Monday, November 20, 2017
Latin America edition

Photo report Amsterdam Produce Show
PHOTO REPORT Last week saw the second edition of the Amsterdam Produce Show take place in the Westergasfabriek. There were noticeably more Dutch stand holders and certainly more Dutch visitors than last year. Our photo report reflects this, but there are a few familiar faces from overseas and also a few new ones. In the…..

Job Offers:
• Ontario Plants Propagation Limited, Assistant Grower – Canada

Costa Rica: «We don’t see a solution to the Mexican avocado conflict this year»
Costa Rica’s Hass avocado lovers could receive good news regarding the return of this Mexican product to the island.Costa Rican consumers, who haven’t been able to enjoy this product since May 2015, might soon enjoy this product again, as the conflict between both countries could be solved in the near…..

Peruvian pineapples prepared for Europe, USA and Japan
The Frunature company of the Association of Pineapple producers from VRAEM, have obtained the organic certification provided by a Certification Body of National Organic Production, which will allow them to have a competitive advantage to supply the international market, stated the Commission of Promotion of…..

Mexico: Plantain producers agree on a suggested price for plantains
After analyzing the current conditions in the national market, the price and marketing committee of the Regional Agricultural Union of Plantain Producers of the Pacific Center, Colima, Jalisco and Michoacan, agreed that the suggested price paid to the producers for a kilogram of the giant dwarf variety packed…..

Fruit exports remain high keeping Brazil & Europe rates elevated
The East coast of South America (ECSA)-Europe freight rates of between $1,300 and $1,500 per TEU (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit) are expected to maintain those levels or increase in the coming weeks as strong demand for fruit exports keeps ships full.Brazilian exports of fresh fruit rose 8.5 percent in the first…..

Freon prices rising explosively due to phasing out of coolants
Due to European regulations curbing the use of synthetic coolants more and more, the market for these coolants has changed into a market with sharply increasing prices. Natural coolants offer an alternative, but these aren’t new. Frank Boeijen of Van Kempen Koudetechniek says the company was already building…..

Red River Valley
Potato growers losing business due to truck shortage
Potato growers from the Red River Valley region are enjoying a bumper crop this year, with many farmers recording record yields. The problem now, however, is getting those potatoes to market. A truck shortage in this region is escalating and has meant a slowdown in the amount of product that growers can get to…..

Italy sending fewer organic kiwifruit to US this season
The weather has not been kind to the organic green kiwifruit crop in Italy, as importers are seeing lower numbers coming from growing regions. Golden varieties, however, escaped the effects of the weather and have performed well.»We bring our organic kiwifruit out of Italy to the East Coast,» said Matthew…..

Positive start to Peru sweet onion season
Vidalia sweet onions have ended in Georgia and therefore many suppliers are looking to Peru to fill inventories until the next season rolls around. Growing conditions have been very good and production early in the season was high. As the next few months progress, suppliers are expecting a slight dip in…..

Can produce growers be hurt by overproduction?
As a result of globalization, fresh produce is more readily available than ever before. Out of season produce can be supplied from another region, ‘bad’ weather may not necessarily mean a product is completely unavailable and the advancements in growing solutions often lead to higher yields. But is there too…..

Special Avocados

One step closer to China

Exports drive significant growth in New Zealand avocado industry
The value of the New Zealand avocado industry increased significantly over the past year, on the back of strong export growth.The total value reached $200.3 million in 2016-17, which was up from $133.9 million the previous year. Exports were valued at $155.5 million, up from $91.4 million, while the processing…..

Global Focus Citrus

AU: Success at home and abroad for a Western Australian citrus grower
One of Western Australia’s largest citrus companies says growing export markets in Asia was the highlight of its 2017 season.Moora Citrus says demand for its produce has been strong at home and Export and Distribution Manager, Damien Guthrey says the plan was to forge ongoing relationships with one of…..

