Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Latin America edition

Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic on its path
Hurricane Maria makes landfall on Dominicana
Countries still recovering from Hurricane Irma, have taken another hit with Hurricane Maria making landfall last night in the Island Dominicana as a category 5 storm. It weakened to a category 4 storm after landfall said the US National Hurricane Center early Tuesday. The hurricane continues its path over the…..

Job Offers:
• Agricultural Appointments, Packing Facility Manager – AU
• Driscoll’s, Nursery Operations Manager – Australia
• Driscoll’s, Nursery Manager (Container Plants) – Australia
• Agriterra , Business Advisor – China

Brazil: Increase in watermelon production through contracts and programs
The increase in production in recent years has been rising, as it is expected to happen in the coming ones. «We are expanding our Imperial watermelon plantation little by little, according to market demand,» explains Roberto Martorelli of Martorelli Logística. In this way, Brazilian farmers can be assured of…..

Banana growers in Ecuador propose new law to grow industry
Representatives of the banana farmers in Ecuador have proposed a bill for the promotion of better prices and increased market access to help support the economy for the Agricultural Sector.Yesterday they submitted the initiative to the Commission on Food Sovereignty of the Legislature. The proposal includes…..

Chile: Talks about the entry of pears into China are advancing
During the past week representatives of the national public and private sector met with representatives of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ), with the aim of advancing the entry process of Chilean pears into China, as well as…..

75% of consumers are women
Mexican avocado is promoted in China
In order to promote Mexican avocado consumption in China, ProMéxico and Tmall Fresh, Alibaba Group’s B2C online sales platform, launched a digital campaign last September 11th.ProMéxico reported that as part of this campaign, opinion leaders and bloggers from the Asian country could taste more than 100 dishes…..

From September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017
Chile exported 4.3% more fruit, but didn’t break the record of 2012-2013
The fruit season registered a 4.3% volume increase in exports between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017, reaching 2,597,756 tons. In spite of the season’s increase, it does not beat the record 2.6 million tons of the 2012-2013 season.According to data from the Central Bank, from September 2016 to August…..

Ecuador: Non-contract producers sell a box of banana for up to $ 3.40
Bananas are the country’s most important non-oil export product and involve thousands of people, so the government has set a fruit box support price. It is of $ 6.26.The aim is to ensure profitability for producers throughout the year, and for exporters not to bear any harm. However, during the low season, or…..

Honduran oriental vegetables break into Canada
Honduran oriental vegetable producers successfully broke into the Canadian market last week by placing a shipment, which represents the first exported container, taking advantage of the tariff benefits of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two economies.This shipment was achieved thanks to ongoing…..

Mexico: Nayarit to ship avocados to Dubai in October
Next October, Dubai could receive the first 18 tonne shipment of avocados grown in Nayarit by producers supported by the National Institute of Social Economy (INAES).Juan Carlos Ibarra, purchasing manager at La Casa del Aguacate, explained that at the moment a representative is closing the negotiations to…..

Mango season ending in Mexico; just getting started in Brazil
The Mexican mango season is coming to an end according to Tom Hall of Freska Produce. He hopes to be able to pack Mexico’s fruit through September and according to him. “ And as we finish the season, sizing will be predominantly large,” he says. Peaking on 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s of Keitt mangos. Tropical storm…..

Special PMA Fresh Summit

Veteran mushroom grower to launch new product at PMA Fresh Summit
Phillips Mushroom Farms was founded 90 years ago in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. The family business now distributes more than 70 million pounds of mushrooms in the United States annually. They have been a regular exhibitor at the PMA Fresh Summit event for over 30 years now and are looking forward to this…..

Idaho potato grower looking forward to tenth PMA Fresh Summit
For participants at the PMA Fresh Summit, gathering together and networking at the event is and has been a valuable part of their year. As vendors see the opportunity to present new products as well as to connect with customers and suppliers, they continue to attend year after year to take advantage of this…..

Global Focus Potatoes / Onions

Jan Kraak:

“As long as harvests are unpredictable, the need remains”
Closing contracts on the potato futures market has been common for years. Besides, the futures market is an indicator of the mood on the actual market. Especially the rise of the chips industry caused a major change. According to broker De Vries & Westermann, growers, but also users, can gain much on the…..

Spain: Start of quince season
Quinces, which usually hit the market at the start of autumn, are beginning to arrive. It is a fruit that, because of its flavour and texture, is mostly consumed in processed form.»This is an advantage for its producers, who are not burdened by the need to sell it quickly to prevent it from spoiling,» explains…..

