Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Latin America edition

Despite high prices, consumption of Colombian mangosteen increases
This tropical fruit has a considerably high market price as it needs very specific climatic conditions to be cultivated and the plants only produce fruit every two years. In addition, «they must be transported by air, because their shelf life is very short and they wouldn’t otherwise arrive in good conditions…..

Job Offers:
• Biobest, IPM & Pollination Specialist (ornamentals) – Western Europe

Argentina’s citriculture is experiencing a boom
The entry of Tucuman’s limes to the US market helped make visible an item that is unknown by many but that represents an important source of income to the country. Citriculture is a solidly installed industry in the north of Argentina that will have a strong presence in Aliment.AR, Latin America’s first class…..

5th Expo Prune Conference in Chile
Chile, the number 1 exporter of prunes in the world, will be holding the 5th Expo Prune Conference, one of the most important congresses for this sector worldwide, on Wednesday, November 8, 2017, at the Monticello Convention Center.»This year, the focus of the Expo will be on the 360º quality challenge, its…..

Michoacan prepares for the 2017 Mexico Strawberry Expo
The 2017 Mexico Strawberry Expo will be held in Michoacan from October 26 to 28 of this year and it will include the participation of 10 states of the country and more than 2 thousand strawberry producers and processing entrepreneurs.Francisco Huergo Maurin, Secretary of Rural Development and Agri-Food…..

Bolivia: Blueberry prices fall due to the entry of smuggled fruit
Blueberry contraband caused a 10 percent drop in the price of this product, which has consolidated itself as an emerging item for producing families in the south of the country. According to farmers and entrepreneurs, the illegal entry of this fruit into the country puts at risk the consumers’ and the regional…..

Peter Horvath:
“An auction is a good way to sell large volumes in a short time”
The clock is standing at 13 SEK (about 1,30 euro) but it is falling fast. In five minutes, a few thousand boxes of cucumbers are sold, and the market price for the day is set. The season is almost over. Then the calmer time begins at Odlarlaget, one of the three largest production organisations in Sweden. This…..

Austin Mortimer – Rockit Global Limited
«We are building a global brand, it’s not just about selling apples»
This year has seen a lot of significant changes for Rockit apples: new private equity investors, new board members and a new CEO.»It has been quite a watershed year for us,» explains new CEO, Austin Mortimer. «It was time for changes within the company, the board and the founder of Rockit had different views…..

Corné van de Klundert, Origin Fruit Direct:
“Water shortage Western Cape will have negative impact on availability of grapes”
The end of the European grape season is currently in sight. “It appears as if the European season will finish earlier than many expected,” says Corné van de Klundert of Origin Fruit Direct. By now, the importer has made a start with the overseas grape season with the first arrivals of Brazilian grapes, which…..

James Rogers, CEO of Apeel Sciences
“Our Edipeel product keeps ripe avocados ripe for twice as long”
Apeel Sciences has developed a natural, edible solution, Edipeel, to extend the shelf-life of produce. For some produce varieties, the application extends shelf-life by five times. “Our goal is to create a more sustainable food system that lasts longer and doesn’t go to waste,” says James Rogers, CEO of Apeel…..

More acreage dedicated to persimmon production in California
Growers and distributors of persimmons are enjoying good yields and a strong market that keeps growing every year. Persimmons of both major varieties, the Fuyu and Hachiya, are now in season in California.»The persimmon growing season in California began a few weeks ago and generally flows from south to…..

Special PMA Fresh Summit

Farmer’s Best exhibits for 21st year at Fresh Summit
Farmer’s Best is set to exhibit at the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Fresh Summit Conference and Expo for the 21st consecutive year. This year’s trade show will take place at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.The Farmer’s Best team will be busy discussing a number of topics with…..

From Pete’s Living Greens

New veggies rooted in freshness
Pete’s Living Greens, the California-based produce company specializing in hydroponically grown, Non-GMO Verified living lettuces and living cress varieties, will showcase the newest additions to their line of living produce, Endive and Escarole, at the 2017 PMA Fresh Summit. These new greens, which debut in…..

