Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Latin America edition

Available September through May
Mexican greenhouse pepper grower extends season by a month
Divemex, a Mexican greenhouse vegetable grower, has just harvested its first peppers from a recently opened greenhouse in Ahualulco. «While many growers have expanded into new regions to expand and extend their offerings, we have opened a new greenhouse,» says Luis de Saracho, CEO of Guadalajara Jalisco-based…..

Job Offers:
• Brown Grow, International Sales Manager – -Europe/USA
• Brown Grow, Agronomist consultant – Europe/USA
• ABERFELDY NURSERIES LTD., Greenhouse Manager / Head Grower, Bermuda
• Agricultural Appointments, Farm Manager – Australia
• HortiMaX, Service Engineer
• HortiMaX, Electrical Engineer

Shipping a concern as Brazilian mango season commences
This last week, the Caribbean has seen one hurricane after another as the tropical storm season reaches its peak. For countries under the direct impact, citizens face a long and grim clean up as life gradually gets back to normal.Mango producers have largely been spared destruction as growing regions remain…..

Colombian avocados on a 32-day trip to Hong Kong
This week, the first containers of avocados will leave for Hong Kong. This could be a definitive trip for a product that seeks to conquer Asian palates in the coming years.After the great news of the Hass avocado’s entrance to the American market, these nations could consolidate the prestige of this local…..

Plantain crops, the most affected
Mexico: Hurricane Katia damages 200,000 hectares of crops
The impact of Hurricane Katia affected more than 200,000 hectares of corn, pineapple, papaya, banana and pod crops in Veracruz, according to Luis Gómez Garay, the national leader of the General Workers’ Union, Peasants and People’s Union (UGOCP).In an interview, he said that this quantification is an initial…..

Peru: Hydrothermal treatment of mangoes destined for Chile
Specialists from the Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) carried out the certification of plants that will carry out the hydrothermal treatment for fresh mango consignments that will reach the Chilean market. This is according to the work plan established by the Ministry of Agriculture and…..

Mexican lime prices and trading margins
Last August, the prices paid for Mexican limes, or sour lime, by seed producers in the producing regions of Colima, Guerrero, Michoacan, and Oaxaca were monitored. Wholesale quotations in supply plants, consumer prices in selected cities in the country, and the trading margins of the fruit originating from…..

Russia and Ecuador sign memorandum of understanding
Ecuadorian bananas face no competition in Russia
Ecuadorian bananas face no competition in Russia, where they have up to a 94% share of the market, and Ecuadorian exporters are, in fact, determined to further strengthen their already overwhelming leadership, as pointed out at the opening day of the Moscow World Food Fair 2017.»We aim to continue…..

Mexican nursery installs new Conic System seeder machines
El Oasis, a nursery located in Tunas Blancas, near Queretaro, has incorporated the Seeder Line PRO335 full automatic form Conic System.The PRO335 joins the PRO110 and PRO130 which are still running at the nursery. Ingeniero Ignacio Calderón, CEO of El Oasis, told that he chose the PRO335 due to their increase…..

Growing concern about coming season amid below average winter rainfall
South Africa: Delays to Valencia harvests in Citrusdal
Despite excellent Brix levels, there have been some delays in Midknight, Valencia and some late mandarin packing in Citrusdal, Western Cape. Acid levels have been slow in dropping to the required levels, a localised phenomenon that occurs from time to time, for reasons which aren’t quite clear but probably…..

US ports begin reopening after closing for Irma
U.S. Southeast ports are beginning to resume operations after Hurricane Irma made landfall in South Florida on Sunday and continued to make its way northward, wreaking further havoc across the region.In southern Florida, PortMiami and the port tunnel are open. The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) cleared truck and gate…..

Special Asia Fruit Logistica

Photo report Asia Fruit Logistica 2017
Asia’s importance to the global industry is growing, and the Hong Kong Asia Fruit Logistica Exhibition is growing alongside it, this year by 25%. The development of the Chinese market is one of the drivers of this growth, along with increasing exports from South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa…..

Piet Verbrugghe, Calsa:

«After the drop out of Russia we could make good use of new markets»
For the first time Calsa participated in the Asia Fruit Logistica as a stall holder. «We have been sending primarily open ground vegetables to markets such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It’s a shame that there are so many phytosanitary restrictions for Belgian specialties such as peppers, Coeur de Boeuf,…..

AU: Odeum Farms’ brussels sprouts shipment on route to Korea
Western Australian produce company Odeum Farms hopes that this week’s shipment of brussels sprouts to South Korea is the start of long term supply partnerships within the Asian country.»Initially we expect to be exporting up to 5.5 tonnes per week which is approximately 7 per cent of our production, but our…..

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China fastest growing market for ClemenGold
ClemenGold have had a fantastic season according to Nico van Staden from Core Fruit, which is responsible for marketing all ClemenGold fruit to the Far East and South East Asia.»We have had good volumes, but not enough to fill demand,» explains Nico. «The Chinese market especially, has been a great success for…..

Ruby Fresh acquired by the Wonderful Company
POM Wonderful, the largest grower and producer of fresh pomegranates, pomegranate arils and pomegranate juice in the United States, and theworldwide leader in fresh California pomegranates and pomegranate-based products, has acquired Ruby Fresh, a leading processor and distributor of fresh pomegranates and…..

Cameroon: Climate change puts banana production at risk
Although a number of recent studies suggest that migration flows associated with the impact of climate change on agriculture are affecting both the social and economic systems, very few studies have been carried out on the matter in Africa. They would be very useful especially in Central Africa, where the…..

