Peru fears return of El Niño in the second half of the year
It seems that the climatic contingencies give no respite to the country. Amelia Diaz, the head of the Senamhi, said that, even though the warm event had normalized at the national level, there were specific areas with maximum temperatures, such as in the southern mountains.»We are witnessing the decline of the…..

Nissa N. Pierson, of Crespo Organic Mangos
Growing demand for Mexican organic mangos
The consumption of Mexican mangoes peaks in the summer season, when there is a very large volume available, with 6 different varieties and every size exported, mainly to the US and Canada, but other countries as well. The season kicks off in February and lasts until the beginning of September, always depending…..

Peru: Raspberries can be profitable for small farmers
William Daga Avalos, a fruit specialist from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, said that growing raspberries could be a profitable business for small producers who only had one hectare or less.He said that a farmer could produce 30 to 40 kilos of raspberry per day in half a hectare. He also said that…..

«We intend to double the amount of hectares each year»
Dominican Republic: Fast growing pineapple production
«The Dominican Republic has more sunlight, less rain and fewer plagues that affect pineapple production. The Dominican Republic’s logistics infrastructure, which consists of 7 international airports with direct routes all over the world, numerous maritime ports throughout the island and more competitive labour…..

Honduras’ banana export increased by 12.8% in value
According to the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH), in the first quarter of 2017, Honduras exported banana for $134.6 million dollars, i.e. 12.8 percent more than in the same period last year.Despite the fall in prices, the external trade of the fruit allowed the country to increase its profits by 15.3 million…..

More precise sorting on softness for blueberries
A unique way of sorting blueberries with the BERRYWAY from MAF Industries.“The BERRYWAY optical sorting solution sorts on colour, external and internal defects, including softness, by using hyper-spectral cameras and LED solutions,” Jeremy Berros – Business Development Director at MAF Industries – says. “The…..

Mexico will not accept more tariffs in the renegotiation of NAFTA
The head of the Secretariat of Agricultural Food and Rural Development, Paulo Bañuelos Rosales, stated that the Government of Mexico would not accept new tariffs or new taxes that the United States or Canada would like to establish during the next renegotiation of the North American Free Trade…..

Argentina’s fruit growing sector sees its salvation in Russia
Argentinian producers of pears and apples haven’t managed to overcome the sharp drop in the export of their products. According to a report by the National Service of Agricultural Food Health and Quality (Senasa), in the first quarter of 2017 exports fell by 18.5% over the same period last year.In an interview…..

Costa Rica: Pineapple and banana, main organic products exported to Europe
Pineapples, bananas and sugarcane account for 98% of Costa Rica’s organic exports to Europe, the main destination market for this type of goods.This is according to the last report on the subject in 2016, published by the National Organic Agriculture Program, which is attached to the State Phytosanitary…..

Guatemalan grower and exporter to North America refreshes its brand
Pakil Awal, which means «Nest of Growers» in the Mayan language, is the main brand of DETPON CORPORATION that was created in 1992. The company grows fresh produce including baby peeled carrots, baby squashes, baby corn, okra and rambutan in Guatemala and ships its products to the US. “Our distribution center…..

Special Greece

Winning the local market with Hellenic farming strategies
Hellenic Farming is a Greek agricultural company that started as a producer of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers. In the last 10 years, the company made a transition into producing greenhouse tomatoes.Loukia Efthymiadis represents Hellenic Farming. She also operates her own brand of Lucia Farms. “We…..

Global Focus Soft/Stonefruit

Italy: Start of apricot season with same price as last year
Although weather conditions and the demand are, in most cases, the main factors driving prices, for Italian apricots there have been no changes compared to the previous season. «At the moment, 4 Euro are paid for a kilo of this fruit, exactly the same as last year, with it being also the highest price we got,»…..

Costa Rica: Pineapple producers’ main challenge is sustainable development
Achieving high standards of sustainable development is the major challenge that small-scale pineapple producers face when exporting and taking advantage of the trade benefits they recently achieved in China and in other captive markets, such as Europe and the United States.The management of natural resources,…..

Grower announces new joint venture for first 25 acres:
Village Farms to place marijuana crops in Delta greenhouses
Village Farms is getting into marijuana production. The company made an official announcement of a new joint venture agreement with Emerald Health Therapeutics, which will convert an initial 25 acres of their Ladner, B.C. greenhouse facility into a state of the art glasshouse for the annual production of…..

The growth of Australian exports into ASEAN
New figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show horticulture exports have grown significantly over the past decade into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), making it one of Australia’s strongest trade partners.Across all goods and services, ASEAN is currently a ‘top three’ trade…..

«Avocado demand will remain strong, despite big plantings»
The introduction of new avocado orchards in New Zealand will not lead to a future market oversupply, according to a leading export company.JP Exports supplies a wide range of fresh produce with avocados and cherries its main commodities, and says there is a growing interest across the country from new growers…..

