Wednesday, November 01, 2017
Latin America edition

Maersk regional head calls for more high quality Peruvian ports
Having more high quality Peruvian ports would help provide more options for shippers and would benefit Peru’s fresh goods market, according to one of Maersk Line’s South American chiefs.Francisco Ulloa, managing director, West Coast of South America, told CM an increase in the number of ports would shorten…..

Costa Rica: Authorities end investigation of alleged export of fake organic pineapples
The authorities of the State Phytosanitary Service (SFE) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) stated that they had attended to all the consultations and concerns of the pineapple sector regarding the complaints, and the subsequent investigation, against the companies exporting organic pineapple……

Honduras: Cofrutco’s orange harvest begins
Executives of the Fruit Company (Cofrutco), a company that is one hundred percent from Honduras, and government representatives, through the Economic Development Secretariat (SDE), inaugurated the new harvest of oranges in this prosperous department.Cofrutco has been present in that area for more than 20…..

Jamaica pineapple producers to expand to Cayman Islands and other markets
Jamaica Producers Group Limited (JP), said it is now making headway on plans to expand markets for pineapple.Production yields are expected to climb next year by 17 per cent, and the group is eyeing other markets as volumes grow.»The export plans for this year primarily involve regional markets such as The…..

Peru table grape exports drop 10% due to El Niño
Fresh table grapes remain Peu’s top agricultural export. While suffering recently, the industry is expected to bounce back with forecasts expecting an increase in production, despite exports dropping 10% from the effects of the weather phenomenon known as the coastal El Niño.However, the heavy rains and…..

Eddie Clarijs, Unipak:
“New packaging absorbs fruit juice and extends shelf life”
Strawberries, tomatoes or raspberries are juicy products. It can be difficult to find a suitable packaging for these products because of that juiciness. Unipak from Steenbergen, the Netherlands, has produced a new packaging that can absorb the fruit juice like a sponge, as it were.The packaging produced by…..

Michigan sees strong 2017 apple crop
Despite early 2017 weather challenges, Michigan apples seem to be settling in for a solid crop. “We’re having a good year. We’re coming off a record crop for 2016 so we’re at about 75-80 per cent of that number,” says Chris Sandwick of Belleharvest Sales Inc. in Belding, Mi. “So if we look at a five-year…..

Italy: Chestnut market picking up
The chestnut market is finally picking up after a slow start. But why was that? Operators feel it was because of the higher average temperatures. Chestnuts are an autumn product and people are not very keen on them when it’s 20-25°C during the day.We visited a wholesale market in northern Italy to gather the…..

«Almost all Spanish chains already have berries all year round»
Smooth transition from northern European to Spanish raspberries
The raspberry campaign started in Huelva in late September with small volumes. «We started about three weeks earlier than last year,» explains Carlos Esteve, of the commercial department of Onubafruit. «We planted earlier to avoid the production gaps we saw in the market last season. At present, although there…..

«No joy in lemon sales due to lack of good calibres»
Spanish oranges more expensive at season start
The first Spanish oranges of the season are now available. The Navelina variety is currently being harvested and marketed and is finding a receptive market, with prices 20% higher than at the start of the previous season, mainly due to the drop in production expected this year.»We expect this year’s orange…..

Special Avocados

Supplier assures avocados ‘at right stage, time & price» with ripening technology
Installing remote monitoring software has saved a lot of time and hassle for fruit and vegetable marketer CropCorp, Rob Brookes, Sales & Marketing Manager for the company says.»Now we don’t need to manually check every room seven days a week. We can walk away, check in remotely, and know that everything is…..

Global Focus Citrus

Cutrale Brazil

A positive end to the fresh citrus campaign 2017
“Our last shipment of fresh Valencias left the Santos port in week 41, going to Europe and the UAE. This year’s season for fresh citrus started with a shipment of Eureka lemons in week 10. Our total export volume this year is higher compared to the volume of last year, despite the severe drought and extremely…..

HortNZ sees both positives and negatives for the sector under new government
Horticulture New Zealand (HortNZ) believes there is an opportunity for new economic investment projects such as a $1 billion per annum Regional Development (Provincial Growth) Fund, following the change in government.Elections were held last month, with the National Party replaced by a coalition between…..

Organisation believes new financing model with subisided interest rates will kickstart land reform process
Land audit: 46.5% of South Africa’s high-potential agric land in hands of emerging farmers
AgriSA today released its land audit, the first of its kind to calculate the amount of land in the hands of PDIs (previously disadvantaged individuals, meaning South Africans who are not white).“We decided: let’s put a peg in the ground and get a factual basis for the land debate,” explains Omri van Zyl,…..

China: «Garlic buyers much more cautious»
«Because of the garlic production expansion and an increase in production per hectare, this year’s garlic production is 30% bigger than last year’s. The overall garlic price is depressed, there are large quantities in storage, and the foreign demand is rather small. Now that the new production season has…..

Online auction of processing machinery for cabbage, potatoes, mushrooms and lettuce
Do you want to purchase this machine and/or complete production line for your business in just five steps? Online auction house, Industrial Auctions, specialises in auctioning off machines used in the food services industry. In the upcoming weeks, bids can be placed on on machines…..

