Europe – The banana survey – Week 35

Situation still unchanged on the European market, though signs of a recovery starting to be felt.

While in most countries sales are maintaining a summer tempo, some improvement has been observed in Northern Europe, Italy and to a lesser degree in France, thanks to the end of the holidays and the start of large-scale promotions.
However, the supply remains in excess of demand, especially as there are still stocks present. Although incoming shipments from Africa and the French West Indies have eased (smaller shipments from the FWI, Africa stabilising) and the combined total of these different origins has fallen below average for the season, the dollar banana supply has continued to rise despite Ecuadorian and Costa Rican shipments remaining stable and near-average for the season, and limitations on shiploads by certain importers.
Colombia is continuing its seasonal increase, with distinctly above-average volumes (+20%). Hence although some markets have started to recover, the overall balance has not yet been restored. Prices are stagnating at low levels, particularly in Eastern Europe.