Europe – The banana survey – Week 40

Lukewarm early autumn on the European markets, though balance holding up.

Despite falling shipments from the French West Indies (69% below average) because of Hurricane Maria, the overall supply has remained high. African origins have begun their seasonal increase, regaining average levels (+2%).
In addition, while Ecuador has registered average levels, Colombian and Costa Rican shipments have continued their rise, with levels still above average. However, sales have continued to rise in Western Europe because of a favourable context (promotions, limited presence of competing fruits, cooler temperatures).
Hence despite high incoming volumes, the balance has held up in Western Europe, though prices have stabilised below average for the season.
In Eastern Europe, yellow banana demand has remained slow, as is usual for this time of year, and inferior quality fruits have been available at competitive prices. Hence the balance has weakened in Eastern Europe, and prices have stopped rising. Finally, growing tension has made itself felt on the Spanish market, helping prices to continue climbing.