Monday, September 11, 2017
Latin America edition

Photo report Asia Fruit Logistica 2017
Asia’s importance to the global industry is growing, and the Hong Kong Asia Fruit Logistica Exhibition is growing alongside it, this year by 25%. The development of the Chinese market is one of the drivers of…..

Honduras to export up to 500 containers of okra this year
Felipe Méndez, one of the leading producers, indicated that so far this year about 200 containers have been exported to the international market to date, and this year they intend to exceed this figure.Between 400 and 500 containers of okra are intended to be exported at the end of this year, according to…..

Job Offers:
• GreenPath Food, Head of Operations – Ethiopia
• Dijk van Dijk, Ondernemend Teamleider Productie
• Loomans, Senior grower/partner – Canada
• Verdeen, Manager – France
• Verdeen, Manager – France

Sigh of relief as hurricanes turn into tropical storms
Mother nature seemed to be on the rampage last week and through the weekend with a string of hurricanes, Irma, Jose and then Katia.As Mexico braced for Hurricane Katia, which followed a different path to Irma and Jose, the South-Eastern coast of Mexico was hit by a much greater menace, an 8.1 magnitude…..

France wants Peruvian exports to arrive at Dunkirk, not Rotterdam
Seventy years after World War II, Christopher Nolan’s film «Dunkirk» was released a few months ago in Peru. This port has been completely rebuilt and today, along with the neighboring city of Calais, it is France’s leading port area. Now, its mission is not war but commerce: it intends to beat the…..

Peruvian agro exports increased by 10% in July
Peruvian agro exports have consolidated their growth. Between January and July they totaled about US $ 2,852,749,000 which means a growth of 10% compared to the similar period of 2016, reported the Agroexport Management of the Exporters Association (ADEX).The Agroexports’ guild manager, Paula Carrión Tello,…..

Peru, eighth world exporter of peppers and chilli peppers
Peru is the eighth biggest world exporter of capsicum (peppers and chili peppers) and can continue to improve its position by increasing its productivity and accessing more markets, said the Agroexports manager of the Association of Exporters (Adex), Paula Carrión.After noting that capsicums are the sixth most…..

Tour of Seminis’ melon field trials in California
New melon varieties with consistent quality and fewer harvest passes
Last year, Seminis launched a new cantaloupe variety called Don David. “This year was the first year of sales in the western US,” says Jeff Mills, melon breeder with Seminis. The variety is also sold in Guatemala and Honduras and exported to the US in winter. “This is the first year of sales in California and…..

Mark Greenberg Capespan:
Chile’s mandarin exports to US nearly double
Since Week 31, Chile has loaded an average weekly volume of almost 6,000 metric tons of late mandarins to the USEC and a weekly average of 2,700 metric tons to the USWC. On a season over season basis, since Week 35 Chile has loaded almost twice the volume of mandarins to USEC than it did over the same period…..

NZ: Hortgem Tahi kiwis soften within five days of harvesting
Actinidia argutafruits differ fromA. chinensis Hort16A and Hayward fruits by size, skin, softening rate and texture. Researchers from the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research in Auckland analysed structural and cell wall changes inA. argutaduring softening.Changes in the cell walls ofA. arguta…..

Peak of production is yet to come
California grape season showing better balance and movement this year
In many ways, this year’s California grape season is opposite from last year. Because of a cool spring, some varieties were initially slow to sugar, which has resulted in harvest of the crop being more spread out. “Last year, the Arvin, Delano and Fresno growing districts all came at the same time, but this…..

Week 35 import market review
New American black grapes entering the Chinese market
This week, the supply on the imported citrus market has increased for both oranges and tangerines. The price, however, has been fluctuating. On the imported grape market, the supply of American grapes has also grown. Compared to the winter, when there is a large supply of Chinese grapes, the market is more…..

Three Andalusian companies at Asia Fruit Logistica for the first time

Asia is a growing market for Andalusian fruits and vegetables
A total of three Andalusian companies from the horticultural sector participated for the first time as a group at the Asia Fruit Logistica fair, which was held from September 6 to 8 at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong, with the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, through the Extenda-Andalusian Agency for…..

India imports 2,400 tonnes of onions from Egypt to lower prices
Concerned over an onion price rise, the Indian government today said 2,400 tonnes of onions have been imported by private traders from Egypt to boost supply and indicated the facilitating of more imports if rates go up unreasonably high.The consumer affairs ministry is closely monitoring onion prices, which…..

