Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Latin America edition

Four major advantages help reduce production costs
Kingship has good news for Chilean cherry producers
«We are now in the middle of this year’s Chilean cherry harvest. Picking a suitable purchaser can not only help Chilean cherry farmers boost their sales, but can also help them in the long run by improving their management skills, and helping them expand into the international market,» according to Li Hanqing,…..

Reform of the law that regulates production and marketing
Ecuador: Banana sector to appear before the National Assembly
The representatives of the associations of producers and exporters of bananas from Ecuador will appear before the Subcommittee on Food Sovereignty on Tuesday November 21 to discuss a project to reform the Law that regulates the production and marketing of bananas, plantain and other related musaceas.The Food…..

Horti China kicks off in Shanghai
Today is the start of the Horti China exhibition in Shanghai, jointly organised by the VNU, Hi Fresh and MAC Frut.The hall in which it takes place is divided into two. On one side you can find Chinese and international horticulture suppliers invited by the VNA and MAC Frut. On the other side are mainly Chinese…..

After energy use, other costs of ripening are being tackled
“We’ve seen that there’s more willingness to invest within the sector,” says Chris Maat from Interko. Because it’s going better economically, companies within the sector now have money to invest in, for instance, new ripening chambers. “Generally, it’s going well on the market.”In the Netherlands, it’s mostly…..

Little fruit and high prices in Shanghai
PHOTO REPORT We had a look at the fruit and vegetables available in Shanghai, but there wasn’t much. Probably the centre of such a metropolis is not the best place to go looking for it, and prices reflected this.Shanghai skyline (21th November 2017)The Macfrut delegation for Mac Fruit Attraction China arrived in the…..

French Novablue apples enter Chinese market
Autumn is harvest time for apples in the northern hemisphere. Recently, the first batch of Novablue apples from France was imported by Shanghai Zelun Trade Co., Ltd., and arrived in Shanghai by sea. Novablue apples»Novablue comes from the leading French apple exporter and fruit producer BlueWhale. Through five…..

US: Supply and demand of peppers up this season
Supplies of North American peppers look good heading into the holidays.“Our pepper supply is good out of California and Mexico,” says Katy Johnson of Prime Time International in Coachella, Ca. “We’ve seen growth this year in pepper production, especially in the hot house and sweet mini pepper categories.”…..

Leon van den Hombergh: «Thankfully no build up like the last two years»
Little excitement on the melon market
The melon market has reached a calm period. «I expect little excitement in the market between the weeks 45 and 50,» says commercial director Leon van den Hombergh of Frankort&Koning. «The only advantage is that the surpluses aren’t as extreme as they were in the last two years, which means the prices are…..

Research reveals mechanism making banana fungus less responsive to crop protection
An international team of scientists led by Wageningen University & Research has discovered a new genetic mechanism that makes the notorious Black Sigatoka fungus less sensitive to the main chemical crop protection products used against the disease.The discovery shines light on this increasingly reduced…..

Dirk Schulz, SFI Rotterdam:
“Disappearing reefer ships are the biggest change in 40 years of fruit import”
During the Amsterdam Produce Show, SFI Rotterdam’s team celebrated their 40th anniversary. The overseas fruit import company was founded in 1977 by Dirk Schulz, who learned the trade in Hamburg, Germany, in the 1960s, when fruit auctions were at their peak. As a result of the decline of the fruit import in…..

Special Avocados

Daniel Bustamante Canny from Agrícola Cerro Prieto

Peru and Colombia join forces to have year-round avocado supply
“We have joined forces with avocado producing company Fruty Green in Colombia. Having a Peruvian avocado supply and a Colombian supply, is as close as we can get to have a year-round supply. This commercial agreement allows us to serve our clients for 10 months, from September till June. We can better attend…..

Global Focus Citrus

Huelva increasingly facing a shortage of pickers

«The Nova and Clemenvilla will help us forget about the poor quality early clementines»
Huelva expects to harvest 550,000 tonnes of citrus, with this volume divided half and half between oranges and clementines. Huelva’s citrus sector accounts for 25% of Andalusia’s entire production, but is the region’s leading clementine producer.»We have ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of…..