Rainforest Alliance and UTZ to merge later this year
The Rainforest Alliance and UTZ, two of the world’s leading sustainability certification organizations, have announced their intention to merge later this year.The new organization, to be named the Rainforest Alliance, will tackle environmental and social issues around the world, including climate change,…..

Santiago Vázquez, manager of La Vega de Cieza, Spain
«This terrible stonefruit campaign will be a turning point for the sector»
The stonefruit campaign has developed so far with average prices 30 cents below the production costs, depending on the type of fruit and variety. The imbalance between supply and demand is such that, as FreshPlaza has learned, some cooperatives and producers are even throwing the fruit directly away in the…..

Ambrosia apple patent to expire this month, opening the variety to all growers
The 20-year patent on the Ambrosia apple expires this month, opening up a popular and profitable club variety to all growers. The expiration means all licensed nurseries will be allowed to produce budwood for planting or grafting by growers in spring 2019. The nurseries will likely start propagation this…..

US specialty melon volume solid
Volumes of specialty melons, such as Savor Fresh Farms’ Sugar Kiss, are looking healthy. “They’re looking good on this Asian variety of melon,” says Milas Russell III of Yuma, Ariz.-based Savor Fresh. “We grow more to the demand of our customers as opposed to a market-based business and that’s really what…..

Halls avocado grower partner awarded Rainforest Alliance Certification
Halls has announced that that their long-standing Kenyan grower partner, Kakuzi Limited, has been awarded Rainforest Alliance certification. This certification is awarded to those farms that meet the Sustainable Agriculture Network standards of environmental, social and economic sustainability.Kakuzi Limited…..

London Produce Show kicks off with seminars, discussions and a cocktail party
Yesterday saw the opening of the latest edition of the London Produce Show. On the first day the Food Service Forum kicked off the three day event with seminars, discussion panels and chef demonstrations.Gerry Ludwig, Corporate Consulting Chef at Gordon Food Service in Grand Rapids, Michigan, industry speaker…..

Greenyard yearly report shows 7.1% growth in sales
Greenyard has released their yearly results for fiscal year 2016/17 and reported a growth in sales by 7.1% up to €4,249.2 million. Horticulture sales were also up 3.7%.CEO Marleen Vaesen looked back on the fruitful year: «Greenyard had a healthy performance with strong sales and REBITDA growth, which was…..

Italy: Mechanical thinning to cut costs
Mechanical thinning (top and stone fruit) is a good solution for those looking for a good compromise between low costs and high-quality. Rinieri presented its new machine during the latest edition of Romagna in Campo.The top part of the mechanical thinner»This machine can be used for both top and stone fruit……

Oregon Cherry Growers to sell processing arm
Oregon Cherry Growers Inc. is selling its processing arm to California-based Pacific Coast Producers. The deal is predicted to close by June 17, with no layoffs expected. The Lodi, Calif.-based agricultural cooperative is set to keep Oregon Cherry Growers production in Salem and The Dalles, running the company…..

Turnaround welcome on blackberries in North America
Demand and price are climbing back up for blackberries.“This week demand picked up after a three-week low market and low demand with single digits pricing. In this type of market, everyone loses, from the grower all the way to the consumer. There’s nothing like a steady market with a good price!” says Martin…..

39 global retailers honoured at PLMA’s 2017 Salute to Excellence Awards
Innovation by retailers with their private label took the spotlight at PLMA’s 2017 International Salute to Excellence Awards programme. The Award winning products were on display at the association’s “World of Private Label” International Trade Show, in May in Amsterdam. More than 100 award-winning products…..

Jon Esformes, CEO of US-based Sunripe Certified Brands about Bella Roma
“Launching the first tomato variety from our in-house breeding program was very rewarding”
“We grow open-field tomatoes in strategic locations throughout the country,” says Jon Esformes, fourth-generation leader of Sunripe Certified Brands. “Our growing locations complement each other, offering year-round supplies for our customers.” Acreage in the growing regions is adjusted based on consumption…..

China: Sanmenxia apples aim at oversea markets
«As one of the four major production areas for apples in China, the Sanmenxia region in Henan Province is a place with a great natural environment for the growth of apples. Compared to last year, the yields here this year are expected to increase by around 20%. Such an increase is the result of the good…..

DFI Marketing to use technology on all shipments to Asia
Hazel Melon Technology extends shelf-life of melons
DFI Marketing Inc., a melon grower-packer-marketers in the US with thousands of acres under management, announced that it will be using a new USDA-supported shelf-life extension technology, Hazel℠ Melon by Hazel Technologies, on all of its melon export containers to Asia starting this season. Also…..

AU: Predictions of strong years ahead for the mango industry
The Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) is forecasting a bumper season, on the back of three strong years.With the season scheduled to start in September, AMIA says volumes have been 9.5, 8.5 and 8.2 million trays, respectively over the past three seasons. Its Chief Executive Officer says it shows the…..