Italy: Grapes taste better when they’re sustainable
The harvesting campaign of the Italia and Red Globe variety is in full swing at Fichera & Torrisi (Sicily). Company agronomist Sergio Rizzo reports: «despite the early ripening due to the high temperatures and lack of rain, bunches have a good quality with high sugar content and a great muscat aroma for…..

Italy: Clubfruit – fruit and technology in the heart of Sicily

«Our company was established over a century ago in the heart of Sicily. Our history coincides with the history of our territory and its economy, which went from cereal cultivation and livestock farming to fruit cultivation,» explains Francesco Cucurullo.Pomegranate plants with, in the background, the…..

Hot summer fuels intense but short California fig season
It’s been a hot summer in California, especially in the agricultural regions. This has created mixed fortunes for many producers, ranging from lower yields to damaged fruit to a bumper crop for some. For fig growers though, it has meant that their season turned into a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ year. Most fig…..

Daisy Girl™ leads branded organic apple sales in the US
CMI Orchards is gearing up for another year for its Daisy Girl Organics brand. With organic apple production estimated to be up by 15%, CMI is looking to expand distribution even further during the 2017 season.According to George Harter, Vice President of Marketing at CMI, Daisy Girl is riding a wave of sales…..

«Chinese garlic takes leading role in European and American markets»
«Compared to 2016, the 2017 garlic production in China has increased by at least 30%. This is mainly due to this year’s amazing weather and an expansion in production,» explains Mr. Yang Guotai from Shandong Weifang Import and Export Co Ltd.Exported garlic from Shandong Weifang Import and Export Co.,…..

AU: Senior MPI staff take the stand at the Kiwifruit Claim hearing
Senior Advisors at New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industries have taken the stand in the Kiwifruit Claim at the High Court in Wellington, as the case enters its seventh week.The case was brought following the outbreak of the disease Psa in November 2010 which spread throughout the industry. 212 claimants…..

New varieties of mandarins continue to emerge in the US
California mandarins will get a bit of an early start to its fall harvest.“We’re going to start an earlier variety of Satsuma mid-October and other Satsuma varieties will take us into late December this year,” says Madalyn McCracken of Reedley, Ca.-based Ripe to You. “The fruit is looking great—it’s sizing out…..

Celebrating 20 years
Honeycrisp wasn’t an overnight success, but took off like a rocket
The University of Minnesota’s Honeycrisp apple has now risen to #6 in national apple production. Except that its success didn’t happen overnight, and its story almost didn’t happen at all, reports a Minnesota apple grower who was in on the ground floor.Pepin Heights Orchards, Inc., is celebrating 20 years…..

Hurricane Irma devastates citrus and pecan crops across US east coast
Hurricane Irma has caused widespread devastation across the east coast US. With much of that damage hitting Florida and Georgia, farmers are just now counting the damage to their citrus, vegetable and pecan crops, which took the biggest hit.While not directly affected by the hurricane, others states like New…..

The CPMA and The Wilson Center host successful NAFTA event
The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA), in collaboration with the Canada Institute at The Wilson Center, hosted a successful panel discussion and reception yesterday in Washington, D.C. to discuss NAFTA and its impact on the fresh produce industry. The event was well attended by members of the fresh…..

Fyffes granted reprieve from expulsion from Ethical Trading Initiative
Dublin-based tropical fruits company Fyffes has secured a reprieve from being expelled from an influential ethical body as the firm and its new Japanese owners entered talks with unions over a dispute with Honduras melon farm workers’ rights.The UK government-sponsored Ethical Trading Initiative, which Fyffes…..

Researchers discover better method for finding laurel wilt in avocados
Florida avocado growers have been struggling to put their arms around laurel wilt, a problematic pathogen that’s been decimating their crops. However, new research findings from UF/IFAS might shed some light on when to best scout for the disease.According to Nemat Keyhani, a UF/IFAS Professor of microbiology…..

New Zealand Trade Minister, Todd McClay:
«Jobs at the heart of Latin American trade deal»
Trade Minister Todd McClay says a trade agreement with Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru could be worth 10,000 jobs to provincial New Zealand and will give Kiwis unprecedented access to fast-growing Latin American markets.This comes as Mr McClay calls for public submissions on FTA negotiations with the Pacific…..

Aartsenfruit is 110 years old
On Monday, 18 September, Dutch company, Aartsenfruit, celebrated its 110th anniversary. They made a day of it and rolled out the welcome mat. Each and everyone was invited to come and enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.Extension of the office in Bread has just begun. It is needed in order to achieve the…..

