Europe – The banana survey – Week 33

Despite the gradual fall in pressure from competing fruits and the implementation of promotions, sales have continued to idle because of the summery temperatures, the shortened business week (public holiday on 15 August) and above all the ongoing school holidays.
In addition, the overall supply has continued to rise because of the increase in volumes out of Colombia, which has embarked on its seasonal increase. The combined Africa/French West Indies supply has stabilised at an above-average level (+19%). Furthermore, incoming shipments from Costa Rica have remained average at their summer low, while Ecuador has maintained its average supply tempo. Only the Colombian supply has embarked on its seasonal increase, reaching above-average level (+10%).
Hence all the markets have remained unbalanced (France, Germany) or under pressure (Italy, Eastern Europe). Numerous clearances and sales at low prices of fruits of varying quality from Western and Southern Europe have continued to heavily disrupt the already saturated East European markets. Hence prices have continued to peak at very low levels, especially in Italy and Eastern Europe.
Finally, the Spanish market has regained its balance to some degree, and platano prices have increased. In Russia, the situation has remained critical because of the supply pressure.