Francisco Rosillo, of Frutas Los Pisaos:
Spain: «The sweet potato production has recorded a massive growth»
The sweet potato production is growing at a frenetic pace all over the world, perhaps faster than the demand. Spain is an example of this, as the production there is expected to be about 40% greater this year.»The sweet potato production has skyrocketed this year, and we are feeling the pressure on prices. The…..

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«Top Delicacy» kiwis enter Northern China
«Xiuwen county has a unique geographical environment. It does not have severe winters or extremely hot summers. Its yellow soil is acidic, leading experts to call it one of the most suitable kiwi production regions in the world. Our Top Delicacy kiwis are grown here in Xiuwen, Guizhou,» explains an employee of…..

«Chinese consumers become smarter about buying avocados»
«Unlike most fruits, avocados ripen after the harvest. During the harvest, they are not yet ripe, and their skin is still green. Avocados of different ripeness all have different colors and tastes. In order to let consumers understand this, we have launched several different packs with avocados at varying…..

Jan-Wilem Kaslander: «Children often get forgotten»
Total Produce develops a kids concept around melons
When he took office at the beginning of the year, Total Produce Rotterdam’s Commercial Director, Jan-Willem Kaslander, indicated he wanted to introduce more innovations in the market. At the Amsterdam Produce Show this fruit importer from Rotterdam presented a kids concept around melons for the first time……

Ayelet Lantzer (Adafresh) on the start of the Israeli herb season
«More basil produced, edible flowers gaining popularity»
The Israeli herb season has begun and “all herb varieties are available again. The market is still somewhat difficult as the warm weather in Europe has resulted in a larger local production. We do, however, expect the market to immediately improve when the weather gets colder. We usually see a peak around…..

Italy: Big attendance at FuturPera
Many operators took part in FuturPera in Ferrara. The venue was divided into three distinct sections: commercialisation, technical means and mechanisation.The inaugurationThere was a big turnout on the first day and exhibitors were rather pleased. The stand of Vivai F.lli Zanzi, for example, was always full…..

“Water shortage could knock out banana sector”
Water will be one of the biggest challenges for the future of agriculture. “Seventy per cent of global water use is for agriculture,” says Manfred Pulm of Greenyard. “Water use is increasing because of the growing global population, and that is leading to scarcity.”A lot of water is used in the production of…..

PinKids® to join forces with the minions to increase marketing reach
PinKids is launching packaging to celebrate the release of Despicable me 3. The scrummy little apple, is launching its themed packaging with Gru and his minions.Available from November to January, the 3-month campaign will include trays of 4, 6 and 8 apples as well as pouchbags and collectors stickers on each…..

Italy: Citrus fruit campaign kicks off at Red CoP PO
The citrus fruit campaign has started well for the Red Co.P brand, as abundant quantities Navel oranges with excellent Brix levels and good outer colour have started to become available already in early November.»The campaign is looking good in terms of both volumes and product appreciation. We opted not to…..

Italy: Edible ink replaces stickers at Futurpera
The machine presented by the Lesepidado, company specialising in printing on food products, raised a lot of interest among the new products on display at Futurpera. The idea is to impress a logo or writing on a piece of fruit or vegetable using edible ink.Watch the video!»This system can replace traditional…..

SUNSET campaign reaches $60,000 in donations towards men’s health
For the third consecutive year, SUNSET has partnered with the Movember Foundation to raise awareness about men’s health. This year’s $20,000 donation brings the total amount raised by SUNSET for the Movember Foundation to $60,000.“At SUNSET, we pride ourselves on helping our customers to live healthier lives”…..

Early season Egyptian oranges demand high price in China
“Egyptian oranges were allowed into China in 2014, the total exports to China in 2014, 2015 and 2016 were 6900 tons, 22000 tons and 33000 tons respectively, showing a steady growth trend. By October 2017 China had imported more than 100,000 tons of oranges from Egypt,” according to Na Chen from Zhengzhou…..

They’re just like superfoods: traditional Dutch vegetables
Goji berries, coconut oil or seaweed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The health benefits of superfoods sometimes seemed to good to be true. The superfood trend is no longer at the same level it was a few years ago, so how is it doing now, and are there any new health trends in the field of fruit and…..

