Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Latin America edition

Puerto Rico farmers face long road to recovery after Hurricane Maria
Clusters of bruised plantains and bags of oranges hung from René “Papo” Cruz’s fruit and vegetable stand on the side of the road. The 60-year-old farmer sat in a worn chair, waiting patiently for customers to buy what he could salvage in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.“There are 68 acres [on my farm] and…..

Peru: Strawberry exports down by 21.7%
According to the commercial representative of Viveros California of Spain, Jose Cordero, this year, Peru won’t export more than 6 million kilos of strawberry, i.e. 21.7% less than the 7,663,473 kilos that the country exported in 2016.This decrease, Cordero said, is due to the lower production of strawberry…..

Europe, a strategic partner for Colombian agriculture
Colombia: Exports in containers continue to grow
Foreign trade in containers maintains a positive pace, according to AP Moller Maersk’s latest report. This is thanks to the increase in exports that reached double digits in the third quarter of the year, as they increased by 12.34% over the same quarter of 2016.Juan Camilo Vazquez, the Sales Manager of Maersk…..

Paraguay fears that Brazilian bananas arrive with pests
Argentina has already banned the entry of Brazilian bananas into its territory due to the existence of contaminating pests in the product. The fruit, however, is being smuggled into Paraguay, so authorities fear that it’s circulating within the local market.The bananas in question are infected by the black…..

Argentina: Neuquen will only export its cherries to Asia
After two exports of cherries – in 2014 and in 2016 – proved that Neuquen’s Presidente Peron Airport could serve as a connection to the wider world, in March, the sector presented a project to build a cargo airport in Neuquen; an initiative that is currently at a halt.According to the project, two of the four…..

Mexico has opportunities in this segment
Asia to produce 80% less coconut in the next decade
In recent years, coconut and its derivative products have gained great popularity in the world market. However, this segment faces great risks, which are an opportunity for Mexico.Coconut is a an edible fruit from which producers can extract an oil that has gained popularity around the world, which has…..

The port of Bruges presents its benefits for Peruvian agricultural exports
Located in the heart of Europe, Belgium has a strategic position and can help Peruvian agricultural export products enter Europe.A delegation from the European country recently presented in Peru the benefits of the Port of Bruges, which include a shorter travel time from Peru to Europe (16 days compared to the…..

Retractable roof increases raspberry production and eases rust problems
A trial has produced raspberries in a commercial berry operation in a greenhouse with an automatic retractable roof.The trial of the variety Adelita is being done in a conventional tunnel and a retractable roof house near Ciudad Guzman in Jalisco Mexico. The plants in the tunnel were transplanted May 15, 2017…..

Mexico’s avocado boom attracts drug cartels
Malaga and Granada are starting to harvest avocados these days. Production will grow until April once the harvest starts in Alacante, Valencia, Castello and even Amposta, where there is a small farm that grows them. However, they can be found throughout the whole year on supermarket shelves, just like any…..

Company looking to build its SQF vertical farm in Ontario
Vertical farming concept to help food insecure community
A Toronto, Ontario-based company has brought his proof of concept vertical farming system to be part of an initiative to grow food for the non-profit community in Windsor.Zale Tabakman with prototype unit.Local Grown Salads, in a partnership with Science City, set up the indoor farm in an under utilized high…..

Special Avocados

Introduction of Tiny Tim’s mini avocado product line
LGS Specialty Sales (LGS), importer and distributor of citrus and avocados is proud to announce the addition of mini avocados to the product round-up. Under the Tiny Tim’s label, these mini avocados are available to retailers starting this month.Stemming from the Suavo Avocado family, Tiny Tim’s keep the…..

Chile: China lowers the tariff on avocados
On Friday, the China’s Ministry of Finance stated that it would unilaterally lower the tariff of 187 products as of December 1, 2017. The avocado is one of them, as its tariff will go from 25% to 7%, benefiting countries like Mexico. Other fruits were not affected (except for dried or dehydrated blueberries,…..

Global Focus Citrus

«Prices should be higher for growers to be able to make a profit»

Oversupply of large calibres preventing rise of orange and clementine prices
The estimates which pointed to a 30% drop in the citrus production in the Region of Valencia are being confirmed, both for clementines and oranges. At the moment, however, this significant drop in production is not affecting sales prices, as might be expected. The commercial director of a Castellon-based…..

