Frutesa celebrated it’s 34th anniversary
Guatemalan avocados well received in Europe
“Guatemalan avocados are almost year round available, however, with some ups and downs depending on the month. At the moment we have low quantities, so there is insufficient product to supply the local demand. Our main season will be from October to May, but we are working with our growers towards having…..

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• Redfox Executive Selection Ltd, Management Accountant – Portugal

New boxes BQ Fruit
Mexican mango season expected to stabilize soon
“In the South of Mexico, the regions Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Guerrero, didn’t have big volumes. We always start our season with these regions, however this year we didn’t receive any fruit. This was due to a calm winter that diminished the flowering of the trees, with the result of not having enough fruit. Now…..

Panama: The first industrial commercial nursery certified to produce and export seedlings
Vivero Semillas y Plantones, began operations on November 14, 2015. The Panamanian company is the first industrial commercial nursery to be certified at the national level, through the Department of Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of Panama and in support of The Regional International Plant…..

Costa Rica: Upala Agricola, a pioneer in sending pineapples to China
Upala Agricola, a pineapple producing company, became one of the first exporters of this product to China after having complied with a series of requirements demanded by this market.The process began in 2014, with the first evaluations made by officials of the General Administration of Quality Supervision,…..

The market was closed for 8 years
Argentina resumes citrus exports to Brazil
The Ministry of Agribusiness of the Nation confirmed that exports of lemons to Brazil had resumed after Brazil reopened its market for Argentine citrus fruit last month, eight years after having banned the imports for health reasons.The shipment, which was made by the Citrusvil company from the NOA, entered…..

Valencia season starts in northern South Africa
Citrus growers in Limpopo Province have embarked upon the 2017 Valencia season, South Africa’s second largest citrus variety after soft citrus in terms of acreage. The Valencia estimate for the country predicts that volumes will be 16% higher this year than in 2016, as volumes normalise after the drought and…..

UK: Good weather boosts avocado demand and prices
Warm weather, BBQs and lots of alfresco dining has boosted avocado sales in the UK in recent weeks. Strong demand has been experienced even though raw material prices have been higher than at this time last year.»There are a few countries supplying the UK market at the moment,» said Mark Everett from…..

George Kragie with US-based Western Fresh Marketing
“Figs have become mainstream and create excitement again”
“North America’s fig season is in full swing and there is a lot of excitement for the category,” says George Kragie with Western Fresh Marketing. “Figs are sexy again,” he added. The large majority of figs available in the US and Canada are grown in California. “Some other countries in the Southern Hemisphere…..

California supplies more than one-fifth and its harvest continues
Americans consume 100 million pounds of avocados for 4th of July
“The California avocado harvest, which started as early as January for some growers and ramped up in earnest in April, continues with a range of sizes and excellent eating quality,” says Jan DeLyser with the California Avocado Commission. Based on industry projections, this year’s crop is about 75 percent…..

Adam Cooper with the Wonderful Company
Comments on a record Halo year and marketing the largest pistachio crop ever
Wonderful Halos grew against a record-yearIn the first week of June, shipping of the last Halos of the season finished. “It was a solid year,” says Adam Cooper with the Wonderful Company. “We were the first California grower that was out in the market at the end of October and Halos were off to the fastest…..

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Central Market of Thessaloniki working on food wastage program
The Central Market of Thessaloniki (CMT) is working on the launch of a project with Bulgarian organizations, which is meant to reduce the waste of fruits and vegetables. The goal of the project is to collect fresh produce that is unfit for commerce but is still perfectly fine for consumption. These volumes of…..

Global Focus Soft/Stonefruit

Argentina: Blueberry producers from Concordia will benefit from a new cargo airport
The members of the Association of Argentine Fruit Growers of Mesopotamia (APAMA) met with the municipal president of Concordia, Enrique Cresto. In the meeting, the official told producers the advances being made in the work to transform the airport of Concordia into a cargo airport. When told that Governor…..

Washington’s cherry season could be one of its best on record
Volume is building heavily for Washington cherries. “Volumes are really coming on,” says Scott Marboe of Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers of Wenatchee, Wa. “We have hit our first peak this past week and we are packing some fantastic cherries.” Marboe notes that the 2017 cherry season returns to more of a…..

