Uruguay citrus player reaching consumers with new varieties

Alejandro Buratovich, Country Manager for Uruguay, commented on the varietal conversion process devised to meet the current and future demands of the market:»Every day, we work to be the largest Citrus Player in the Southern Hemisphere. We provide food to millions of people, therefore we intend to organize the…..

Job Offers:
• Red Sun Farms, Assistant Grower – US
• Valley Grown Nurseries, Nursery / Grower Manager – UK
• AIS Greenworks, Growing Systems Manager – Australia

Chile is starting to promote its citrus in the United States
According to information provided by the Director of Marketing of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) of North America, Karen Brux, together with ASOEX’s Citrus Committee, and ProChile, Chile is planning new and massive promotional actions for its easy-peelers, Navels, and lemons.In this regard, Brux…..

Peruvian potato exports increased by 19.4% in the first quarter
According to the Exporters Association (Adex), in the first quarter of the year, Peruvian potato exports amounted to $ 594,428 dollars, i.e. 19.4% more than in the same period of 2016.Potato product exports include snacks, which accounted for 94% of total exports, followed by potato starch (2.2%), fresh or…..

Honduras positions its eggplants in the US
The National Health and Food Safety Service (Senasa) stated at a meeting that, day by day, the eggplants grown in Honduras were improving their positioning in the United States market, where they are considered a star product.The meeting took place at the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG), and was…..

Mexico: Plantain producers want export tariffs to the EU to be lower
The National Council of Plantain Producers have said that they will seek, through the Ministry of Economy (SE), to reduce the tariff on banana exports to the European Union, in order to have the same advantages as other producing countries.The president of the organization, Adrian Prats Leal, said a European…..

China: Yunnan bananas coming out of a slump
«After three whole years of slump in the market, local banana growers are now enjoying a big harvest. Since the Chinese new year, the price of bananas from Yunnan has been rising. Within two months, the per kilo price reached 3.7 yuan, which was an increase of 350% compared to the 0.8 yuan before the new year……

Harvesting robot for soft fruit still in development
A harvesting robot for strawberries is still in development. Tom Coen, CEO of Octinion, indicates they are currently working on the newest generation with a grab that’s more compact and quicker than the first harvesting robot. “Our next step is that the robot doesn’t just pick strawberries, but other soft…..

Jarrod Redwood – Just Avocados
«We need to retain our relevance and shelf space in a low volume season»
The 2016-17 season has ended and it has been a big year for the New Zealand avocado industry, which exported a record crop of just over 4.7 million trays. In a year in which the industry exported more trays than ever before, the most pleasing aspect is that returns to growers remained extremely positive,…..

Nearly 80% of Georgia’s peach crop wiped out
Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday that nearly 80 percent of that state’s peach crop has been wiped out this year. He says an overly warm winter and hard freeze in the early spring caused the loss in crops.Black says the lack of peaches could lead to a shorter…..

Hort Connections: Build a strong brand, and they will come
An international fresh food marketing organisation says the most successful and effective brands are those that best capture a company’s mission, vision and values. Explaining the Brand Temple model at a Hort Connections seminar, Fresh Produce Marketing’s Gianni Russo explains that it has three levels.»The…..

Special Greece

Young attitude of Greek cooperative leads to success in export
The Greek cooperative Thesgi was founded in 2013 by a group of 23 young farmers, who realized that teamwork and forming a shared organization would lead to better results. Since then, the cooperative has expanded to 75 members, who are mainly based in Thessaly. “When I say young, I mean young in spirit. These…..

Global Focus Soft/Stonefruit

Supplies on the tight side

California stone fruit prices higher
California stone fruit that’s being shipped into Ontario, Canada, is just getting started. Supply is good, but “not out of control,” according to Larry Davidson of Toronto-based North American Produce. The company has programs for peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, pluots and cherries.The east coast of the…..

Italy: New Tisane dell’Orto infusion range
Tisane dell’Orto are the new range by L’Insalata dell’Orto srl, a leading producer of packed unwashed and fresh-cut salad.It is the first European range of infusions with fresh flowers, tubers and fresh, available in two versions – green (digestive – mint, basil, sage, edible flowers) and orange (detox -…..

Randolf Aaldijk, Origin Fruit Direct:
“Considerable prices for all overseas citrus”
Demand is currently not a problem on the citrus market. The only problem: there’s too little trade available. “We’re not receiving the volumes yet that we’d like to see. That results in considerable prices for all overseas citrus,” says Randolf Aaldijk from Origin Fruit Direct.“The situation in the Eastern and…..

The raw coconut water that has reached 25 countries in 2 years
Temperatures are on the rise as the summer approaches, so the demand for juices and natural beverages increases, as is the case of Genuine Coconut’s raw organic coconut water; a refreshing blend of flavour and innovation that is quickly expanding worldwide. It is the world’s first coconut water that is…..

Price overview for Egyptian produce: Rise in garlic prices
The price of Egyptian garlic is on the rise. The price per kilo for garlic is currently EGP£15 (€0.75). Other prices for Egyptian produce have settled, with prices for tomatoes ranging from EGP£2.50 to EGP£4.50 (€0.12 to €0.22) per kilo. A kilo of potatoes currently costs EGP£ 2.30 (€0.11), whereas courgettes…..

Philadelphia market pilots produce rescue program
It’s a pilot program that started with an observation. “Philabundance [a local food drive umbrella organization] remembered that at our old market several years ago, volunteers would come and actually wait by the dumpsters outside and try to dig through and see if anything was salvageable,” says Christine…..

