Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Latin America edition

Argentina in peak season
Chile: Evaluations taking place in blueberry orchards
The blueberry season from Argentina is in full swing, while Chile is experiencing some delay in their start of the season. In week 42, Argentina exported a total of 1.903.611 kg. Numbers published by the Argentinean blueberry committee show this is slightly less than the 2.075.156 kg exporting in the same week…..

Job Offers:
• Astwood, Eco Brewing & Growing Technician – UK
• Agricultural Appointments, Technical & Operations Manager – Australia

Bolivia: Guarayos wants to produce pineapples all year round
Pineapple producers from the municipality of Guarayos are seeking to produce this native fruit throughout the whole year, which is why they are working with the Center for Research and Promotion of Peasants (Cipca) on a project to achieve this goal and to produce pineapples in a shorter time, i.e. in 10 months…..

Brazilian and Argentinian tomatoes are smuggled into the country
Paraguay: National production of tomatoes will cover demand until December
Cesar Velazquez, the head of the Paraguayan Fruit and Vegetable Chamber, said they had to put a stop to the smuggling of tomatoes into the country. He also said he believed that the domestic production would cover the domestic market until December.When asked about how the income of this smuggled item affected…..

The world will consume 4 million tons of dehydrated fruits by 2020
The executive president of Sierra and Selva Exportadora, Alfonso Velasquez Tuesta, said that global consumption of dehydrated fruits would reach 4 million tons in 2020, due to the global tendency to consume natural and healthy foods that fight obesity and the greater awareness of health care. As such,…..

Argentinian blueberry producers to take part in «The night of the Museums»
Producers of the Argentinean Blueberry Committee (ABC) announced today that they will be participating in “The night of the Museums”, through the programme “More Fruits and Vegetables” carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, a day which will include tastings, games and activities for children and…..

South Korea export pears to Brazil for the first time
According to The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) and Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT), two containers full of pears were shipped to Brazil from Korea for the first time.One on September 26 (from Ulsan Horticulture Cooperative Union) and the other on October 11…..

How Brexit could affect trade between Britain and Ecuador
At the moment, the debate over Brexit has focused on how leaving the EU will affect trade between Britain and the rest of Europe. However, it’s also important to recognise that, even at the moment, the EU isn’t their only trading partner.Many countries see Britain’s decision to leave the EU as an opportunity…..

Argentina: North Patagonia’s pear and apple exports decreased by 17.4%
According to a report prepared by the National Service of Sanitation and Agrifood Quality’s (Senasa), North Patagonia’s Regional Center, pear and apple exports from North Patagonia in the first nine months of the year fell by 17.4% when compared to the same period of the previous year.In the first nine months…..

Peru’s Camposol strives to breach Chinese blueberry market with new brand
Blueberries are becoming an increasingly important part of Peru’s agricultural output. Despite the country only starting large-scale production five years ago, Peru has rapidly become a key player in the international blueberry trade and is currently the world’s third-largest exporter. These developments have…..

Envy™ apple supplies to last into 2018 with production up 50%
CMI Orchards announced this week that the new crop of Envy apples are now available. With the Envy crop running three weeks later than last year, CMI Orchards tells that interest has been very high.According to George Harter, CMI Vice President of Marketing, a big increase in Envy production combined with a…..

Special PMA Fresh Summit

Peru projects $260m in business deals for fruit & veg sector from PMA
The Peruvian delegation, made up of over 80 companies in the fruit and vegetable sector, saw a very successful three-days at the PMA Fresh Summit with over a US$260 millions projection in sales orders, according to official sources from the Peru Export and Tourism Promotion Board, PROMPERÚ.Peru showcased…..

Mucci Farms on exhibiting at PMA for 15+ years

«Our momentum continues to move forward»
Mucci Farms has been exhibiting at the PMA Fresh Summit for over 15 years. “As our company and offerings have grown over this period of time, our momentum continues to move forward,” says Joe Spano, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Mucci Farms. “Our presence and the general interest in our company…..

Global Focus Top Fruit

Brenda Briggs, RIce Fruit Company:

“Fuji apple sizes are running approximately three sizes larger this season»
Rice Fruit Company, located in Pennsylvania is currently getting one of their most popular apples ready for market. The company says that their Fuji apples have great size this year with good volume in the most popular tray pack sizes.According to Brenda Briggs, VP of Sales and Marketing, “The sizing on our…..

Enough Royal Gala for Polish producer
The pepper and tomato season for export is coming to an end, giving Polish fruit and vegetable producer Andrzej Mierzejewski from Cool Fruit, a little time to breath before the start of apple exports.»We had a good pepper season this year, with a lot of demand from NW Europe. We did notice that there were a…..