Jason Verkaik with Carron Farms comments on flooding
Will Ontario growers be able to handle setbacks in future?
At this point Jason Verkaik of Carron Farms says it’s a definite that they’ll have to reseed some acres of carrots – about half of the crop in fact. “There’s no doubt about that. We’re still pumping off surface water in our fields,” he said. With more rain in the forecast tomorrow and Friday it will be a true…..

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AU: The importance of action when it comes to banana disease
One of Australia’s leading plant pathologists says it is vital that appropriate action is taken when there are discoveries of plant disease. Professor Andre Drenth told the Australian Banana Industry Congress in Sydney that, while it sounds simple enough, he has seen examples where people do nothing, and the…..

Flexible packaging helps Indian papayas penetrate Dubai
Deccan Field Agro Industries from Bangalore, a well known papaya producer in Southern India, was looking for a perfect way to export their products and grow their market. They found a partner in Uflex Ltd., an Indian multinational company that offers end to end flexible packaging solutions, used for food,…..

Munch’n multi-channel approach delivers results for Freshmax
With its 2017 season now drawn to a close, Freshmax is standing back to review the impact of its multi-channel promotional campaign for Munch’n Kiwiberry. And it has delivered incredible results. “The brand continues to receive sensational feedback from the market, and the engagement received by the brand…..

Impact hacking continues
APM unloads ships ‘manually’
The hacking which took place on Tuesday afternoon is still having major consequences for Maersk and the APM Terminals. Via Twitter, both companies are keeping customers informed of the situation.Maersk reports that some systems have been deliberately disabled. Technical recovery is being undertaken. The…..

Chinese product that improves quality of fresh produce has strong competitiveness
«Our biggest product is Mecypro, an internationally revolutionary medicine that keeps fruit, vegetables and flowers fresh. Mecypro helps farmers, refrigeration companies, distributors, wholesalers and retailers to maintain the quality of their products, improve their efficiency, and reduce waste. Because of…..

US provides nice window of opportunity for South African citrus
Citrus coming in from South Africa is “looking excellent” and demand is good, especially since California has been a bit lighter this year, according to Andy Economou of TastyFrutti. “It’s given us an opportunity, on the east coast at least, to market the product properly.”Smaller sizesSouth Africa has…..

Orchardists seek redder Honeycrisp apple for better profits
New varieties aren’t the only things on growers’ minds. They are also thinking about upgrading their Honeycrisps to ones that are growing a bit redder.“What happens with the great majority of very popular varieties is that a round of red mutations soon follows,” said David Bedford, apple breeder and senior…..

Children & adults differ in how they perceive the sweetness of fruits
Most children want their food to taste sweet. So, do you want your child to eat a candy bar or fruit when they have a snack? A team of researchers from the University of Florida and the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Pennsylvania found children and adults differ in how they perceive the sweetness of fructose…..

Vietnam dragon fruit is exported to 40 countries around the world
Vietnamese dragon fruit has been exported to 40 countries and territories such as China, Thailand and Indonesia, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).The fruit is also entering new markets including India, New Zealand, Australia and Chile, said the ministry.The MARD is…..

Nigeria could earn $22.2 million by supplying cashews to Walmart
Nigeria is set to supply 130,000 tonnes of roasted cashew nuts, valued at USD $22,204,821, to the Walmart Super Market chain in the United States of America.This was revealed by the Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbe, on Wednesday while briefing State House correspondents after the meeting of the Federal…..

Sainsbury’s launches edible flowers line in UK stores
Flower lovers will soon be able to take their admiration to another level in the UK with Sainsbury’s announcing the launch of its own range of edible flowers.Vanessa Rider, Sainsbury’s Buyer for Edible Flowers said: “I’m really pleased to announce the launch of our edible flowers range especially during…..

Nigeria begins exporting yams to the UK
Nigeria has begun yam exports to the United Kingdom with 72 tons of yams in three containers, the Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbeh said.He said the matter was tabled at the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting on Wednesday as a major milestone in the export market and diversification process……

CMA CGM releases new company logo as part of new strategy
2017 has been a busy year for CMA CGM with the nomination of Rodolphe Saadé as Chief Executive Officer of the Group on February 7th, the launch of OCEAN Alliance, and the potential acquisition of Mercosul in Brazil.Upon becoming Chief Executive Officer, Rodolphe Saadé set a new strategic course with a new…..

