Europe – The banana survey – Week 46

Better vitality right across Europe, in both West and East.

The falling temperatures right across Europe have helped sales to pick up, and register better activity. In addition, the pressure from competing fruits has remained limited. However, the European market has remained well-supplied despite the French West Indies shortfall (75% below average) and the fall from Colombia (10% below average). African origins have seen a big rise, peaking at levels well above average (+33%). In addition, incoming shipments from Costa Rica have remained large, with the height of its production peak ongoing. Finally, despite a downward trend, Ecuadorian volumes have maintained average levels. Hence the balance has improved on all the European markets, with some strengthening starting to be observed here and there, especially on the East European markets, which are nearing average levels. In Spain the market has remained under pressure, while prices have continued to fall, back to levels similar to last year.