Banana Producers Organization Agriten obtains PGI Plátano de Canarias
The Canary Banana Producers Organization Agriten has obtained the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Plátano de Canarias for its associates. The certificate was presented at an event held last week at the organization’s headquarters in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.Obtaining the PGI Plátano de Canarias certifies…..

Cooperating in a quickly changing China
Agricultural experts are working in the economic departments of fifty Dutch embassies. In China, Nynke Runia was until recently responsible for veterinary and phytosanitary affairs. Henk Stigter is her successor.A conversation about the opportunities, challenges and content of this job in a lively…..

Flavor-modeling programs predict consumer liking
Sensory testing key element in selection of new produce varieties
Many years of development precede the launch of a fruit or vegetable variety in the market. An important part of the developmental stage is taste-testing. “My intent is very simple. I want to bring tasty fruits and vegetables to the population,” says Chow-Ming Lee, Sensory Scientist with Monsanto’s Vegetable…..

Decrease in French peach, nectarine and pavie prices this year
According to Agreste, peach, nectarine and pavie turnover is 2% below that recorded last year and 4% below the 5 year average. The increase in quantity did not make up for the decrease in prices.Volume was up 4% compared to 2016 but 5% below the 5 year average due to a 10% decrease in acreage. Production…..

Dole goes back to the stock market
Dole Food is researching a return to the stock exchange, according to The Wall Street Journal. Among others, private equity firms are said to be interested in the shares. Dole reported an EBIYDA of 215.6 million dollars over 2016. The Wall Street Journal calculated that comparable companies, such as Fresh Del…..

UK students are buying 266% more avocados than their predecessors
Millennials, or Generation Y, were known for their love of avocados, but their younger counterparts appear to be even more obsessed with the fruit.According to a study by Barclays, Generation Z – the generation after Millennials – are buying and consuming 266% more avocados than their predecessors.The study,…..

JAZZ™ apples announces winners of Summer Instagram contest
This summer, JAZZ™ fans declared their dedication to the always refreshing apples by including them in their vacation plans and then sharing those experiences on Instagram via the Summer Vacation Sensation photo contest. From Disneyland’s Main Street, USA to the Big Apple itself, JAZZ™ was featured as the…..

Banana Festival Day celebrated on September 21
September 21st is celebrated around the world as Banana Festival Day. «And there’s much to celebrate about this simple tropical fruit we all know and love,» says One Banana in a press release. Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world. Health benefits of bananas Bananas have many health…..

United Fresh and Western Growers team up
Recall insurance available to fresh produce industry
The United Fresh Produce Association (United Fresh) and Western Growers (WG) have entered into a formal marketing agreement to jointly promote the Western Growers Shield™, a first-of-its-kind insurance program specifically designed to protect food companies from recall liability.“This program represents an…..

WUR releases report on Ethylene Postharvest Gas Analyser
The MACView Ethylene Postharvest Gas Analyser is independently evaluated and tested on its performance by Wageningen University and Research. The test report is now released by the WUR and the report is published by EMS and publicly available.The Ethylene Postharvest Gas Analyser is tested on several important…..

Drones deliver improved outcomes for South African macadamia
Farming for tomorrow is becoming increasingly sophisticated, especially in the ever growing macadamia nut industry.For a business like, Green Farms Nut Company (GFNC), a processor and exporter of macadamia, the pressure is on for not only increased volume, but also quality, making farmers aware of the…..

Maersk Line to extend supply chain in India
The India unit of Maersk Line is expanding its cargo-shipping role in the country to establish itself as a provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions that would include doorstep delivery.»One noticeable change we have already seen in India is that we are closely working with our customers to execute more…..

NEPG potato production up 13.5%
For the current European potato harvest, the North-western-European Potato Growers (NEPG) estimate the total potato production at 27.9 million tons for the five NEPG countries (Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Great Britain). The estimate is based on sampling and data from the first actual…..

Co-op invests in young farmers | Lidl opens 1st mini grocery shop
Large African grocer accepts Bitcoins | Strong sales for Ocado
Carrefour’s new boss may close hypermarket stores in France: unionThe new boss of Carrefour could close some of the retailer’s large hypermarket stores in France as part of plans to turn around the company, a union official said. The CEO’s plans could also include converting some Carrefour hypermarkets into…..

FreshPlaza funny
This is not how it works at IKEA