Europe – The banana survey – Week 47

European market enjoying good vitality and above all a leaner supply.

The overall supply has started to subside. On the one hand, combined Africa/French West Indies imports are back to below-average levels (-4%), because of the fall in African shipments, no longer insufficient to offset the FWI shortfall.

On the other hand, on the dollar side, while the Costa Rican supply has remained stable, Colombian volumes have been limited, while Ecuadorian shipments have continued to fall back to average levels. In addition, all of the markets in both Western Europe (France, Germany) and Eastern Europe have exhibited good vitality and fluid sales, thanks to a context free from seasonal fruits, cool temperatures and the run-up to the St. Nicholas public holiday.

Only Italy has continued to register a disappointing sales tempo. Overall, prices have strengthened to reach above-average levels on certain markets, especially in Eastern Europe.

Finally, in Spain, the pressure has intensified because of ongoing heavy volumes from the Canaries.