Monday, October 30, 2017
Latin America edition

Argentina: Bell pepper production affected by bad weather
Corrientes is an importing production region for greenhouse bell peppers, of which 40% in volume is contributed to the MCBA (Mercado Central de Buenos Aires). The good prices of last year positively influenced the production of this year. However, the bad weather circumstances of last February damaged…..

Internal market fruit update
Brazil: Lower prices for Nanica bananas
Last week all the producing regions of the Nanica banana registered a decline in quotations. Producers from Bom Jesus da Lapa (BA), Vale do Riberia (SP) and Northern Minas Gerais experienced a similar average selling price of around R$ 0.70 per kg. However, for example the state Santa Catarina traded this…..

Peru forecasts it will produce 10% more mango next year
This year, the country’s mango production and demand should increase. According to the Peruvian Association of Mango Producers (Promango), the sector will end 2017 with a one-digit advance compared to last year in fresh produce. In addition, the sector does not expects climate issues to have a major impact on…..

Peru: Blueberry production grew by 870% between 2014 and 2016
According to the consultant company, Inform@accion, Peru went from producing 2,989 tons of blueberries in 2014 to 28,999 tons in 2016, which represents an 870.2% growth in this production.Inform@accion also added that, up until June 2017, Peru produced 23,989 tons of blueberries and that they still didn’t have…..

Argentina: San Miguel lost $15 million due to cyber attack
The last massive cyber attack, suffered by multinationals, hit the finances of Argentine citrus company San Miguel. San Miguel, the main processor and exporter of fresh citrus in the country, which has an operating center in the province of Tucuman, was affected by the hacking that hit the shipping giant…..

Uruguay: Blueberry sector suffers heavy losses
According to the last evaluations and tests carried out in the different establishments, the climatic events on October 18 – which included torrential rains, thunderstorms, localized hail, and strong winds of over 100 km/hour- and on October 1 and 2 in the departments of Salto and Paysandu – have caused great…..

The OctoFrost Link
IQF online platform connecting buyers with sellers
After announcing the acquisition of Innotec Systems back in July, OctoFrost has gone a step further and announced the launch a free online platform, Octofrost Link, for its customers and partners at the most recent edition of Anuga 2017.»We believe that our platform will change the way business is done in the…..

Alex van Ieperen:
“No party is interested in low prices”
Conference might be a unique product, but according to Alex van Ieperen, it’s becoming a bulk product more and more. “Its distinctiveness will have to be improved.”More than five years ago, Direct Fruit Services was founded. The company is specialised in marketing apples and pears, and has a large number of…..

Supplies from Italy and California are down
Strong market for California kiwifruit
Even as Chile’s kiwifruit season finished up in the third week of September, prices ended on a definite high note, which should carry through into California’s season. Prices ended out the season in the mid to low $20 to as high as mid to low $30 range. New crop Californian fruit packing began on September 25…..

Persimmons from Israel to enter North America by mid-November
While persimmons are available from California and some Spanish shipments are making their way into the U.S., the first shipments of the fruit from Israel are three weeks away. “We are loading our first vessels to North America on October 30, 2017 with expected arrival to port on November 15,” says Gary Tozzo…..

Special PMA Fresh Summit

To New Orleans area, Gulf Coast and Florida hurricane victims

Fresh Summit exhibitors donate more than 312,000 pounds of fresh produce
Food banks around the New Orleans area, the Gulf Coast and Florida received large donations of fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables to distribute to their food-insecure patrons, thanks to the generosity of fresh produce companies who wrapped up Produce Marketing Association’s (PMA) Fresh Summit Convention…..

Global Focus Top Fruit

Apples on the vine – an innovative method to grow fruit trees
Growers are always looking for ways to ensure their fruit is as fresh and flavorful as possible. One apple grower in Washington is using an innovative method to grow their fruit. What looks like something you’ll find in a vineyard is in fact a trellis system that the company have employed in what they believe…..

«The expansion of kaki acreage has slowed down»
Start of kaki campaign in Huelva with plenty of medium calibres
While the Region of Valencia already started marketing Rojo Brillante kakis about three weeks ago with lower yields and an abundance of large calibres, Huelva is starting this week with the harvest of the same variety; the most common one, with plenty of medium and small calibres. The second-grade cooperative…..