Woman survives for 5 days stuck in crashed car by eating bananas
A Washington woman was found alive in her vehicle five days after her vehicle went over a 40-foot embankment. Seventy year old Sharon Lee Leaming had been missing since May 23 and was finally found on Sunday. Leaming’s family told KIRO-TV she survived by consuming what little water and food she had in the car,…..

New polls send Pound rising past $1.29
The pound’s sensitivity to opinion polls ahead of the general election next week is evident today. After a rollercoaster session, where the local currency slumped to $1.2768 after a YouGov poll showed the UK risks a hung parliament after the general election, it jumped to a day’s high of $1.2901 on the back of…..

Amazon launches air freight service to Zhengzhou, China
Retail giant Amazon has launched direct cargo flights from the US to Zhengzhou, capital of central China’s Henan Province.The planes which were carrying products, including food, clothes and household appliances ordered by Chinese buyers, flew from New York, Chicago and Los Angels to the Chinese transportation…..

Simpler rules provide more support for EU fruit and veg producers
European fruit and vegetable producer organisations will benefit from simpler rules, a reduced administrative burden and greater financial support in times of crisis thanks to new legislation that comes into force on 1 June 2017.In particular, the updated and simplified delegated regulation of the European…..

Pipfruit NZ to change name
Pipfruit NZ has announced plans to change their name to New Zealand Apples and Pears Inc. and the new name will go into effect at the Agricultural Fieldays in Mystery Creek later this month; Pipfruit NZ is exhibiting at the Fieldays for the first time.Pipfruit NZ chief executive Alan Pollard says the old name…..

Penn State scientists create natural food coloring from avocados
One of the latest ventures to come out of Penn State, Persea Naturals, began with an unintended discovery. Gregory R. Ziegler, professor of food science in the College of Agricultural Sciences, was extracting starch from avocado pits when he noticed something interesting. When avocado pits are pulverized, an…..

Israel: Prosperous agriculture in the middle of the desert
Israel is an exemplary country in many ways, especially regarding the application of technological developments to advance production. This, for example, is something that they have done in agriculture, a thriving industry in a nation that is in the middle of the desert. How did they accomplish this miracle?…..

All designed and built in-house
Print on Demand labeling system considered industry standard in produce labeling
Hurst International is the originator of the patented “Print on Demand” (POD) Versaprint labeling system. The innovative system combines technology developed by Hurst to meet the needs of the fruit packaging industry. The Direct Thermal Printing technology allows packers to label up to 63 different graphics at…..

High temperatures at harvest bring sweet grapes
After sweating out cooler temperatures in early May, the entire North American grape season is about two weeks behind. However, grape harvest is now in full swing for MAS Melons & Grapes. «We harvest in the triple-digit-sweet-spot of Sonora, Mexico as heat means sweet,» says Miky Suarez with MAS Melons…..

Launch of tabbed label for direct variable print applications
Following the commercial launch of Sinclair’s Print on Demand™ technology, the latest innovation in fruit labeling is further optimized with the introduction of the Sinclair® TruTab™. «It’s the first and only tabbed label for direct thermal variable print applications,» says Barry Lawson, Product Manager with…..

Fyffes labels agri careers fair a «resounding success»
Fyffes Head of Human Resources, William Faulkner, has labelled their high-profile presence at the recent Agri Careers Fair in the RDS a ‘resounding success’.Since the event, the company has received over 1,000 applications from students seeking a place on their 2017 Graduate Management Programme, which begins…..

Hungary: Working group to boost domestic onion production
Hungary has a long tradition as an onion producer, yet the sector’s competitiveness is currently not strong enough. In order to improve this, a working group has been set up by the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture.In recent years, the acreage devoted to onion cultivation has gradually declined;…..

Uzbekistan is ready to export agricultural products to East Kazakhstan
The governor of the region of East Kazakhstan, Danial Akhmetov, and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan, Ikrom Nazarov, discussed opportunities for mutual cooperation, as reported by the press service of East Kazakhstan.East Kazakhstan has developed a…..

Turkish Airlines cuts fruit & veg shipping prices by up to 73%
Turkish Cargo, which is operating under the scope of Turkish Airlines (THY), has provided fresh fruit and vegetable exporters with a discount of up to 73 percent on the transportation fee per kilogram.After the agreement between Turkish Cargo officials, the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM) and the Aegean…..

Turkey looks to build alternative road to ease shipping of produce
Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister, Ahmet Arslan, said that the government wants to create an alternative to the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project with a line that will run through Iğdır-Dilucu-Nakhchivan and finally to Iran via Kars.Speaking to Anadolu Agency regarding the…..

Variety showcase in Florida demonstrates growing East Coast presence of Enza Zaden
Enza Zaden’s 2017 Spring Variety Showcase was held May 18th at the company’s 10-year old research station in Myakka City, FL. Product headliners included new commercial varieties of tomatoes and peppers, a winning zucchini, and compelling displays of conventional and organically produced endive, fennel,…..

Aldi and Lidl sales soar as prices rise | Amazon launches air freight service to China
Asda reduces payment terms | Swiss Spar plans expansion
Coop Switzerland opens first vegetarian supermarketCoop Switzerland has launched its first Karma supermarket – a store dedicated entirely to vegetarian and vegan products. The new format, which has opened in Zug, will offer fresh produce, basic food items, vegan and vegetarian cosmetics, freshly prepared…..

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