Autumn Glory is making its annual debut at PMA Fresh Summit
Autumn Glory® apple harvest is starting just in time to make its annual debut at PMA Fresh Summit 2017. The unique caramel and cinnamon notes of the Autumn Glory continue to make this proprietary apple a rising star for Superfresh Growers®.Domex Superfresh Growers® will be joined at PMA Fresh Summit by…..

Global Focus Top Fruit

USApple asks: How Do You #AppleADay?
How do you like your daily apple? Do you slice a crisp Fuji at lunchtime and dip it in a side of nut butter? Perhaps you end your day on a sweet note with a warm piece of apple crumble? This apple season, USApple wants to know how consumers enjoy their #AppleADay.During National Apple Month (Oct.) and through…..

Fredrik Pettersson:
“You can’t say no to customers”
It is primarily mixed salads and baby leaves on the shelves in Scandinavian and Baltic supermarkets, when it comes to fresh cuts. The space available for these processed products is also limited. Compared to Western European countries, this market is lagging behind, admits Fredrik Pettersson and Anette Dremo…..

More demand and even more potential for frozen cherries
Cherry production was one of the hardest hit in 2017, after climatic conditions had affected fruit and vegetable supplies all over the world. In terms of cherries, frosty weather during the last spring, caused losses all over Europe, in major producing countries such as Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, the…..

Mexico and California-grown produce
New organic offerings of sweet corn and asparagus
Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt (JMB) ships over 4,000,000 cases of asparagus per year and over 100,000 cases of packaged sweet corn annually; a portion of that is now made up of organic produce. Both vegetables are sourced year round from California and Mexico. Conventional asparagus comes from Mexico year round…..

Fall in export prices for Chinese chestnuts
«This year’s Chinese chestnut production is 10%-20% higher than last year’s, and the quality is better as well. The chestnut export to the Middle East has dropped slightly, while export to America, Canada and Europe is the same as last year. The current export price has dropped 20% from last year,» according…..

China: Imports of South American bananas fall by almost 50%
«Compared to last year, the Chinese banana production has grown by 10%. The banana import from the Philippines has not changed much, but the import from South American countries, like Ecuador, has dropped 50%. This is mainly because large quantities of imported bananas from South America were rotten on arrival…..

Plenty of volume for strawberries in California
Supplies of California strawberries look healthy as the season gets rolling.“Right now, we’ve got good supplies in Watsonville coming into the end of the season,” says Charlie Staka of CBS Farms LLC in Watsonville, Ca. “We’ve also got supplies out of Santa Maria—a new crop. And we are right around the corner…..

Cooler inventory management system advanced with paperless picking function
Warehouses and coolers are an inevitable element of the fresh produce value chain. “We developed RedLine Cooler to support grower-shippers with real-time, 100 percent visibility of inventory, while increasing staff productivity,” says Todd Baggett with RedLine Solutions. “The system also optimizes product…..

North America
Vegetable grower discusses expansion into a year-round program
With many customers expecting year-round fruit and vegetables, suppliers are continually looking to improve availability of produce. Many growers are also expanding their footprint so they can grow their produce in different climate zones and elevations. Fortune Growers have operations in Central Mexico,…..

Ruud Koedooder, Kogrimex-Koedooder:
“Poland has become major competitor”
The harvesting of vegetables for storage is currently in full swing. Harvests in Europe are enormous, better than last year, and quality is also good, according to Ruud Koedooder from Kogrimex-Koedooder from Grootebroek, the Netherlands. “Carrots, beets, cabbage, the harvests all look well. The amount of…..

Acreage is gradually reducing
Spain: «Higher cherimoya prices this campaign»
The continued high temperatures in spring and summer slightly advanced the start of the cherimoya campaign in Granada, the main producing area of this exotic fruit in Spain and Europe. At the moment, while still waiting for larger volumes to hit the market, prices are higher and more stable than last year,…..

Bruno clementines already available for export
Morocco: «We expect between 25 and 30% less citrus»
Morocco has started harvesting and selling citrus in the international market with its early clementine varieties, such as the Bruno. This campaign, the weather conditions have not been ideal, because it has not rained enough. That is why «we expect our citrus production to fall by between 25% and 30% compared…..