80% of the world’s cherry varieties originate from Summerland, Canada
The Summerland Research and Development Centre is where 80 per cent of the world’s cherries originate.“A vast majority of the cherry varieties grown across the world are Summerland varieties,” said Dr. Amrit Singh, a research scientist at the centre.For decades, scientists have been cross-breeding varieties by…..

Western Australian avocado farm to be sold for over $100m
A deal has been struck for the sale of Australia’s biggest avocado farm to an offshore buyer.It is believed confidential terms were agreed recently on the sale of Neil Delroy’s Busselton-based Jasper Farms, subject to the approval of the Foreign Investment Review Board.The buyer remains unknown, though…..

The man responsible for the world’s obsession with avocados
Sometime in the 1920s, on the outskirts of Los Angeles, a friendly neighborhood postal worker decided to buy himself an avocado seed. This he did with much success and subsequently planted the seed in his backyard with the intention of grafting another variety of avocado onto it. The grafts would not take,…..

China: World’s smallest pineapple intercepted by customs in Tianjin
Recently at Tianjin International Airport, inspectors from the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau found mini pineapples in the checked luggage belonging to a passenger flying from Phuket, Thailand. There were altogether 7 mini pineapples with a total weight of 1.1kg. The Bureau has intercepted this variety…..

Taiwanese members of the legislative court go bananas
Because of the steep fall in the price of bananas recently, several members of the legislative court of the Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan organized a press conference about bananas on the 26th of June. The members of the legislative court each held a banana in their hands, their facial expressions…..

New express-barge «Hanse» introduced in Hamburg
The largest barge allowed on the Elbe side channel is now running regularly an express boat as a shuttle between Braunschweig und Hamburg. The new M/S «Hanse» masters the 179km distance in a transit time of less than 24 hours. «That’s about as fast as a truck,» says Heiko Tominski, Sales Manager of the…..

Rockit™ apple wins supreme export award
Miniature apple grower and exporter Rockit Global has been crowned ExportNZ, Hawke’s Bay ASB Exporter of the Year at the awards dinner last night. Rockit Global has the international license for the Rockit Apple variety. The unique product positioning in the snack market and away from commodity apples saw…..

AU: New import conditions to come into effect on June 30
The Australian Government will be making a number of changes to the permit conditions for certain items of fresh produce from selected countries, which will come into effect on Friday, June 30.Under the Biosecurity Act 2015, the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources revised the requirements…..

Strawberry sales almost finished in Poland
The sale of strawberries, which hit the market later than in previous years, is slowly coming to an end in Poland. Małgorzata Skoczewska, spokeswoman of Bronisze market, said that strawberries can currently be bought for 5-8 złoty* per kg. Meanwhile, cherries are expensive due to the impact of frost…..

Poland hosting 13th International Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Congress
The 13th International Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Congress will be held in Poland on 19 September 2017. The event is organised every year in a different world market in order to address the issue of the low consumption of fruits and vegetables. The purpose of the Congress is to promote the habit of…..

Czech Republic: Sharp drop in apple, peach and apricot harvests due to frosts
This year’s fruit harvest from orchards will be down by about 23 percent compared to last year due to the impact of spring frosts. The total production is estimated at about 115,031 tonnes, compared to last year’s 150,100 tonnes by mid-June. Also, compared to the average of the last five years’ harvests, the…..

India seeks increased cashew imports from Africa
Kerala, India is seeking to collaborate with supplier countries in Africa to avoid the role of middlemen in procuring raw cashew nuts for the hundreds of processing factories based here.It is hosting a two-day conclave on ‘Cashew trade for the common good’ in association with the Ministry of External Affairs…..

2018 China Fruit Logistica announced in Beijing
From 14 to 16 May 2018, Fruit Logistica will hold its new national trade show for the China and international fresh produce business in Shanghai.Willfried Wollbold, Fruit Logistica’s Global Brand Manager, comments: «The Berlin International Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition is a trustworthy brand family. We now…..

Amazon lacks many warehouses to reshape grocery delivery
Tesco cuts 1200 HQ jobs | Spar Thai to open 300 stores
Auchan to rebrand Russian Nasha Raduga hypermarketsFrench retailer Auchan has announced that it is rebranding its Nasha Raduga (Our Rainbow) hypermarkets in Russia to Kashdy Den (Every Day), reports Lebensmittel Zeitung. The retailer says that «the brand is known by the clientele of these stores, and it will…..

FreshPlaza funny
Boat crashes