Soren Bjorn, President of Driscoll’s
“No doubt about it – labour is the biggest challenge”
Conventional and organic berries are now available year round at Driscoll’s. ”That is a big change,” says says Soren Bjorn, the company’s president. “This, in turn, drives consumption because there is always availability.” The ability to have berries available year round is not without its challenges.When…..

Expansion of Cavendish banana production spreads very aggressive fungal disease
Fears around containment of Fusarium TR4 in Africa and Asia
Tropical Race 4 of Panama disease (TR4 of Fusarium wilt) is spreading to new localities in Asia and the Middle East. It is feared to be just a matter of time before it spreads from northern Mozambique, where it is currently present, into other African countries. The first global campaign to address the banana…..

They are taking the lead in new orange season
China: «Ehime oranges fill a gap in the orange market»
«Ehime oranges are a new Japanese crossbreed. After testing the breed for many years, it is now doing very well on the Chinese market. They are currently grown in small quantities in Sichuan and Zhejiang, and are one of the early ripening oranges with the highest price. What is special about this breed, is…..

Australian company creating efficient biosecurity pathways
One of the latest biosecurity treatment options is helping Australian produce to be delivered to markets faster, fresher and in higher volumes than previously possible, according to Asia-Pacific’s most prominent contract sterilisation and decontamination processor.Queensland-based Steritech has spent the past…..

«Protests are already causing racial divisions»
South Africa: Traffic on major roads reduced to crawling pace
Yesterday saw protests in South Africa against farm murders, the protests come two days after two white farmers were sentenced to more than 10 years in prison each for forcing a black man into a coffin.According to AfriForum, the number of white farmers killed this year was 72, this is including the murder of…..

Egypt: More oranges due to acreage expansion
The volume of oranges intended for export in Egypt is rising year after year. The main reason for this is the expansion of the acreage and the consequent increase in production; however, this is not the only reason. The Ministry of Agriculture of the North African country has undertaken a campaign with a…..

Italy: Kiwi harvesting started at OP Armonia
«Developing an assisted ripening technique that enables us to always supply fruit that is ready to eat and with a guaranteed minimum sugar content level (14° Brix) contributed to increasing consumption and making kiwis more available on the shelves of some leading Italian retail chains,» reports Marco…..

Spain: End of Bonbon mango campaign with more demand than supply
Given that this is a product that is largely a result of chance, no forecasts can be made, and in some years the volume of Bonbon mango available does not cover the demand of consumers.»We’ve had a very good year for mangoes in general. The weather conditions have been stable and the trees have been loaded…..

Spain: Association of organic producers able to offer more products
Organic products are increasingly in demand; however, due to the careful work they require and the deadlines that must be met, it is difficult for growers to have a wide range of products for sale to marketers and customers.That is why it is becoming more and more common for producers of different fruits and…..

Global retail sector undergoing profound transformation
As the sourcing of fruit and vegetables becomes increasingly global, managing the supply chain becomes ever more important in the marketplace. What started as a business providing supply chain software, Finnish based RELEX, has now expanded into offering unified retail planning solutions.Relex founders(From…..

UK grown Parsley Root available during the Autumn & winter months
Frederick Hiam Ltd, based in the east of England started to grow a small area of Parsley Root a few years ago after being asked for it by some of their export customers. Parsley Root is also known as Hamburg Parsley and is little known in the UK but as a result of involvement with a number of leading chefs the…..

Production is ramping up
Bell peppers move into Coachella & Baja
Bell pepper production begins the transition from summer to the winter growing regions. The Coachella Valley and Baja production will steadily ramp up supplies as the Oxnard growing areas winds down. With multiple growing regions in California and Mexico, we anticipate a smooth transition with ample supplies…..

Cinven to acquire a majority stake in berry group Planasa for €450 million
International private equity firm, Cinven, today announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Planasa, a global operator in the agri-food sector, for a consideration of approximately €450 million.Planasa specialises in plant research, nursery and fresh produce. Alexandre Darbonne,…..

Fresh Del Monte Produce net sales hit $952M in third quarter report
Fresh Del Monte Produce today reported financial results for the third quarter ended September 29, 2017. The company reported that net sales for the third quarter of 2017 were $952.7 million, compared with $950.2 million in the third quarter of 2016.The increase in net sales was the result of higher net sales…..

Global program to fight fungus that threatens bananas
A fungus is threatening to decimate the world’s banana production, causing huge commercial losses and enormous damage to the livelihoods of the 400 million people who depend on the most commercialised fruit in the world, both as a staple food and as a source of income.The FAO and its partners – Bioversity…..

The US already has some 20 citrus patterns tolerant to greening
Mª Angeles Forner, the person responsible for citrus patterns at the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research (IVIA), stated at the Picassent’s XXXI Citrus Congress that the United States already had nearly twenty citrus patterns that were potentially tolerant or resistant to the greening or HLB disease…..

