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This week’s highlights

Guatemala: First shipment of finger limes to Europe
The Guatemalan company Prime Tropics has started exporting finger limes to the European market……

A rising star in the avocado world
Also known as the West Indian, green-skinned or smooth-skinned avocado, the tropical avocado is…..

UK & EU markets very keen for first South African grapes
Grape packing for the new season commenced three weeks ago with seedless white varieties from…..

«Partnership to export Belgian fruit to India, vegetables will follow»
BelOrta and IG International are signing a partnership to introduce Belgian fruit and vegetables…..

Sweet potatoes are grown and marketed worldwide. When looking at the ranking of the largest…..

Year-round produce for Canada’s most northern communities
Getting fresh produce in remote northern parts of Canada has been costly because of the…..

New drip tape collection technology promises faster and cheaper outcomes
Irrigation is an essential component for many growers, but placing and collecting the drip tape…..

Food Safety Supercharger lands in Australia
The mother of all produce sanitation machines has arrived in Australia, fresh off the ship from…..

World-first Panama disease-resistant Cavendish bananas developed
Researchers from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, have designed…..

Florida strawberry season kicks off
The Florida strawberry season has kicked off and growers are starting to pick fruit now. Retail…..

Idaho onion market high due to shorter supplies
The Idaho onion market is on the high side because supplies are more limited this year. Local…..

World Banana Forum discusses threats from TR4
Last week, Geneva was the banana capital of the world. Although not a single banana is grown in…..

AU: Premium blueberry grower doubles production
Nutrano Produce Group, which acquired the premium blueberry farm Abbotsleigh last year, says its…..

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