7th International Banana Congress
Benefits of genetic improvement of bananas
The 7th International Banana Congress, to be held in Miami between 26 and 29 September, will analyse the benefits of a genetic improvement procedure that could correct fruit defects and make the plants more resistant, as reported by the organizers.Mr Orlando Arguello, an expert from the University of Texas,…..

The more kilos of larger calibres, the better margins
Spain: How to obtain a great citrus production in a year like this?
The total citrus production volume in the Region of Valencia will fall by more than 30% due to the impact of heat waves during the spring and summer this year. Many producers could see their margins reduced.»There are not many varieties with royalties that ensure a high profitability to producers. For that…..

FFAR awards $1M grant to improve leafy greens quality
The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR), a nonprofit organization established through bipartisan congressional support in the 2014 Farm Bill, today announced a Seeding Solutions grant awarded to AeroFarms, an indoor vertical farming company with global headquarters in Newark, New Jersey……

Photo report: International Strawberry Congress
PHOTO REPORT The International Strawberry Congress was held on the 6, 7 and 8th of September in Antwerp. «Hoogstraten can look back on a very successful third edition of the congress held last week. We are very satisfied with the positive feedback we got from those who attended. Again, it seems the mix of science and…..

Fruit & veg prices skyrocket in Pakistan
According to Geo News skyrocketing prices for fruit and vegetables are becoming a problem for people across Pakistan.In Karachi, the price of onions has reached Rs150 per kilogramme, while in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Multan among others the price lies within the range of Rs100 to Rs120 per…..

Spain: «Very good year expected for onions»
The start of the campaign has been very different to that of the previous season, as onion prices are substantially higher. They have gone from an average of 0.19 Euro per kilo for the product already packaged to 0.26 Euro per kilo at the moment. «2017 will be a good year for onions in terms of prices. It will…..

WUWM Congress heads to Australia this October
The World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) Congress is heading to Australia this October. The biennial event is rarely held outside Europe, with co-host Melbourne Market Authority expecting more than 300 international and local delegates to attend the event, running from 23-27 October.The congress kicks off…..

Early high demand for Israeli herbs
According to Omer Kamp, who heads the fresh herbs division at Arava Export Growers, global demand for herbs has started early this year. “Peak demand is normally from mid-October to early November”, he says. “This year there has been very high demand early on already.”Weather effectsArava Export Growers export…..

Spain: Start of Vasol mandarin campaign
The harvest of the first Vasol mandarins of the season has already started, even though the weather conditions have not been ideal.»This year, we expect a difficult campaign. It has been very hot this summer; there has been a poor fruit setting and we have very little fruit in the trees, and this will take a…..

Germany: Flying melon damages a car
The police in Coburg in Bavaria had to take care of some flying melons this Saturday morning. The fruit had damaged the car of one woman. The police were able to find the cause quickly though.Around 7am on Saturday, a 42-year old driver was driving down Webergasse towards Judengasse. She was able to witness a…..

Italy: Kiwi vine decline raises alarm in Piedmont
Kiwi vine decline has affected over 250 hectares in the Pinerolo-Cavour area and in the fruit-producing region between Alice Castello and Borgo d’Ale. This was reported by Coldiretti Piemonte, which is asking the Regional authority to intervene as the issue is becoming rather worrying, given that the area…..

Spring onions big business for cutting plants, not for onion trade
Dutch onion exporters annually sell more than one million tonnes of Dutch onions to 120 countries. Within that onion export, we see the complete range of planting and seed onions, yellow and red onions, shallots and sweet onions. But although different companies become specialised, spring onions hardly fit…..

Australian Kanzi apple growers double production in 2017
Australian Kanzi Apple growers marketed 1,600,000 kg of class one Kanzi in Australia in 2017, double last year’s production. Batlow Kanzi apple grower, packer and marketer Rob Cathels says, despite the increased crop, fruit sales were completed nationally within the planned 12 week marketing window, from early…..

Ahold Delhaize shakes up leadership in Belgium
Swiss Lidl launches online meal boxes
UK: mySupermarket Data shows grocery costs continuing to risemySupermarket’s latest monthly Groceries Tracker confirms that the price of the average basket of grocery items is continuing to rise as the fall in the value of the pound drives up import costs. Research conducted by the price comparison website…..

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