Harrie Septer (Fruitmasters Holland): «Not just Christmas messages; company names are also possible
Fewer ‘wish’ apples available this year
Apples displaying German, English, Dutch and Scandinavian messages, or images of Father Christmas or sleigh rides. Harrie Septer has been selling these for Fruitmasters, which is based in the Netherlands, for more than 25 years. «There is less supply than other years because, due to the frost, one of our…..

Exhibition duo expoSE and expoDirekt – diverse, international and innovative
PHOTO REPORT The trade fair duo expoSE and expoDirekt, which took place in Karlsruhe on the 22nd and 23rd of November, this year again had great success. The 454 exhibitors from 14 nations showed some 7,000 visitors their innovations in the fields of machinery, seeds and young plants, packaging and crop protection, as well…..

Anton Filippo, LBP Rotterdam:
“Availability of overseas fruit in Europe is really at risk”
The storage and transfer of fruit hasn’t been the core business of LBP Rotterdam for years now. “Packing, repacking, ripening, handling air and seaborne cargo, Customs formalities. We do everything to de-burden global suppliers,” Anton Filippo says. In this interview, he talks about the threat of lower volumes…..

Italy: Packtin develops biodegradable packaging
Collecting waste products (orange and apple peel, beetroot pulp, etc.) and using them as raw material by extracting fibre and active compounds to make biodegradable and edible covers and films for fresh food products. This is the mission of a university start-up/spin-offPacktin which, after years of R&D at…..

Bright prospects anticipated for lychees once price stabilisation occurs in avo & macadamia markets
Weather dampens lychee volumes from South Africa
The South African lychee season, slightly delayed, has opened with early varieties like the locally-bred Early Delight as well as Chinese varieties like Three Months Red and Haak Yip. The earliest lychees were already harvested in September in the Malelane (Mpumalanga Province) area.First volumes of the…..

Strong business ties in Spain help improve citrus supply
Citrus fruits take up an important place in the European supermarkets produce category. The largest citrus fruit producers in Europe come from the sunny fields in Spain, which is no surprise as the country sees around 300 days of sun per year.»The distinctive weather conditions give the fruits an exceptional…..

«We cannot say that the kaki campaign has been a disaster»
Many in the kaki sector have expressed their indignation and concern about the negative impact caused by a viral statement made by a producers’ association to the media in Spain, in which it claimed that prices at origin and in the warehouse were plummeting below production costs.»This statement could…..

Most promotable volume in mid-January
Florida eggplant starts a month late
Hurricane Irma caused a complete loss for eggplant farmers in the southern part of Florida. They’re just getting started now, a month late. Volume isn’t expected until closer to the Christmas holiday.External sourcing within FloridaOrder fulfillment issues were somewhat of a concern, but Oakes Farms was able…..

Jim Allen – New York Apple Sales
KORU® ramping up volumes in both hemispheres
KORU® is a new apple variety which has been grown in New Zealand for a few years now and exported to the US market. Now it is also being grown in the States and the area will increase considerably in years to come.»We import this apple in February and March,» explains Jim Allen from New York Apple Sales. «Now…..

Convenient, cheaper and healthy
Consumer perception of frozen food is improving
It is important to stay innovative, in all segments of the fruit and vegetable sector, and frozen fruits and vegetables are no exception.»As consumers are becoming increasingly price-savvy, cheaper retailers, discounters and private label products are on the rise, and private labels play a very significant…..

Spain harvests more large-sized kakis
The heat wave is reflected in the supply of kakis this year. The Spanish growers are harvesting more large sizes. Timothy van der Gaag, working for Anecoop in Spain via 4Fruit Company, talks about the start of the new season. Although the company invests in a seasonal extension for the Spanish production, the…..

Eamonn Flynn – Keelings Solutions
Software developed by the end user, for the end user
The name Keelings is well known in the fresh produce industry as a provider of fruit and vegetables, but the Irish company has added another string to its bow. Keelings Solutions is a company which provides ERP systems from fresh produce people to fresh produce people. «Back in 2012 one of our customers in the…..

