Peak volume starting now – growers’ favorite time of the year
Rocky start for Mexico’s grape season in Sonora
Organic and conventional grape growers in Mexico’s Sonora region had a rocky start to their season. “We had a last minute delay which nobody saw coming,” said Carlos Bon, category manager of Divine Flavor. Temperature records were broken with the lowest high temperatures in the growing region. “The pipeline…..

Job Offers:
• Prins Greenhouses, Account Manager for Technical Horticultural Greenhouse Products – Canada

The government of the Dominican Republic is interested in the country’s imports and exports
During the Agroalimentaria fair in the Dominican Republic, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture showed their interest and shared their knowledge and information with the attendees. They have long been concerned about the lack of consistency in product quality and the supermarkets’ lack of interest in…..

Brazil keeps an eye on the end of the year’s expected rains
Compared to other seasons, Brazil’s mango production for this year is stable, as the country will produce some 65,000 pounds of mangos. Exports to the US and to Europe are expected to be very similar to those of previous years. The same will happen with prices, which are not expected to vary much.The…..

EXPOMANGO – June 14 to 18, 2017
Good season for the Dominican mango
«This year, the Dominican Republic will have a very good mango harvest. The production has been abundant and it has a good quality,» stated Gisela Taveras, the executive director of Dominican Mango Cluster (PROMANGO)The Dominican Republic exports 17 million kilograms of mango a year to very diverse…..

Spot market extremely difficult nowadays
Peru: Delayed avocado season with smaller sizes
As Peru is a big country, it has different production areas and weather often affects only certain regions. Therefore, different opinions can be shared about the situation in Peru. However, it can be said this time that the recent bad weather circumstances have affected the whole country. For example, one area…..

Honduras will export up to 10% more melon
Honduras will export eight to ten percent more melon to the international markets.According to German Perez Destephen, a member of the board of the National Association of Industrialists (ANDI), Honduran melon exports to the Japanese market alone have already exceeded 120 containers.Every year Honduran melon…..

Peru and Colombia get ready to meet US export requirements
The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) came together to train 59 trainers from Peru and Colombia about the new requirements for processed food exports established by the United States government.The training empowers them to…..

Ukrainian garlic growers band together to become bigger market players
The garlic industry in Ukraine has seen huge growth for the coming season, after high garlic prices in the market last year had many growers increasing their area by anywhere between 2 to 10 times as much as in the previous season. On top of an increase in production, the industry has also seen lots of…..

Mexico’s avocado growers look to capture Chinese market
When talks turn to China, the destination of avocados, Elena Roman lights up, carefully packing the fruits at a plant in the west-central Mexican state of Michoacan.»It’s nice to think they are going to travel as far as there, it’s exciting to know that,» Roman, 40, said in the small verdant town of…..

Canadian greenhouse farmers in disbelief over minimum wage announcement
The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) announced an immediate concern for the ongoing viability of their sector. While greenhouse vegetable growers agree there is a common interest in sharing in a healthy economic well-being, the recent announcement relating to significant increased minimum wages…..

Special Greece

Del Haize – Serbia

Greece beats Spain in supplying the Serbian retail sector
Greece has become an increasingly important source for fruits and vegetables for the Serbian retail sector. According to Igor Damjanovic of Delhaize Serbia, what makes Greek produce so attractive for the Serbian market is the combination of great quality, competitive prices and low costs for logistics. It is…..

Global Focus Soft/Stonefruit

Ukraine strengthens position as fruit exporter
It was a rough start to the strawberry season in Ukraine this year. Greenhouse growers had been expected a harvest around 100,000 tons, but after the cold weather hit in May, only 10-15% of the expected harvest crop remained.However, it’s not all bad news, shared Agro Business Consultant Maxim Kulik, «It’s…..

Calavo Growers sees record sales for the fiscal year
Shares of Santa Paula-based Calavo Growers soared on June 6 after the company reported record sales and earnings for the second quarter of its fiscal year. Calavo shares jumped $4 and closed at $73.05 on average trading volume, a 5.8 percent gain for the day which made it the 20th biggest gainer on Nasdaq.The…..