Italy: Update on pear production forecasts at OI Pera
OI Pera, the organisation gathering leading businesses in the Emilia-Romagna and Veneto pear sector, updated the production forecast first presented in mid-July.The Italian pear production shouldn’t vary much from what was forecast a few months ago despite the uncertainty regarding fruit development caused by…..

Kevin Leap joins GreenFruit Avocados as Director of Sales and Marketing
Mexican avocado marketer, GreenFruit Avocados, today announced that industry veteran, Kevin Leap, has been appointed director of sales and marketing.Mr. Leap has 27 years of experience in the produce industry, working in a variety of sales and marketing roles at well-known companies like WestPak Avocados,…..

Freight Farms expands into international markets and new business sectors
Freight Farms, manufacturer of commercial-grade hydroponic farms built inside of shipping containers, today reported company growth to accommodate the increasing demand from new business sectors, and international markets. As the company continues to thrive, Freight Farms also announced a corporate expansion…..

Floriza en Los Parajes Fair Trade USA certified
Floriza en Los Parajes, packed and marketed in the Aztlan Organic label, became Fair Trade USA certified. Located in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico they have 52 acres of shade houses where they grow organic, bell peppers, eggplant, cucumbers and anaheim, jalapeño, poblano and serrano chili peppers. All their…..

New round of promotional activities for Envy™, JAZZ™, and Pacific Rose™
The harvest of Washington-grown Envy™, JAZZ™, and Pacific Rose™, is in full-swing, and brand owner, T&G Global, will roll out equally fresh campaigns throughout the season and 2018 to drive increased awareness, trial, and sales, of the popular, premium apples. With a new round of consumer and retail…..

Orgacure closes supply deals targeting $500,000 in Germany
Orgacure, an agriculture and food science technology company with focus on food waste solutions has reported the closing of its first series of three-years product supply agreements with food service operators in Germany for its antimicrobial and anti-browning solution Orgacure.The series constitutes of two…..

Len Krahn appointed SunSelect CEO
SunSelect Produce, Inc. appointed Len Krahn to its top leadership role late last week. Krahn, who has held various positions at SunSelect since 1993, most recently served as chief operating officer and vice president of sales.“We’re intent on driving operational excellence and building a strong company…..

Moving towards 12-month supply
Zespri extends SunGold season with kiwifruit from Italy
Zespri’s SunGold Kiwifruit is changing the category due to its sweeter taste and longer shelf life—and consumers can’t get enough. To meet strong consumer demand, Zespri is bringing in kiwifruit from Italy, where Zespri’s Italian SunGold-growers grow for taste and deliver on Zespri’s comprehensive system of…..

An Australian restaurant is looking for an avocado taster
If you like Australia and have experience preparing and eating sandwiches with avocado, you have the opportunity of joining the staff of a restaurant that will open in Sydney.The Good Fat restaurant will open on November 2 and offers a temporary job to a person to taste their products that include avocado, one…..

Three kinds of vegetables harvested in space
On Friday, astronauts aboard the International Space Station harvested three varieties of vegetables in the «Veggie» growth chamber and installed a new generation of plant research: The Advanced Plant Habitat.The first three plant varietiesThe Veggie team made a breakthrough on the International Space Station…..

Spain: 35-year-old man dies in controlled atmosphere chamber intended for pears
A tragedy occurred around noon on 30 October in the Spanish municipality of Calahorra. A 35-year-old man died in the premises of the company Aljofer after entering a controlled atmosphere chamber intended for the prolonged storage of Conference pears. Roberto G.B., a native of Andosilla and a resident of…..

Pesticides in fresh produce linked to lower reproductive rates in women
A new study has found a potentially harmful link between eating fruits and vegetables high in pesticides and having lower reproductive rates.In the report, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, scientists studied 325 women who were using assisted reproductive technologies to get pregnant.They were part of the…..

Australia opens first vegetable glasshouse production research centre
To develop the next crop of horticulture growers and meet rising food demand, Hort Innovation and Western Sydney University have combined forces to launch the nation’s first state-of-the-art vegetable glasshouse-production research centre in Australia.Officially opened today by Assistant Minister for…..

New attachment from Grimme reduces damage during potato sorting
Poor handling of potatoes after harvest can lead to superficial damage of the skin and cause infections and rot, which is a major source of wastage. Because of this, Grimme has released a new transfer aid that minimises the risk of damaging potatoes during handling.The SoftFlow combs, which can be fitted to…..

New Zealand: Kiwi researcher finds sweet potato could prevent cancer
Kiwi researcher Dr Khalid Asadi found Purple-fleshed kumara, also known as a sweet potato, could prevent colorectal cancer by up to 75 per cent, when fed to mice in a variety of forms.Asadi carried out the research at the University of Auckland almost 10 years ago but has only just been able to have his…..

Australian research reveals eating green veg could cut risk of heart disease
Getting more greens into your diet could cut your risk of heart disease and stroke by as much as 40 per cent, according to new research from Edith Cowan University, Australia.Researchers from ECU’s School of Medical and Health Sciences studied the diets of more than 1000 Western Australian women, focusing on…..

Q1 trading update of South African Shoprite
Further investments made in Senegal by French Auchan
AUS: New ‘daigou’ supermarket chain sending Aussie products to ChinaA new supermarket chain listed on the Australian stock exchange is set to revolutionise the industry, amid concerns it encourages shoppers to dodge Australian tax laws. Supermarket chain AuMake International is designed for the Chinese…..

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Parkour to the mall