The market continues to grow. Importers in Europe are looking for enough volumes to meet the rising demand. Growers and exporters are striving to reach those same volumes and are investing in expanding the…..

Dominican Republic grows many organic bananas
«We hope we don’t get the banana diseases»
«This year, we’ll have been active in growing and exporting organic bananas for fifteen years. We pack 50,000 bananas on average every day. Besides bananas, we also have lemons, avocados and coconuts,” says Kilian Almonte of the company Banama from the Dominican Republic.Few diseases in the Dominican…..

Job Offers:
• Springworks, Director of Horticulture and Research – US
• Philips Lighting, Sales application Specialist Horticulture Nordics – Findland
• Philips Lighting, Business Development Manager Horticulture LED CEE / Russia

Argentina continues to import apples in the midst of fruit crisis
Apples are continuing to arrive from abroad. In the midst of the biggest crisis in the history of fruit growing in the Alto Valle of Rio Negro and Neuquen, apple imports in 2017 continue to increase. In 2016, Argentina imported 2,992 tons of apples. Meanwhile, so far in 2017 the country has imported 533 tons,…..

Avocado producers from Central Pacific to sell at Walmart México and Central America
Part of the operation of Walmart of Mexico and Central America in Costa Rica will be supplied with tropical fruit and coastal avocados from the Central Pacific.In total, the producers from the localities of Orotina, San Mateo, and Esparzan placed more than 9,000 kilos of inshore avocado in the different…..

Mexico: Italian lemon production increases by 40% in Tamaulipas
Italian lemon planting grew by 40 percent in the municipalities in the central area of Tamaulipas, stated Javier Ibarra Echartea.Ibarra Echartea, who is the leader of the citrus sector of the social sector of the CNC, said that the area devoted for the production of this type of citrus went from 3,500 hectares…..

Peru: Frio Aereo to open operations center for horticultural exports in Pisco
According to Victor Mercado, the Projects Manager for Frio Aereo, this logistics operator seeks to implement a new operations center in Pisco. The company currently operates alongside the Jorge Chavez airport (Lima).»We are betting on being in other locations. The Pisco airport has the necessary conditions to…..

Mexico: Mango production down more than 50% in Sinaloa
There will be a steep fall in mango production in southern Sinaloa, stated Samuel Valdez Rivera.Valdez Rivera, a mango producer from the municipality of El Rosario, said they expected to produce 100 thousand tons of fruit this season, while in the previous year they had produced 250 thousand tons.»We producers…..

Unpredictability in growing seasons causes market fluctuations
Mango marketplace affected by weather in Mexico
The mango market has been less than stellar over the past year. Several factors have played a part in the current programs being offered. “We’ve had a lot of weather (issues) – that seems to be playing a bigger part in the grand scheme of things,” said Tom Hall of Freska Produce. Where as at one time markets…..

World banana market review
Banana exports from the Dominican Republic dropped by 75% last year
In 2015, global banana exports, excluding plantains, registered the first decline since 2010 after having reached an unprecedented peak of 18.6 million tonnes in 2014. While import demand remained strong in all regions, the adverse effects of the El Niño weather phenomenon as well as the spread of the Fusarium…..

The premature arrival of Chile will regulate the lack of medium calibres
Avocado is already an essential commodity for the hospitality sector
Global demand for avocados is growing, something that is reflected in its prices, which have been increasing for months.»At the moment there is a lot of demand and the supply of Peru’s medium gauges 18, 20 and 22 is significantly lower than last year, as they have had rain problems and have also sent more…..

Global asparagus market estimated to be worth $37Bn by 2027
Key excerpts from Future Market Insights’ latest report on the global asparagus market project predict that by the end of 2027, around 10,300,521.7 metric tonnes (MT) of asparagus will be consumed across the globe. The sales of 10 million MT of asparagus are estimated to bring in revenues worth over US$ 37Bn……

Special Greece

Freskon 2018

Greek trade show set to boost international recognition
From the 26th to the 28th of October 2018, the Freskon exhibition will be held at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre by TIF-Helexpo. According to project manager Tonia Nikolaidou, the event functions as an important ambassador for the Greek fresh produce sector. “In order to boost the…..

Global Focus Soft/Stonefruit

New varieties lengthen season

UK: Early, positive start for cherries
The English cherry season has been pushed on by the mild weather throughout the year, a warm period during blossom and then the hot weather a couple of weeks ago has brought the season forward by a week to ten days compared to an ‘average’ year.»We just started picking our early varieties Merchant and Vanda,»…..

Commercial availability in fall 2019
Cosmic Crisp apple hoping to be out of this world
It takes years to develop a new variety. Cosmic Crisp – the newest apple variety – was 20 years in the making and began at Washington State University under an experimental fruit-breeding program. It’s anticipated to edge out older fruit, such as the outdated red delicious. It’s a naturally bred variety, a…..

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China: So Orange signs investment deal for 330 million yuan
On 25 June, the 20th China Chongqing International Investment and Global Sourcing Fair (CCISF) was concluded in Chongqing, with «domestic opportunities to open up, and new international cooperation» as its main theme.The 20th China Chongqing International Investment and Global Sourcing FairRepresentatives of 9…..