US pear growers see opportunity in organic and smaller pouches
The pear harvest in the Pacific Northwest has wrapped up for the year. The overall crop was down on last year, but sizing is spread well and quality is good. Growers say this was expected due to a large 2016 crop. As a result, supplies are tight and the market is strong.»The overall crop here at CMI is down…..

The foundation of an organic fruit company
China: «New machine could lower the cost of labour by 70%»
«This packaging machine for young fruit operates 5-7 times more efficiently than traditional manual packaging, which could lower the cost of manual labour by 70%. That is an estimated increase in profit of over 500 yuan [75.78 USD] per 0.07 hectare. In addition, after processing, the appearance and quality of…..

Christiaan van Ravenswaaij:
“Spanish citrus is smaller, but has a better price than last year”
“A fairly normal season, but with smaller sizes,” is how Christiaan van Ravenswaaij describes the Spanish citrus season this year. The man behind fresh produce wholesaler S.C. van Ravenswaaij from Veenendaal, the Netherlands, mentions volume is smaller this year, but prices are rising.“Spanish citrus is best…..

BEEsharing remains on track: currently 1,200 hectares of land covered
Farmers and fruit producers rely on the online network BEEsharing
This year, the German start-up BEEsharing is on track with its growth.www.beesharing.eu is the first online network for beekeepers, farmers and all others who are concerned about the worldwide bee mortality. The platform enables farmers and fruit producers to ensure the pollination needed for a good harvest…..

China: Man picks persimmons whilst hanging from a crane
A video showing a man in Baoding, Hebei, China Province making use of a crane to pick persimmons from a tall tree amused many Chinese citizens recently.Click hereto watch the video.In the footage, the man can be seen being hung at the top of a tree, while the operator of the crane works scrupulously to help…..

Marketing agency launches 2018 social media and produce marketer’s calendars
DMA Solutions, Inc. announces the launch of the fourth annual Social Media and Produce Marketer’s Calendars. Both popular industry resources, these calendars are free helpful tools that DMA Solutions, Inc. provides to help brands create informed and relevant social media and event marketing strategies.In…..

Economy suffers from dispatch disaster at Frankfurt airport
Air cargo location in Germany is at risk
Air freight customers must continue to expect massive delays at Frankfurt Airport. This is indicated by the German Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association (DSLV) and its regional association, the Forwarding and Logistics Association Hesse/Rhineland-Palatinate (SLV).The reasons for excessive delays are…..

Double Diamond Farms grows organic sector in Canada
Double Diamond Farms is expanding its acreage this season with the launch of an organic cucumber facility in Kingsville, ON. This development will significantly increase Double Diamond’s organic production and the growth and distribution of additional certified organic items will follow.»The demand for organic…..

US summer holidays set retail avocado sales records
Shoppers celebrated 2017 summer holidays with avocado purchases that supported record-high retail dollar sales for the category. The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) recently released their Holiday and Events report for Q3 2017, detailing retail avocado category performance across the country for this past Father’s…..

Banana company develops culture of giving instead of “Giving Tuesday”
The Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the US has been dubbed “Giving Tuesday.” It comes after the shopping spree on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and was intended to usher in the end-of-year season of charitable giving. Many individuals and organizations wait till the end of the year to make their donations, but…..

Commemorating 50 years of container refrigeration innovation
In 2018, Carrier Transicold will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the refrigeration system design that helped revolutionize the global transport of perishable and frozen goods via shipping containers. Carrier Transicold is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp……

United States
KIKU® apple growers excited to launch 2017 season
With a strong harvest now completed, KIKU® brand apples are poised for retail growth. KIKU® growers in Washington, Michigan and Pennsylvania are reporting they expect a strong year ahead.“We’re ready to grow retail sales of KIKU®,” said George Harter, Vice President of Marketing for CMI Orchards. Based on a…..

Seatrade and CMA CGM restructure and delay vessel sharing agreement
The new vessel sharing agreement (VSA) announced earlier this year between CMA CGM and Seatrade linking Northern Europe, the East Coast of the United States, Central America, the Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Peru and the Caribbean on a weekly basis, will not proceed in its intended form.Seatrade…..