Stop&Go Recogniton
Italy: Asparagus harvesting machines to be brought into compliance
In order to safeguard the health and safety of workers, white asparagus harvesting machines must comply with what is set out by the CE mark. It is also possible to bring into compliance all machines that do not currently do so with a safety system calledStop&Go Recogniton.Play to watch the video.The…..

Pieter de Jong, KakiFresh Nature:
«Kakis are a real turnover maker for retailers»
HillFresh International has been focusing on supplying fruit and vegetables towards the international retail for year, but is now focusing on their own cultivation with subsidiary KakiFresh. «We see so much potential in kakis that we want to be able to control the entire chain,» says director Pieter de Jong…..

Kenneth Meyer, Natural Tropic:
«Spanish domestic market growing for mangoes and avocados»
The season of the Osteen mango has burst loose again at Spanish production company Natural Tropic. «I expect to have around the same volume at our disposal in Spain as last year. The plantations have good quality,» says Kenneth Meyer.»The prices of the Spanish mango are always slightly higher than the product…..

Japan lifts 11 year ban on Idaho potato imports
The Japanese government lifted on Tuesday an import ban on potatoes grown in Idaho, the largest U.S. potato producer, for the first time in 11 years, after confirming a lowered risk of pest invasion, sources familiar with the matter said.Japan suspended imports of all potatoes grown in the United States in…..

Bakker Brothers to present new innovations in veg at Open Days
Innovations in carrot, eggplant, tomato, peppers and bean varieties plus countless other developments in the wide range of vegetable seeds for both growers and vegetable processors will be just some of the highlights at this years International Open Days of Bakker Brothers.Taking place from the 27th till the…..

New website on current requirements for organic exporters
Do you wish to export organic products and are you looking for information on the import rules of various countries? Visit the new website OrganicExportInfo. It allows you to find information on current import rules of major import countries, approved certification and control bodies as well as mandatory and…..

Costco sponsoring «Meet the Farmer» at Organic Grower Summit 2017
The largest retailer of organic food sales in the United States announced their commitment to participating in the inaugural Organic Grower Summit (OGS) this coming December 13-14, in Monterey, CA. Costco, with annual fresh produce sales of $4 billion, will sponsor a half-day event providing certified organic…..

New features for vibratory conveyors
Key Technology has introduced new features to their vibratory conveyors – Iso-Flo, Impulse, Horizon and Marathon – for food processing and packaging lines with the addition of a new grounding arm, label stand-offs, sanitary drives and Vector-Lock Gen 2.Jim Ruff, General Manager of the Integrated Solutions…..

Orgacure offers alternative to anti-browning in fruit & veg
Orgacure, an agriculture and food science technology company with focus on food waste solutions for farmers, processors and supermarkets, has carried out research into the commodity market for single ingredient anti-browning agents.Price increases of 150% on Ascorbic acid (2016 to 2017), which is extremely…..

SPAR China appoints new Managing Director
SPAR International, a global food retail chain, has announced that Jerome Chevrier has been appointed as the new Managing Director of SPAR China effective immediately.Jerome has developed an in-depth knowledge of retail operations and buying in China, having lived and worked in the country for over twenty…..

Pieter de Keijzer, Eosta: “Volumes limited, customers extremely enthusiastic”
Ruby Valencia: An orange with the flavour and characteristics of grapefruit
Eosta has a true citrus novelty, albeit on a small scale, through its South African organic supplier: the Ruby Valencia. It was once known as a mutation of a regular Valencia tree in an orchard in Nelspruit, South Africa. This was then further developed commercially.“Our grower, Groenheuwel, in Northern Cape,…..

Maersk Line joins BoxTech’s container database
Container carrier Maersk Line has participated in a fast-growing BoxTech container database, a digital platform that facilitates an automated seamless flow of container information between different parties throughout the supply chain.Maersk Line said it has uploaded the technical details of its enture…..

How much Americans will pay for avocados
The much-Instagrammed avocado is getting more exclusive by the day. And soon enough, more affordable.Farmers in both California and Mexico have collected meager harvests this year, precisely as demand surges for that fancy green toast. In California, where growers pick from February through August, the trees…..

Philippines urges Australia to open doors to banana imports
Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez wants to export Philippine bananas to Australia, reiterating a call to allow market entry after the Australian government has kept its doors barred for more than two decades.In a recent press briefing, Lopez told reporters that the bananas should first pass the import…..

Chile and South Africa, Europe’s largest stone fruit suppliers
During the 2016-2017 campaign, Europe imported 31,172 tonnes of stone fruit worth 2 million dollars.Meanwhile, the EU countries expect to harvest 4 million tonnes of peaches and nectarines in 2017/2018.According to a report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the main producers of peaches and…..

Frozen products as good as fresh, but are consumers convinced?
Consumers are more willing than ever to pay premium prices for organic, healthy food products, without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and most of the time their eyes are turning towards fresh products for this choice. The consumers are getting more sophisticated and knowledgeable and they understand that…..

Woolworths unveils new nationwide Pick Up service
Aldi sourcing 77% via UK suppliers – report
UK: Tesco cools down its price rises Tesco cooled its price rises last month, according to new data, as it seeks to become more price-competitive than its peers. In August, price inflation fell to 1.4%, down from 4.1% in July, according to data from UBS. «If Tesco was trying to rebuild margin then the…..

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