Italy: La Forcina Antonio commercialises produce all over Europe
«The greatest satisfaction is sometimes found in the smallest of things: to us, receiving phone calls from clients thanking us for the sweetness of our fruit is good for the soul. Ever since we started commercialising fresh produce, my father has travelled all around southern Italy, as he dedicated his whole…..

Promising outlook for Australian cherry exports
Hopes are high for the upcoming Australian cherry season. Certainly after an overall dissapointing crop in 2016.»Despite persistent rain a few weeks ago in certain areas of Victoria, the entire production is expected to rise steeply,» says Sherry Xu of Royal Fresh International.Some cherry orchard owners from…..

Italy: Innovation with niche products from Sipo
Kale and Lacinato kale cardoons, chard, purple carrots and rosole – these are just some of the rather uncommon products that make up theSiporange at this time of year.Some of the products photographed on 12th October 2017″Lacinato kale and kale are thriving. The former is more popular with Italian consumers,…..

Rajaram Sangle, Sangl Agro Processing
Indian produce set to level the trade deficit with the Far East
India is a big importer of Chinese products, while China imports just a few grapes from India. This is because by default India’s main markets have been in the Gulf region and in Europe. According to Rajaram Sangle, Director of Sangle Agro Processing Pvt Ltd: “Our Company has been growing fresh produce for the…..

Unitec Group will be at the centre of Fruit Attraction
The latest developments from the Unitec Group will be on display at the 2017 edition of Fruit Attraction with its three companies: Unitec, Unisorting and UT Instruments present.The Unitec Group will present the Peach Vision 2 system at Pasarela Innova. This system makes use of state-of-the-art hardware and…..

Rijk Zwaan introduces new Beach melons with improved shelf life
The international seed company Rijk Zwaan will be introducing their new Beach melon concept, including their new Cayucos Beach RZ at this years PMA Fresh Summit.These are new Cantaloupe varieties which the company explains have a unique combination of taste and shelf life – which they think can help open up…..

Ophelia moves on to Scotland
Winds of more than 70mph (112km/h) and heavy rain are hitting parts of Scotland and northern England as remnants of Hurricane Ophelia continue to sweep across the UK.All schools in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland remain closed for a second day as the clean-up begins.Justin Leonard a fruit and…..

Mexico grown
MAS Melons & Grapes introduces a new line of squash
As a way to complement its current line of winter squash, which includes Kabocha, Butternut, Spaghetti and Acorn varieties, this season MAS Melons & Grapes is introducing Italian Squash, Yellow Straight Neck and Mexican Grey Squash.Alliance with Agricola OrquiTo be able to distribute these new squash…..

CPMA presents
Profiting from reducing shrink in the produce industry webinar
Businesses can improve financial performance by 10+ percent by implementing simple practices that lead to more effective processes. With shrink and associated wastes typically accounting for 20 percent of all costs incurred by businesses operating in the produce industry, the opportunity to increase…..

Giant 960kg squash breaks world record
Not only did Joe Jutras of Rhode Island break previous records for the world’s heaviest pumpkin and the longest gourd, but now the grower can add the world’s heaviest squash to his list.At a whopping 960 kilograms, Jutras’s squash was crowned the heaviest last Saturday at Frerichs Farm in Warren, R.I.,…..

US: Georgia blueberry growers call for a fairer NAFTA
NAFTA works well because countries have different climates and growing seasons so all countries involved can benefit with access to fruits and vegetables all year. But, the berry season in the South overlaps with Mexico’s berry season, leading to problems.This has led to stiff competition from Mexico, which…..

The flexibility of African herb imports
Import company Xpol started importing fresh herbs to the Netherlands near Schiphol, Amsterdam, four years ago. The mint, basil and chives spread across the rest of Europe from there.The African country of Kenya is central when it comes to the import of fresh herbs by Xpol from Rijsenhout. Founder and manager…..

