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This week’s highlights

FRESH PLAZA Highlights

This week’s highlights

Shiitake great alternative for pickled herring in Sweden
Swedish mushroom producer Hällestadsvamp AB has been awarded second place for the Skane…..

China: Miss Fresh invests in development
In the past few years, fresh produce in e-commerce has been developing rapidly. However, there…..

Arctic apples now available in US stores
Arctic® apples are making their debut in stores across the United States over the next few…..

World production of almonds breaks a new record
The global production of almonds has grown by 6% in this campaign. Consumption of this…..

In general prices for pineapples are low at the moment, the heady prices of the last two years…..

Ecuador: Authorities seize 1 ton of cocaine hidden underground in banana plantations
Ecuador’s National Police and the National Anti-narcotics Directorate, through the…..

Photo Report China FVF 2017
Last week from Friday to Sunday, Beijing was the scene of the 9th edition of the annual…..

“Customers are going to require internal quality sorting”
In the Netherlands, internal quality sorting for apples is still very limited, but it’s very…..

Mission and Cartama set for US inaugural arrival of avocados from Colombia
The first containers of Colombian avocados destined for the United States were loaded onto…..

“This new sorting technology will improve blueberry quality control”
“We invested in a special sorting technology, which has been in production since last week. This…..

AU: First Egyptian lemons arrive in Perth markets
The first Egyptian lemons of the season arrived in the Perth market on Wednesday 8 November……

South African grape estimate above 5 year average
The South African table grape season has started normally from the earliest Northern Provinces…..

Australian stonefruit gains Chinese access
The signing of a protocol between China and Australia today for the export of plums, peaches and…..

Road blocks in Catalonia cause some delays in fruit and veg shipments
The general strike in Catalonia that took place on Wednesday, 8 November, caused traffic jams…..

Ecuador: Banana producers don’t always get paid the set price
«The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries (Magap), through Ministerial…..

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