Substantial rain over Koue Bokkeveld; disappointment for the Langkloof
Good snow over the Boland gladdens hearts
“This morning when the sun rose, it looked awesome,” says Johan Kriegler, CEO of table grape producer Kriegler Farms. Snow has accompanied the rains over the Western Cape, falling last night over the Hex River Valley, not just on the mountain peaks but down the valley to where it hasn’t seen it in a very long…..

France: South African citrus is gaining ground in the European markets
«There is optimism in the citrus market, particularly with the grapefruit season, which started even better than expected,» stated Diego Moeykens, general manager of Indiana Import. This French company also believes that «there are great prospects for Navel oranges, although we still need to be cautious,»…..

Total Produce showcases Grá brand at Bloom 2017
Last weekend saw some of the best of Irish horticulture showcased at Bloom 2017 in Phoenix Park, Dublin. Total Produce participated, promoting the Grá brand to the masses & providing a platform for some of Ireland’s most accomplished growers to promote the fruits of their labour. Throughout the five day…..

Walmart testing self-serve kiosks for grocery pick-up
Walmart is testing a giant self-serve kiosk for grocery pick-up in the parking lot of one of its Oklahoma superstores. Customers simply order their food online, then, upon arriving at the store, type in a code on the side of the 20-by-80-foot building, which retrieves the contents of their shopping list within…..

Queensland Sunfresh facility to produce browning resistant avocado pulp
Sunfresh Marketing celebrated the official launch at its new Coolum facility on the Sunshine Coast last month where industry representatives were given the opportunity to tour the facility and view the new equipment in action.The purpose-built facility utilises technology developed by another Sunshine Coast…..

Ishida helps dried fruit packer meet food safety requirements
Based in Izmir, Anatolia supplies a wide range of products, including sultanas, raisins, apricots, dates, figs, currents and dried mixed fruit, which are exported worldwide.Using an Ishida IX-GA-4075 X-ray inspection system, the Turkish dried fruit packer has increased its quality inspection for its bulk…..

China: Opening of Xiangtan Jinyang Fruit Expo in Hunan
On 25th May, the Xiangtan Jinyang Fruit Expo officially started at the Jiangnan Produce Wholesale Market in Jinyangcheng, Yuetang District, Xiangtan, Hunan. The Expo lasted for three days and attracted visitors from 122 domestic and overseas fruit companies, as well as over 500 fruit distributors. It was…..

Associate International Group of Nurseries completes annual general meeting
The Associate International Group of Nurseries (AIGN), who works globally to introduce new products for the fruit industry has completed its Annual General Meeting, held in China. The meeting was hosted by Shennong Variety Management (SVM) which is the AIGN member for China. Members in attendance included S.T……

«Canada and US to keep agricultural trading relationship strong and growing»
Canada and the United States enjoy one of the closest trade relationships in the world. This trade interdependence supports economic growth and millions of middle class jobs on both sides of the border. The Government of Canada is working closely with the U.S. Administration to strengthen what is already a…..

Poland: Strawberries twice as expensive as last year
This year, the supply of Polish strawberries will be lower due to the impact of the frosts that took place in April and May, reported Bożena Nosecka, of the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics.For now, the supply of strawberries is not great because of the delays in the ripening. In the Bronisze…..

Dutch delegation dispenses vegetables from a vending machine wall at LPS17
The United Kingdom is a major export market for the Netherlands. Value-wise, exports of fruit and vegetables, including re-export, amount to almost one billion euros. Dutch produce accounts for a share of around 80%. After Spain, the Netherlands is the second main source of fruit and vegetables imported into…..

Poland: Estimated production of fruit from trees in 2016
The harvest of fruit from trees in Poland in the 2016 season, especially apples, was a record one. In recent years, the production has grown dynamically. There have been many new intensive orchards set up, and consequently, there has been a noticeable increase in the yield of most fruit species from trees,…..

Camp d’Elx, Alicante
Spain: «Figs are a profitable crop for the producers»
In the Camp d’Elx, there are growers who have spent their whole lives devoted to the cultivation of the fig tree, which produces brebas in June and figs in August; however, in recent years, new producers have appeared who have recovered lands with the idea that the product is always sold in the market. There…..

10% fruit & veg subsidy could prevent 150k deaths
National dietary policies could help significantly reduce or postpone deaths from cardiovascular disease, suggests a new study published by PLOS Medicine.The study found a national fiscal policy that subsidized the cost of fruits and vegetables by 10 percent could prevent or postpone 150,500 lives over 15…..

Coles ramps up food price cuts | Aldi to add more stores in Western Australia
Ocado lands in Europe
Carrefour’s Mideast operator said to be frontrunner in Géant bidMajid Al Futtaim Holding LLC, the Middle East operator of Carrefour SA stores, is the lead bidder for a controlling stake in the Geant Hypermarket chain, according to three people familiar with the matter. MAF, as the Dubai-based conglomerate is…..

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