New Zealand could soon export fresh avocados to China with new protocol
New Zealand hopes to be exporting fresh avocados to China soon after talks to meet regulatory requirements.A protocol has been signed between the Ministry for Primary Industries and China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.AQSIQ will audit New Zealand’s system for…..

New brand appearance: focused and refreshed
COBANA presents new corporate design and name change
From now on, the fruit trade company COBANA (formerly Cobana Fruchtring) will have a new, modern corporate design. Its changed appearance underlines the future-oriented intent of the corporate group. Its strategic customers and international partners are still clearly their main focal point. Today, COBANA is…..

Dutch pears bring joy to Chinese babies
Autumn is harvest season and the ripening season for Dutch pears. Every year at this time, Dutch pears travel all the way from the Netherlands to China. The pears from the Netherlands grow in clean environments.. Pear garden After 5 months of natural growth, they become fleshy and sweet. Since Dutch pears are…..

Shenzhen Kingship take part in the first High-end National Food Safety Summit
On November 12, Shenzhen Kingship Co., Ltd. took part in the first High-end National Food Safety Summit in Lankao County, Henan Province. This event brought together more than 200 representatives fromthe most famous companies in Chinese food industry. Mr. Li Hanqing, Chairman of Shenzhen Kingship Co., Ltd……

Spanish company increases its raspberry varietal offer
So far, Green Valley Berries (GVB) has focused all its efforts on Kwanza raspberries. Practically 90% of the 15 hectares that the company has in production are dedicated to the cultivation of this variety. It is the flagship product of this young horticultural company from Huelva, which was established in…..

Florida farmers want to have advantages over Mexico in NAFTA
Unlike most of the agricultural and grain industries in the United States, Florida’s fruit and vegetable producers are pushing for advantages over Mexico, its partner in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).The fifth round of negotiations to update the NAFTA will begin on Friday in Mexico and the…..

China: Qinhuangdao Port processes 8,000 tonnes of imported bananas
According to the Quarantine and Inspection Bureau of Hebei, the first 7.2 boxes of bananas with a total weight of 1,060 tons have arrived at the container terminal of Qinhuangdao Port from the Philippines. This was the first time in the past ten years that imported bananas have arrived in China through…..

A look beyond the glass:
US: NatureFresh Farms holds first Open House in Delta, Ohio
On Wednesday, November 15th & Thursday, November 16th NatureFreshFarms opened their doors to the community in Delta, Ohio for their first ever Open House.“The Ohio community has been extremely supportive throughout the entire build and we have continuously received many inquiries from our neighbors wanting…..

Maersk Line North America appoints Omar Shamsie as new president
Maersk Line North America, based in Florham Park, has appointed Omar Shamsie, a 28-year veteran of the company, as its new president.Shamsie will assume his new role on Dec. 1. He is being promoted from president of the company’s Latin America and the Caribbean operations.Before that, he served as president of…..

Italy: Innovative edible fruit coatings
Innovative edible organic coatings made using agri-food production waste to maintain nutritional values unaltered for longer without affecting flavour. This new concept comes from the University of Pisa, where a research group coordinated by Professor Annamaria Ranieri conducted an experiment whose results…..

Citrus greening will reach Spain via southern Portugal
The 2nd Citriculture Forum of Huelva brought together technicians and producers from the Andalusian sector, mainly from Huelva, in Gibraleón, one of the citrus producing municipalities of Huelva.The Forum, organised by Ecovalia, was attended, among others, by the general director for Health of the Agricultural…..

Russian retailer Lenta has joined the buying group EMD
SPAR UK has announced a renewed recruitment drive
Finland: Brand new K-Supermarket Hertta is here!Kesko, one of the leading retailers in Finland has completely renovated and expanded K-Supermarket Hertta in Helsinki and the new Hertta opened its doors on 16th of November. During the renovation, the Supermarket expanded by 2000 square meters which gave the…..

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