UK: Phytosanitary certificates required for tomatoes from 2018
All importers of fresh fruit and vegetables should be aware that EU Directive 2017/1279 has been published. This amends the EU Plant Health Directive 2000/29/EC and will require tomatoes originating from all third countries (outside the EU but including Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and the French Overseas…..

8th edition of TSW Fruit and Veg Fair to take place 10-11 January in Warsaw
The 8th edition of the TSW Fruit and Vegetables Industry Fair will take place in Ptak Warsaw Expo in Poland on the 10th and 11th of January 2018. TSW is one of the biggest Fruit and Vegetables Industry Fairs in Central and Eastern Europe, and provides visitors with the latest innovations in the horticulture…..

Afghanistan president assigns team to find new export markets for pine nuts
Presiding over a meeting of High Economic Council on Sunday, President Ashraf Ghani assigned a team to work on ways that could help to enhance the exports of Afghan pine nuts abroad, a move which will have significant impacts on boosting local economies particularly in Afghanistan’s urban areas.Ghani thanked…..

CSO Italy data on kiwi production
CSO Italy has recently updated the Italian kiwi production data for the 2017/2018 season. Supplies are low due to the frost that hit most of northern Italy as well as important producer regions, such as Lazio.In addition, root asphyxia caused a lot of damage in some areas, just like the prolonged summer…..

Pret a Manger pulls coconut porridge off menu
A delayed shipment to the U.K. amid a global shortage of coconuts has forced a breakfast dish off the menu at sandwich chain Pret A Manger Ltd.Diners seeking Pret’s coconut porridge have been turned away this month, with some told it would not return until early next year. The 2.65-pound ($3.53) item, made…..

Central China’s farm produce «presented on tables across the world»
Sanmenxia apples are ready to be sent to Peru, where authorities recently gave the green light to imports of the fruit produced in central China’s Henan province.Peru joins Canada, the United States, and Chile among the overseas markets where Sanmenxia apples are sold.Kong Weidong, deputy director of Sanmenxia…..

Results show Egyptian onions safe to eat after rumours of contamination
Results of laboratory tests conducted by the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition showed that samples of onions imported from Egypt are safe for human consumption, reports Al-Rai daily.This puts an end to the controversy on the import of onions from Egypt which started when the price of onions in local…..

Tasmanian fruit growers confident heavy rain will help cherry crop
Heavy rains over recent days have failed to damage the state’s cherry crop.John Woodhouse, of Kings Rock Cherries at Magra in the Derwent Valley, said his property copped 21mm over a 24-hour period, with 7mm of that swamping the property for three minutes, but his crop remained viable.“I’ve had the agronomist…..

Koppert Cress introduces Gangnam Tops
Koppert Cress introduces Gangnam Tops. A decorative and natural stem with a crunchy and fresh mouth feel. The fresh taste of the Gangnam Tops merges with a slightly bitter taste reminiscent of purslane.Above all, Gangnam Tops make a tasty addition to salads or sandwiches, but combine well with multiple…..

Jonathan Brook and Hayley Hollonds:
UK: ‘Text-A-Potato’ personalised potatoes expand to themed gifts
Text-A-Potato sends personalised, hand written messages on potatoes to anyone in the UK and selected European countries. Co-founded by Jonathan Brook and Hayley Hollonds.The Text-A-Potato team send potatoes with messages in the post. The business has now expanded into themed potato gifts, including spuds for…..

New Zealand avocado industry grows to $200M in 4 years
The New Zealand avocado industry has grown from $70 million value to $200M in four years, says industry leader Tony Ponder.“The NZ avocado industry has seen unprecedented growth in demand for avocados globally,” Ponder told Rural News.“Key drivers of this demand are versatility, health benefits and the amazing…..

Carrefour Romania has opened 3 new supermarkets
Casino uses Ocado’s technology to develop its online business
Ireland: SuperValu expects huge sales of brussels sprouts this ChristmasSuperValu has announced that it expects to sell 64,000 nets of brussels sprouts this Christmas. The brussels sprouts season runs from September to March and SuperValu forecasts that a total of 64,000 nets of brussels sprouts will be sold…..

FreshPlaza funny
Hydrofoil bike across water