Pistachios help prevent gestational diabetes
The Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development, Francisco Martinez Arroyo stated that the regional government, through the Regional Institute for Food and Agriculture Research (IRIAF) had donated 1,600 kilos of pistachios for a study on the prevention of gestational diabetes, whose conclusions…..

Latest steps in the plastic reduction strategy of this retail company
Germany: REWE now only sells unpackaged bananas
Soon there will be no more bananas wrapped in plastic film available in the more than 3.300 REWE stores nationwide. Product information will then be found on adhesive labels or banderoles. As REWE supplies bananas from various brand companies, private label producers and suppliers – in line with the different…..

Moroccan tomatoes: average export season expected
Moroccan tomato exports are yet again expected to be below that recorded the previous season. At best, they are expected to reach the same volume as in 2015-2016. A 4% decrease compared to 2015-2016 has been recorded with 517,000 tons of tomatoes of all varieties being exported this year. Most of this figure…..

Spain: IV International Symposium on Pomegranates
Researchers, scientists, technicians and professionals working in the pomegranate field met up in Elche (Spain) for the IV International Symposium on Pomegranates and Minor Mediterranean Fruits on 18th-22nd September 2017. The event was organised by the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS),…..

Processed fruit & veg market expected to reach $319.9 billion USD in 2020
Fruit and vegetables are the most perishable and vital ingredients in the human diet. They are a cheaper and better food source and make a considerable nutritional contribution to human well-being owing to their high nutritive value.Fruit and vegetable processing is seen widely in the food and beverage…..

Ship full of onions saved in a storm
Many ships and conveys couldn’t shelter from the current bad weather, which was particularly harsh for the Baltic Performer on Saturday when she was South West of Brittany.Around 3pm on Saturday, the Cross Etel was warned by the Lann-Bihoué maritime control aircraft that the cargo ship was in difficulty due to…..

Smaller yields to lift US apple and pear prices
USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service forecast the 2017 U.S. apple crop at 10.4 billion pounds, down 7 percent from the previous year but higher than most years since 2000, if realized.The Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook was released Sept. 29 by USDA ERS on.While the anticipated smaller crop should…..

Iridium ® anti-hail nets reach 10 million square metre milestone
PhotoselectiveIridium® nets byAgrintechwere first introduced ten years ago and have since become a point of reference in an agricultural world wishing to control all variables connected to production.Yellow Iridium® on a kiwi orchardTheIridium® technology was developed thanks to studies conducted in…..

Euro Pool System and La Palette Rouge share knowledge in packaging pooling
Two divisions, each with the same year of birth, are sharing their expertise in the area of packaging pooling. EPS has become the standard packaging in the European chain for fresh and packaged foods with its reusable and folding trays. LPR has taken a leading position in the FMCG sector with its innovative…..

What does the giant strawberry-picking robot mean for fruit pickers?
It stands in the dirt-floored barn. Its sixteen arms, with fierce-looking spikes at the ends, emit pneumatic hisses as they punch downward. It is 30 feet wide, 12 feet long, 14 feet tall. The robots have arrived and they’ll be picking crops in Florida fields soon.Robots can do things humans can’t. They can…..

Pink Lady held event which offered regional partners a chance to discover production
As part of its ‘imagine’ social responsibility programme, Pink Lady held its first ever Pink Lady Day on 20 October 2017. Some twenty producers, packaging stations and European distributors opened their doors to share their expertise.A voluntary event, which offered school children and all regional partners of…..

Jazz apples voted UK’s favourite apples at National Fruit Show 2017/18
With the coming UK season signifying the 10th anniversary of British grown JAZZ apples, Kent-based grower Peter Chandler has helped the variety celebrate after his JAZZ won the much-coveted ‘Tastiest Apple’ title at the National Fruit Show 2017/2018. Taking place on 25th/26th October at the Kent Event Centre,…..

First time at the expoSE 22 and 23 November 2017
Dutch Cerescon presents selective asparagus harvest machine
A selective Asparagus harvest machine that can harvest on three parallel rows has been developed by Cerescon in the Netherlands. The patented underground detection method was inspired by proximity sensor technology that detect the asparagus underground.They enter the coordinates of the pole into a digging…..

Retail sector of Peru ranks 9th worldwide
New CEO for Asda
France: Auchan to open their first organic store LSA-conso reports that Auchan is to open their first organic store, Auchan Bio, on the 8th November on the ground floor of a shopping mall in Marquette-lez-Lille (above Lille). The 450m2 store is important for Auchan Retail France, who are behind their…..

FreshPlaza funny
Duet of french horn and chair