Country celebrates its 150th anniversary on July 1
Farmer’s markets have been a success story throughout Canada’s history
Despite startups and the closure of brick and mortar stores across the country, there is one thing that often seems to remain consistent: local farmer’s markets. They have been a success story throughout Canada’s history. The oldest farmer’s market in North America is in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At the time, the…..

UK: Good quality brassicas hard to find
The UK brassica market at the moment is proving to be hard work, although prices are not increasing that much, it is difficult to get the quality. This is a direct consequence of the recent record temperatures a couple of weeks ago.»The broccoli price is on the rise but not by a huge amount,» explains a trader…..

AU: New export opportunity for Western Australian brussel sprouts grower
Western Australian produce company Odeum Farms is preparing to export brussel sprouts to Japan and South Korea for the first time this spring and summer.Odeum Farms, National Category and Farms Manager says it will be the first time Australia has supplied to these Asian markets in this seasonal window. The…..

The new low carb potato taking New Zealand by storm
A New Zealand low-carbohydrate potato has been on the market for just three weeks, but is already proving to be a major success.T & G Global say they discovered the new variety, which has been labelled the Lotato™, by chance.»It was bred in Holland by cross pollinating two existing varieties of potatoes,»…..

Spain: Good Galia melon campaign expected in Murcia
For Merca-Altiplano, the Galia melon harvest will officially begin in about 15 days, and it will be then when they will really have control on prices in the export market. «For now, we can only say that they are reaching between 0.60 and 0.70 Euro per kilo at origin,» explains José Antonio Fernández,…..

Russia extends boycot till end 2018
Russia has extended the boycott of fruit and vegetables to the end of 2018. This was reported by the Agricultural Branch of the Economic Department of the Dutch Embassy in Moscow via Twitter. Russian Prime Minister Medvedev is believed to have said this one day after the EU sanctions were officially extended…..

No activity at APM Terminals yet
The container terminals of APM in the port of Rotterdam have been silent for the fourth day in a row. According to the reports no containers can yet be unloaded at the terminals. Maersk reports that the shipments are being sent to other terminals in and around Rotterdam. «With these facilities the system is…..

Italy: Green Energy produces organic grapes and apricots
Green Energyis a recently-established company that works with skilled labourers in the Acate territory (RG). Table grapes were planted in March last year, under structures that are very simple but which nonetheless guarantee a good management of the climatic aspects. «This is very important because, as the…..

Myanmar Agri-Business Group
Myanmar is ready to spice up the industry
Myanmar Agri-Business Group (MABG) based in the Southeast Asian country’s capital, Yangon, is known for processing and exporting of high quality chemical-free products such as ginger, turmeric and organic teas, which are all sustainably grown by smallholder farmers. The MABG company has benefited a lot from…..

«Demand dragon fruit in Vietnam stable for the past few years»
Lavite Company Limited, a 3 year old Vietnamese company, produces and sells both white flesh and red flesh dragon fruits in the local market. According to Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tuyet, “We sell fresh dragon fruit that is considered processed, despite using natural and organic procedures. In the future our company…..

Produce heavyweight Hein Deprez buys Hollands largest organic pepper grower
One of Holland’s largest organic greenhouse growers has sold its business to Greenyard’s Hein Deprez and his family company The Fruit Farm.A.C. Hartman, which grows bell peppers on an acreage of 72 hectare in the Friesland province, is one of the premier suppliers to Dutch retailer Albert Heijn. With the…..

Italy: Hailstorm in Val di Non
According to a report by local Trentino sources, a strong hailstorm hit Val di Non on the night between 21st and 22nd June 2017. Damage is currently being assessed by insurance companies and, at the moment, it is still not possible to estimate the quantities of apples and soft fruit affected.(Archive photo by…..

Rijk Zwaan joins R&D consortium to expand research capabilities
Rijk Zwaan will be able to expand its research activities as one of the partners of the Crops of the Future Collaborative. This new public-private consortium is convened by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR, located in the USA) and has research on leafy vegetables as one of its points of…..

Heavy rains take out 1,000 acres of potato crops in Ontario, Canada
After a month of good growing conditions and positive reports, amid sporadic news on disease potential, the word from one of Ontario’s potato-growing regions is that roughly 1,000 acres of potatoes have been lost due to flooding.Drenching rains in midwestern Ontario have left both commercial fields and variety…..

100 calories, fruit vs dessert
A new video from Consumer Reports may surprise lovers of all things sweet. The video shows how much fruit people could eat for the same calories as some popular desserts contain.“One hundred calories of fruit is a big portion—possibly more than you’d eat in one sitting—so opting for fruit means you’ll get a…..

Fire blight tolerant pears give hope to Canadian growers
A decade after a processing plant closed and persistent fire blight problems pushed many Ontario growers out of the pear business, there’s a new excitement about pears in Canada.The reason being a handful of new varieties that offer fire blight resistance, cold hardiness and high-density production are…..