To premiere at PMA Fresh Summit
Sunions™: America’s first tearless onion is here
There are plenty of things in this world that make us cry. But onions no longer have to be one of them. Sunions, America’s first tearless and sweet onion will make its debut at PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans Oct. 19-21.“This onion is the product of more than 30 years of research and development to produce an…..

The Produce Mom at 49th annual Nogales Fresh Produce Convention
The 49th Annual Nogales Fresh Produce Convention and Golf Tournament is less than a month away! Make sure to reserve your tickets now for this wonderful celebration kicking off what is sure to be another great season.A major highlight of this year’s convention will be an educational session with Lori Taylor,…..

Dupak Inc. introduces new look and feel with rebrand
Manufacturer of flexible, fresh produce packaging DuPak Inc. is proud to announce the unveiling of the company’s updated branding with a new logo and refreshed design aesthetic. These recent rebranding efforts are an extension of DuPak’s commitment to continually evolve and improve their business as they seek…..

FEFCO Technical Seminar sees record number of exhibitors
Some 1,000 people gathered at the Messe Wien Congress Centre in Vienna on October 11- 13 for FEFCO’s Technical Seminar where the latest technologies in the sector were showcased.The FEFCO Technical Seminar is a highlight of the industry’s calendar, offering corrugated manufacturers and suppliers some of their…..

ILIP to focus on Life+ food preservation packaging at Fruit Attraction
European manufacturers of thermoformed plastic packaging for fresh produce and food service, ILIP will be presenting their Life+ system and Food2Go range simultaneously at Fruit Attraction and Eat2Go events.ILIP will be one of the exhibitors of Pasarela Inova, the space dedicated to innovations in the fresh…..

Italy: Clementines from the Sibari plain
The harvesting of clementines started in early October at O.P. Agricor, owner of theGallobrand. The fruit is cultivated on the Sibari plain and is sweeter than 2016 by two Brix degrees (13-14 against the 11 of last year). «This sweetness is due to the drought in summer, which damaged other crops but favoured…..

Germany: Bayer sells parts of seed business to BASF for 5.9 billion euros
As part of the planned takeover of Monsanto, Bayer, a German seed company, has signed an agreement to sell certain Crop-Sience-businesses to BASF for 5.9 billion euros. The shops that are to be sold made about 1.3 billion euros together in 2016. «We are taking into account the potential concerns of the…..

Citrus From Chile hands out mandarins to 4,600 runners at Niagara Marathon
As part of an ongoing campaign this summer in Canada to provide citrus to Canadians, Citrus From Chile supported the Niagara International Marathon.It is one of only a few marathons that starts in one country and finishes in another. The runners begin the marathon in Buffalo, N.Y. and cross the Peace Bridge…..

Driscoll’s hails their BerryTogether campaign a success
Fresh Berry Leader Scores its Latest Major Hit with an Integrated Campaign Designed to Bring Consumers Together Over a Shared Love of BerriesEarlier this year, berry producer Driscoll’s introduced #BerryTogether, a national campaign created to support the new brand positioning the company hoped would help…..

nine people arrested
Large heroin lab discovered at pepper and cucumbers growers
Den Haag, Bleiswijk, Bergschenhoek, Berkel en Rodenrijs, Rotterdam, Pijnacker, Maasdijk – There were four wheelers in the garage for maintenance and there were cucumbers growing in the greenhouse complex. In reality it was a cover for drug labs.Four brothers from the Hague (55, 52, 45 and 41), an ex-girlfriend…..

Meeting of producers
Spain: Almost all problems with M7 orange cultivation solved
The researchers and technicians who have been working for the past two years to address some problems with the cultivation of the new M7 orange assure that these are now practically solved; in fact, this year there have been many fewer incidents. Citrus growers who have opted for this promising patented…..

French Casino Q3 sales rise
UK’s ‘Big Four’ see declines in market share
South Africa’s Pick n Pay reports 25% profit fallSouth African supermarket operator Pick n Pay on Tuesday reported a 25% fall in half-year earnings as a weak economy and staff cuts weighed on profit. Headline earnings per share fell to 61.88 cents for the six months to August 31 from 82.43 cents a year…..

FreshPlaza funny
Sick tattoo