Europe – The banana survey – Week 43

Without any improvements of note, European markets still stable and balanced.

However, despite the wide shortfall from the French West Indies, the supply has remained high. African volumes have continued to rise, back to above-average levels (+5%). Furthermore, despite the end of the Colombian production peak, the supply from this origin has remained high (10% above average). In addition, Costa Rica has continued its seasonal increase, while Ecuador has maintained average levels. However, despite a slight slowdown due to the school holidays in certain countries and the run-up to a shortened business week (1st of November in w.44), sales have remained lively in Western Europe, still enjoying a context free from competing fruits. Hence incoming volumes have been sufficient and prices have remained stable and slightly below average. In Eastern Europe, despite demand remaining lethargic, the balance has held up and prices have maintained stable, below-average levels. Finally, the Spanish market has stabilised at good levels. In Russia, the improvement has continued, with prices are back to 2016 levels.