New Japanese GPS satellites could enhance unmanned farming capabilities
From Central Queensland to Jerilderie in southern NSW, high-tech mega company, Hitachi, is trialling a range of different technologies enabling farmers to run driverless machinery or remotely calculate pasture and soil moisture conditions to make better management decisions.A new network of Japanese satellites…..

Around Noon expands in the UK with Chef in a Box acquisition
Around Noon, a Northern Ireland-based food-to-go manufacturer, announced a significant acquisition in London to expand its presence within the UK. The Newry headquartered company, which already has a market-leading position on the island of Ireland, has acquired Chef in a Box, a sandwich and snack…..

Overview of the imported fruit market of week 25
American Dapple Dinos enter the market – avocados selling fast
This week, Shanghai started its rainy season, and the temperature has fallen below 30 degrees with heavier rainfall. Thus, for the imported fruit market, the sales of oranges has slowed down with a lower volume and the fluctuations in prices have been also smaller. On the other hand, imported fruits from the…..

ChemChina acquires Syngenta to consolidate its leadership in the sector
In his first official announcement after being named president of the board of directors of Switzerland’s Syngenta, Ren Jianxin, founder and president of ChemChina, the company that acquired the Swiss seed and agrochemicals multinational for US $43 billion, said their goal was to consolidate their leadership…..

Crystal Valley Foods redesigns website
Crystal Valley Foods (Crystal Valley), a leading grower and importer of top quality fresh fruits and vegetables from Mexico, Central America, and South America, has redesigned its website, www.crystalvalleyfoods.com. The website was redesigned with Crystal Valley’s foodservice and retail customers in mind, as…..

China: Mixed reactions to the first Weihai Interpoma Fair
On 28 June, the first «2017 Weihai International Apple Production Equipment Fair (Interpoma 2017)» and the 2017 China Weihai – International Entrepreneurial Talent Summit: «International Apple Production Technology Forum» were held in Weihai. Many domestic and international experts attended this fair.The…..

EU updates rules for organic production
The negotiators of the Council and the European Parliament reached an agreement to update the rules for organic production, thereby accommodating the needs of a growing sector.Following the decisive meeting, Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan said: «We welcome the successful conclusion to today’s trilogue…..

“Catastrophic” start to French artichoke season
Camus, Castel and Cardinal artichoke production in Brittany has harvested over 6,000 tons more up to the 16th June than the same date last year. Small purple artichokes have also seen 9 million heads more harvested compared to last year. Christophe Moal, President of the UCPT artichoke committee and…..

French blackcurrant harvest to be 4 times lower this year
The 2017 blackcurrant harvest, which began mid-June, will be lower than in previous years due to the late frost at the end of April which occurred during flowering. Some varieties could be 55% lower than usual.Florent Baillard, President of the Socofruits cooperative estimates that production will reach 700…..

Hungary: Watermelon season starting earlier than last year
The peak of the watermelon harvest is expected to begin in the first week of July, five to ten days earlier than last year, as long as the weather conditions remain favourable,» reported the Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Organization and Product Board (FruitVeB) this week.This year, Hungarian producers have…..

Apricot campaign kicks off in Hungary
The apricot campaign has started in Hungary and consumers will have access to this domestic fruit until mid-August. The Mediterranean countries have already been harvesting them for a long time thanks to their climatic conditions, but imported apricots are disappearing from the stores’ shelves.In an average…..

Uzbekistan to supply fresh produce to Novosibirsk
In August, a wholesale and retail complex for Uzbekistan’s products will open in Novosibirsk. 85% of the project has already been completed and will have a total cost of about 1 billion roubles (about 14.73 million Euro).The construction of the complex was launched after the signing of a memorandum of…..

GROW agri-tech business plan winners tackle African poverty
Lifting sub-Saharan farmers out of poverty by creating a market for their surplus and a water sensor that can create moisture maps from the air, were the two winning business plans at GROW – the UK’s agri-tech business plan competition. GROW was developed by Agri-Tech East to stimulate and support…..

Egypt causes citrus prices to plunge, affecting the Spanish campaign
Sources of the Citrus Management Committee (CGC), the association that brings together the main Spanish private exporters, have been trying to find an explanation for the presence of Egyptian oranges in Spain when the campaign is still on-going and, beyond exceptional cases, they blame the «aggressive price…..

New Zealand commits $10m towards global agricultural research
Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee has announced an $11 million boost to global agricultural research.“New Zealand is a world leader in international agriculture research and we want to help meet global food needs in ways that are positive for the environment,” Mr Brownlee says.“New Zealand is committing $11…..

Global cyber attack hit Auchan payment terminals
Lidl US’ price advantage applies less for fresh
Indonesia’s 7-Eleven outlets shut downThe remaining 141 7-Eleven outlets in Indonesia will cease operations tomorrow, said Indonesia PT Modern Internasional, the franchise owner of the 24-hour convenience store. In a recent statement to Bursa Efek, its director, Chandra Wijaya, said the decision was made given…..

FreshPlaza funny
Sheepdog herder