California broccoli supplies remain limited
Supplies of broccoli continue to be hard to come by as producers struggle to keep up with demand. The situation hasn’t been helped by unusually hot weather in the Salinas growing region which has damaged some of the upcoming crop. The focus now is the transition to the Yuma region for the winter…..

Italy: New weighing solution for watermelons
Watermelons are not the easiest fruit to manage. Meccanica Malvasi clients know it well, as they asked the company for a piece of machinery that can weigh them quickly. At Fruit Attraction 2017 in Madrid, the company presented a weigher suitable not only for watermelons, but for all round-oval fruit.»It’s a…..

Positive outlook for southern Peru table grape season
Some importers of Peruvian table grapes are not expecting such as bad a season as earlier feared. Floods and heavy rains in the north of the country have devastated many crops and affected a number of export commodities. But table grapes from the southern Ica regions appear to have missed the worst of it and…..

Suterra sponsored the Stone Fruit Attraction Congress
«Pest control based on pheromones and attractants is a necessity»
«The current markets are increasingly strict when it comes to the compliance of both the legislation regarding MRLs in fruit and the protocols for export,» explains Carolina Maset, EU Marketing Manager of Suterra.»We are dealing with a consumer who is concerned about the environment, who wants a healthy and…..

Erwin Bakker, Ellips:
«Optically sorting dates replaces manual selection and mistakes»
Although the Elisam sorting machines have mainly been on the rise in top fruit, onions and citrus in recent years, the first machine Erwin Bakker sold in 2011 was an optical sorting machines for dates. It wasn’t an unnecessary luxury item.»We arrived at Datepac in Yuma (Arizona) where 11,000 people were…..

Turkey: «We expect to export about 700 tonnes of black figs this year»
Volumes change depending on supply and demand, as well as on the weather conditions; however, the number of orders for black figs from Turkey has been increasing over time and producers are beginning to devote more hectares to this crop. «It is a fruit that is widely consumed in our country, but in our case,…..

NZ: Kiwifruit Claim plaintiffs close, argue duty of care was owed
Plaintiffs in the Kiwifruit Claim court case believe they have proven that MPI was negligent and breached its duty of care by allowing kiwifruit pollen contaminated with Psa-V to be imported into New Zealand and released into the kiwifruit industry.212 claimants have brought the case, seeking accountability…..

Licensing of importers in East Africa enables growth of the brand
Pink Lady®: the iPhone of apples for African consumers
African consumers’ appetite for Pink Lady® apples is being met by the licensing of twelve importers serving Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, as well as two importers in Mauritius and three in Réunion this year.At mid-October 2017, export volumes of Pink Lady® apples to Africa stood at 4,469,875kg, of which…..

Eight per cent more Jazz apples than last year
“Jazz apples weren’t affected by bad weather”
After the New Zealand season for Jazz apples, the European season has now started. Although the apple production in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany suffered from frost damage, this wasn’t the case for production areas of Jazz apples.“In the French Loire region and in Italy (South Tyrol), where the Jazz…..

341 dead so far this year
People gather to show solidarity with South African farmers
Today people are being urged to wear black in a show of solidarity with South Africa’s farmers. Over the past five days, 11 farm attacks have taken place in South Africa, which led to the death of four people. Since 1 January 2017 at least 341 farm attacks have already been carried out, during which 70 people…..

Tim Jones – Wandin Valley Farms
«This year looks on par with one of our better years»
The cherry harvest in Victoria has been slowed down slightly by cooler weather at the start of Spring, but it is just about to get underway.»We are a few days away,» explains Tim Jones from Wandin Valley Farms. «The first cherry picked will be for the domestic market, it will be the Earlise variety. Then we…..

SA Fruit Exporters ‘SAFE’ use software ‘Openbravo’ to improve profit
Software experts at Cape Town-based producer and exporter SAFE (South African Fruit Exporters) are harnessing the power of «open source» software to streamline everything SAFE does – globally, centrally and in real time – to deliver greater efficiency, reduce costs and improve profit.Their work is pioneering…..

Sweet Sensation still fully in development
The Sweet Sensation pear with its red blush has a noticeable appearance on pear shelves. In recent years, the pear went through a considerably growth. To meet growing demand, suitable growing locations, both nationally and internationally, are still being searched for.Sweet Sensation is a mutation of Doyenné…..