Demand for Israeli mangoes is on the rise
The Israeli mango season is about to start with good volumes. “Our mango season will start a bit earlier, because we’re going to export mangoes from the Arava dessert for the first time ever this year. This region starts producing a bit earlier than we’re used to with our mangoes from around the Sea of…..

Zespri markets SunGold kiwifruit as healthy snack alternative
Ahead of Zespri UK exhibiting at the forthcoming London Produce Show and Conference (June 7-9), PBUK talks with Jayne Chamberlain, UK & Ireland market manager, about how the yellow-fleshed SunGold kiwifruit variety is positioned as a healthy snack alternative for health conscious UK consumers searching for…..

Andy McGrath – McGrath Nurseries
«You are literally planning their livelihoods for many years ahead»
These days it seems that there are so many new varieties of apple on the market, but how do you make sure you have the right apple, in the right market and at the right price? There is also still a big demand for the old well know varieties of apple, so how do you make sure you get good trees when planting a…..

Bitcoin now worth over double an ounce of gold
Bitcoin, the Internet (digital) currency, is now worth a lot more than an ounce of gold. That is, at least for now. As of Monday of the penultimate week, one bitcoin traded at $2,893, at a time when gold was trading at $1,292 an ounce.The price of gold reached an all-time high of $1,920, and that was on 6…..

Ghazi Rouissi, CEO House of Dates:
«For dates, demand is always larger than volume»
Dates are becoming more popular. “The best known variety from Tunisia is Dyna. Many people are familiar with Medjoul dates, but we have various varieties that are even sweeter. The Dyna has a very special flavour. Besides conventional dates, we also offer organic vegetables.”Ghazi during Macfrut 2017. 3,000…..

Florida growers see growing potential for sweet potatoes
Sweet potato production is a sure sign of summer in the Southeast U.S. and this is becoming the case for more growers every year. According to USDA, production of sweet potatoes in the U.S. has increased substantially over the past decade. In 2015, domestic production figures reached record levels at 3.1…..

Valagro China
Biostimulants and nutrition protect Chinese grape crop against heat
More Chinese growers have become aware of the importance supervising production safety, environment friendliness and monitoring the growing process. Furthermore, they are also increasingly actively seeking how to produce agricultural products of high quality. In this process, precise and adequate use of…..

LPS17 seminar to reveal how the Netherlands markets fresh produce to kids
One seminar at the London Produce show will focus on The Netherland’s approach to marketing fresh produce to children in the country.»It’s important that children from a young age learn to eat a healthy diet, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. As the Netherlands is a large exporter of fruits and…..

Big blueberries in Texas and plenty of them available
Domestic blueberry production out of Texas is enjoying a boost this season. “I’m harvesting blueberries big time right now,” says Ivan Vaseleniuck of Texas-based Echo Springs Blueberry Farm. “There are much more berries than last year—we have probably 20-25 per cent more berries than last year.” As Vaseleniuck…..

John Lazopoulous joins Gold Cup as NA sales director
Andean Sun Produce has announced a new addition to the team of the Gold Cup, a brand of fresh Peruvian fruit and vegetables imported into North America:»We are honored to announce, that Mr. John Lazopoulos jr. has joined our Gold Cup family as North America Sales Director. John is a respected and experienced…..

China: Imports of baby bananas from Ecuador
«Ever since the 1990s when the bananas from Ecuador were allowed to be imported to China, the volume has been growing over the years. Among all the varieties, the Baby Bananas are the most popular ones for Chinese consumers because of the nice shape, pleasant sweetness, long shelf life and good quality,» said…..

Foshan Fuyi Food
China: Lychee exports to US & Europe set to increase
«Thanks to good weather conditions throughout the season, yields of lychees across the country have increase by 20% to 30% compared to last year. The overall quality is good and the price is slightly lower than that of last year,» say Ms Chen from Fuyi Food.Workers picking lychees at the plantation The lychee…..

