Companies affected worldwide
Hackers knock APM Terminals down
On Tuesday afternoon hackers once again attacked computers on a large scale with a ransomware. One of those affected by the hack is APM Terminals, subsidiary of the shipping company Maersk. The virus knocked all systems down. Maersk Line also had to deal with the hackers. Customers received an email confirming…..

Plans to work with green products in the future
«We are working to achieve Global GAP certifications.»
«The high demand for bananas results in the search for new destinations to try to obtain a better opportunity to place the fruit abroad satisfying the requirements of our customers,» said Ivan Santos, president of Corporación Agrícola Banagreen in Ecuador.Corporacion Agricola Banagreen, was created in the…..

Fabio Giuntoli, from Frutas Chiara, Dominican Republic
«We will return as major player in pineapple world market»
«Pineapple producers in the Dominican Republic continue to work hard and steadfastly to regain their position as an important pineapple supplier in the international market. They have managed to overcome important challenges, mainly the massive reproduction of planting material. The Dominican Republic managed…..

Chilean fruit has opportunities in the Middle East
There is no doubt that the Middle East is a region that has a permanent commercial appeal for Chile. Its desert features make it highly dependent on foods, primarily perishables like fresh fruit.The group of 6 countries that are members of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates,…..

Peru: Avocado exports increased by 10% in the first four months of the year
Peruvian avocado exports between January and April 2017 amounted to US $ 92,152,000 (44,440 tons), i.e. 10% more than in the same period last year, according to the Agricultural exports Management of the Exporters Association (ADEX).According to the manager of ADEX’s Agricultural exports, Paula Carrion, the…..

Panama: Pineapple, melon, and watermelon exports decrease
Even though total exports have increased by 7.7%, experts say that the economic situation and lack of support from the Government continues to affect the tropical fruit sector.According to a report by the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, in the first four months of the year exports of…..

Carrots and onions affected as well
Ontario potato crops see heavy flooding damage
With numerous heavy rainfalls continuing to drench Canada’s Ontario province, some potato crops in the region are buried under floods.“There are a few isolated areas of extreme flooding in potato fields specifically in Beeton region of Ontario, which is a large potato growing area, as well as Orangeville and…..

Rethinking hydroponic berry production
After analyzing current problems in existing container and hydroponic systems, product designer Israel Holby started to rethink berry substrate production. He came up with a unique design that allows for better fertigation management and oxygen uptake at the plant’s roots. With this idea he founded his company…..

«Grown from 15 to 500 Kenyan hectares avocados»
«Seventeen years ago, we started with 15 hectares, and over the years we’ve grown to an area of 500 hectares of avocados,” says Isaac Muriu Muigai from Signet Exporters in Kenya. “Multiple small growers have joined us. We support them with the right advice in the field of cultivation. We also conduct many…..

Global Focus Soft/Stonefruit

British Columbia strawberries back on schedule
Much like other B.C. berries, the strawberry season is returning to a more anticipated harvest schedule. “We started three weeks earlier last year so the season will be the same length. We’re just starting later. The last two years were an anomaly, says Rhonda Driediger of Driediger Farms in Langley, B.C, who…..

Peruvian blueberry export to US, profitable, but complex
The 7th International Blueberry Seminar organized by Blueberries Consulting in Lima, called ‘Peru and the Blueberry Industry: Defining Strategies for Access to New Markets’, brought together Chilean and Peruvian experts who addressed various areas of the blueberry industry, I.e. the agronomic management of the…..

Accurate labelling plays larger role for Canadian produce
As consumers become more interested in where exactly their food comes from, the role of the once humble label seems to be greater for Canadian produce.To date, the labelling that’s been done in one Canadian province, Ontario, goes back a ways before this consumer trend in wanting to know more about where food…..

The perfect storm
UK: «No successional planning for temporary and seasonal workers»
There has been much in the news about Brexit, the Common Market and more recently about the labour supply to the UK. Most has been speculation as we don’t really know what will happen when the Brexit negotiations are complete, but according to John Hardman, from recruitment agency HOPS, one thing is for sure:…..

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AU: Leading the way in Australian banana research
Australia has some of the world leading researchers when it comes to banana diseases. Studies are currently underway at both a basic level, and at an applied level, and recently the mix of the two have helped make important breakthroughs in the industry.At the Australian Banana Industry Congress in Sydney, six…..

Shanghai Hema fresh produce:
«Product itself is best brand advertisement»
«As a retail platform for food, we purchase all kinds of fruit and vegetables from domestic and international production sites. Through both online and offline methods, we sell these products to Shanghai and surrounding areas. We have opened eight stores in Shanghai. The online sales area is in a radius of…..

Jeff Thomas with Scott Farms
“We service the domestic and export market of sweet potatoes equally”
“We are still in the middle of the planting season,” says Jeff Thomas with North Carolina-based Scott Farms. Sweet potato planting typically starts mid-April and winds down late July. Despite the rains Eastern North Carolina received during planting season, planting is going fairly smoothly. “One of the…..

Stephan Weist, REWE, gives the sector a challenge:
«Starting with 80 gram fruit and vegetable consumption rise»
There are plenty of opportunities for the future and the challenge for the fruit and vegetable sector is simple according to Stephan Weist of REWE during the Freshfel/Profel event. «The challenge is to raise the consumption of fruit and vegetables. We have to convince the consumer to follow a healthy diet and…..

