics of different varieties, what consumers look for in a variety and about the outstanding UK strawberry crop this year in an interview with Innovative Fresh.»At this moment, the UK berry crop is looking excellent. After a great start in March, the…..

Fresh Indonesian pineapples enter Italian market for first time
Indonesian fresh pineapples can now be consumed by Italian consumers after a container holding 18 tons of the commodity arrived in Italys city port of Venezia over the weekend.The 18 tons of fresh pineapples were exported in a maiden shipment by PT Great Giant Food in cooperation with Italian importer SAMA…..

France : Vine tomatoes still in the lead
According to the latest report from the Minister of Agriculture, tomato acreage will be stable in France this year with production potential reaching 600,000 tons (1,974 hectares in greenhouses and 375 hectares in fields). Despite the increasing modernity of greenhouses and a wider range of tomatoes, harvest…..

Australia’s Covino Farms fined over $100k for workplace violations
A Gippsland, Australia vegetable farm at the centre of allegations of mistreating migrant workers was yesterday convicted and fined more than $100,000 for having an unsafe workplace.Covino Farms pleaded guilty in the Latrobe Valley Magistrates court yesterday to breaches of the Occupational Health and Safety…..

Aldi UK to invest £22m in chill facilities | Carrefour names new CEO
Aldi announces plans to open 900 new stores in US
Jerónimo Martins plans new distribution centre in PolandPortuguese retail group Jerónimo Martins plans to open its 16th distribution centre for its Polish supermarket chain Biedronka during the third quarter of 2017, reports Dinheiro Vivo. With about 28,000 square metres and located in the western region of…..

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