Europe – The banana survey – Week 31

No miracles in this low-consumption summer period: European markets still swollen.
However, despite an increase in Colombian volumes (12% above average), the overall supply has remained restrained.
Whereas Costa Rican volumes have stabilised at their low point, albeit near-average, the Ecuadorian supply to the European market has remained limited (shipments earmarked for other markets such as Russia). In addition, the combined Africa/French West Indies supply has ebbed (10% below average), because of a temporarily lighter African supply (ship rotation). However, demand has continued at a rock-bottom tempo across the continent. Yellow banana sales have remained stable and low, still limited by the unfavourable summer context (temperatures, holidays, competing fruits). Hence demand has remained insufficient to absorb the again excessively big incoming volumes.
Stocks have remained available, with an imbalance persisting in both Eastern and Western Europe. Price levels have remained below average, and sales have again been made at even more competitive prices.