Australian Banana Industry Congress upcoming tech talk:
Predicting consumer behavior with a body scan?
Can you imagine travelling overseas to discuss an export trade deal, and not having to take a translator – instead you just take a pill? Well that situation may only be a few decades off, according to one of Australia’s leading social futurist.‎Chief Strategy Officer at WPP AU/NZ, Rose Herceg told the…..

Del Monte Pacific and Fresh Del Monte Produce announce new joint ventures
Del Monte Pacific and Fresh Del Monte Produce a have announced a series of new joint ventures between the two companies that will result in expanded refrigerated offerings sold across all distribution and sales channels, and a new retail food and beverage concept modelled after an already successful Fresh Del…..

Philippine banana exports to China drop by 33%
Philippine banana exports to China have dropped by 33 percent for the first four months of 2017 compared to the same period of 2016. PBGEA executive director Stephen Antig said they have already foreseen the drop after the production of all major banana producers in the country was severely hit by a long dry…..

Exhibition space up by 25 percent
Big growth for Asia Fruit Logistica
Asia Fruit Logistica is set for another record-breaking year on 6-8 September 2017 in Hong Kong. With more than two months to go before the trade show opens its doors at AsiaWorld-Expo, sales of exhibition space are up by 25 per cent on last year’s total.Exhibitor participation from China has increased…..

New apple varieties coming to US market
Appealing taste profiles, earlier harvesting and southern expansions are some of the characteristics of the many new apples making their way into offerings this year in the United States.Beyond Cosmic Crisp, which is causing a stir in Washington, a number of other apples are pushing their way into this…..

Key Techn-VERYX®
New digital sorters for Australian food processors
Key Technology has introduced the VERYX family of digital sorters to the Australian food processing industry with the VERYX C140 on exhibit at the FoodPro trade show in Sydney. The machines contain a new system architecture and advanced inspection technology, VERYX sorters facilitate the detection and removal…..

BelOrta invests in technology from Australia
Capacity new cherry sorter 4,200 kilograms per hour
As of last week, BelOrta has a high-tech sorting installation with optical sorting at its disposal. The machine was produced in Australia and is unique in Europe. “Because of the increase in our cherry area by as much as 150 per cent, we felt the need to scale up our sorting capacity. We’ve searched the world…..

Saves 15-10% in netting compared to existing techniques
Horizontal net packer for wide range of fresh produce products
Sarco Packaging has introduced a multifunctional REV VEGA horizontal net clipper, a versatile net packer for a wide range of fresh produce products. Products loose, in punnets or cardboard boxes can be packed in knitted or extruded netting. The netting can be provided with a wineglass label. The label can be…..

Chokepoints in supply chain threaten global food security
More than a dozen supply chains and trade routes that facilitate global food trade are vulnerable to unforeseen crises or climate change, according to a new report.Analysts at Chatham House, the U.K.-based think tank, released a report Tuesday identifying 14 critical junctures, or “chokepoints,” through which…..

American stone fruit hits the market in China
This week has been an important week for imports in China, with citrus products gradually getting replaced with cherries and plums from America, in addition to other fruits. The first batch of cherries from Washington has entered the market this week and is ready to be sold. This opens the new season for…..

Higher temperatures driving apple orchards to higher altitudes in India
A new trend in apple cultivation has emerged in Himachal Pradesh — apples are being grown in sparsely vegetative areas at higher altitudes such as Lahaul and Spiti valley, courtesy of climate change a study claims.Fruit production industry in hilly zones is seeing a rise in temperature. Because of this,…..

Premier Apple Conference in Syracuse
U.S. Apple Association announces 2017 crop estimate
Jim Bair, Diane Kurrle and Mark Seetin of the U.S. Apple Association traveled to New York to attend the 2017 Premier Marketing Apple Forum held June 26 – 27 at the DoubleTree in Syracuse.USApple President and CEO, Jim Bair gave a short state of the association address, Diane Kurrle, Senior Vice President…..

Polish apples imported to Shandong for first time
Recently, Huangdao port ushered in the first batch of imported Polish apples, weighing about 54.4 tons, worth about 47,000 US dollars, divided into three varieties.This became possible after Poland and China had reached an export agreement in 2016. The batch of apples was sent to a quarantined area where the…..

Berda Fruit Co.,Ltd
South African citrus products to China forecasted to grow steadily
«This year, citrus fruits have already pulled open the heavy curtains of the season in April. The season is estimated to last until October. According to relevant data, South African citrus imports had a total value of 79,230,000 USD in 2016, and seized a top position among citrus fruits on the Chinese import…..

Jiangxi port intercepts harmful mangoes for first time
Employees from the Jiangxi Inspection and Quarantine Bureau at Nanchang Airport recently intercepted two batches of mangoes from the luggage of separate passengers from Hong Kong and Thailand.In the laboratory of the technological center of the bureau it appeared that these mangoes were carrying harmful…..

Kroger CEO says Whole Foods is a ‘good fit’ for Amazon
Metro stores hit by cyber attack | Ocado tests self-drive vehicle
Kesko introduces new ‘Vege’ shelves in 200 K-Food storesFinland’s Kesko has announced that it has introduced ‘vege’ shelves in 200 of its K-Food stores, as strong growth in plant-based protein products continue. Kesko reports that the new vege shelves, branded in green, will be located next to the meat section…..

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