Thursday, November 23, 2017
Latin America edition

Bayron Ortiz, Organpit Ecuador
“Short European season for yellow pitahaya exports”
“November and December are the months that the yellow pitahaya is exported to Europe. It’s only a short period where we export about 5.000-7.000 kg per week. It’s only a small market for exotic fruits. We offer the international market a new alternative with this pitahaya variety. The red variety is better…..

Update till week 46
Argentina: Blueberry export volumes slowing down
The Argentinian blueberry is season is over its export peak. Export volumes to all destinations have dropped in week 46, except for Canada. For example, the United States market imported 678.127 kg in week 46, compared to 1.034.028 kg in week 45. The Argentinian Blueberry Committee has published it’s update…..

There are no plantains in Puerto Rico
The Secretary of Agriculture, Carlos Flores Ortega, said that in two weeks plantains should arrive in supermarkets from countries like Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic to meet local demand. Truth is, it’s almost a miracle finding a plantain in the country right now.In addition, some people complain…..

Argentina: Garlic surface grows and export prices to Brazil decrease
This season, the area planted with garlic amounted to 10,550 hectares, i.e. 14% more than in the previous cycle. Meanwhile, the drop in the price of exports to Brazil in the last 6 months is alarming, as a box has gone from $ 25 to $ 12 dollars last September, according to the Rural Development Institute (IDR)…..

Despite a 50% fall in yields
Peru: PIura’s grape supply will only decrease by 30%
The coastal El Niño decreased the table grape’s yields per hectare by 50% in Piura. However an increase in areas under production will mean that the supply of fruit in this region will only be reduced by 30% compared to 2016.This was pointed out by the general manager of the Beta Agroindustrial Complex, Lionel…..

Dominican Republic: Garlic production is not at its best
Domestic garlic production is not at its best. Meanwhile imports are soaring. In 2016, the purchase of this product abroad increased by 142.5% compared to 2015, from US $8.0 million to US $19.4 million, a relative increase of US $11.4 million.The country imported 5,894.9 metric tons of fresh and crushed garlic…..

Argentina: Table grape exports will remain low
Even though the harvest of the first clusters of grapes for fresh consumption will start next month in San Juan, surveys in the sector indicate that exports won’t recover in the next season and will continue to fall, a trend that has been consolidating since 2012. Last season, only 4.5 million kilos were…..

Chile creates a seal to certify organic products
For a food to be organic, the entire production and marketing process behind it must comply with the technical standards required by the regulations. This includes the isolation of the property to avoid the contamination of neighbors; soil management and conservation through the application of humus, compost…..

Chile gets ready for arrival of Chinese pears
Representatives of ASOEX held a meeting with the political advisers, businesses and trade of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Chile with the aim of finalizing details of the actions that will be carried out to inform the Chilean consumer of the arrival of the first Chinese pears in Chile.The…..

Chilean walnuts have explosive growth in India
It is no surprise that India is a big market for nuts. It has 1.3 billion inhabitants and a strong culture of nut consumption.In 2017 Chile expects to export 5 thousand tons of nuts to India, which would allow India to enter the top five main destinations for Chilean walnuts in shell (currently it is in the…..

Special Avocados

Xavier Equihua, CEO World Avocado Organsation

«We are promoting avocados in the big European supermarkets this spring»
There is no avoiding avocados these days. The month of November was even named avocado month by the World Avocado Organisation with Amsterdam as the capital of the event. Although November isn’t over yet, there are already plans for a new European promotion campaign in the spring of 2018 and tastings will be…..

Organic apple demand keeps growing
This coming season Washington expects to see 20 million bushels of organic apples. Viva Tierra specialises in 100% organic products, such as apples. “There is no indication, whatsoever, that the demand for organic fresh produce, such as apples, is slowing down”, says Luis Acuña, this company’s President and…..

“Clear packaging boosts sales”
‘Standing still means going backwards’ is a motto that can be applied to many entrepreneurs in the world of fresh produce. Stoffels Tomaten, a tomato grower, packer and trader from Rijkevorsel, Belgium, is clearly moving forward, as evidenced by their plans. After 22 years, they decided to change their brand…..

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Du Toit Cherry Time™
South Africa: «We could export everything on quality, but we’re focusing on building the local market.»
The Du Toit family have been producing fruit in the Western Cape for 120 years, but this is only the fourth year of cherry production. This year’s Cherry Time™ crop estimates look very good and the size is said to be looking excellent.»The drought situation is very dire and much worse than last season,»…..