Dutch role in global apple trade ever smaller
The global trade in apples has grown by almost 1.5 million tonnes in ten years, but is now stagnating at a level of around nine million tonnes. The FAO estimates that production of apples is around 85 million tonnes. Of that, about ten per cent is traded internationally. It’s noticeable that (estimated)…..

New season of Australian baby potatoes auction for $1 million per tonne
Attendance at the Annual Potato Industry Dinner at the National Wine Centre of Australia, Adelaide on Friday night exceeded all expectations!Opened by Senator the Hon Anne Ruston, Assistant Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, the auction of new season baby potatoes, the only one of its kind in…..

California growers sue US government over lifted ban of Argentine lemons
Suing the United States, a consortium of citrus growers claims the secretary of agriculture’s recent decision to remove the ban on lemon imports from Argentina was politically motivated, ignores science and puts the nation’s produce at risk.The growers say the ban was lifted “in a rush to reverse decades-old…..

NatureFresh Farms & Eminent Seeds introduce «world’s smallest tomato»
This past PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans, NatureFresh Farms and Eminent Seeds NL reached a proprietary agreement within North America.NatureFresh Farms will exclusively grow and market Tomberry tomatoes in Canada, United States and Mexico. Jan van Heijningen, Director at Eminent Group, and John Ketler, Farm…..

WARNING! Scam involving ANTONIO RUGGERO SPA reported
We would like to warn all operators that Gaetano Russo made contact with a few Spanish companies at Madrid Fruit Attraction to obtain purchases and supplies by introducing himself as an import-export manager for «Antonio Ruggiero Spa».This is a scam, as the subject provided false details, this individual even…..

LBD expands with new packaging line and top sealer
Three years ago, LBP Rotterdam was one of the first businesses in the sector that had a packaging line for blueberries. The increasing demand in the market, has resulted in this logistical service provider from Maasdijk, recently acquiring a top seal machine. «This means our clients can seal their punnets with…..

University of Florida:
«Red makes consumers retain attention to food labels»
For many people, red means “stop,” and that’s what consumers are doing when they see that color on food information labels, according to a new study led by a University of Florida researcher.Zhifeng Gao, a UF/IFAS associate professor of food and resource economics, led the study with former doctoral students…..

Álvaro Partida: «Without customs agents, it would be impossible to import/export»
«We are the gateway between southern Europe and northern Africa»
Spanish fruit and vegetable exports and imports are on the rise, both through large traders and small producers who decide to export and import themselves, in many cases without a sound knowledge in legal issues. Some of the most exported products, according to the company Partida Logistics, are pineapples,…..

The Netherlands in 9th place of exporting countries globally, Belgium at 10
Netherlands worth 3% of global apple exports
The Netherlands and Belgium come near the bottom of the 10 largest apple exporting countries in the world. In 2016, 6.1 billion Euro worth of apples were exported globally. This is a slight decrease compared to 2012 (-0.4%), but an increase compared to 2015 (+3.1%) reports the NFO.ChinaChina is the world’s…..

Maersk wins Lloyd’s List Asia ‘Container Operator of the Year’ award
Maersk Line has been named ‘Container Operator of the Year’ at the annual Lloyd’s List Asia awards in Singapore. Maersk Line received the award for continuous network advancements, market leading digital solutions and trade finance, which allows customers to expand their business and reach new markets, the…..

Studies reveal papaya could help prevent cancer and other diseases
According to recent studies papaya may help in preventing many medical maladies.»Due to its high content of nutrients, vitamins and medicinal properties, papaya helps to prevent cancer, cardiovascular diseases, skin and eyes maladies, but it has a very low consumption among the population.» said Patricia…..

IKEA and chef David Chang round out $40m in financing for Series D round
AeroFarms, a company working in indoor vertical farming since 2004, closed $40 million in Series D financing led by an international line up of financing.Financiers included Dubai-based Meraas Holdings, London-based ADM Capital, NYC-based AB (AllianceBernstein), and Netherlands-based Ikea Group with continuing…..

New supermarket concept launched by Walmart in Brazil
Lidl still focused on Georgia (US)
UK: IGD boss calls on grocery industry to innovateThe global grocery retail industry is undergoing a period of ‘momentous change’, according to Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive of international research organisation IGD. Speaking at the Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur,…..

FreshPlaza funny
Can your mattress do this?