Jan van der Ben, G. Sevenhuijsen:
“Prices for old harvest Chinese garlic three times as high as for new”
The new Chinese garlic season is about to start again. In June, the first containers will be shipped to Europe. After the previous bizarre season, prospects are very different now. “After last year’s extreme prices – everything you had in stock just became more expensive – cultivation expanded by 30 per cent,…..

Garden Pack combines mini products in larger box
“When people buy vegetables, they often get a combination of cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes,” says Kurvin Soobrayen with AMCO Produce in Leamington, Canada. “This information is based on research we have done ourselves in combination with customer conversations.” In response to this consumer buying pattern,…..

Large watermelons still preferred over mini’s due to higher brix level
“Our watermelon season runs from mid-March through September,” says Scott McDulin with Schmieding Produce. Typically, the season starts with imports from Mexico and moves to Florida in April. Around mid to late June, harvest moves up to Georgia. Schmieding grows watermelons in Florida, but works with and…..

Italy: Harvesting of Pgi table grapes form Mazzarrone started
«Nature needs time to give us its most precious fruits,» said Gianni Raniolo, president of Consorzio di Tutela dell’Uva da Tavola di Mazzarrone Igp, while announcing the start of harvesting operations for what he defines as «the best grapes in the world.»»It’s not important to arrive first, quality is what’s…..

New Jersey blueberries have started for Naturipe Farms and its growers
The New Jersey blueberry harvest season has started for Naturipe grower, Dacosta Blueberry Farms, Inc., with anticipation for another great season.Originally a 26-acre operation in 1953, second generation Macrie brothers, Michael, Nick and Paul, have turned their father, Paul Sr.’s, land and Dacosta Blueberry…..

2017 summit meeting of Chinese fruit industry ends perfectly
The 2017 summit meeting of the Chinese retailers in the fruit industry lasted for two days, starting on the 19th of May. The closing ceremony took place in a splendid international hotel in Shanghai. In total 46 retailers took part in the exhibit, together with 378 buyer, 45 honored guests and 11 foreign…..

Armenia to export more than 500 tons of fruits & veg to UAE
Suren Karayan, Armenian economic development minister, and Norayr Aghayan, head of Janfida Agri Holding, signed a memorandum on Monday to export agriculture products to the Persian Gulf countries. The head of Janfida Agri Holding said that the most attractive products are apricots, peaches and plums. In his…..

AU: Consultation to ensure security of Northern NSW blueberry production
The NSW Department of Primary Industries is actively working with industry, councils and state agencies to promote best practice for blueberry developments to avoid and reduce land use conflicts in the north coast region.DPI Manager Agricultural Land Use Planning, Liz Rogers said a collaborative forum between…..

Maersk no longer able to transport goods to or from Qatar
The world’s biggest container shipping line, Maersk, is no longer able to transport goods in or out of Qatar after Arab countries imposed restrictions on trade with the Gulf state, the company said on Tuesday.Shipping lines transship cargoes from the port of Jebel Ali into Qatar, which is dependent on imports…..

Gale force winds damage hundreds of acres of banana farms in India
Heavy rain accompanied by gales destroyed hundreds of acres of banana farms in and around Papanasam near Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district in India on Tuesday. Papanasam and many parts of Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district received heavy rain on Monday night. Several low lying areas in the town were inundated…..

Apple genome analysed
Tool for developing new sustainable apple varieties published
An international team of scientists, including researchers from the Wageningen University & Research Centre are publishing a high quality genome sequence of an apple in the Nature Genetics journal this week. The publication of the genome makes it possible to develop more targeted new apple varieties in a…..

Amazon & Aldi among ‘most valuable’ global retail brands: BrandZ
Coles new stragegy: better fruit and vegetables
Coles new stragegy: better fruit and vegetablesBetter fruit and veg and a tighter product range are part of Coles’ new strategy to win the $90 billion grocery war. But the supermarket giant needs one more thing to beat the competition from Aldi and Amazon: lower prices.That’s the message managing director John…..

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