Italy: Is the golden age of blueberries over?
The price of blueberries from Chile had dropped by as much as 40% (compared to 2015) already at the end of 2016. This year, those from Spain saw a 34% drop. Italian producers are now starting to worry.FreshPlaza talked to an operator worried about the uncontrolled appearance of soft fruit crops. This might…..

Green bean supply «improving» from Florida
With Georgia’s green beans either finishing or finished, produce reports on green bean supply out of Florida range from “starting to improve” to “tight” out of both Mexico and Florida. “In terms of the green bean supply, it’s tighter due to the rainy days after Irma rather than the hurricane itself,” says Carl…..

Herb growers in US prepare for busiest time of the year
Growers of herbs have seen a large increase in business in the lead up to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Retailers are preparing for the influx of customers looking for fresh herbs to supplement their traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and it’s the traditional herb varieties that are leading the way, as well as an…..

AU: Health benefits to drive increased Broccolini® consumption
One of Australia’s leading fresh produce companies is turning to education to help increase awareness of one of its more popular items, Broccolini®Perfection Fresh has enlisted the help of health experts to help promote the benefits of the versatile green, which is a unique mix of broccoli and Chinese kale, to…..

Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa to return as Mugabe’s likely successor
Zimbabwe’s former vice-president, whose sacking led to the shock resignation of long-time leader Robert Mugabe, will be sworn in as the new president on Friday, the state broadcaster says.Emmerson Mnangagwa, who fled to South Africa two weeks ago, would fly home on Wednesday, it added.His dismissal led the…..

Italy: Red pears are increasingly popular
Red pears might become increasingly popular in the future, or at least this is what emerged from the FuturPera in Ferrara.There were a lot of red pears on display. Falstaff stood out among the rest, a variety that has been planted for the past few years and whose commercialisation could be improved.Pears on…..

Canaries and Costa Rica coordinate efforts to help their banana growers
The president of the Canarian Executive, Fernando Clavijo, and the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Minister, Alexander Mora, who was on an official visit to the Canary archipelago, stated that the Canary Islands and Costa Rica have asked the European Union to work together to create the conditions so that there is a…..

Seeka upgrades operational guidance to within 5% of 2016 profit
Seeka, the biggest kiwi grower in Australasia has increased guidance for the financial year’s expected operational earnings, and asset impairment.In June, Seeka had advised the market that, as a result of dramatically lower Hayward crop volumes in New Zealand, its operational earnings would be up to 15% down…..

The dangers of urban gardens
In recent years, every city worth its salt that has had a system of urban gardens. It’s a very good idea: an almost perfect combination of green spaces, community activities and food education.The problem is almost everything else: in the midst of the horticultural fever people have forgotten that urban…..

Dutch innovation improves fruit transportation
Temperature readings in containers 30% more stable with OTFLOW
The new floor cover created by OTFLOW improves the airflow inside containers by 30%. With this Dutch innovation the quality of fruit improves and the fruit waste is reduced. «OTFLOW is a revolution in the shipping and transport industry. Recent research from the University of Wageningen show that OTFLOW…..

UK: BerryWorld Group & Beekers Holdings BV join forces
BerryWorld Group, the UK based soft fruit specialist, and Beekers Holdings BV are building on the success of their BerryWorld Europe 10-year joint venture. It is intended that the two businesses will become one in December 2017 to provide the platform from which to grow the BerryWorld European business in 2018…..

China: How has the kiwi market changed in recent years?
In recent years, the rise of new technologies such as e-commerce and cold chain logistics have made rare local products available at the national market level. Nowadays, they can be quickly delivered to any urban customer. Kiwis became very popular on the Chinese market for the following reasons: They’re easy…..

German coalition crisis causes euro to drop
The value of the euro is under pressure because negotiations about a German government coalition have collapsed. However, the political worries in the economic heart of Europe are less serious than you might suspect from certain commentaries.The surprising end of the negotiation about a German government…..

8 new stores opened by Spar Kaliningrad
Ocado has introduced cloud-based technology and swarm robotics
India: Bigbasket signs 3 year e-procurement deal with SourceEzyBigbasket, an online supermarket, signed a three-year e-procurement deal with SourceEzy Technologies Pvt. Ltd, an e-procurement software and consulting firm, to source over 100 crore in the next three years. The contract will comprise the entire…..

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