South Australia’s food scorecard receives top marks
Growth in the South Australian citrus and potato sectors have both risen in value by more than 20 per cent over the past financial year.Figures released in the Food ScoreCard 2016–17 show that the state’s horticulture sector had a farm gate value of $970million, which was a five per cent increase on the…..

Aart Blom, Fruit Partners Blom:
“It will be a calm summer in Dutch top fruit”
The situation on the apple market can currently be called unique. “In other years there’s always been a production area with less production, but something is happening throughout Europe now. The harvest is incredibly small, and the season of apple varieties such as Red Boskoop, Elstar, Comice, but also…..

Italy: Ozone can be used in orchards
A revolutionary atomiser that, instead of distributing pesticides, distributes water and oxygen in the form of ozone was on display at FuturPera.»The first results have been encouraging. Thanks to the collaboration of Met Ozone Experts and GR Gamberini atomizzatori, we have developed this machine that can be…..

Grape and apple craze in Vietnam
Apples have always been a regular produce for countries found outside tropical climates. Grapes also have an exotic appeal for people from tropical countries. Despite this both fruits are popular all over the world and Vietnam is no exception.Vietnam imports its grapes from three countries – Australia, South…..

Italy: Sealed Air for fresh food packaging
In the era ofblockchains, Ux (user experience) and new generations, the fresh produce sector can try to follow current market trends too, helped by technological advances and the increased interest in health and food quality.Sealed Air’s ‘Innovazione Cliente’ group studies ways to implement new technologies…..

China consumes 70% of Vietnam’s dragon fruit
Despite Vietnam’s great dragon fruit production, which can reach up to 20,000 tonnes per month, China absorbs the vast majority of this volume, about 70%. The Asian country has become the main market for companies such as Hai Thanh Dragon Fruit Export Factor, which cultivates three of the four varieties of…..

Imports of avocados, cherries, blueberries and durian see largest increase
Chinese fruit imports up «15-20%» with more varieties available
“The import of fruits to China have steadily increased year on year, and the varieties of imported fruits have also seen an increase. Imports of cherries, blueberries, avocados and durian increased most. In my opinion, compared with last year, the total import of fruits this year has increased by 15%-20%.”…..

Farmers in Spain & Portugal affected by extreme droughts
Spain and Portugal are grappling with a devastating drought which has left rivers nearly dry, sparked deadly wildfires and devastated crops – and experts warn that prolonged dry spells will become more frequent.Nearly all of Portugal has suffered extreme drought conditions during the last six months, which has…..

18 pound cabbage wins Ontario competition
Tradition runs deep at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, and the Creighton family is part of the past, present and, hopefully, the future.Marvin Creighton Jr. is a market gardener in Waterdown, Ontario. This year at the Royal, he won the Woodville Farms Award for the heaviest cabbage. “I just went out into…..

A delight for your taste buds
China: Hongjiang’s bingtang oranges are something special!
Oranges are hardly a novelty in China, but the bingtang oranges from Hongjiang are something special, and it’s all due to the region’s unique soil and climate. Its soil, which consists of red and purple sandstone, is enriched with trace elements. The Xuefeng and Liangshan mountain ranges also create a unique…..

Chile looks to increase appeal of blueberries for winter holidays
Chile’s 2017-18 blueberry campaign has got underway in the UK with its first-ever sampling at Taste of London as part of a season-long calendar of health-focused promotions designed to accommodate record exports.Supported by the Chilean Fresh Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX), The Chilean Blueberry Committee…..

Fresh smoothies have the same nutrients as their raw ingredients
Smoothies are an attractive and convenient way to consume combinations of various fruits and vegetables and enjoy their potential health benefits. In fact, they provide the same health benefits as the raw ingredients when the beverage is consumed immediately after preparation, according to Dr Francisco Artés…..

New cloud application enables indoor farmers to grow from anywhere
Global ag-tech company Autogrow made life a bit easier for indoor agriculturalists with the release of a new API-enabled cloud application giving growers access to grow anywhere, on any operating system and can be viewed on any device.“With our growers now in 40 countries, our new IntelliGrow application can…..

EFSA promotes global approach to food safety during China visit
Global challenges require global solutions. This is the message that EFSA conveyed during a visit to China earlier this month. As part of the one-week programme, EFSA participated in a series of events and meetings with its Chinese, EU and international partners, promoting the need for global harmonisation of…..

Q3 profit up for Israeli supermarket chain Shufersal
Woolworths will open four new ‘dark stores’
Conad opens three new stores in ItalyItalian supermarket chain Conad has opened 3 new stores, in the Abruzzo, Molise and Liguria regions. Conad Adriatico has rolled out a new store in Martinscuro, of which 600 square metres is dedicated to fresh produce. The store is equipped with energy-saving technologies,…..

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